WWE Elimination Chamber Results (2/21/2021)

WWE Elimination Chamber Results (2/21/2021): St. Petersburg, FL.

The WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 pay-per-view has arrived!

We are off-and-running from the ThunderDome inside of Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida with the official Kickoff Show for tonight’s WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 PPV.

The show started off with a video package and then we shoot inside the beautiful ThunderDome, which is decked out with Elimination Chamber production values and graphics.

The Elimination Chamber Kickoff Show Panel

We then head up to the pre-show panel, where Charly Caruso welcomes us to the official WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 Kickoff Show here on the WWE Network and across all of WWE’s various digital platforms.

Caruso welcomes in fellow panelists Booker T, JBL and Peter Rosenberg. The four immediately start breaking down some of the action scheduled for tonight’s show.

Cesaro Makes An Espresso Analogy

After they run down some of the action in store for the WWE Universe at tonight’s special event, they send things to a backstage interview with Cesaro. “The Swiss Superman” talks about being excited for tonight and vowing to continue his journey to the title, which he says will be sweet — comparing it to his favorite drink — an espresso.

We return to the panel, and Peter Rosenberg kicks off the opinion that Cesaro needs to get meaner and that he doesn’t want to hear about espresso’s right now. Booker T and JBL agree, noting that maybe he should think about a shot of Jack Daniels with some espresso in it, perhaps.

Keith Lee’s Replacement For Tonight …

The pre-show panel now reveals the news that was broken on WWE.com and via the company’s social media channels on Sunday afternoon, which is that Keith Lee has been pulled from his scheduled Triple-Threat Match against Riddle and WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley. They talk about the four-way match that WWE announced for later in the Kickoff Show to determine Keith Lee’s replacement in the Triple-Threat U.S. Title Match on the PPV card.

MVP Talks Keith Lee, Interrupted By Billie Kay

From there, the panel introduces MVP, who appears “live via satelitte” in a split-screen interview segment. As MVP talks about it not mattering who replaces Keith Lee, because Lashley is going to win regardless, he is interrupted by Billie Kay who hands him some 8×10 photos of herself as she tries to get a spot in The Hurt Business. MVP pretends to humor her and then walks off. The panel has a laugh at what just transpired before switching gears to talk about more of the action on tap for tonight’s card.

Lacey Evans’s Replacement For Tonight …

They introduce the segment from this past Monday night’s Elimination Chamber “go-home” edition of Raw where Lacey Evans announced that she is pregnant and thus, has been pulled from her scheduled match at the Elimination Chamber PPV. The panel talks about the news and speculate as to who the father of Lacey Evans’ baby is. They of course mention Ric Flair as a possibility and talk over the issues between Lacey and Charlotte Flair, daughter of ole’ “‘Naitch.”

From there, they move on to talk about who the replacement for Lacey Evans will be and who Asuka will be defending her women’s championship against later this evening during the Elimination Chamber PPV card. After that, Caruso sends things to a quick commercial break, where the WWE special Draft Kings code for tonight is revealed.

Sonya Deville Sets Boundries With The Street Profits

Sonya Deville joins the pre-show panel to talk about Bianca Belair winning the Royal Rumble and her ongoing journey to a title match at WrestleMania.

As she continues to talk, she is interrupted by The Street Profits. She asks why she would give them an opportunity and reward their behavior when they interrupted her. She mentions Chad Gable and Otis and they brag about beating them. In cheesey fashion they wish everyone a good evening and then walk off.

Deville talks about having to set boundries in any new relationship, be it business or personal. She says what we just witnessed was her setting boundries. She talks about people needing to earn their opportunities. After this, Caruso wraps up the segment and we head to another quick commercial break.

Fatal-4-Way Match For U.S. Title Match Spot
Ali vs. John Morrison vs. Ricochet vs. Elias

When we return, we join Tom Phillips, Samoa Joe and Byron Saxton at ringside at the commentary desk as they set the stage for our Kickoff Show match.

On that note, the familiar sounds of the RETRIBUTION theme plays as Ali makes his way down to the ring for our first match of the evening inside the ThunderDome in Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, FL.

Out next, in order, are John Morrison, Ricochet and Elias, who is accompanied by Jaxson Ryker as he makes his way down to the squared circle. The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with the opening contest here on the pre-show.

