Longtime WWE Producer Kevin Dunn Confirms New Openings For RAW & SmackDown

WWE Executive Kevin Dunn Likely to Remain With Company

— With Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis gone from WWE, rumors have swirled about the future of another long-time executive, Kevin Dunn, who has been with the company for almost four decades. Many have expected Dunn to be following McMahon out, but recent reports then surfaced suggesting that while he will likely be leaving eventually, it isn’t expected to be happening for another 1-2 years. In a recent interview after coming into power, Triple H even brought up Dunn’s name as a key figure in helping to keep the WWE ship moving without Vince.

— A new report from fightfulselect.com echoes these sentiments stating that at this time, Dunn is expected to remain with the company and perhaps a big reason being that WWE doesn’t have an immediate successor lined up. The story notes that the likeliest candidate to replace Dunn in TV production was actually let go last year as part of the budget cuts and that person isn’t likely to come back based on how the exit happened.

— While not necessarily calling out Dunn himself, talent has indicated that with the regime change, they were hoping that WWE’s current production style would be something that would evolve as well. A few talents even suggested that the way WWE produces TV sometimes even undermines their in-ring work.

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