WWE Could Move Raw Off Monday Nights; Possibility of Airing Raw or Smackdown on Wednesday

  • Last week, WWE made the announcement that their flagship program, Friday Night Smackdown, would be making its return to the USA Network once the current contract with FOX expires towards the end of 2024. However, a later report dropped an even bigger bombshell by suggesting that both Monday Night Raw and NXT would also be departing from the network.
  • The <i>Wrestling Observer Newsletter</i> not only discussed this development but also raised the possibility of Raw changing its airing night to avoid direct competition with the NFL, which dominates viewership every fall. With NBCUniversal making a substantial investment to secure Smackdown for the USA Network, it is speculated that they may not schedule it for either Friday or Saturday due to the traditionally lower viewership on those nights.
  • This potential scenario would leave Smackdown, Raw, and NXT with slots on three different nights during the week, ranging from Sunday to Thursday. The <i>Observer</i> indicated that there is a “very good chance” WWE might schedule one of the shows for Wednesday, likely in direct competition with Dynamite. One theory suggests a lineup of the three shows on Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, with PPVs/PLEs running on Saturdays.

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