WWE Cancels Plans to Bring Kurt Angle Back on TV

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle made his way to St. Louis for the company’s weekend activities related to the Royal Rumble. While he did not appear on the PPV or any of the shows before or after, Angle filmed material that will be used by WWE on Peacock, including a Table for 3 episode. Angle then appeared on his podcast in the days after and revealed that WWE had extended an offer to him to come back for a short-term yet multi-week appearance leading into WrestleMania. However, this weekend Angle spoke on that again and indicated that the plans have been shelved and he is no longer expected back on TV while also reiterating that he is not under a WWE contract of any kind.

“I went to the Royal Rumble. The WWE wanted me to do a short program that they ended up canceling at the last second… But I want to make it clear, I’m not signed with the WWE. They weren’t going to sign me anyway. It was gonna be a three-week program. It got canceled, but you know my obligation is to the show, the Kurt Angle show, and that’s it.”

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