Zelina Vega

WWE Confirms Zelina Vega’s Release Was Due To Breach Of Contract In New Sports Illustrated Story

WWE has confirmed with Sports Illustrated that former star Zelina Vega (real name Thea Trinidad) was released from the company due to a breach of contract.

Reports are that WWE, specifically Vince McMahon, was unhappy with Vega for opening up an OnlyFans account even after WWE enforced their new edict on third-party platforms, and felt as if Vega’s actions boxed them in a difficult situation. Her termination was done as a reminder to all talents that the policy will be strictly enforced.

Vega has since returned to Twitch where she stated that she understands WWE’s decision, but still feels heartbroken for losing out on her dream job. She’s also been contacted by the President of the SAG-AFTRA union in Hollywood, who put out a statement this morning saying they are committed to helping pro-wrestlers unionize. You can read more about that here.

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