WWE The Bump Recap: (3/3/2021)

It’s Wednesday again, and that means it’s time for the recap of the WWE YouTube show, The Bump! Today’s show is full of guests, including WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix, and the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. Now that we’re all caught up on what’s going down, let’s take a look at The Bump!

Kayla Braxton kicks off the show by welcoming in her co-hosts, Ryan Pappolla, Matt Camp, and Evan T. Mack. The Bump crew talks about how excited they are for today’s show, and share their thoughts on this past Mondays episode of Raw. They mostly talk about the new WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, which they should, because he is awesome. They crew also discusses the most recent episode of Smackdown, before Kayla brings on the first guest, Beth Phoenix.

Beth Phoenix

Beth begins the interview talking about how many times she’s been on the show, and Kayla tells her “you belong on this show”. Kayla asks Beth how she has been, and Beth tells her “life has been busy, busy, busy”. Matt wonders what women from the past inspired her to be a wrestler, and Beth tells him, in so many words, that all of the women have in some way. Kayla then transitions into talking about the new WWE Network documentary “Heaven”, and Beth talks about the “parallels” between herself and the young lady featured in the documentary. After the response, a sneak peek of the documentary is aired, and it looks absolutely inspiring. Kayla says “that gave me chills”, and welcomes on Heaven Fitch. Fitch calls the experience “crazy and a rush”, and Matt brings up the parallels Beth spoke of. Beth responds, and says “Heaven is at the front of the pack for girls wrestling, and she’s opened up doors”. Ryan asks Heaven about what she wants people who are seeing her for the first time to think of her, and she says “it’s good to show strength in women’s sports”. Kayla wonders what advice Heaven may have for Beth, and she tells her “you are such a centric person, and you know who you are”. Beth adds to that, and tells Heaven “if you continue to be who you are, you will be a two-time state wrestling champion”. Heaven responds, and tells the crew “it’s crazy how much the sport has grown”, and wants to know what Beth may tell naysayers. Beth answers the question by telling Heaven “we all should be there for one another”, and some “may not understand the change”. Beth closes by telling Heaven to “focus on your family and supporters”. Ryan wonders what Heaven hopes audiences will take away from this, and she tells him “I hope this is inspirational to women in the workplace”. Kayla thanks both ladies for joining, and the show moves on to the next segment.

During the segment that follows the interview, the crew plays “Stump The Bump Trivia”. When the game wraps up, Kayla brings on the next guests, Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax.

Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax

The champions look mad about being on the show, and Kayla wonders how they have both prepared for their match tonight. Shayna tells her “it’s another the day at the office for us”, and Nia declines to comment. Kayla show the champs a few comments Dakota Kai had, and Nia pretends to be asleep. Shayna talks about “destroying” Dakota in the past, and adds that they aren’t worried. Nia backs that up, and says “that goes for everyone”. Matt shows Nia a few highlights from her recent match against Naomi, and she tells him “everything I do is because I’m a bad ass b****”. Matt asks if Nia has gotten enough credit lately, and Jax explains that “our work speaks for itself, and everyone is opening their eyes to how great this pairing is”. Shayna gives her thoughts on the matter, and talks about how “everything we do is the best”. Evan asks about the win Jax had against Asuka recently, and asks if Nia might contend for the Raw women’s Championship at Wrestlemania. Jax says “Asuka and I have history”, so she won’t rule it out. Shayna talks about how Asuka was “gifted the title by Becky”, and questions if Asuka is really a good champion. Nia adds to that by saying that Asuka is a tough opponent, but “it’s only right for predators like us to prey on the weak”. Evan continues talking about singles matches with the duo, and bring up Charlotte Flair. Shayna tells him “Charlotte Flair will get what’s coming to her”. Nia gives a run down of Baszler’s past accomplishments, and says “Charlotte better be careful”. Shayna chimes back in, and says “there’s nobody in this game who is better at joint attacks than me”. Kayla then moves into talking about Women’s History Month, and Nia tells her “women kill it every day of the year”. Shayna wonders if the crew is trying to “soften them up for tonight”, and calls the questions “an inside job”. Things move back into the ring, and Shayna talks about everyone who went through NXT, and onto the main roster. Nia randomly gets angry with the hosts, and questions why she’s even on the show. Shayna continues, and Nia storms off. Shayna goes back into what she was saying, and talks about “needing to be in shape” to defeat Kai and Gonzalez. Shayna finishes by saying “everyone needs to breathe”, and tells the hosts she will “create artwork” with limbs tonight. The hosts thank the champs for joining the show, and move on to the next guest, Fandango.


