How Does WWE Handle Superstar Social Media Accounts? (5/8/2019)

WWE Denies Superstar Social Media Account Rumors, Sasha Banks No-Shows WWE Tour

– In response to a report by that WWE officials monitor their talent’s social media accounts and perhaps even go to the extent of asking them for their login credentials, the company released a statement denying those reports.

According to a WWE rep, the company’s social media team never asks for these credentials, though they did not specify whether at some point in time this was a common practice.

Several wrestlers have confirmed WWE’s claim, saying they were never asked to hand over their passwords or other credentials.

– Sasha Banks was internally listed as returning to WWE and accompanying the rest of the roster on the current/ongoing European tour that will last through next week. However, she reportedly no-showed that and will not be on the tour and her WWE status and return date remain completely unclear.

We will keep you posted as more updates regarding the ongoing situation between WWE and Sasha Banks surfaces. Stay tuned!

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