The early goings sees Elias and Morrison team up to focus a two-on-one attack on Ricochet after they dump Ali out to the floor. Things backfire, however, as Ricochet sends both Elias and Morrison out to the floor. He gets ready for a big running dive onto them on the floor from the ring, however he is hit from behind in the ring by Ali, who has recovered.

Soon thereafter, Elias and Morrison recover and return inside the ring as well, where Elias emerges as the lone man standing when the smoke clears following a brief four-man brawl. Ricochet is the only other man left in the ring, as Ali and Morrison were sent to the floor in the scuffle. Elias works over Ricochet until Morrison returns to the ring from the floor. He grabs Ricochet from behind, but Ali then hits the ring from the front side and hits a cutter and tries stealing the pin, only for Ricochet to hang on and get his shoulder up just before the referee’s count to three.

Ali peppers Ricochet with some chops, but Ricochet fires up and no sells them, blasting Ali back with some of his own. Ali cuts off Ricochet’s attempt at taking over the offensive driver’s seat, stomping on him on the mat and then hoisting him up for a back suplex that he tries to score a pin off of. Ricochet survives. Elias hits the ring and blasts Ali with a running knee. He tries a pin but Slapjack from RETRIBUTION, who is still at ringside, breaks up the pin attempt. Morrison is back in the ring, but seconds later, Ricochet blasts him with a kick that sends him right back to the floor. He turns around into a sit-out chokeslam from Elias. Elias clotheslines Morrison’s out to the floor seconds after he tried re-entering the ring.

Elias hooks Ricochet up for something but Morrison comes flying off the ropes and kicks Elias down. He hits the Moonlight Drive on Ricochet and covers him, however Ricochet kicks out at 2 1/2. Morrison goes for Starship Pain, but it’s not enough. Not Ricochet fires up as everyone is back in the ring and on their feet. He is firing on all cylinders, however, as he springs off the middle ropes backwards and takes out Elias and Morrison. He focuses his attack on Ali now but he is attacked from behind. Now all four men are in the ring but are slow to get to their feet. Elias and Ali do, but Ali hits a satelitte DDT off the ropes on Elias. He turns around into a 450 Splash from Ricochet, however on the follow-up pin attempt, three RETRIBUTION members pull Ali out of the ring to save him.

Ricochet notices the three members of RETRIBUTION so he hits the ropes and goes flying, however he is caught and hit with High Justice into the steel ring post. As everyone is distracted by the action with RETRIBUTION and Ricochet at ringside, Morrison steals the pin over Elias in the ring and slides out and runs up the ramp as RETRIBUTION hits the ring in anger as soon as the match-ending bell sounds. With the win, John Morrison now moves on to join Riddle and Bobby Lashley in the WWE United States Championship Triple-Threat Match later on in tonight’s show.

Winner and advancing to WWE U.S. Title Match tonight: John Morrison

After a quick post-match commercial break, we return to the pre-show panel where Caruso asks her fellow panelists for their thoughts on John Morrison winning the match and joining the U.S. Title Triple-Threat Match later in the show tonight.

Rosenberg says it’s all fine-and-well that Morrison won, but he asks where the old Morrison has been. He says if he can channel the old John Morrison then he has a shot tonight. JBL talks about liking Lashley’s chances regardless of the opposition tonight. Booker T likes Morrison’s chances as much as anyone else in the match tonight.

Booker T’s “Shucky Ducky Quack-Quack Moment Of The Night”

Booker T then randomly reveals that this was the Shucky Ducky Quack-Quack Moment of the Night, which is presumably the fact that John Morrison won the fatal-4-way eliminator match to earn his spot in the U.S. Title Triple-Threat Match later in the show. The accompanying graphic airs as Booker T has a chuckle and the rest of the panelists laugh as well.

The panelists then shift gears to run down some of the top matches scheduled for tonight’s show, as the graphic for each match flashes across the screen. From there, they send things to a video package for tonight’s WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match, where Drew McIntyre will put his title on-the-line.

The pre-show panelists wrap things up after giving their official predictions for tonight’s top matches. They then get fan-boy and fan-girl excited, as we all are, as we watch the Elimination Chamber structure being lowered down over the ring as the ominous music plays.


From there, the Kickoff Show credits roll and the pre-show fades off the air. The WWE Then .. Now .. Forever signature video airs and then we shoot right into the elaborate, bad-ass video package opening the WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 pay-per-view portion of tonight’s show.