Fandango kicks off the interview by talking about renovating homes, and gives some insight into one of his recent renovations. Ryan asks ‘Dango about his WWE debut, where he appeared on the game show version of NXT. Fandango responds, and tells him “I put alot of pressure on myself”, but “it all worked out the way it was supposed to”. Matt wonders if ‘Dango tired things to see what may stick during that time, and Fandango tells him “it brought some personality out of all of us, and helped create personality”. Evan asks about working with R-Truth during the show, and Fandango tells him “if Truth can’t pull personality out of you, I don’t know who can”. Kayla moves into talking about the Smackdown debut of Fandango, where he appeared at Johnny Curtis. ‘Dango talks about “how big” he was back then, and talks about “making the best” of each segment. Ryan fast forwards to the NXT return of Fandango, and he talks about doing “alot of character work, and promo’s”. Matt wonders if the “carpentry skills” ‘Dango has have ever been brought up on WWE TV, and he tells them “absolutely not”. Evan talks about Lorcan and Burch ending the tag team championship reign ‘Dango and Breeze had going, and Fandango says “I’ve got to step my cardio up to hang with those guys”. Kayla then wonders if the WWE Universe will ever see Johnny Curtis again, and he tells her “I hope not”. Kayla also wonders what goals ‘Dango had for the future, and he tells her “give back to the business”, before talking about possibly being a wrestling coach. Kayla thanks Fandango for joining, and the crew moves on to the next part of the show.

The hosts show the viewers the most recent class of wrestlers to join NXT, and give a brief rundown on who each person is. Once they wrap up talking about the new comers, Kayla brings on the final guest, Sonya Deville.

Sonya Deville

Sonya isn’t wearing a suit today, and that catches the crew off guard. Kayla wonders what Sonya likes about her new “management role” and Sonya tells her “there’s a lot of things I see from a different perspective”. Ryan asks how it’s been to work alongside Adam Pearce, and she calls him and her “a dynamic duo”. Matt shows Sonya a few recent comments she made about the Smackdown roster, and Deville tells him “I think a lot of people in the current locker room have what it takes, but sometimes they need a fire lit under their ass”. Sonya adds that, and says she wants to “feel that fire from someone”. Evan wonders if Sonya is looking to “redefine” her new role, and Deville tells him “I want to be fair with my opportunities, and be straight down the center”. Ryan asks what the future of her in-ring career looks like, and she tells him “I’m not sure right now”. After briefly talking about fashion, Kayla asks about Sonya Deville and her supporters. Deville tells her “it’s kind of wild”, and “my fans are die-hards”. Kayla follows up by asking what Women’s History Month means to Sonya, and Deville talks about all of the in-ring work the women have down recently. Deville shifts her focus to outside the ring, and talks about “trying to make a difference with our platform”. Matt wonders if Sonya had a favorite female role model growing up, and she talks about the likes of Lisa Leslie, and the Williams sisters. Kayla finishes off the interview by asking Sonya about her future goals, and Deville tells her “I want to focus on making the best matches I can for Wrestlemania”. The crew thanks Sonya for joining the show, and Kayla talks about next weeks guests, before the show fades to black.

That’s all for this weeks episode of The Bump! Thanks for stopping by the recap, and have a great rest of your day everyone.

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