WWE Considering Bringing Hogan Back; Fewer WWE PPVs in 2018

  • WWE looks to be scaling back on the number of PPVs scheduled for 2018 since it doesn’t seem to be cost-effective with the WWE Network model, specifically that adding more PPVs hasn’t translated into an increase in subscribers.
  • In 2017, WWE had been doing one Raw and one Smackdown PPV per month (except for months with one of the big four PPVs) but next month and in February 2018, there is only one PPV scheduled. The next Raw PPV is actually not until February 25, currently scheduled to be Elimination Chamber from Las Vegas, NV.
  • There are once again internal discussions taking place about bringing back Hulk Hogan. As always, it comes down to public perception and whether sponsors would be okay with it and whether there will be a media backlash if he returns to the promotion.
  • Some question how WWE went ahead and named an award after the Ultimate Warrior, who said far worse stuff than Hogan ever did, and never apologized but the fact is that with Hogan, he is much more well known and his situation as a result is magnified.

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