WWE Extreme Rules Live Results (Oct. 8, 2022) – Wells Fargo Arena – Philadelphia, PA

Welcome one and all to WWE Extreme Rules 2022! Your host tonight is the one and only Mike Hogan. Refresh this page frequently as we’ll have live coverage with updates pretty darn frequently. Tonight’s show is coming to us live from the Wells Fargo Center in Philly. Go ahead and bookmark this page as it’ll transition to our live results shortly before broadcast.

Speaking of tonight’s show, our official preview is up and tonight’s program, airing from Philadelphia’s ECW Arena Wells Fargo Center, is set to feature six matches and possibly the big White Rabbit reveal. We’ve got two title matches, as Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair puts it all on the line, or hook, in a Ladder Match against Damage CTRL front-woman Bayley. On the Blue Brand, SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan looks to go 3-0 in title matches against Ronda Rousey in ’22 in an Extreme Rules match. Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins are set to collide in the Fight Pit with special guest referee Daniel Cormier. We’ll have Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook match which, we’re told, is an Extreme Rules match but with stereotypical “Irish” weapons. And Drew McIntyre looks to whip Karrion Kross in a Strap match.

Fight Pit: Matt Riddle; Seth Rollins Extreme Rules: Liv Morgan; Ronda Rousey
“I Quit”: Edge; Finn Bálor Strap Match: Drew McIntyre; Karrion Kross w/ Scarlett
Ladder Match: Bianca Belair; Bayley Donnybrook Match: the Brawling Brutes; Imperium

Our show coverage will begin at 8 eastern/7 central–with the kick-off show starting at 7 Eastern although no matches have been announced for the program as of this writing. Until then, this is your official site pre-show. Our comment section is open–have at it. Weigh in with your thoughts on tonight’s show, or whatever you want (within reason!) Have at it! You are the Pre-Show panel!

WWE Extreme Rules Kickoff Show

Kevin Patrick, Hall of Famers Jerry “the King” Lawler and Booker T welcome us to the official kickoff show. No matches are taking place during this; the talking heads run down the six matches for tonight’s premium live event. I’d recap the entire sixty minutes of their talking but none of us want to read 2,000 words recapping absolutely nothing of note. Our show kicks off at 8pm EST! The kick-off show was interrupted by part of the White Rabbit teaser from last night, right at the 7:44pm EST mark (approximately 44.5 minutes in, for those who care.)


WWE Extreme Rules Live Results (Oct. 8, 2022) – Wells Fargo Arena – Philadelphia, PA


Opening Video: Welcome to Extreme Rules!

We open with a vignette that shows a child on a stage, spotlight over them, as Paul Heyman is heard off-camera. It’s a spelling bee, of sorts, and he asks the kid to spell the word “Extreme.” As Paul uses it in sentences and defines it at the child’s request, we’re treated with flashes of violence and clips of our Superstars, leading up to this. The child finally asks the origin of the word “Extreme” because, spelling bee, and Heyman states “Philadelphia.” We finally do see Heyman on camera as he welcomes everyone to Extreme Rules. We cut to the arena and are greeted by huge pyro, a hot crowd who will burn down the place if the White Rabbit is Joe Gacy, and Michael Cole/Corey Graves hyping tonight’s attendance and show. Cole informs us about the announced commentary team changes and, from tonight going forward, all premium live events will be called by both Cole & Graves.

Six-Man Tag Team “Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook” Match: the Brawling Brutes vs Imperium

The ringside area is decorated with barrels, stools, and other weapons and set props to suit the theme. The Brawling Brutes are out first to a great pop. Imperium are out next and get a great reaction from the crowd. Note that the White Rabbit teaser from the kick-off show (and part of last night’s new teaser) was shown, interrupting early on. Our Intercontinental Champion leads his men to the ring. What’s a Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook match? We’re informed by commentary that it’s an Extreme Rules match with pub decorations, and Cole explains the word “donnybrook” means uproar or brawl or the such. We get the bell at 8:08! Butch and Vinci brawl at the commentary table while Sheamus and Ridge neutralize Gunther, temporarily. They then restrain Ludwig Kaiser in the corner for Butch to hit a dropkick upon. Gunther hits the ring, chopping down the Brutes as Imperium begins to rally. Brutal spinebuster from Vinci followed by a penalty kick from Kaiser. Imperium hold the ring, clearing the ring and fighting the Brutes off. The Ring General orders Imperium to the outside, where he brawls briefly with Sheamus before his comrades aide him. Gunther directs as Imperium beats down Sheamus three-on-one. Sheamus is whipped hard into the steel steps to loud boos.

