White Rabbit

WWE Continues Teasing “White Rabbit” With Another QR Code & Cryptic Video

— Another teaser for the ongoing “White Rabbit” storyline was dropped on last night’s WWE Monday Night Raw and the hint this time is that all roads will be leading to Extreme Rules. During the episode, a QR code was briefly flashed which when scanned took users to a WWE.com page with a TikTok video by username @_comewithme.

— When played, various clips are shown of WWE and ECW wrestlers with the phrases “Who killed the world?”, “You did” and “Feed the head”, with the ECW archived footage a strong suggestion that Extreme Rules in Philadelphia is where the storyline will culminate. The coordinates “44.244273,7.769737” included in the TikTok video also lead to a location in Italy with a giant pink bunny while the number 40701 that appears in the video ends up being a zip code in Kentucky, close to the city of Corbin.

— Other hints included “0930YWG” in the WWE.com URL which would represent the date of this Friday’s Smackdown in Winnipeg as well as the airport abbreviation code for the Winnipeg Airport. Finally, when looking at the source code of the WWE.com page, one of the lines of HTML includes: “No man is ever truly good / No man is ever truly evil” which is the first two lines of Aleister Black’s theme.


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