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WWE.com Gets “Hacked” As Part Ongoing Wyatt Family Glitches; Cryptic Message Appears

The mysterious online hackings connected to the repeated QR code production glitches on WWE programming has continued.

On Saturday morning, the front page of the official WWE website at WWE.com was “hacked” and significantly modified.

Along with the photo embedded below, the front page featured a headline dubbed “hello.” along with the following message:


I’d like to tell you a story.
A story about value.
We often equate value with utilization.
That is not the case.
If a piece of currency is crumpled, ignored, and tossed to the side, does it lose its value?
Of course not.
It is simply in the hands of the ignorant.

We often devalue ourselves as a result of the ignorance of those around us.
Their words define us.

I have been guilty of this myself.

I have let the expectations of others determine my self worth.
But once I realized my calling, the words of the naysayers began to fall on deaf ears.

I am nobody.
I am all of us.

When you free yourself from the preconceived ideas of others…from the LIES…you become

I accepted my calling. Only then was I able to set the others free.

We followed the Words of the Red and now we see.

I offer you one last chance at redemption.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The cave can no longer exist.

We are going to burn it to the ground.

A massacre is coming.

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