Imperium continue to beat Sheamus, effectively eliminating him for the moment. Holland & Butch are finally up but Imperium have the numbers advantage and quickly pummel the Brawling Brutes. Butch pops up and looks to rally but Vinci & Kaiser beat him down immediately and stomp away at him. Holland starts to rise and Vinci & Kaiser beat him. Holland’s ready for them, however, and hoists both men up over his shoulders in an impressive spot! Gunther attacks him, sending Holland to the outside. Vinci hoists Holland up in the Doomsday position on the ringside floor as Kaiser positions on the apron and the duo hit Ridge Holland with the Imperium Bomb! Butch again attempts to rally but finds himself alone in the ring, three-on-one, and Imperium begin taking their time hitting double- and triple- team moves to poor Butch, including a wicked double-dropkick to a Tree of Woe-hung Butch. Imperium pose in the ring. Vinci exits and sends Butch back in, where he and Kaiser restrain him for the Intercontinental Champion Gunther to chop. We see Sheamus is back on his feet at ringside!

Sheamus begins taking apart Imperium one-by-one, bludgeoning Vinci and Kaiser out of the ring. Gunther and Sheamus clash, Sheamus’ chest still showing welts and lacerations from their banger last night, as well as new welts forming from Gunther’s chops. Sheamus positions Gunther on the apron and the hot crowd are on their feet, counting each strike with Sheamus as he hammers nearly two dozen blows into Gunther’s chest! Ridge Holland and Butch join him, on the apron, attacking Gunther in timing. Big pop at this spot. Sheamus takes Gunther back inside and posts up. Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick! Sheamus covers for two; Vinci makes the save. Vinci & Kaiser begin to brawl with Butch and Holland as we pick up the pace of our match. Butch intercepts Kaiser with a right hand, mid-air, after he dived off the top rope. Butch & Holland clear the ring, allowing Sheamus and Gunther to go at it. Sheamus drops the Intercontinental Champion and just like night, Sheamus slaps a Cloverleaf on the champ! Gunther has nowhere to go–and ropes won’t break holes in this match! Gunther suffers in it for several long moments until Kaiser hits the ring with a Shillelagh, breaking it across Sheamus’ back! Everyone clashes in the ring and are all down as the crowd chant for our Superstars.

The six eventually rise, with Vinci & Kaiser brawling with Holland & Butch. Sheamus and Gunther eye each other as their minions clash. Imperium send Butch & Holland out of the ring and pursue, leaving Sheamus alone again with Gunther. Sheamus unloads on the champ and covers, but Kaiser barely makes the save! Imperium clear off the top of the commentary table and hint at an Imperium Bomb for Sheamus through the table. Holland hits the area, making the save and dropping Gunther! Vinci & Kaiser double-team him until Butch hits a standing Moonsault off the top of the barrels! We end up with Gunther and Sheamus alone in the ring again; Gunther has a large shillelagh. He smacks Sheamus across the head with it, covering–but Sheamus gets the arm up just in time! Gunther looks frustrated and exhausted as we pass the 15-minute mark.
Gunther pulls Sheamus up and looks for a powerbomb but Holland and Butch hit the ring! Butch manipulates Gunther’s left fingers and eventually restrains Gunther’s left arm as Holland restrains the right. The crowd pops big as Sheamus rises, grabs a shillelagh and smacks Gunther with it to a big pop! Butch and Holland retrieve their own weapons and begin to beat Vinci & Kaiser in the ring with them! Sheamus exits the ring, positions Gunther in the Celtic Cross position and hits it through the announcer table! Beautiful Razor’s Edge toss through the table. Kaiser is sent out of the ring by the Brutes, leaving Vinci at the mercy of the Brawling Brutes! Sheamus posts up as the Brutes restrain Vinci and the crowd cheer the Celtic Warrior on as he hits the Brogue Kick! The Brutes pick up the win at 8:26pm!
Your Winners, the Brawling Brutes! (18 minutes)

Backstage Interview: Megan Morant with the Miz; Gritty Gets Burned

The Miz cuts a short promo but again refuses to talk about Dexter Lumis. Morant is surprised he’s there after the recent, long-running stalking Lumis has exposed the Miz to. Gritty the Philadelphia Flyers’ mascot, pops in and gives the Miz a shirt. The Miz scoffs at the thought of wearing it over his “five thousand dollar suit.” He then throws the Gritty-themed Extreme Rules tee on the ground, grinds it with his shoe, and tells Gritty he hates him and the entire city of Philadelphia.

