Top 10 U.S. SVOD Services

WWE Falls Off Top 10 U.S. SVOD Services, Latest Top 10 Released

It looks like the WWE Network isn’t as in demand as it used to be.

As other digital streaming services catch up to WWE, they already start passing them, as evidenced by a new Deadline feature article this week.

The article lists the top ten Over The Top video services, a list that no longer features WWE. In the article they explain WWE dropping off the list.

“Showtime and CBS All Access are now Nos. 7 and 8 on the list, respectively, and the WWE Network has fallen out of the top 10 as original scripted fare proves a strong draw for subscribers. While Parks does not include subscriber tallies along with its rankings, there is a significant spread between Netflix at No. 1 — 58.5 million subscribers as of Sept. 30 — and the rest of the pack. After about two to three years in the marketplace, HBO Now, Starz, Showtime and CBS All Access are each in the single-digit millions of subscribers.”

The top ten list reads as follows:

1. Netflix
2. Amazon Prime
3. Hulu
4. HBO Now
5. Starz
7. Showtime
8. CBS All Access
9. Sling TV

Check out the complete feature article on OTT Video rankings at

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