WWE Day 1 Results From Atlanta

WWE Day 1 Results From State Farm Arena In Atlanta, GA. (1/1/2022)

WWE kicks off their 2022 pay-per-view calendar tonight with the inaugural WWE Day 1 special event, which emanates from State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia and streams live via the WWE Network on Peacock.

Things get started with the one-hour WWE Day 1 Kickoff Show, which is scheduled to begin tonight at 7/6c. The lone match advertised for the official pre-show for the new WWE show is Cesaro & Ricochet vs. Sheamus & Ridge Holland in tag-team action.

On tap for the WWE Day 1 main card starting tonight at 8/7c is featured championship bouts including Big E. vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens vs. Bobby Lashley in a Fatal-5-Way match for the WWE title, Becky Lynch vs. Liv Morgan for the Raw Women’s title, RK-Bro vs. The Street Profits for the Raw Tag-Team titles and The Usos vs. The New Day for the SmackDown Tag-Team titles.

Also scheduled for tonight’s main card, which kicks off at 8/7c is non-title bouts including Edge vs. The Miz and Drew McIntyre vs. Madcap Moss.

Featured below are complete WWE Day 1 results from Saturday, January 1, 2022, written as the show airs live by eWrestling.com reporter Matt Boone (@MattBoone0709).

WWE DAY 1 RESULTS (1/1/2022)

The WWE Day 1 Kickoff Show is now officially underway on the WWE Network on Peacock, as well as across all of WWE’s digital and social media platforms.

We are welcomed by the pre-show panel, which consists of Kayla Braxton, Peter Rosenberg, JBL, Booker T and Kevin Patrick. The gang jumps right into some breaking news to get things started.

The pre-show panelists inform the viewing audience of the breaking news that surfaced right before the start of tonight’s big event, which is that Roman Reigns has tested positive for COVID-19 and has been pulled from tonight’s event. As a result, his originally scheduled opponent — Brock Lesnar — has been moved to the WWE Championship match.

Big E. will now defend the WWE Championship in a Fatal-5-Way match that includes “The Beast Incarnate,” Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley. The panel reacts to the news and comments about how the news was likely received by the original participants in the WWE title bout, noting that they now have to be worried due to the match getting considerably harder in the blink of an eye.

Now, the panelists begin running down the lineup for tonight’s first-ever WWE Day 1 show. They stop at the match pitting Edge one-on-one against The Miz and introduce the first elaborate video package of the night, which tells the back-story to a given match scheduled for tonight.

The video looks at the history between Edge and Miz leading into tonight, including the wedding vowel renewals being crashed by “The Rated-R Superstar” on the WWE Day 1 “go-home” edition of Monday Night Raw.

When the video package wraps up, The Miz shows up at the pre-show panel to comment on his wedding vow renewal being interrupted and then goes on to rant about Edge. He claims he too went through injuries that could have ended his career, but gloated about never taking time off as a result.

Rosenberg tries to explain the difference between that and the situation involving Edge. This leads to Miz getting worked up and ranting even more before ultimately wrapping things up and ending the segment on that note.

The pre-show panelists start digging into more matches scheduled for tonight and then they send things to our second elaborate video package, which this time fills the viewing audience at home in on the events that led up to the scheduled bout between Liv Morgan and Becky Lynch.

After the package wraps up, the panelists are joined by regular guest panelist Sonya Deville. The WWE performer takes her seat at the panel position and helps the five regular panelists break down tonight’s Morgan-Lynch match for the Raw Women’s Championship.

We hear the crowd reacting loudly to something in the background as Deville veers off-topic and gets worked up while talking about her ongoing issues with Naomi. After that, Braxton thanks Deville for stopping by and wraps up the segment.

From there, she sends things backstage to Megan Morant, who introduces her guests at this time. In walks Kofi Kingston and “King” Xavier Woods. Kingston introduces his royalty by reading from a long old-school scroll. Woods then begins talking in trademark royal-fashion as he talks about tonight’s match for the SmackDown Tag-Team Championships, pitting himself and Kingston against The Usos.

Morant points out that Kofi and Xavier seem overly confident heading into the title showdown tonight. Kingston, talking in a similar royal fashion — complete with the accent and all — explains that tonight will be no different than the last few times they have beaten Jimmy and Jey when they squared off with them in the ring. Woods closes and the two wrap up the segment.

We then head back to the pre-show panel, who reacts to the comments that were just made by Kingston and Woods. JBL brings up Booker T’s royal past. From there, they begin digging into the SmackDown Tag-Team Title bout, giving their insight and predictions for the bout before moving on.

Now we see Kevin Owens walking around backstage with his bags, presumably arriving to the arena for the show to a quick commercial break. The commentators hype up the new Fatal-5-Way main event for the WWE Championship again before sending us to a quick commercial break.

As we settle back in from the quick ad time-out, we return to the pre-show panel where the panelists begin talking us through some highlights of the rivalry between Drew McIntyre and the duo of Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss. They then give their thoughts on tonight’s McIntyre-Moss bout and move on, where we see Bobby Lashley arriving to the arena and walking backstage with MVP.

After this, we head back to the panel as they run through some highlights of the ongoing rivalry between The Street Profits and the Raw Tag-Team Champions — RK-Bro. They give some thoughts on the Raw tag title showdown scheduled for this evening and then they send us to another quick commercial time-out.

Another Update On New WWE Day 1 Main Event For Tonight

When we return, we head down to the ringside area where we see Michael Cole and Pat McAfee seated at the commentary desk. They once again run down the breaking news that surfaced just before tonight’s show went on the air, which is that Roman Reigns has tested positive for COVID-19 and has been pulled from the show as a result.

They remind everyone that the new main event is now a Fatal-5-Way match for the WWE Championship, with Big E. defending against Brock Lesnar, Bobby Lashley, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins. McAfee and Cole read the tweet that Roman Reigns shared after the news broke, where he comments on being pulled from the show and his positive COVID-19 test.