SmackDown Women’s Championship Extreme Rules Match: Liv Morgan(c) vs Ronda Rousey

We get a video hyping this match. Ronda Rousey is out first. The champ is out next, wearing a purple vinyl trench coat and a decorated baseball bat. We get our official introductions, with Rousey getting massive boos and Morgan getting the love of the crowd big time. We get our bell at 8:40pm. Cole reminds us that Liv Morgan is the only person to have pinned Ronda Rousey twice. Right out of the gate, Ronda’s aggressive and looks for an arm bar. Morgan and Rousey jockey for control before disengaging. Morgan retrieves her bat but Rousey disarms her and picks it up to loud boos. She throws it out of the ring, yelling off-mic at the crowd, until Liv Morgan recovers and attempts to attack her from behind. Rousey counters and takes the champ down, slapping on an ankle lock. Rousey fails to fully engage it and Morgan escapes. Morgan sends Rousey out of the ring and looks for a baseball slide; Rousey counters by pulling out the apron skirt and catching the champ in it! Rousey strikes Morgan, who yells/screeches loudly for more, and Rousey slaps the taste out of Liv’s mouth!

Morgan retrieves a fire extinguisher from under the ring and blasts Ronda with it. Ronda rallies and retrieves Liv’s bat, beating the champ with it. Morgan with a desperation kick to drop the challenger and both women are down. Morgan is up first and grabs her bat to a pop. She and Rousey battle at ringside for a few moments, with Morgan using the bat and Rousey firing off various martial arts combination strikes (best I can do for you, description-wise). Rousey catches Morgan at the steel steps, beating the champ with a leather strap repeatedly across the torso and legs! Morgan gets fed up with it and takes down Rousey. Morgan takes a table into the ring then stomps away at Rousey, who’s down in the corner. Morgan leans the table in the corner but Rousey’s recovered, smacking Morgan’s face into the table repeatedly.
Rousey follows this up with a step-up knee that sends Morgan across the middle rope. Rousey uses a unique lock, trapping the champ’s neck between Rousey’s leg and the rope as the ropes are legal in this match. Rousey continues to talk smack to Morgan until Morgan breaks free of the hold, causing both women to spill to the outside. Morgan with a strike to Rousey; the challenger uses the barricade to recover and yells, “where you going, bitch?” when Morgan crawls towards the commentary table. The champ suckers the challenger in and smacks the unsuspecting Rousey with a steel chair! Morgan enters the ring and wedges the chair in the corner by holding the A Button. Rousey enters the ring and the two briefly brawl in the corner, causing the chair to fall out. Morgan sends Rousey into the turnbuckle face-first but, without the chair, it’s not enough to get more than a two on the cover. The crowd begins a “let’s go, Liv” chant as she retrieves a chair and enters the ring. Let’s see how many more times I can type “retrieve.” Morgan hits a Code Red on Rousey after dropkicking a chair into Rousey’s face. She covers but no joy.

Morgan continues, taking the table from the corner and positioning it perpendicular to the corner. Morgan positions Rousey on the table and climbs the turnbuckles to a pop. Morgan leaps and drives Morgan through the table! Morgan covers but only gets two. Rousey immediately looks to lock an arm bar on the champ. They transition and change positions many times as Rousey continues to adjust, transitioning into a biceps crusher on the champ. Morgan’s fading as her head’s trapped between pieces of the broken table and Rousey’s leg. In a Razzie-award-winning performance, Morgan passes out, the ref calls for the bell at 8:52 and Rousey wins to become a two-time champ. The crowd boos and gives her thumbs down and after the match she continues to talk smack to Morgan, even mocking the “crying” eye-wipe gesture at both Morgan and the booing crowd.
Your Winner and NEW SmackDown Women’s Champion, Ronda Rousey! (12 minutes)