After the video package wraps up, we shoot live inside the ThunderDome inside of Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, FL. where the official PPV theme plays and fireworks and pyro explode around the WrestleMania 37 sign hanging in the rafters.

The camera then pans around the venue as we hear Corey Graves say, “That’s what I’m talkin’ about!” From there, Michael Cole formally welcomes us to tonight’s WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 PPV. The camera pans down to the commentary table where we see Cole and Graves seated alongside each other at the commentary desk.

Elimination Chamber Match For Universal Title Shot
Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn vs. King Corbin vs. Jey Uso vs. Cesaro vs. Daniel Bryan

After he finishes up the rules for the match, the ring announcer begins his formal ring introductions for the first of six competitors scheduled to compete in the Chamber match, as Kevin Owens makes his way down to the ring.

Out next is Sami Zayn, as he makes his way down and enters his pod as well, as neither he nor Owens will be starting off the match.

The bell sounds and we hear the ring announcer run down the rules for the Elimination Chamber match, as the first match of the evening will be the Elimination Chamber Match that will determine who will face Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship later in tonight’s show.

As Zayn settles into his pod, the camera crew he hired to document his every move due to his fear of conspiracies, are kicked out of the ringside area and sent to the back by the match official for this opening contest. As he continues to complain to the commentary team about being the victim of another injustice by WWE, King Corbin’s music hits and he comes out and takes his place in his pod.

Now that he is settled in, our fourth participant is introduced and out comes Jey Uso. This leaves Cesaro and Daniel Bryan, who will apparetly be the starting two participants in the Elimination Chamber match to determine the challenger for the Universal Championship match against current title-holder Roman Reigns later in the show.

After the first four entrants settle into their respective pods, we see another video package for the bout for some reason and then out comes the first of the two competitors who will be starting off inside the ring for our opening Chamber contest, as “The Swiss Superman” Cesaro is introduced. He makes his way down to the ring. The announcers talk about his recent interview on Talking Smack about hard work still standing for something.

Once he settles inside the squared circle, we are treated to the familiar sounds of the theme song of Daniel Bryan. The WWE veteran makes his way down the aisle and into the ring for the first of multiple Elimination Chamber matches scheduled for tonight’s pay-per-view.

The bell sounds and we see Bryan and Cesaro lock up. Bryan pushes Cesaro against the ropes. Cesaro hits the opposite ropes and hits a shoulder block that floors Bryan. Back up, Bryan is put into a side head lock by Cesaro. Cesaro blasts Bryan with a big European uppercut. He backs Bryan into the corner and sends him across the ring, however Bryan back-flips out of the opposing corner, hits the ropes and blasts Cesaro with a double kick to send him down to the mat.

Bryan and Cesaro trade uppercuts and European uppercuts and then Bryan launches Cesaro over the top-rope and onto the iron grin that surrounds the ring. Bryan heads to the top-rope and launches himself with a flying knee onto Cesaro. We see an immediate replay of that early high spot.

He heads to the top-rope for a follow-up spot after rolling Cesaro back in the ring, and he comes flying off with a missle dropkick that connects. The two battle back-and-forth with Cesaro taking the offensive momentum now as he hits a delayed suplex on Bryan. The countdown clock hits and the buzzer sounds. Out comes King Corbin as the next participant in the match, as he is let out of his pod.

Corbin goes over and starts blasting Bryan with punches as Graves brings up his boxing background on commentary. He turns and gives some shots to Cesaro for good measure before blasting Bryan with another big shot that sends his head smashing into the chain links. We see a slow-motion replay of the intensity and physicality of that shot. After we return to live action, Bryan has recovered, and he sprints from one corner of the ring to the other, blasting Corbin and Cesaro with big flying shots.

Eventually, he misses one as Cesaro catches him coming in. Now Bryan and Corbin are in opposing corners of the ring and it is Cesaro who sprints from one end of the ring to the other landing big shots on each man in the corner. Corbin ends up countering Cesaro as he comes in and now we see King Corbin go on a prolonged offensive attack on both guys that includes him picking up Bryan and running him into one of the pods knee-first. The commentators talk at length about the focus of the attack on Bryan being his knee in this match.