Kickoff Show Match
Sheamus & Ridge Holland vs. Cesaro & Ricochet

From there, the theme for Sheamus hits and out he comes. He is joined by Ridge Holland and the two settle into the squared circle for our lone Kickoff Show bout, and our first overall match of the evening here inside the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, GA.

Now we are treated to the entrances of Cesaro and Ricochet. The fan-favorites emerge and begin making their way down to the ring. During his ring walk, McAfee and Cole set up some highlights from recent WWE TV that shows some of the events that led up to this tag-team bout.

With all four men in the ring and ready to rock, the bell sounds and we are officially off-and-running with this tag-team pre-show contest. Cesaro and Sheamus start things off for their respective teams, however “The Celtic Warrior” quickly decides to tag out before anything happens. Holland comes in and Cesaro immediately goes to work on him.

Cesaro beats Holland down and does a move that shows off his impressive strength and power, dumping Holland to the mat before tagging in Ricochet. He launches Ricochet onto Holland for a big splash and then Ricochet picks up where he left off, taking it to Holland. Holland manages to make the tag to Sheamus and in he comes.

Sheamus gets in some big shots on Ricochet that seems to be the start of the tables turning in his favor, however Ricochet ends up using his speed and quickness to get in some fast-paced offense that keeps the momentum in his favor. Eventually, Sheamus slows him down and ultimately grounds him after Ricochet attempted to pick up Sheamus. Sheamus puts a hold on Ricochet and controls him on the mat.

McAfee and Cole inform us that Holland seemingly had his nose busted open by the shot he took from Ricochet moments ago. They tell the viewing audience that Holland is being checked on and cleaned up by ringside officials. Meanwhile, Sheamus hits his Irish Curse back-breaker on Ricochet for a near fall before locking him in another hold on the mat.

We hear another update from the commentary duo before they talk us through a slow-motion replay of the spot where Cesaro launches Ricochet onto Holland. We see during the replay that Ricochet flipped around and his boot smashed into the snout of Holland. McAfee and Cole inform us that Holland likely suffered a broken nose and has been sent backstage.

Now this impromptu two-on-one handicap match continues with Sheamus still dominating the action and controlling Ricochet. The announcers tell us that Holland will definitely not be returning to the match and is being worked on backstage for what is believed to be a broken nose. After the latest Holland injury update, we see Ricochet start to shift the offensive momentum back in his favor.

Cesaro is tagged back in and he immediately goes to work on Sheamus. He launches “The Celtic Warrior” over the ropes where he crashes and burns on the floor at ringside. Cesaro heads out after him and connects with a vicious European uppercut. Back in the ring, Cesaro comes off the top and hits a big spot on Sheamus. He plays to the crowd and calls for the swing.

“The Swiss Superman” hooks the legs of the grounded Sheamus and begins swinging him around in circles as the fans do the rotation count. Cesaro swings him 15 times and then settles him on the mat and locks him in a sharpshooter. Sheamus eventually makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Sheamus gets Cesaro with a big shot and then while at ringside outside the ring, catches Ricochet flying in his direction with a big white noise spot on the floor.

Back in the ring, he is met by some shots from Cesaro, however he ends up side-stepping him and sending Cesaro into the steel ring post. He then hits the ropes to build up a head of steam before he ends up connecting with a Brogue Kick. He goes for the cover and ends up pulling off the victory in this impromptu two-on-one handicap match.

Winners: Sheamus & Ridge Holland

Pre-Show Panelists Wrap-Up WWE Day 1 Kickoff Show

After the lone pre-show match, we head to a quick commercial break. When we return, the pre-show panelists run down some more of the matches scheduled for tonight. They stop on the newly announced WWE Day 1 main event, the Fatal-5-Way match for the WWE Championship with Big E. defending against Brock Lesnar, Bobby Lashley, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins.

The panelists give their insight and analysis into the match before moving on to give their predictions on who they feel will emerge victorious and leave the State Farm Arena with the WWE Championship this evening. After that, they thank us for tuning into the WWE Day 1 Kickoff Show and they wrap things up. On that note, the pre-show concludes and we prepare for our pay-per-view event.

WWE DAY 1 RESULTS (1/1/2022)

With that said, we shoot to the WWE Then. Now. Forever. Together. signature and then into the cold open video package to start our main pay-per-view portion of tonight’s inaugural WWE Day 1 event. Parts of the cold open had to be modified to include the breaking news regarding Roman Reigns’ positive COVID-19 test and the new Fatal-5-Way WWE Championship main event, which now includes the addition of Brock Lesnar.

From there, the cold open wraps up and we shoot live inside the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, GA. again where fireworks and pyro erupt throughout the arena. Michael Cole and Pat McAfee welcome us to the show and then again immediately jump into the aforementioned breaking news, informing the viewing audience about Reigns’ COVID-19 positive test and the altered main event for tonight’s show.

WWE SmackDown Tag-Team Championships
The Usos (C) vs. The New Day

After Cole and McAfee wrap up their breaking news announcement, we shift gears and prepare for our first match of the pay-per-view card which features the SmackDown Tag-Team Championships on-the-line.

From there, the familiar sounds of The Usos’ theme hits and Jimmy and Jey Uso make their way out and head to the ring. They pose with their SmackDown Tag-Team titles in the squared circle as their theme music fades down.

Now we hear the theme for their opponents, The New Day. Out comes Kofi Kingston and “King” Xavier Woods. The royal duo head down to the ring as highlights are shown from recent SmackDown shows that helps tell the story leading up to this match being made for tonight’s show.

With all four men involved in our PPV opener now in the ring, the bell sounds and the ring announcer begins his formal championship pre-match ring introductions for this SmackDown Tag-Team title showdown. After that, the bell finally sounds.