Strap Match: Drew McIntyre vs Karrion Kross w/ Scarlett

Drew McIntyre makes his entrance, as does Kross, led by Scarlett in a revealing but cute black vinyl outfit. Wardrobe department is on fleek these days. Drew McIntyre is strapped up but Karrion Kross refuses to strap up, and tosses it aside. Scarlett, outside the ring, uses the strap to restrain Drew suddenly, allowing Kross to attack him! Kross beats McIntyre at ringside, sending him into the ring post and then over the barricade and into the crowd. Kross pursues him and the two come to blows in the crowd! The match still hasn’t started officially. Kross loses control of McIntyre in front of the commentary team, leading to McIntyre bombing Kross across the apron! McIntyre forces the issue, and Kross is strapped up and we get our bell officially at 9:09pm. McIntyre takes a few minutes on offense, beating Kross inside the ring and out, angry over the constant sneak attacks from Kross. Kross kicks out of an early cover and recovers early, hitting a modified version of McIntyre’s Future Shock DDT (per Michael Cole) across the commentary table! Kross uses the strap to somewhat restrain McIntyre against the ring post. Kross uses the slack to whip McIntyre’s back repeatedly, rapid fire after the first two, beating McIntyre to the floor! Scarlett screams at McIntyre and the crowd loudly boos Kross as he whips McIntyre dozens of times. Huge boos for the “calculated lunatic.” Kross takes it inside and hits his Doomsday Saito! Kross covers McIntyre but no Drew kicks out. Kross angrily wraps the strap up and again begins beating Drew across the back with it.
McIntyre’s had enough, however, and starts his comeback sequence! Big blows batter Kross from all angles. McIntyre with a big neckbreaker and a kip-up but Kross bulldozes McIntyre into the corner to prevent a Future Shock DDT. He charges McIntyre but Drew counters with a huge sit-out spinebuster for a close two. Both men are on their feet and exchange fists, the crowd booing and cheering accordingly as both men pick up the pace. Both continue to rapid fire weak, short jabs, then resort to using the fourteen-foot leather strap to whip each other across the chest. They then hit each other across the neck, chest, shoulders, faces–it’s just a torrent of flailing strap! McIntyre gets the upper hand and begins to whip Kross. Drew fires off a Future Shock DDT and kips-up! The crowd’s on their feet as McIntyre posts up in the corner. The crowd counts with Drew, but the trip to Claymore Country is delayed as Scarlett steps between them, saving her man! Scarlett then sprays what Cole postulates as pepper spray in the eyes of Drew McIntyre, blinding him! The ref questions her but it’s legal at Extreme Rules! Kross hits what Cole calls the Kross Hammer, a running forearm to a seated opponent, and picks up the win at 9:19pm!
Your Winner, Karrion Kross! (10 minutes)

