WWE: Former Wrestlers May Consider Returning After Executive Changes

– WWE underwent a massive change over the last few days, with one of the most important differences being that Paul “Triple H” Levesque has taken over the lead of both WWE’s talent relations and creative departments.  As per a report from fightfulselect.com, this change has not gone unnoticed by former WWE wrestlers, the majority of whom have suggested that things would have been different for them if Triple H had gained control of these divisions earlier.  

– The report states that numerous NXT talents that have been released by WWE over the years believe that if Triple H had the level of power he currently has, they would still be with the company.  At least one wrestler who ended up going to AEW suggested that the reason they left WWE was due to not having any confidence in their creative future and in hindsight, if they were assured of moving up to a roster led by Triple H, they would have probably re-signed with WWE instead of jumping over to AEW.  

– As well, several current free agent wrestlers feel that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon being in their current positions greatly increases the chances of them eventually heading back to WWE at some point and others were hopeful that their previous positive relationship with Triple H would at least pave the way for conversations in the future.  Ultimately, every wrestler that spoke on this report believed that Triple H is simply better suited to lead talent than Vince McMahon.

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