Once the bell sounds, we get our first match of the PPV card underway. Xavier Woods and Jimmy Uso start things off for their respective teams. Kingston goes to work on the arm of Jimmy. Jimmy tries stretching his arm out to make the tag to Jey.

Instead, Woods pulls him away from his corner and eventually grounds him, where he adds some torque to the arm-lock he has on Jimmy. He lets it go in favor of blasting him with some strikes. He then whips him into his corner of the ring where he tags in Kingston. The two hit some double-team spots, concluding with Kingston hitting a splash onto Jimmy for a near fall attempt.

After Jimmy kicks out, he begins landing some shots on Kingston. He hits the ropes but Kingston slides under the bottom rope and yanks Uso’s leg out from under him. While dealing with Jey Uso, Kingston turns around and is met with a big kick from Jimmy that sends him crashing to the floor at ringside. Jey then adds insult to injury by connecting with a big running clothesline on the floor.

Kingston is sent back in the ring where Uso continues to go to work on him, adding to the first offensive run for the tag champs thus far in this opening bout. Uso hits a big back suplex on Kofi and then does the “We the one” gesture to the crowd, which elicits some loud boos from the fans in Atlanta. Uso hits a superman punch and continues to beat down Kingston, who they keep isolated in the ring and away from his corner.

The Usos, meanwhile, begin utilizing frequent tags to keep the fresher member of their team on the weakened Kingston at all times. Kingston ends up buying himself a little time, enough that he begins heading to his corner of the ring with intentions of tagging in Woods. Instead, Uso rushes over and blasts Woods with a super kick, knocking him off the apron so that there is nobody home for Kingston to even make the tag to.

The SmackDown Tag-Team Champions continue to beat down Kingston in the ring, stopping to taunt him and gloat to the fans, who continue to loudly boo anything The Usos say or do. The camera shot briefly pans over to show Woods still laid out on the floor at ringside after eating the super kick from Uso that knocked him off the apron. Uso heads to the top-rope and soars down to Kingston’s direction, however Kingston connects with a big counter as Uso was on his way down.

After the big counter, Kingston is able to finally make it to his side of the ring, where Woods is recovered and waiting for the tag. He makes it and Woods takes the hot tag, enters the ring and begins going to work with a fired up offensive comeback. He hits a big turning slam on Uso for a close near fall after beating down both members of the championship duo. He hits the ropes and builds up a big head of steam, looking to blast The Usos on the foor.

Instead, the two back up enough that Woods misses and they pull the twin-switch. This allows a fresh Jey to shift the offensive momentum back in their favor. He heads to the top-rope and comes flying off with a corkscrew moonsault that connects. He goes for the cover after that, however Woods manages to kick out before the count of three. Uso tags in his brother, who hits a double-team pop-up samoan drop that is dubbed the ‘Alley-Uce’ for a close near fall of his own.

Now we see Woods and Kingston begin to take over. “King” Xavier gets in some offense and then tags Kofi in. Kingston goes to work on Uso, picking up where Woods left off. We see the momentum shift back into the favor of the champs, who score another close near fall after Uso hits a big Uso Splash off the top-rope. Pat McAfee points out that Olympic gold medalist Gable Steveson — who is sitting front row for tonight’s show — thought this one was over after the Uso Splash.

As the match continues, we hear a loud “This is awesome!” chant break out from the fans in Atlanta. Again we see Uso nearly finish Kingston off a few more times. He gets a close submission finish when locking Kingston into a single-leg Boston Crab, however Kingston scratches and claws his way to the ropes, forcing the hold to be broken. The Usos look to inflict further damage to Kingston’s knee, but he avoids it with some help from Woods at ringside, and then shifts the offensive momentum back in his favor.

Kingston begins firing up and going to work on Uso, nearly finishing him off twice in a row only for The Bloodline member to hang on once again, keeping this match alive. Woods tags in and heads to the top-rope as Kingston holds Uso. Woods comes off with a flying double stomp and immediately goes for the cover, however again we see Uso kick out at two. The fans once again break out into a loud “This is awesome!” chant as Woods hoists Uso up and tags in Kingston.

Kofi begins climbing to the top but Uso escapes Woods’ clutches as he does, so Kofi hops back down to the mat — right into a super kick from Uso. Jimmy and Jey are both in the ring now and the two hit stereo super kicks on Kingston at the same time that lays him out in the middle of the ring. Jimmy and Jey climb to the top-rope on opposing corners of the ring. They each come flying off the top with stereo Uso Splashes. Uso goes for the follow-up cover afterwards, but again somehow Woods finds it in himself to kick out before the count of three.

Another “This is awesome!” chant spreads throughout State Farm Arena as all four men are down and out in the ring. They all get back to their feet around the same time and the two teams have a stand-off where they stare each other down. The fans loudly cheer and break out into yet another “This is awesome!” chant. Usos go to work again and pull ahead into the offensive lead. They hit a 3D ala The Dudley Boyz and follow-up with the pin fall victory to finally end this excellent opening match and retaining their SmackDown Tag-Team Championships in the process.

Winners and STILL SmackDown Tag-Team Champions: The Usos

Big E. Reacts To Brock Lesnar Being Added To WWE Title Match Tonight

Once the SmackDown Tag-Team Championship bout wraps up, we head to a quick commercial break. When we return, we shoot backstage where Kevin Patrick is standing by with his guest at this time — WWE Champion Big E.

Big E. gives his thoughts on the late change in plans for tonight’s main event, which will see him put his title on-the-line in a Fatal-5-Way match that now includes Brock Lesnar, along with the original three other challengers — Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley.

Kayla Braxton Interviews Migos

From there, we shoot to another part of the backstage area where Kayla Braxton is standing by with the three-man hip-hop group known as Migos. They talk about being excited to be here tonight and then hype up their performance later in the show.