We are informed that #WWEChamber is trending worldwide on Twitter now as Corbin starts to take back over the offensive lead in the match, focusing his attack once again on the injured knee of Bryan, using one of the pods as a weapon against the leader of the “Yes!” movement. Corbin slams Cesaro face-first into the steel chain links. He turns his boxing skills back on, blasting “The Swiss Superman” with body shots as Michael Cole yells out on commentary about King Corbin dominating the match with ease at this point.

The countdown clock appears and then the buzzer sounds and it is Sami Zayn who is let out of his pod, although he didn’t want to be, after a spot sees wrestlers crash through it. We see Zayn trying to run and hide from the action, but Cesaro follows after him. The two end up on top of Zayn’s pod, with Cesaro beating him down. Zayn buys some time and tries to flee away, climbing across the steel chain links side-ways like Spiderman, however “The Swiss Superman” is fresh on his heels. He climbs next to Zayn and hits him again.

After he returns to ground level, he is one of many that is mere chokeslam fodder for the dominant King Corbin. He takes Cesaro out and focuses his attack on Bryan. He hits Bryan with a chokeslam and turns around into a fired up Cesaro. He hits him with some forearms and then goes for a chokeslam but Cesaro ends up sending Corbin shoulder first into the steel ring post. He heads to the top-rope and comes flying off with his finisher. He ends up eliminating King Corbin. That is a big elimination considering how dominant he had been up until that point.

Corbin is forced to leave the Chamber as the countdown clock runs out and the buzzer sounds. When it does, it is Kevin Owens who is let out of his pod. Jey Uso is the only man still remaining inside of a pod. As soon as Owens is let loose, Zayn stops him and tries bringing up their history. He talks about “them” not wanting either of them to be in this match, let alone win it. He tries to convince him to team up with him, however it doesn’t work out so well as Owens blasts him and enters the ring, where he does the same to Bryan. He turns his attention to Cesaro, who fights back, and the two trade shots until Owens hits a step-up enzugiri.

He turns around right into Bryan, who hops on his back with a sleeper-hold. Owens walks around with Bryan on his back still holding on, so he launches himself backwards down onto the mat, which slams his weight on top of Bryan, crushing him and freeing Owens from the sleeper-hold. Owens goes back to work on Cesaro and now he heads up to the top-rope after Zayn. We see some biting between these two. Zayn ends up elbowing Owens off the top. He comes flying off after him but Owens moves and blasts Zayn with a super kick that catches him on the bridge of his nose. Owens starts hitting running cannonballs on all of his downed opponents. He eliminates Sami Zayn.

He hits a pop-up power bomb on Daniel Bryan. Now we see everyone down as Owens paces around looking at the carnage. He stands over Zayn, who kneels down and pleads with Owens and tries to reason with him. Owens picks him up and hits a fisherman buster. He hoists Cesaro up in the fireman’s carry position but he escapes. The two trade punches as the countdown clock expires and the buzzer sounds. Jey Uso is let loose from his pod and Owens walks over and the two immediately trade ferociously with punches. Owens gets the better of the exchange and slams Uso into the steel chain links.

Owens hits a Stunner on Bryan outside the ring. He follows up with another Stunner on Cesaro. He goes for one on Uso, but Jey avoids it. Owens charges at Uso, who ends up using some crafty manuevering that culminated with Owens running into the steel chain link and banging his shoulder up. Jey Uso takes over the offensive control of the match now, as he takes Owens into the ring and climbs to the top-rope where he hits a frog splash. He covers Owens afterwards and scores the pinfall. Kevin Owens is now eliminated.

Cesaro fires up and gets a Cesaro Swing on Jey Uso out of the ring, which saw him swinging Uso and smashing him into the steel chain links over and over again. Cesaro turns around into Daniel Bryan flying onto him off the top-rope, however Cesaro catches him. The two end up in the ring where Bryan catches Cesaro coming off the top-rope with a big kick to the body. Cole points out that Cesaro and Bryan have been in the match for over 30 minutes now after having started the match off against each other. Bryan stomps away at Cesaro but while he does so, his knee nearly gives out on him. Bryan goes over to the corner and stalks Cesaro, doing the Yes! chant as he waits for him to get up. Cesaro does and Bryan charges at him, only for Cesaro to hoist him up in the Torture Rack. Bryan escapes and knocks Cesaro down.