Raw Women’s Championship Ladder Match: Bianca Belair(c) vs Bayley

Bayley makes her way out first to a decent heel heat. We’re shown NXT’s Nikkita Lyons at ringside on screen and Cole touts Bayley’s role in the women’s revolution. We’re told Damage CTRL’s Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky are not here as Bayley stated they “did their part.” The Raw Women’s champ is out next to a great pop and Cole tells us this is Belair’s first ladder match. Hm, that doesn’t feel right. Oh well. We get our official introductions, during which Bayley feels free to yell at Michael Cole, and the ref calls for the bell at 9:32pm! Both clash with the bell then head outside as commentary hypes Belair’s powerhouse status and Bayley’s prestigious career to date. Both retrieve ladders. One is set up in the ring, and Bayley attacks Belair with her ladder set against the apron. Bayley yells at the crowd after dropping the champ then repositions ladders at the ringside area. Bayley uses an old school catapult to toss Belair at the ladder–but the champ lands on it and starts to climb it into the ring! Bayley scrambles to stop her, but the EST hops over the ropes and to the ladder set beneath the title! Bayley again scrambles into the ring, pulling her off. The two battle at the side of the ladder until Belair shoves Bayley into the ladder. Belair repositions it, dropping it flat on the mat. Belair then scoop slams Bayley onto the ladder!
The two continue to brawl in the ring as the crowd very loudly have a dueling chant for both Superstars! They’re hot here in Philly tonight. Bayley hits a running Sunset Flip sit-out powerbomb on Belair in the corner on the ladder! The champ writhes in pain on the mat as the challenger positions a ladder beneath the title. Bayley ascends the ladder but Belair pulls her off and flails at Bayley. Bayley sends the EST into the ladder and she’s down again. Bayley dumps the ladder over, closes it, and drags it along the mat to ram Belair in the gut not once but twice. Bayley’s bleeding from her left elbow. Bayley looks for the battering ram a third time but Belair slides out and grabs the ladder, dragging Bayley out. Bayley is quick to lay out Belair, however, and Cole points out the champ’s still reeling from the Sunset Flip bomb on the ladder earlier. Bayley positions a ladder from the steel steps to the barricade and places Belair on it. Bayley backs up on the apron and streaks along it, diving and connecting with a diving elbow on Belair on the ladder! These ladders aren’t breaking, folks, but Belair screams and holds her left arm like it might.
Belair recovers at 9:40, clubbing Bayley on the back. Bayley shuts it down quick, allowing only a few strikes before clotheslining the champ. Bayley continues her symphony of destruction as she positions ladders at the ringside area. Bayley’s an architect of aggression as she sends the champ down hard on a ladder. Belair counters a slam and struggles to get a ladder in as she sells the damage she’s taken so far. The crowd chants, weakly, for the EST as she positions a ladder under the title. Her arm’s better, hooray! Belair begins to climb but Bayley slides into the ring and pulls her off. Bayley starts to climb and Belair pulls Bayley off and bombs her to the canvas with a spinebuster! Belair climbs the ladder again and the crowd start to cheer for her–until Bayley kicks the ladder, dumping Belair off the ladder, over the ropes and to the floor, hard! Both women are down. Cole points out Bayley was holding her knee–the one that kept her on the shelf for about a year–but she proves she’s fine by retrieving the hinge from her knee brace! Bayley attempts to use the boomerang-shaped hinge as a weapon but Belair avoids it and hits the KOD!
Belair climbs the ladder but Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky hit the ring and attack her! We’re reminded that Alexa Bliss and Asuka were injured at Raw earlier this week and Belair doesn’t have “an ally in the world,” per Graves. Belair rallies, fighting both women off and ends up getting both on her shoulders for a KOD! She hits the double-KOD on Damage CTRL! The crowd pops big and chants “holy shit” for the EST! Bayley uses the time wisely to recover and ambushes the champ. Bayley batters Bianca and connects with the Rose Plant! Bayley positions Belair in the center of the ring and puts the ladder over Belair’s neck and shoulders. Bayley climbs but Belair, whose arms weren’t really restrained, pushes the ladder over by its bottom step! Bayley falls off, rebounds off the ropes and crashes to the floor hard. Both women are down for several moments and the crowd comes to live, trying to cheer them on. Bayley and Belair grab opposite sides of the ladder and then race up top! They fight at the top of the ladder and both women get fingertips on the belt! Bayley grabs Belair’s braid and uses it to rip the champ face-first into the ladder, dropping her! Belair quickly pops up and uses her braid to smack Bayley in the back, causing her to fall. Belair uses the braid twice more on Bayley then repositions the ladders, hits the KOD on Bayley, and ascends the top to retrieve the title at 9:48pm!
Your Winner AND STILL Raw Women’s Champion, Bianca Belair! (16 minutes)

“I Quit” Match: Edge vs Finn Bálor

WWE Hall of Famer Edge is out first to a huge pop from the Philly crowd as we prepare for our fifth and penultimate match! Finn Bálor is out next to a new theme, with elements of his old theme, and he’s wearing a black head covering with metal spikes all over it. Is Vince back? His stupid headgear is. Bálor is solo and not accompanied by his The Judgment Day folks. He removes it and we finally get our bell at 10:03pm. Edge takes the first lead of the match, rebounding off the ropes and dropping Bálor with a kick and a neckbreaker on his second rebound. Edge pounds Bálor on the mat and follows him as he stumbles into the corner. Edge rakes the face of Bálor and uses a strong Irish Whip to send the Irishman bouncing off the turnbuckles painfully. Edge again rakes the face of Bálor and the ref holds a mic in his face; Bálor says “no.” Bálor takes control and slows the pace, using a series of targeted strikes and holds before slapping on a leg submission. Edge snaps at the ref to get the damn mic out of his face and escapes the hold, starting a small comeback. Edge battles Bálor outside the ring and attempts submissions many times, with Bálor yelling he’ll never quit, et cetera. The carnage continues on for several minutes as they battle around the ring, up the entrance ramp, into the crowd, through the crowd and, eventually, towards the backstage area. During the tour-de-arena trip, Edge retrieves a hockey stick to a cheap pop and uses it in a crossface-type hold (remember the metal bar crossface he used when feuding with Orton? That.).
Bálor refuses to give in, however, and the two continue to battle through the crowd. Bálor takes control near the backstage area/arena lobby but Edge pops him up and slams Bálor’s head into the low-hanging overhead roof, giving Edge control once again. Edge streaks towards Bálor but Bálor reverses and Edge crotches himself Sandman-style on the metal rail along the steps in the crowd section. Bálor uses the railings to check Edge, but he refuses to give in. Bálor yells at him off-mic and they take it down to the ringside area, finally. Bálor throws shots to Edge’s gut with fists and a steel chair as they battle along the front row seats. Bálor chops Edge, and the Rated-R Superstar stumbles back and falls over the barricade. Bálor looks under the ring for a weapon, pausing to stomp Edge as he attempts to rise. Bálor finds a steel chair, convenient! Bálor runs and rams the top of the chair into Edge’s ribs. The HoF’er rolls into the ring and Bálor pursues. Bálor uses the top edge of the chair to strike Edge’s chest and ribs over and over and over. The ref checks on Edge; he replies, “Screw you, Finn!” Bálor unloads with steel chair shots to Edge’s back. Edge starts to speak. “I…I-I don’t quit.”