After this, McAfee and Cole promote the official WWE Day 1 theme for tonight’s show — a single dubbed “Straightenin” by the aforementioned Migos.

Madcap Moss vs. Drew McIntyre

Now we shoot back inside the State Farm Arena where we hear the sounds of the theme music for our participant in our next bout of the evening — which will be one of only two non-title matches scheduled for tonight’s show.

Out comes Madcap Moss accompanied by Happy Corbin. The duo settles inside the ring and get on the mic. They take some shots at the Atlanta fans, garnering some cheap heat before Moss squares off with Drew McIntyre.

They mock McIntyre and declare that after Moss is done with him tonight, he’ll from that point on be known as “Who McIntyre.” They have a big laugh and then wrap up their pre-match promo before we switch gears and get ready for McIntyre’s entrance.

Finally the theme hits and out comes “The Scottish Warrior” looking ready to handle business. The fans give him a big reaction coming out and he heads to the ring as Cole and McAfee plug the Draft Kings special offer for tonight’s WWE Day 1 show.

The bell sounds and we are off-and-running with our second PPV bout of the evening. The two lock-up and McIntyre muscles Madcap into the corner. Moss wants a clean break and the referee ensures that he gets exactly that. Moss lands a big right hand after the match resumes, but McIntyre drills him with one back of his own.

We see McIntyre head out after Corbin on the floor after Corbin tries to distract “The Scottish Warrior.” Moss heads out after McIntyre from behind, but he handles him by latching onto him and launching him overhead with a big belly-to-belly release suplex.

Drew rolls Moss back into the ring, but when he goes to follow in after him, Corbin manages to successfully distract him this time. This leads to Moss blasting him with some big shots. Moss now takes over on offense as the momentum in this match shifts into his favor. He beats McIntyre down and then gloats, taunting his opponent and the fans.

Moss hoists McIntyre up and connects with a nice vertical suplex. He goes for the follow-up cover, however McIntyre kicks out at the count of two. Moss sends McIntyre into the ropes and puts him down with authority with a big shoulder tackle. He goes for the cover again, but again McIntyre kicks out before the count of three. Moss slaps a rear choke on McIntyre and begins squeezing the life out of him as we see Corbin cheering him on from ringside.

After Moss sends McIntyre into the corner, he builds up a full head of steam as he looks to follow in with a big shot. Instead, Moss crashes face-first into the turnbuckle. This leads to McIntyre shifting the offensive momentum back in his favor.

He looks for the future shock but Moss avoids it. McIntyre hits the ropes and sprints in Moss’ direction looking for a cross-body splash, only for Moss to catch him and bounce him off the turnbuckle before slamming him down to the mat with authority.

From there, Moss looks to capitalize after connecting with the big slam, but McIntyre isn’t having it and he remains in control of the offense. McIntyre sends Moss up to the top-rope and begins climbing up after him. He looks for a superplex, but ends up slipping or getting hit by Moss.

This leads to McIntyre somewhat crotching himself on the top turnbuckle and landing upside down in a modified tree of woe position. He yanks Moss down while holding onto the top turnbuckle with his legs. He follows that up by connecting with his Claymore finisher for the pin fall victory.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Kevin Owens Addresses Change To WWE Title Match, Says He Has A Plan

After the McIntyre-Moss match wraps up, we head to another commercial break. When we return, we shoot backstage where Kevin Owens appears and addresses the late change made to tonight’s new main event, the WWE Championship Fatal-5-Way match that now involves Brock Lesnar.

He goes on to call Lesnar a bully and then ensures fans that he has a plan to make sure he still achieves his goal of capturing the WWE title tonight. He then mentions he needs to talk to Seth Rollins about his plan.

On that note, he walks off and we head right back into another quick commercial break.

Raw Tag-Team Championships
The Street Profits vs. RK-Bro (C)

Once the ad time-out wraps up, we shoot back inside the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, GA. where the Raw commentary team of Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton welcome us back to the show and get us ready for our next match of the evening.

From there, we hear the familiar sounds of the challengers for what will be another championship contest. Out comes The Street Profits. As Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins make their way out to the ring, the commentators make some red solo cup references.

The challengers settle inside the squared circle and their music fades down. After that, the entrance music for the defending champions in this match hits, as RK-Bro make their way out. Randy Orton and Riddle begin heading down to the ring but then they stop. They turn and point to the entrance way and out comes the three-man Migos group.

Migos makes their way out and heads down to the ring with RK-Bro. They get in the ring and climb up three different corners and pose to the fans as Orton and Riddle stare down The Street Profits, who are standing on the floor at ringside.

We see Migos take their red-velvet-roped off seats right next to the commentary table. They shake hands with the three-man Raw commentary team and then sit down in their special section. The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this Raw Tag-Team title showdown.

Riddle and Dawkins will be starting things off for their respective teams. The two shake hands before getting this one officially underway. Riddle slaps a side headlock on Dawkins but Dawkins pushes him into the ropes, shoots him off and then catches him running off the ropes on the other side of the ring with a big shoulder tackle that levels “The Original Bro.”

Dawkins gets in a follow-up shot and then makes the tag to Ford. Ford picks up where Dawkins left off, taking it to Riddle. He begins focusing his attack on the arm of Riddle before tagging out again. Riddle decides to do the same, as he heads over to his corner and tags in his RK-Bro teammate.

In comes Randy Orton to a chant of “Randy! Randy!” from the fans in Atlanta. “The Viper” and Dawkins begin going at it now, but Dawkins slaps a side head lock on him as well. He hits him with a big shot that decks him as well. After that, he and Ford mock Orton by doing his trademark outstretched arms pose. Orton smirks and then the two go back at it.