Bryan climbs to the top-rope but Cesaro blasts him with an uppercut that stuns him. Cesaro hits him with a few more and then climbs up after him. He gets Bryan on his shoulders while he is standing on the middle rope. He flies off hits Bryan with a flying gut-buster. He hooks the leg of Bryan and while holding onto only Bryan’s bad knee, he executes a one-legged Cesaro Swing. Uso re-enters the picture and takes out Cesaro with a top-rope frogsplash for a pinfall that eliminates him. This leaves only Uso and Bryan. Uso heads back to the top-rope and hits another frogsplash. He covers Bryan, however Bryan somehow manages to kick out at 2 1/2. Uso looks confused after Bryan kicks out. Uso heads up to the top-rope again and then climbs all the way to the top of a pod. He goes for a super-duper frog splash off the top of the pod, only to land way down below on the double knees of Bryan, who was waiting on him. Bryan follows up with a running knee and covers Uso. 1-2-3. Bryan wins and will challenge Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship later in the show.

Winner and ADVANCING to the Universal Title match tonight: Daniel Bryan

WWE Universal Championship
Roman Reigns (c) vs. Daniel Bryan

After the match ends and Daniel Bryan lays in the ring half dead from what he had to endure to emerge victorious in the six-man bout, his music cuts off and the theme of the reigning title-holder, Roman Reigns, begins playing.

The WWE Universal Champion emerges alongside Paul Heyman with a demented smirk on his face. His face turns stone cold now as he begins making his way down to the ring. The WWE Universal Championship match is taking place now.

Reigns enters the ring as Bryan is still struggling to even get back to his feet. The bell sounds and immediately things get going, however, Bryan springs to life and somehow gets Reigns in his “Yes! Lock” submission hold. He cranks back as the crowd goes nuts and Reigns slowly raises his hand, as it looks as though he is contemplating tapping out.

Instead, The Head of the Table escapes and we see the viciousness come out of The Tribal Chief now as he pummels an already near-lifeless Daniel Bryan. He hoists Bryan up and power bombs him down. He backs off and stares down at Bryan in disgust before hopping back on top of the defenseless challenger and pummeling him with punches again.

Reigns looks around and then locks in his guillotine choke on Bryan. The ref almost instantly calls for the bell. The ring announcer formally announces the winner by submission and still the WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns. His music plays as he poses over a lifeless Bryan with his title.

Winner and STILL WWE Universal Champion: Roman Reigns

Edge Attacks Roman Reigns, Makes WrestleMania 37 Decision

Once the match wraps up, Roman Reigns continues posing with his title as he climbs the ropes in the corner. Then, out of nowhere, “The Rated-R Superstar” Edge arrives on the scene and he takes out the WWE Universal Champion with a big Spear.

He stares down at Reigns as he is curled up in pain. The fireworks explode near the WrestleMania 37 sign as Edge reveals he has made his decision as to which title he will be going after on The Grandest Stage of Them All later this year.

That’s right folks, Edge vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship is now set for WrestleMania 37. He stares at Reigns and Heyman who are still recovering in the ring as he looks fired up at the top of the entrance way.

The commentators talk us through the highlights that air again, showing Edge’s big Spear on Reigns and his point to the WrestleMania 37 sign as his indication that he has made his decision and will be challenging The Tribal Chief for his title at WrestleMania.

Bad Bunny Slaps The Taste Out Of The Miz’s Mouth

After a quick video package recapping the recent action and appearances by WWE 24/7 Champion and hip-hop star Bad Bunny, we shoot to a backstage segment.

Backstage we see Bad Bunny standing around with his WWE 24/7 Championship as The Miz walks up. The Miz asks Bad Bunny what he’s doing here tonight. Bad Bunny says he’s a champ and asks what Miz is doing here tonight.

Things escalate to the point where Bad Bunny ends up slapping the taste out of The Miz’s mouth. Damian Priest ends up arriving onto the scene as well, and he and Bad Bunny have a good laugh as Miz walks off.

WWE United States Championship
Riddle vs. John Morrison vs. Bobby Lashley (c)

Now we return inside the ThunderDome inside of Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, FL., where the familiar theme of Riddle plays as the barefoot wonder makes his way to the squared circle for our second championship contest of the evening.

As he settles into the ring, we take a visit to the commentary team of Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Samoa Joe who introduce some video highlights that explain the story leading up to tonight’s match, including a recap of Morrison winning the fatal-4-way eliminator match to earn his spot in this bout during the pre-show earlier this evening.