Bálor takes a brief turn in control but Edge, exhausted as we cross 18 minutes of our match, fires a desperation strike that leaves both men down for a few moments. Edge recovers first, retrieves a chair (told you I’d use it more) and begins to beat Bálor! Edge drives the chair’s top edge repeatedly into Bálor’s knee in an attempt to get him to quit. Bálor holds his left knee in pain; he discovers the true meaning of pain when Edge slaps on his modified Sharpshooter variant! Bálor gets the mic in his face and just says “I” over and over. Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio hit the ring and attempt to interfere! Edge spears Bálor on the apron, sending Bálor flying and crashing into Dominik and Damian! Edge recovers to a big pop in the ring and gets his crazy-eyes on. He posts up in the corner and the crowd rise to their feet as Edge prepares to spear Bálor. Rhea Ripley shows up and handcuffs Edge to the top rope! She drops down with the key, taunting him, and the Hall of Fame legend realizes he’s up Schitt’s Creek without any paddles.
The Judgment Day line up behind Edge; Priest, Bálor and Mysterio all attack Edge, whose left hand is handcuffed to the top rope. Edge gets a few strikes in, holding his own for a few seconds, but its only a matter of time until the Judgment Day’s numbers game wins out. Bálor fetches a pair of kendo sticks and smiles, dropping one and using the second to smack Edge on the back. Michael Cole pleads for Edge to quit already. Bálor beats Edge multiple times across teh back with the kendo stick as the crowd loudly boos. But then we hear the booyaka booyaka and out comes Rey Mysterio to a big pop! Rey drops Priest and Bálor, then hits the 619 on Priest! Dominik attacks Rey, dropping his dad to huge boos with a weak forearm. Dominik exits the ring and begins assaulting his father at ringside, sending his father into the barricade and then the ring post. Dom stomps Rey on the ground, repeatedly kicking his dad in the face. Dom yells at his father off-mic. In the ring, Bálor finally acts, beating Edge across the back and the back of his knee with a kendo stick.
The crowd pops as Beth Phoenix hits the ring! She grabs a kendo and unloads on Bálor and Priest, beating them both down and breaking the stick across Damian Priest! Dominik Mysterio hops up on the apron but wisely retreats. Rhea Ripley enters the ring and the two powerhouses come face-to-face in the middle of the ring! The crowd wakes the frak up and loudly cheers for Beth. Both women jaw off then come to blows and the crowd comes to its toes! Beth with a spear to Rhea! Beth pounds Rhea until she rolls out of the ring, where Dom checks on her. Beth has the key to the cuffs and frees Edge, finally, and the Rated-R Superstar immediately spears Priest! Edge backs up Dom as he tries to beg him off. The crowd are in an uproar as Edge stalks Dom. Dom offers a hand to shake and the crowd loudly chants “who’s your daddy?” Edge kicks Dom in the Mysterios, if you catch my drift, but turns around in time to catch a Sling Blade from Bálor! Bálor immediately eats a pair of spears from Edge, who’s Hulking up! Edge hits a third spear on Bálor!
Edge instructs Beth and she retrieves a chair, taking it to him in the ring. Edge stomps the bar free from the chair and looks for his bar-assisted Crossface! Rhea Ripley uses brass knuckles to knock out Beth Phoenix, distracting Edge. Priest hits the South of Heaven on Edge and Bálor heads up top, hitting a pair of Coup de Grace’s back-to-back! The Prince heads up top and hits a third Coup de Grace to huge digital boos. Bálor gets the mic. “This is your last chance, Edge, say it! You say it!” Edge breathes deep and speaks. “Go to hell,” he says defiantly. Rhea pulls Beth up by the hair then drops her head down. Cole exclaims Beth Phoenix is out cold. Priest, Mysterio and Bálor restrain Edge as Rhea retrieves steel chairs, tossing them in the ring. Bálor gives Edge one final chance to quit and Rhea positions a steel chair beneath Beth’s head. Rhea grabs a second and prepares for a one-woman con-chair-to but Edge quits at 10:32pm to save his wife.
Your Winner, Finn Bálor! (29 minutes)