After they re-engage, we see Orton get the better of the exchange with Dawkins this time. He decks him and then nearly follows-up with an RKO out of nowhere. Dawkins makes a facial expression like he just saw a ghost before deciding to head over to his corner and make the tag. In comes Ford who does a little showboating dance. Orton looks confused by this, while the commentators talk about The Street Profits showing off their signature swag.

Ford and Orton lock-up and Ford backs Orton into the corner. Orton wants a clean break and Ford teases giving him one, only to sneak in a cheap shot. He then taunts Orton and gloats. This does nothing more than piss “The Viper” off. Orton goes to work on Ford and beats him down and then tags Riddle back in to take over.

“The Original Bro” picks up where Orton left off, taking it to Ford. He gets in some kicks and goes to follow-up, however Ford avoids the onslaught and tags Dawkins back in. Dawkins shifts the momentum back in his teams favor. He hits a big side slam with authority and begins a prolonged beatdown of Riddle. He gets in a little more offense and then tags Ford back in. Ford hits one move and puts the boots to Riddle and then he immediately tags back out and brings Dawkins right back in.

We see the camera pan over to show Migos seated in their special seats watching on as The Street Profits continue to wear Riddle out. The fans try and rally behind Riddle and it works, as “The Original Bro” fires up and lands some big kicks. This buys him enough time to make it to his own corner, where he makes the tag to Orton. Orton takes the hot tag and enters the ring looking all-business.

Migos pop up out of their seat, which we see on-camera, as “The Viper” starts to unload on Dawkins and Ford, taking out any-and-everything in sight that moves. Orton gets Dawkins and Ford both in position for his trademark draping DDT. He hooks both guys and ends up hitting his signature draping DDT off the middle rope on them at the same time. From there, Orton drops down and gets into “Viper Mode” as he pounds the mat, stalking Ford and looking to finish him off with an RKO.

Instead, Ford gets up and avoids the RKO. He connects with a shot of his own and in comes Dawkins to provide a helping-hand. Riddle ends up in the ring as well and he beats Dawkins down and sends him out to the floor. He looks to leap off the ropes onto Dawkins on the floor, but Ford gets Riddle and dumps him out on the floor. He then catches Orton with a big shot that seemed to hurt his shoulder.

From there, he builds up a huge head of steam, sprinting from one corner of the ring to the other where he leaps over the steel ring post in a single bounce, soaring out to the floor and splashing onto Riddle in a crazy high spot. Back in the ring, we see Orton and Ford duking it out on the top-rope. Orton is brought down and Ford tries following up with a top-rope high spot. Instead, Orton moves, so Ford tucks and rolls to avoid crashing and burning.

Ford gets up and runs — right into the waiting arms of Riddle. “The Original Bro” helps out by hoisting Ford up and launching him high in the air, where Orton times his descent and catches him coming down with an RKO out of nowhere. He goes for the immediate pin fall attempt and gets the 1-2-3 for the win. With the victory, RK-Bro retain their Raw Tag-Team Championships.

As soon as the match wraps up, Riddle and Orton get their Raw Tag-Team titles in their hands and celebrate their victory. Migos re-enters the ring to join in on the celebration with the Raw Tag-Team Champions. They all pose on the ropes in different corners. The Street Profits re-enter the ring and we see a stare down between both teams until ultimately, Dawkins and Ford decide to show some class and shake Orton and Riddle’s hands.

Winners and STILL Raw Tag-Team Champions: RK-Bro

Happy Corbin & Madcap Moss Beat Down Drew McIntyre

After the Raw tag-title bout wraps up, we head backstage where Drew McIntyre is standing by with a member of the WWE broadcast team, who asks him about his win over Madcap Moss earlier this evening.

McIntyre first points out how hot the Atlanta crowd is inside State Farm Arena this evening. As he continues to talk, in comes Moss and Corbin with a sneak attack. McIntyre blasts them with a Glasgow Kiss but after that, the numbers disadvantage is too much.

Moss and Corbin end up beating McIntyre down. They have “The Scottish Warrior” grounded and they grab some steel chairs. Corbin tells Moss to put the chair on McIntyre’s head. He obliges and then they slam it with a giant portion of a nearby steel barricade / guard-rail — with the contact sounding brutal.

After the sickening thud, they land some more shots and walk off, leaving McIntyre laying and grabbing at his throat and head. Once this backstage segment wraps up, we shoot to another commercial break.

Brock Lesnar Gives A Fatal-5-Way WWE Title Match Spoiler For Tonight

Once the commercials wrap up, we shoot backstage where we see a member of the WWE broadcast team catch up with Brock Lesnar. They ask “The Beast Incarnate” for his thoughts on the late-changes to tonight’s show.

Lesnar essentially cuts every Paul Heyman promo from their time together. He thanks his advocate for helping him become a free agent and then mentions how he is going to walk out to the ring tonight for the main event and leave with the WWE title. He says that’s not a prediction, but rather a spoiler.

The Miz vs. Edge

After the backstage interview with Brock Lesnar, we head to yet another quick break and when we return, we shoot to another video package to tell the story leading up to our next match of the evening.

The video package airs to show the history leading up to tonight’s showdown between The Miz and Edge. From there, the familiar sounds of Miz’s theme hits and out comes “The Most Must-See WWE Superstar” accompanied by his bride, Maryse.

We see the duo settle into the ring and do their big kiss as Miz’s music wraps up and fades down. As they await the entrance of Edge, the lights in State Farm Arena go down and it gets super dark in the building.

Now the familiar old-school sounds of the classic theme song for The Brood plays. The former Brood member and blood-bath-giver emerges and begins his walk to the ring as the fans give him a huge reaction upon hearing The Brood music.

Edge stops half-way down the entrance ramp and the lights again go down and out, as does The Brood music. Fireworks explode and then the traditional “On this day” theme for Edge plays as “The Rated-R Superstar” finishes his walk to the ring.

