WWE Cancels Plan to Run Money in the Bank in a Stadium; Moves Event to Smaller Arena

— In an email sent to those who purchased tickets for this July’s Money in the Bank, WWE announced that they are abandoning their plans to run a stadium venue and instead will be moving to a smaller arena.

— Originally scheduled for the 65,000 Allegiant Stadium, the company is moving the PPV to MGM Grand Garden Arena instead, which has a capacity of approximately 17,000. As of last week, WWE had reportedly sold about 16,800 tickets to Money in the Bank, which runs against UFC 276 the same night and in the same city on July 2.

— It was previously reported that WWE intended to run more stadium shows this year as a way to attract more fans to the events, but not necessarily to try and sell out the stadium, however, it appears that that ticket sales are falling well short of projections as over 2/3 of the seats in Allegiant Stadium were headed to be empty.

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