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WWE Composer Jim Johnston On Working Closely With Vince McMahon, How Their Relationship Changed

Former longtime WWE composer Jim Johnston recently joined former WWE broadcast team member Sean Mooney on the latest episode of his podcast, Prime Time with Sean Mooney, for an in-depth interview. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On working closely with Vince McMahon early on and eventually with Kevin Dunn: “Well, early on, he and I spent a lot of time together. I was out on the road and fortunately that stopped, so I could really just concentrate on being in the studio. It was actually necessary. It had to stop because of the demands and the need in the company for music was growing so rapidly that I was working seven days a week to keep up with stuff. But early on it was a very direct relationship where he would tell me about new stuff coming up that was needed and it was real simple. Slowly over time Kevin Dunn became a little bit of a go-between between us as well as having his own contributions. Often, he would have very, very good instincts about music.

“And then, as the company grew, sadly, that grew more and more distant because he got swept away into… well, we all got swept away because everything became more important. And then, towards the last years I was there, communication kind of fell apart. I think that’s what really got us on a bad road.”

On things becoming more political behind-the-scenes about three years ago: “I guess three or so years ago, I’d say three to four years ago, a lot of politics got involved, personal stuff that I don’t want to go into, but over the years I’ve had a failing in myself that I’ll probably keep doing because I know in my heart that I don’t think it’s a failing, but it’s not a good trait for business. I tend to get a bit Polly Annish to a point where I tend to trust people that unfortunately I’ve been shown that I shouldn’t trust. There were people that really thought were friends that turned out not to be friends.”

On how his lengthy run with WWE finally came to an end: “I had a brief conversation with Vince and it was over. All I’ll say is that I think there were a lot of ways to end it and the way that it ended was… I think there were better ways to end it where everyone could have walked away with a much better feeling. And after 32 years, it seems like a lost opportunity to me and I don’t really understand it.

“This is what I’ve been doing and it’s a combination of not ever having a credit roll in WWE programming, so while fans have been incredibly kind know me well, they’re not the people who are hiring to write music for TV shows and films and I’m sort of lesser known there. And while I have a nice resume, it’s still something that I’m kind of starting a new business. People kind of know me once I educate them about who I am.”

Check out the complete Jim Johnston interview at MLWRadio.com.

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