The theme wraps up and Edge takes his ring entrance jacket off. He is ready to get down to business, as is The Miz. On that note, the bell sounds and we are off-and-running with our only other non-title match remaining on tonight’s show.

We see Edge jump into an early offensive lead, taking it to The Miz straight out of the gate. This doesn’t last too long, however, as moments later Miz turns the tables and catches Edge with a big shot. He follows that up with some more offense and then stops to taunt Edge and the fans before re-engaging with the WWE Hall of Fame legend.

Miz still fares well as the match getting going again, however Edge slows down his momentum by catching him coming in with a deep arm-drag that brings “The Most Must-See WWE Superstar” down to the mat. Miz takes a moment and then the action resumes, with Miz catching Edge with a cheap shot and taking over control of the offense.

From there, Miz continues to work over Edge until he is taken down to the mat again. He pops back up and briefly walks away from Edge, taking a moment in the corner to recollect himself. Now they go at it again and the action spills out to the floor. Maryse enters the mix and becomes a distraction factor, leading to Miz slamming Edge directly into the steel ring post.

The fans loudly boo as Edge crashes down to the floor. Miz follows that up with some more punishment as Maryse gloats, drawing more loud boos from the fans inside State Farm Arena. Miz brings edge back in the ring and puts the boots to Edge. He grabs a hold of Edge’s leg and secures a modified standing ankle lock, twisting away at the limb of “The Rated-R Superstar.”

Edge eventually fires away with punches from his back, which frees his leg and allows him to get back to his feet. He ends up shifting the momentum in his favor after sending Miz into the corner with authority. He follows that up with a big move that connects, however after that, Miz cuts his offensive comeback short and starts to take it to him again. Edge is beaten down to his knees and Miz stays on him, blasting him with repeated kicks.

Miz taunts Edge and plays to the fans with his heel antics. He ends up knocking Edge out to the floor. We see Maryse walk around the corner of the ring, just a foot or two away from Edge. Miz begins heading out after Edge, but Edge catches Miz with a big shot as he was stepping through the ring ropes to the ring apron. He brings Miz down to the floor the hard way and slams him down with an Edge-e-cution type of move. We see replays of that as the commentators point out the rough landing for both guys.

Back in the ring, Edge puts Miz down and goes for the cover. Miz kicks out at two. Edge gets back to his feet and looks around at the capacity crowd in Atlanta. He then turns his attention back to Miz, who is recovering. Miz ends up taking back over on offense. He sends Edge out to the floor and follows out after him. He brings Edge over to the announce table where he says something to the commentary trio from Raw and then proceeds to repeatedly smash-and-bash Edge face-first into the commentary table.

Now we see Miz roll back into the ring to break the count by the referee. He rolls back out to add more punishment to Edge. He steps up on top of the announce table and picks up Edge. He positions Edge for his Skull Crushing Finale with intentions of using his finisher to put “The Rated-R Superstar” through the commentary table. Instead, Edge counters and blasts Miz down onto the table without it breaking. He then follows that up with a big spot in the ring and goes for the cover, only for Miz to kick out at the count of two.

The two get back to their feet and Miz starts to take over again on offense. He looks for the Skull Crushing Finale once more, but again Edge avoids it. Miz looks for the figure-four leg lock but again, Edge counters him and shoves him into the turnbuckles. Miz ends up drilling Edge and planting him on the mat again. He looks for the figure-four leg lock again and this time he connects. He pushes up with his hands to add extra leverage to the hold. Edge is yelling in pain but then he suddenly stops and has a look of rage on his face as he defiantly sits up and begins working on turning the figure four leg lock over to shift the pain to the applier of the hold.

He finally manages to turn Miz over and we see Miz screaming in pain. He slowly raises his hand, looking like he’s going to tap out, but instead Miz escapes and looks to counter into an STF hold. Edge avoids it and counters Miz, looking for another submission of his own. Miz avoids that, however and grabs a hold of Edge’s legs. He catapults Edge into the corner. Edge’s head bounces off the turnbuckle and Miz follows that up by school-boying him, putting his feet on the ropes to try and illegally gain leverage to get the three-count. The referee ends up spotting this so it doesn’t work out for The Miz how he had hoped.

Edge ends up locking Miz into an STF. He squeezes away until Miz grabs him and rolls, attempting to escape. Edge keeps the roll going, however, and again ends up on top and cranking back on the STF hold. Maryse sees Miz’s foot is near the ropes so she hops up on the apron behind the referee’s back and while out of view from the match official, she does indeed help Miz get his foot on the ropes. The ref then notices it and forces the hold to be broken. We see another quick roll-up attempt that only gets a two-count and then they each land a big kick at the same time. Both end up laid out on the mat. The crowd makes a ton of noise, trying to rally Edge into getting back to his feet first.

The Miz makes it up but stumbles back down. Edge eventually gets back to his feet first. He grabs Miz, who gets to his feet as well, and the two begin slowly exchanging back-and-forth punches. Miz gets the better of the exchange. He drops Edge and turns to wipe the sweat from his brow before taunting the fans and climbing to the top-rope. Edge recovers before Miz can do anything. He heads up to the top-rope after Miz. While both are on the top-rope, we see Edge execute a crazy super-arm-drag off. Edge shows a look of intensity on his face now as he stalks Miz in the corner, waiting for him to get up. Maryse plays a factor and gets involved, leading to Miz going for his Skull Crushing Finale. Miz tries to sneak in the pin and steal the win after that, however Edge hangs on.

Now we see Maryse hop on the ring apron again as she once more looks to play a factor and help Miz secure the victory. Instead, Miz notices someone behind Maryse near the back of the entrance area. He points behind Maryse like he sees a ghost and Maryse turns around to see Edge’s wife, Beth Phoenix, with the most intense and angry facial expression you could imagine. She then heads down to the ringside area with clear-cut intentions of tearing Maryse limb-from-limb.