After the Match: Dark Phoenix?

Bálor makes Edge say “I Quit” again, then Rhea hits the con-chair-to on Phoenix! Ouch, smashed her head right and proper, she did. Edge checks on his wife as the Judgment Day gloat up the ramp and refs and officials check on Beth Phoenix.

Video Promo: Charlotte Flair

We get a video that shows highlights from Charlotte Flair’ career, touches on the fact she’s a thirteen-time champion, and shows various clips of her in other forms of media, from the NYSE to Good Morning America. The video ends with her stating again that she’s the most decorated woman in the history of the WWE.

The Miz Beats Gritty; Dexter Lumis Attacks!

The Miz once again is approached by the mascot Gritty, who again attempts to give the Miz a shirt. The Miz attacks Gritty, beating him to the floor. Dexter Lumis pops up behind the Miz and puts him to sleep! Gritty recovers to a pop, kicks the Miz in the gut to another, and it’s time for our main event!

Fight Pit Main Event Match: Matt Riddle vs Seth Rollins; Special Guest Referee: Daniel Cormier

Out first is a chunky Daniel Cormier, our guest ref. We get our introductions with the Original Bro out first. NXT Champion Bron Breakker is shown in attendance for our main event and we’re reminded for the millionth time that Booker T replaces Wade Barrett on NXT commentary starting this Tuesday. We’re given the rules–the only way to win is by knockout or submission–and Rollins is out next, the hot Philly crowd singing his theme to his pleasure. The cage begins to lower and the crowd sings Rollins’ theme as it is. When it’s finally in place, the crowd pops and the ref calls for the bell at 10:48pm! The crowd immediately begins chanting “we want Wyatt.” Riddle and Rollins go straight at it out of the gate. Riddle with a cool spot early on, in which he runs at the steel cage wall and uses it to rebound off and drop Rollins! Riddle begins to pound Rollins and the ref (Cormier) for some reason says something to him about it. Riddle ignores him, leading to Cormier throwing Riddle off Rollins. Riddle looks shocked and DC (Daniel Cormier) explains he’s in charge. Riddle and Rollins again clash, with Riddle looking for a submission. Rollins breaks free by pushing a thumb into Riddle’s eye. Rollins throws Riddle into the cage. The ref checks on Riddle and Rollins moves him aside to attack Riddle. DC stands there, hands on hips, then pushes Rollins against the cage and warns him not to touch him again.
Rollins returns his focus to Riddle, slamming his head into the cage. Rollins slows the pace greatly, staring out at the crowd before turning back to Riddle. Rollins pulls Riddle up and grinds his face back and forth over the the steel links. Rollins follows it up with a Discus Forearm and a modified variant for a second strike, dropping the King of Bros to the mat. The ref begins a ten-count but Riddle reaches his feet at eight. Rollins attempts a suplex; Riddle counters with a rear waistlock but Rollins escapes and hits a pair of low-angle side kicks to leave Riddle laid out yet again! Ref Cormier again begins a count. Riddle stirs at six, so Rollins attacks him, pounding on the back of Riddle’s head. Rollins takes control and continues to work over Riddle, slowing the pace and using deliberate strikes to conserve energy while attempting to win by technical knockout (TKO). Riddle, down again, starts to stir at six and Rollins again performs a preemptive strike on Riddle. Riddle finally catches a break, countering a bomb attempt with an RKO out of nowhere! Both men are down and Ref Cormier begins to count for them both. At six they both start to stir; at eight they attempt to rise and Rollins grabs Riddle, forcing DC to call off the count. Both men exchange slow, powerful strikes that rock each other. Riddle finally shifts gear and rapid-fires several strikes to Rollins, culminating in an RKO attempt. Rollins shoves Riddle off and hits the Stomp outta nowhere!