Morrison finishes up his ring entrance after we return live and then the reigning title-holder heading into this bout, Bobby Lashley is introduced. He makes his way down to the ring accompanied by fellow member of The Hurt Business, MVP, who accompanies him while walking with crutches.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with our third match here on the PPV card. Early on we see Morrison fare well until Lashley fires up and clears the ring of both guys. He follows out after Morrison, whom he scoops up and sends into the steel ring post with authority. He stops to slap five with MVP, only to be bum-rushed by Riddle, who he catches at the last minute and picks up and slams with ease on the floor.

Bobby Lashley continues to run through both Morrison and Riddle like a MAC truck as he plows into Riddle in the corner of the ring, driving his shoulder into the mid-section of Riddle. Morrison and Riddle look at one another as they stand across from Lashley and quickly make an unspoken agreement to double team Lashley. They both rush in on Lashley who is ready for the team up and quickly takes both Riddle and Morrison out with big punishing offense, slamming both men down like rag dolls with ease.

Lashley with a Spear to the mid-section of Riddle as Morrison is laid out on the opposite side of the ring. A shot to the arm of Lashley by Morrison. Riddle grabs the ropes as Morrison runs towards the top rope, sending Morrison falling to the floor at ringside. Riddle follows up with a Crossbody to Lashley on the outside. Morrison and Riddle make their way back into the ring, Morrison and Riddle delivering Strikes back and forth. Morrison lifts Riddle in a Fireman’s Carry, Riddle able to roll through for a quick pin attempt. Morrison kicks out. Paylay Kick by Riddle sends Morrison to the canvas.

Riddle continues on offense, tossing Morrison with a Kick attempt, Morrison rolls out of the way. Riddle follows up with a Broton that connects. Riddle gets the cover as he holds a Bridge cover on Morrison. Lashley breaks the cover. Riddle with a Kick followed by a Floating Bro as he covers Lashley, Morrison breaking the cover this time! MVP shouts from ringside asking if Morrison thought he could stop the “Almighty”, Morrison finally states, “SHUT UP!” exiting the ring and grabbing a crutch from MVP. MVP shouts “he has a weapon ref!”. Lashley gets The Hurt Lock on Morrison. Riddle sneaks in and strikes with the crutch followed by the Bro Dereck and gets the cover for the three count pin and win!

Winner and NEW WWE United States Champion: Riddle

WWE Women’s Tag-Team Championships
Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (c) vs. Bianca Belair & Sasha Banks

After a quick commercial break we return inside the ThunderDome where the commentary team of Michael Cole and Corey Graves return to handle our next match of the evening.

The WWE Women’s Tag-Team Championships are on-the-line in our next contest. With that said, the reigning and defending champions, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, are introduced.

The duo makes their way down to the ring as Graves recaps recent action on SmackDown to tell the story leading into this title contest. Jax and Baszler wait for their opponents in the ring as Cole reads a TapouT ad.

Now things are sent backstage to Kayla Braxton, who introduces Bianca Belair. The EST of WWE then enters the picture. Braxton then introduces her partner for tonight, “The Boss” Sasha Banks. The two smile.

Belair is asked by Braxton about still having yet to make her decision as to which title she will challenge for at WrestleMania 37. She teases that she will make it tonight after they win the women’s tag titles.

On that note, the two walk off and are now formally introduced by the ring announcer as they make their way out and head down to the ring together. The bell sounds and here we go.

Belair and Jax start this match off for their respective teams. Jax grabs Belair and hoists her up onto Jax’s shoulders. Belair shakes herself off Jax and heads to the top turnbuckle. Jax runs in and Belair does a backflip over Jax, landing on her feet inside the ring. Jax throws Banks and Belair catches her, then swings Banks with ease, as a weapon to Jax.

Jax makes the tag to Baszler. Baszler takes down Belair with a submission attempt. Belair back to her feet, makes the tag to Banks. Meteora by Banks as she tags in. Jax makes the tag and sends Banks to the outside, as she follows her out, dragging Banks to her team’s corner. Jax makes the tag to Baszler who continues the offense, taking Banks down with a pin attempt, Banks kicks out. Baszler uses Joint Manipulation as she bends Banks’s wrist back.