Maryse runs around the ring and retreats up the entrance aisle. She stops and turns just in time to see Edge stalking a distracted Miz waiting for him to turn around. When Miz does turn around, Edge charges in his direction and nearly takes his head off with a spear. He goes for the cover and scores the pin fall victory. Great match and a cool finish that fans didn’t seem to see coming. Really good stuff here.

Winner: Edge

Bobby Lashley & MVP Address Late-Changes To Tonight’s WWE Title Match

Following another quick commercial break after the Edge-Miz match, we return backstage where we see Bobby Lashley preparing for tonight’s WWE Championship Fatal-5-Way main event. Up walks a member of the WWE broadcast team who asks Lashley for his thoughts on the late-changes made to tonight’s WWE title match.

MVP cuts off the interviewer, answering behalf on “The All Mighty” and making it clear that he is still going to walk out of the ring as planned tonight with the WWE title back in his grasp as the new champion. Lashley finishes the segment up with a quick comment vowing to re-capture the title to begin a New Year by giving WWE a new champion. We shoot to another commercial break after this.

Raw Women’s Championship
Liv Morgan vs. Becky Lynch (C)

We return from the ad time-out to the next extensive pre-match video package, this time for our Raw Women’s Championship co-main event of the evening here at WWE Day 1.

From there, the video package airs and shows the history leading up to this rematch for the Raw Women’s title, with “Big Time Becks” putting her title on-the-line once again against Liv Morgan.

Once the video wraps up, we hear the familiar sounds of Morgan’s theme song. The challenger then emerges and begins making her way down to the ring. She settles inside the squared circle and her music fades down as she awaits the entrance of her opponent.

On that note, the equally familiar sounds of Becky Lynch’s theme hits and out comes the defending Raw Women’s Champion for our second-to-last match of the evening here inside State Farm Arena in Atlanta, GA.

With both women in the ring and ready to rock, the bell sounds to get the ring announcer started on his formal, extended pre-match ring introductions for this championship contest.

Corey Graves points out how intense Morgan looks for this one as Mike Rome wraps up his formal introductions. The bell sounds and we’re officially off-and-running with our co-headline bout of the first-ever WWE Day 1 show.

Early on we see some back-and-forth action until both ladies end up on the floor at ringside. Morgan lets out a war scream as she bounces the champs head off of anything solid nearby on the floor outside of the ring. Back in the ring, Lynch keeps moving until she exits the ring on the other side.

Morgan comes in looking to follow-up, but she walks right into a big shot from the crafty and clever Raw Women’s Champion. “Big Time Becks.” The two start to go at it again, with Morgan fighting right back into competitive form. It doesn’t last long, however, as Lynch takes over from there and begins a prolonged one-sided beatdown of the challenger.

Lynch hoists Morgan up near the corner and shifts her hips to the side, slinging Morgan awkwardly into the turnbuckles and then repeating this a couple of times before planting her on the mat. After that, Lynch continues to hit big spots on Morgan and following them up with pin attempts, only for Morgan to manage to find a way to avoid being finished off each-and-every time.

After several minutes on the receiving end of a one-sided beatdown, Morgan starts to finally show signs of life. The crowd tries rallying Morgan into victory as she fires up and begins taking over on offense for the first time since the early portion of this match. Lynch ends up grabbing a hold of Morgan’s arm and locking her in her Disarm-Her submission finisher.

It looked bad for Morgan once more, but yet again the challenger finds a way to hang on until she escapes the hold after countering it and turning Lynch over. She fires up again on offense and hits a few big spots, trying for the pin after connecting with each of them, only for Lynch to continue finding a way to avoid being finished off.

The commentators point out that now Morgan has a look of disbelief and confusion on her face as she seems unsure what to do to finish Lynch off. Lynch recovers and begins climbing up to the top-rope backwards. As she is doing this, Morgan charges to that corner of the ring and in a single bounce, she leaps right into a sunset powerbomb for a super-close near fall.

Once Lynch kicks out, we see some replays of the beautiful spot that Morgan pulled off to near-perfection moments ago. Morgan goes over to Lynch and leans down to pick her up. When she does, Lynch snatches Morgan’s arm and rolls into another Disarm-Her submission attempt. Morgan ends up making it to the ropes to get out of the hold.

Lynch isn’t deterred, however, as she picks up the pace and intensity and starts hitting big spots and following them up with pin attempts, only for Morgan to continue to find a way to kick out. Lynch sends Morgan out to the floor with authority and is now seemingly fine with simply allowing the referee to count her out so she can retain her title via count-out due to her inability to find a way to finish Morgan off.

We see the referee nearly reach the count of ten, only for Morgan to spring back to life and make it back into the ring just in time to break the count at nine-and-a-half. Lynch grabs Morgan and launches her out to the floor again, with presumably the same gameplan in mind. This time, however, Morgan yanks Lynch up and goes to work on her once she’s out on the floor with her.

She brings Lynch’s arm over to the steel ring steps and she proceeds to give Lynch a taste of her own medicine as now she stomps away at Lynch’s arm over-and-over again. Back in the ring, Morgan follows that up by securing an arm submission on the softened up limb of the champ. It looked like she was going to get the win there but Lynch hangs on.

We see Morgan leap in Lynch’s direction. Lynch catches her and puts her down hard with a Man-Handle Slam for the pin fall victory. With the win, Lynch retains her Raw Women’s Championship in another excellent match. Great performance by not only Lynch here, but Morgan as well.

Winner and STILL Raw Women’s Champion: Becky Lynch

Seth Rollins Addresses Late-Change To Tonight’s WWE Title Main Event

We head to another commercial break after the Raw Women’s Championship co-main event contest between Lynch and Morgan wraps up. When we return, we head to another backstage interview segment.

Standing by is the final member of tonight’s main event that we have yet to hear from on tonight’s show — Seth Rollins. Rollins is asked about Brock Lesnar being added to the WWE title match to make it a Fatal-5-Way match.

