White Rabbit

WWE Continues More “White Rabbit” Teases; Speculation It Is Related to Bray Wyatt’s Return

— After beginning last week during a commercial break and continuing through the weekend, WWE again teased some sort of “White Rabbit” reference last night on Raw. During a backstage segment, a QR code was shown that when scanned led to a secret page on WWE.com that featured a white rabbit playing a game of Hangman. The question/clue was “Who killed the world?” and the answer ended up being “You did.” The clip then showed the words “Come With Me” and the rabbit jumps through a hole before the numbers 9.23 flash, which presumably is a reference to the date September 23 – this coming Friday, likely when Smackdown airs.

— WWE has been playing “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Starship during commercial breaks on Smackdown for the live audience and also at house shows this weekend, with many speculating that it is hinting at a return for Bray Wyatt or possibly a reference to Karrion Kross, who went by that name in Lucha.

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