Banks struggles out of another pin attempt at the two. Baszler drags Banks closer to her corner as she once again attempts to submit Banks. Banks creates separation and quickly rolls Baszler up for a two count. Baszler with a Clothesline for the cover and the two count. Belair claps and cheers Banks on from her corner. Jax makes the tag at this point. Jax with a Body Slam for the cover, Banks gets the shoulder up at the two.

Banks sends Jax into the corner of the ring, Baszler makes the tag. Sasha gets a number of near falls after Baszler is sent into the ropes, knocking Belair off the apron. Banks finally gets the tag to Belair.

Baszler locks in the Kirafuda Clutch, Sasha quickly makes the tag, Banks to the top rope with a Frog Splash after Belair slams Baszler face first into the canvas. Banks gets the cover, Baszler kicks out at two. Banks tags in Belair, Belair gets the Kiss of Death for the cover, Jax drags Belair off of Baszler from ringside. Belair returns to the ring to strike Jax.

Belair looks for a Fireman’s Carry on Jax, Jax with Elbows to the back of Belair. Jax gets the cover, Samoan Drop to Belair as Banks hits the Meteora from the top turnbuckle! Reginald makes his way out with wine and glasses, causing a distraction, Banks locks in the Banks Statement on Jax. Reginald hands Banks the bottle of wine, Jax hits another Samoan Drop for the cover and the three count pin and win.

After the match, Reginald makes his way into the ring to apologize to Sasha Banks as Bianca Belair looks to assist Banks back to her feet. Belair shouts at Reginald to “Go get your side chick” as she points backstage, demanding Reginald leave. Jax and Baszler celebrate as they make their way up the ramp towards the stage. We head to commercial break.

Winners and STILL WWE Women’s Tag-Team Champions: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match
Drew McIntyre (c) vs. AJ Styles vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton

The video package for our main event of the evening airs now, as the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber main event match is up next. We return inside the ThunderDome at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, FL. after the video package wraps up and then we are joined by the commentary trio that will be calling the action in tonight’s headline match of the evening — as Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Samoa Joe are on the call for this WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match.

With that said, we hear the familiar sounds of the official entrance music of “The Scottish Warrior.” Drew McIntyre makes his way down to the ring, handing his title off to the ref and entering his pod as his music fades down. Out next is the second of six participants in this match, “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles. Out next, in order, are Kofi Kingston followed by Sheamus. This leaves “The Viper” Randy Orton and “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy as the two men who will presumably be starting things off in this WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match.

The 28th Elimination Chamber Match begins as the referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and Hardy heads in on Orton immediately. Orton drops Hardy, then slings him through the ropes, taking the early offense. Hardy is slammed into McIntyre’s pod door. Hardy counters and looks to gain control, delivering a few Strikes on The Viper. Hardy walks over to Orton and as he leans down to assist him to his feet, Orton delivers a thumb to the eye of Hardy to regain control. Hardy runs full force at Orton in the corner. Hardy slams his face into the top turnbuckle as Orton side steps.

Hardy lays in the center of the ring, Orton goes for the cover, Hardy kicks out at the two to continue the match. Orton wraps his arm around the neck of Hardy as the crowd rallies for Hardy. Atomic Drop by Hardy followed by a few leg drops, as he turns things around, ending with a Splash for the cover. Orton kicks out at two! Hardy heads up top and hits a Swanton on Orton. The clock runs out and our next entrant is set to come in.

Drew McIntyre’s door pops open, McIntyre immediately heads in and attacks Orton, then turns is attention to Hardy. McIntyre takes Hardy down, then refocuses his attention on Orton. McIntyre slams Orton’s face into the chained cage, seething as he states through his teeth “I could do this forever!” as Orton shouts in pain. McIntyre then turns to Hardy, lifting him on his shoulder, slamming Hardy face-first into Kingston’s pod as he states, “I told you to move” as he scares the cameraman. DDT delivered by Orton out of nowhere.

Orton making his way back to his feet as McIntyre sits in the corner of the ring. Orton lands multiple Stomps on McIntyre, then driving his boot into the neck of McIntyre before exiting the ring and landing a few Stomps to a still laid-out Hardy outside of the ropes. Orton returns to McIntyre, looking for a cover. McIntyre kicks out. Orton lands another DDT on McIntyre as the clock runs out.

