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WWE Drops Another QR Code & More “White Rabbit” Clues Pointing to Bray Wyatt Return

— WWE dropped another QR code on last night’s Monday Night Raw, suggesting that perhaps the big reveal is set for Saturday’s Extreme Rules PPV. Here are most of the new clues that were uncovered yesterday:

  • A QR code shown during a backstage segment led to another hidden WWE.com page (https://www.wwe.com/01000111_01000001_01000011_01011001).
  • The above page contains multiple images. The first image shows the left side when viewed on a mobile phone and the right side when viewed from a desktop, revealing a second WWE.com page: https://www.wwe.com/399012n751720w. The image itself represents Samson, who was deceived by his wife Delilah, similar to how Bray Wyatt was betrayed by Alexa Bliss. Wyatt had also tweeted a very similar photo in the past.
  • On the first page, a code is written in Yautja alphabet, which reads “All hope abandon, ye who enter here” – very similar to a message displayed during Firefly Funhouse segments.
  • Further below is a “Magic Eye” image, which reads “MTA4MjI” and when that is decoded from Base64 form, it translates to “10822”, the date of Extreme Rules.
  • The URL in the first photo (https://www.wwe.com/399012n751720w) leads to another page with an image and another set of numbers at the bottom; when you Google this number (6901209258022), you get images of “White Rabbit Milk” cartons.
  • Part of the above URL appear to be coordinates that when you look them up leads to the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, the site of Extreme Rules.
  • Eagle-eyed viewers also spotted what appeared to be a planted sign that read “WYYT RABAT” which sounds like “WHITE RABBIT” but when the letters are re-arranged, spells BRAY WYATT and during the backstage segment with Bianca Belair and the other women, an image of what appears to be Bray Wyatt’s Fiend character seems to be present.

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