Ref Cormier takes a few moments to check on Riddle as Rollins yells at him, then begins to count as Corey Graves complains about the delay. Riddle barely gets to his feet at nine. Rollins attempts climbing the cage and leaping off to hit a sky-high Stomp but Riddle dodges it! Rollins climbs the cage and takes up position on the platform at the top of the fight pit (it’s basically a cage with a catwalk at the top with a safety fence around that to prevent people from falling off. It’s been featured a few times in NXT). Riddle finally climbs up and Rollins attacks him; they go back and forth until Riddle attempts a rear naked choke, suspended above the ring! They struggle with pulling each other on the catwalk above the cage until Rollins slams Riddle’s head repeatedly into the cage. Cole & Graves point out that this match cannot be won on the platform/catwalk/top portion of the fight pit. Rollins hoists up Riddle and hits a buckle bomb in the corner of the upper deck of the cage (there is no buckle up there, however). Ref Cormier doesn’t count, and explains to both Superstars that they have to come down for him to count–the only rule is knockout or submission inside the ring.
Rollins pulls Riddle up and hits the Pedigree on the platform! Rollins yells “count him (or) I’ll come down there and choke you out!” Rollins walks around the platform, yelling with Ref Cormier, and seemingly not understanding the simplest rule in wrestling. Rollins turns his attention to a rising Riddle and attempts a Stomp; Riddle dodges and hits an RKO outta nowhere! Rollins falls down from the platform to the ring, where Ref Cormier checks on him. Cormier begins counting Rollins down. Riddle interrupts the count at six with a Floating Bro from the top of the pit! The crowd rips off a “holy shit” chant as Riddle screams in pain and favors his back. We get replays showing Riddle’s back crashing across Rollins but his rump crashes hard against the mat.Ref Cormier begins to count both men, who each use opposite sides of the cage to claw their way to their feet just in time. Riddle attempts a Triangle Hold and locks it in this time! Rollins slams Riddle against the cage twice, then the mat, trying desperately to break free of the hold. Riddle takes him down to the mat, holding it in, and Rollins taps out! Ref Cormier checks and, just like that, this match is over at 11:05pm. Pretty sudden ending. Cole speculates that perhaps Rollins’ ribs are broken.
Your Winner by Submission, Matt Riddle! (17 minutes)

After the Match

Ref Daniel Cormier begins to escort Riddle up the ramp. We get our end credits logo and the lights go out! Cole questions if they’re still on the air when…we hear he’s got the whole word, in his hands… The crowd pops big and cell phone lights flash up everywhere!

The White Rabbit…

We hear the singing and the crowd sings with it. A spotlight flashes to various spots in the crowd, showing the various puppets of the Firefly Fun House–but no longer puppets! People in outfits, including the rabbit, the pig, and Sister Abigail are all shown. A spotlight flashes on the commentary desk, revealing a familiar, old mask. The song continues and we see the Fiend! The light goes off–most likely that was not the real Fiend based on body shape. We see a backstage area set up creepily–its the Firefly Fun House! It’s in a severe state of disrepair and the camera pans through, to a television. We get a video of a white-masked individual cackling and asking “Who killed the world?” before finally answering “we did.” We cut to the arena where a door is set up, light glowing behind it. The lights cut, the crowd pops big…and we see a lantern!
The crowd erupts and out comes Bray Wyatt wearing the white mask from the video! A loud “holy shit” chant from Philadelphia and the mask is removed, confirming it is, indeed, Bray Wyatt! He blows out the lantern, the lights go out, and we get a new, upside-down logo for Wyatt to end our program!

Next Week on Raw

The season premiere (for real), live from Brooklyn. The Bloodline will make an appearance en masse. It’s also the 25th D-Generation X anniversary! Johnny Gargano takes on former The Way friend Austin Theory, and Bobby Lashley defends his United States Championship against Seth Rollins.

In Closing

And that concludes it for tonight’s premium live event! Have a great weekend, stay cool, stay frosty and stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you all Monday Night for Raw.



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