Kingston’s pod door opens and Orton immediately attacks Kingston. Kingston rolls Orton quickly for the three count pin and win! Orton is pissed. Orton hits an RKO on Kingston, then an RKO to Hardy. Styles is removed from his pod as Omos rips the glass siding from ringside. Styles runs into the ring, turning Kingston over for the two count. He then tries to make the cover to Hardy who also kicks out. Omos is ejected from ringside by Adam Pearce.

Omos makes his way up the stage, furious. Kingston flies off the top and drops Styles on the outside of the ropes. Back in the ring, McIntyre takes it to Styles. McIntyre then turns his attention to Hardy as Styles heads in with Shoulder slams into the mid-section of Kingston in the corner of the ring. Styles assists McIntyre to his feet and sends him through the ropes onto Elimination Chamber stand. Styles sets up for a Suplex, instead hitting a Brain Buster on Kingston. McIntyre back to his feet on the outside of the ropes, Styles grabs McIntyre hitting a DDT sending McIntyre’s neck directly into the top rope.

Styles then turns his attention back to Kingston. Kingston with some amazing offense, sending Styles into the cage. Kingston returns to the ring with McIntyre. McIntyre counters a move from Kingston, taking Kingston out. We see Sheamus has his back turned away from the match, deep in thought. McIntyre back to his feet, with Uppercuts to the midsection of Kingston. McIntyre sends Kingston into the cage, then down face first to the floor. McIntyre drags Styles back into the ring, whipping him off the ropes then hitting a Back Body Drop. McIntyre with an intense look on his face as he continues.

McIntyre takes it to Hardy as Hardy finally gets back to his feet for a moment. Sheamus makes his way into the match as the final entrant for this Elimination Chamber match up. We see an all out brawl between all four men! Sheamus and McIntyre focus on one another. Sheamus runs the ropes, McIntyre with a Clothesline! Kingston and Styles duke it out at ringside by the cage as Sheamus shoves McIntyre’s face into the cage with a boot to the face. Nasty Right Hand Strike by Styles on Kingston.

Kingston heads off the top, flying into Sheamus and McIntyre, flooring the Celtic Warrior. Styles attempts a sneak attack on Kingston to no avail, Kingston quickly counters! Sheamus focuses on Kingston as he lands multiple strikes, then throws Kingston towards the ropes, Kingston baseball slides under the bottom rope to evade Sheamus.

We see Styles take out Sheamus with a Phenomenal Forearm after Sheamus blasts McIntyre with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus is eliminated. We’re down to just AJ Styles and the reigning, defending WWE Champion Drew McIntyre in the final two here in our WWE Championship Elimination Chamber main event.

We see McIntyre stalking Styles and waiting for him as Styles hits the ropes looking to finish him off with the Phenomenal Forearm. Instead, Styles comes flying at him and lands right into a Claymore Kick from the champ. Drew covers AJ and scores the 1-2-3, picking up the victory and retaining his title in the Elimination Chamber against all odds.

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Drew McIntyre

After The Match: Bobby Lashley Attacks Drew McIntyre

After defying all of the odds and retaining his WWE Championship, we stay with Drew McIntyre in the ring as we are seemingly just watching him soak in another well-deserved “moment” as the top dog in WWE’s Raw brand.

Instead, former WWE U.S. Champion Bobby Lashley hits the ring out of nowhere while McIntyre was celebrating his victory as his theme song played. Lashley attacks McIntyre and brutally beats him down. He drags him out of the ring and bashes him into the announce table repeatedly.

Lashley brings McIntyre back into the ring and delivers some additional punishment. Now he takes McIntyre out with the hurt locker and leaves the WWE Champion laying. He stares down at McIntyre and as you think that is when the PPV is going to fade to the credits, out of nowhere, The Miz’s theme song hits.

WWE Championship
Drew McIntyre (c) vs. The Miz

Out comes The Miz and he sprints down to the ring. He hands over his Money In The Bank briefcase and officially cashes it in, as the ring announcer makes the announcement and the referee calls for the bell.

Miz immediately charges at McIntyre and blasts him. He takes him out with a big move and covers him, however “The Scottish Warrior” hangs on and kicks out at the count of 2 1/2. Moments later, however, Miz hits his Skull Crushing Finale and covers him again. 1-2-3. We have ourselves a new WWE Champion, ladies and gentlemen. The Miz poses with the WWE title on the top-rope as the WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 PPV goes off the air with the fans booing and the commentators in shock.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: The Miz


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