WWE Crown Jewel Updates

WWE Crown Jewel Universal Title Match Being Changed?, Cena/Daniel Bryan Updates

It appears more and more people are beginning to feel like John Cena is indeed is out of the Crown Jewel event and that Daniel Bryan’s participation is questionable. Mike Johnson of PWInsider chipped in saying that the situation with Cena was “one of the big talks backstage” at last night’s WWE Evolution PPV with two names being mentioned as possible replacements – Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre. WWE is expected to address the situation this week on Raw.

The situation with Daniel Bryan is a little bit more complicated as he’s been locked into the WWE World Title match for a while now (as opposed to Cena who can simply be replaced in the World Cup tournament). The only real options would seem to be to run an angle to write Bryan out of the match or to tape it in advance.

According to Johnson, there has been a pitch to have Drew McIntyre included in the Braun Strowman vs. Brock Lesnar WWE Universal Title match scheduled for Crown Jewel.

WWE talent are scheduled to fly into Saudi Arabia on Wednesday after Smackdown, whereas WWE officials are already making their way there with a small team already having been there a while ago.

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