Seth Rollins talks about how the WWE Championship match against Big E. was supposed to be his on tonight’s show, but has gone through many changes and he says he is ready for anything tonight. He seems confident heading into the big main event of the evening.

Johnny Knoxville Entering 2022 WWE Royal Rumble Match

After another quick ad time-out, the commentary team talks us into a special message from Jackass co-creator Johnny Knoxville. The Instagram video that Knoxville released earlier today airs and we see that the Jackass star has declared his intentions on making his Royal Rumble debut at the 30-man over-the-top annual classic scheduled for later this month.

WWE Championship Fatal-5-Way Main Event
Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Big E. (C) vs. Brock Lesnar

Now the video package airs to tell the complicated story leading up to tonight’s main event for the WWE Championship. Originally scheduled to be a Fatal-4-Way co-main event to the initially advertised Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns main event for the Universal Championship, the package tells the story of the many twists and turns this one has seen en route to the inaugural WWE Day 1 show this evening.

The video package concludes with coverage of the final late-change that happened before tonight’s show began, when Roman Reigns tested positive for COVID-19 and was pulled from his scheduled match against Lesnar just one-hour before the show. As noted, this resulted in WWE making the decision to move Lesnar into the WWE title bout, making it a Fatal-5-Way main event title showdown.

We return inside the State Farm Arena where the familiar sounds of Seth Rollins’ theme hits. Rollins heads to the ring after the rock-screams of “BURN IT DOWN!!!” He settles into the ring as the commentators talk about how Rollins was dealt a bad hand leading up to this match, as he earned the right to challenge for the title himself only to have to beat out four other top WWE Superstars if he wants to capture the WWE Championship.

Rollins settles into the ring and then the theme for Kevin Owens plays. Owens makes his way to the ring and settles inside the squared circle as his theme fades down. He and Rollins are seen on-camera talking in the ring as Bobby Lashley’s theme hits and “The All Mighty” makes his way to the ring accompanied by MVP. With three of the five competitors involved in tonight’s headline attraction now in the ring and ready to rock, we await the final two ring walks.

The familiar sounds of the entrance music of the reigning, defending WWE Champion coming into this match plays. Big E. makes his way out to a nice reaction from the fans in Atlanta and then settles inside the ring and confidently raises his title close-up in the faces of Owens, Rollins and Lashley. He poses with it in front of the fans on the ring apron one final time and then awaits the entrance of the late-addition to this match.

Everyone originally scheduled in this WWE title bout is in the ring now, however they all wait for the ring walk of the late addition to the contest. With that said, we hear the theme for Brock Lesnar hit the speakers inside State Farm Arena. On that note, out comes “The Beast Incarnate.” He makes his way to the ring and hops on the ring apron. He bounces side-to-side as his music continues playing. As he goes to step through the ring ropes, he is ambushed by Owens and this match gets off with a bang.

From there, the bell sounds to formally get this main event Fatal-5-Way contest for the WWE Championship off-and-running. Lesnar fights back with Owens and gets the better of the exchange, eventually dumping Owens on the mat with authority. Lesnar does the same to a couple of the other challengers in this match. This leaves the ring alone to just he and the man who attacked him before the bell rang — Kevin Owens. He hoists Owens up and slams him down again but then turns and is caught by a big shot from Big E.

Big E. proceeds to launch Lesnar out to the floor with a vengeance. Lesnar is down and out as Big E. continues pummeling anyone in reaching distance. As the action continues, we see Lashley on the floor amping up before charging in Lesnar’s direction. He ends up spearing Lesnar through the ringside barricade. We see some immediate replays of that and then we return to the live action, where we see Lashley manhandling everyone else in the match as well. He goes for a prolonged stalled vertical suplex, which backfires when Owens and Rollins team up and take him out, sending him out to the floor.

Rollins and Owens talk amongst themselves in the ring for a moment and then formulate a gameplan that sees Rollins dive through the ropes, splashing onto and taking out Lesnar in the process. Owens follows that up by coming off the ropes and landing on Lesnar with a wild high spot of his own. Now the duo turn their attention to Lashley. They both pick up the steel ring steps and run in Lashley’s direction. They knock him senseless with the steel steps and then they turn and run at Lesnar, blasting him and taking him out with a double steel-step shot as well.

From there, Owens and Rollins tear the top cover off of the commentary table. They use that to beat down Lesnar some more, then they pick up Lashley and look to hit a double-suplex to put him through the table. Lashley fights his way out of it but then Big E. runs over and latches onto Lashley. He hoists him up and brings him down with a vengeance, hitting a Rock Bottom type move that puts Lashley through the table. The two head into the ring and hit a crazy double-team spot on Big E. that nearly finishes him off.

Corey Graves gives high praise on commentary to Rollins and Owens for having a smart gameplan for tonight’s match, which is what we heard Owens alluding to earlier in his backstage interview segment. After the teamwork from Rollins and Owens falls apart when we see an attempt to steal the win, we move on to a sequence where each guy takes turns hitting their finishing moves as they all try and steal the win. When all is said-and-done, however, it is Lesnar who hits his F-5 finisher on Big E. and covers him for the three-count. Lesnar picks up the win and as the commentators point out, he finished off and pinned the man who came into the match as the defending champion.

Once the match wraps up, we see everyone in the match recovering and realizing that this one is over. Each are shown on camera reacting to the fact that Lesnar is the man who emerged victorious and is now the new WWE Champion. The commentators talk us through some match highlights as Lesnar poses in the ring with his newly acquired WWE Championship. That’s how the first WWE PPV event of the year and the inaugural installment of the new annual tradition known as WWE Day 1 wraps up. We head off the air on that note. Thanks for joining us here at Rajah.com this evening for our live results coverage of the show.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Brock Lesnar


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