WWE Focusing Hard On Talent Acquisition, Willing To Match Any Competing Offers

WWE |By Matt Boone |Fri, January 18, 2019 - 8:57AM EST
Update On WWE Signing New Talent

WWE has made it clear that for specific wrestlers they will "beat" any other promotion's offer provided the talent shows them the offer on paper. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the company has gone so far as to tell people that they will not only beat any offer but perhaps even double it if the wrestler(s) signs immediately on the spot.

The perception that Vince McMahon is trying to avoid is that wrestlers want to leave WWE or that they are going to make more money wrestling for another promotion. While WWE did not match Chris Jericho's offer, it is the reason that Vince keeps giving Brock Lesnar better offers to stay with WWE rather than to leave for UFC. Unlike all other promotions, WWE has no problems opening their wallet to pay talent because they are financially set to rake in huge profits over the next many years.

The Observer adds that because of all these factors, WWE has no problems simply stockpiling talent even if they have no concrete plans in place on how to use them. While the Khan family - owners of AEW - have a net worth more than the McMahons, wrestling isn't their only business and their company is not structured yet in a way where they can freely spend and still expect to survive as a viable business.