WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (9/25/2020)

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (9/25/2020) – ThunderDome, Orlando, FL

Welcome to the September 25, 2020 edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown here at eWrestling.com where results and coverage are LIVE throughout the show!

Tonight’s edition of SmackDown leading us into this weekend’s WWE Clash of Champions 2020. The blue brand has a lot in store for us as Rajah’s own Matt Boone announced earlier today:

Featured below are WWE Friday Night SmackDown for Friday, September 25, 2020, written by eWrestling.com’s most popular female reporter, Jamie Rush. Follow me on Twitter @JamieRush312.

WWE Friday Night SmackDown LIVE Results (9/25/20)

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Show Opening

We are welcomed to tonight’s WWE Friday Night SmackDown with a graphic in memory of WWE Hall of Famer Road Warrior Animal, who passed away at the age of 60 on Wednesday. We here at Rajah.com offer our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Joseph Michael Laurinaitis.

In-Ring Sami Zayn, Jeff Hardy, & AJ Styles

We go right to the ring and out comes AJ Styles as Greg Hamilton does the introductions. Cole says this is the Intercontinental Title Ascension Ceremony to promote the Triple Threat Ladder Match at Clash of Champions on Sunday. Out next comes Sami Zayn, who is still carrying his old Intercontinental Title belt. WWE Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy is out last.

Hardy enters the ring and the pyro goes off again as Zayn and AJ stare him down. We see ladders standing up all around the arena, and a few in the ring. Corey Graves waits with a mic as Sami rants about his title being the real deal. Graves brings up how they’ve all claimed to be the rightful champion. He says the match on Sunday will be a “Winner Takes All” match with the winner being declared the Undisputed Intercontinental Champion. Sami’s title will be raised high above the ring on Sunday, along with Jeff’s title. Graves also mentions how there is no champion’s advantage in this match.

AJ rants to Jeff about how he cheated to get the title he has. AJ doesn’t even know why Sami is here. He says Sami took the summer off to have some fun and grow his neckbeard, but he’s a nobody. AJ says he’s broken his back to make the title mean something. Sami interrupts and says none of this should be happening, but it’s happening because AJ participated in a fraudulent tournament. He says AJ should’ve done the right thing and called him on the phone, to declare Sami as the rightful champion. Sami goes on about how dangerous the Ladder Match can be, but Jeff tells him to shut up. Jeff can’t believe he’s agreeing with AJ. Jeff says Sami should be grateful. He says he and AJ have defended the title week after week. Jeff goes on and says let’s hang these titles high above so he can beat Sami tonight, and then do away with this nonsense on Sunday. The title bar is lowered from the rafters now. Jeff and Sami attach their titles to the hold bar.

Graves wishes them all good luck as both belts are raised above the ring. Sami watches from the apron but suddenly shoves one of the ladders over, knocking AJ and Hardy down with it. “Go ahead, guy that wasn’t here, and cheater…” Styles states. Music sounds when suddenly Sami Zayn shoves the ladder forward, landing on AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy. Zayn begins pummeling Hardy while shouting, “Fraud! Fraud! Fraud! You’re a fraud!” AJ goes after Sami but he retreats to the floor as the crowd boos. WWE Producer Adam Pearce comes out and says sometimes it’s best to leave it alone. Pearce announces that AJ is being added to the match. Sami throws a fit on the ramp as Hardy counters AJ in the ring and drops him with a Twist of Fate. We go to commercial.

Triple Threat Match: Jeff Hardy vs. AJ Styles vs. Sami Zayn

We return from commercial break and the bell immediately rings to begin tonight’s first match-up of the evening, the triple threat match. Styles throws Zayn out of the ring start. Hardy gets waist control and works over Styles. He then throws Zayn into the corner. The two men brawl, with Hardy gaining momentum after a double leg drop. Styles knocks down Hardy now. He lands a back breaker and targets Jeff’s left knee. He hits a baseball slide on Zayn who’s on the outside.

Styles picks up Hardy now, who reverses. Styles tosses Jeff over the top rope. Styles bounces Hardy’s head off the announce table, but Zayn knocks Styles down and throws him back in the ring. Zayn with a fierce Irish whip and clothesline for a two.

Zayn knocks Hardy back down and returns to Styles. Styles reverses and pushes Zayn into the corner. Headlock now for Styles to slow the pace. Styles knocks Zayn into Hardy, who still can’t get in the ring!

Snapmare back into a chin-lock for Styles. Zayn is sent out of the ring, but Hardy takes down Styles and Zayn with kicks. Zayn battles back but misses. Double drop kick by Hardy on both men now. All three men down.

Hardy with a big back body drop to Zayn, who he then uses to hit poetry in motion on Styles in the corner. Hardy to the top but Zayn dumps him down. Zayn is all over Hardy on the outside now with punches. Styles launches himself over the top though and all three men are down. Commercial break.
Back from co
mmercial, all three men are battling around the top rope. It’s Zayn and Styles now on top. Styles jumps down and slams Zayn onto the top turnbuckle. Styles goes for Hardy, but he misses and Hardy hits whisper in the wind.

All three men get up at the same time. Styles lands shots on the other two. Hardy hits Styles with a kick, and then Zayn with a Helluva Kick to Styles. AJ bounces back with a Pele Kick to Zayn. All three men down again.

Styles hangs Hardy up on the top rope and also hits Zayn. Styles sets up for the Phenomenal Four on Zayn, but switches up and hits the Phenomenal Four on Jeff Hardy and lands! Zayn grabs Styles and throws him to ringside and goes for the cover on Hardy hitting the three count pin and win!

Winner: Sami Zayn

After the Match

Sami Zayn’s music sounds as Zayn begins celebrating his victory!! We head to replays. As we return to the ring where Zayn is facing the audience, suddenly Styles hits Zayn with a steel ladder, knocking him to the canvas! Styles then grabs a ladder, setting it up inside the ring as he looks up at the Intercontinental Championship Belt hanging above the ring. AJ Styles climbs the ladder and retrieves the belt as Styles’ music sounds, “they don’t want none….” Styles holds both belts high as he stands at the top of the ladder smiling.

Quick Announcement

48 hours before squaring off at Clash of Champions, the Tribal Chief and his closest kin will give their sides of the story.

Also, Matt Riddle vs. King Corbin is announced for later tonight.

Backstage – Heavy Machinery

Otis and Tucker are seen backstage looking over the legal papers delivered by The Miz last week. They’ll give their take on the Money in the Bank title later tonight. We head to commercial.

Video Clip – Dirt Sheet Last Friday

The Miz claiming he helped Otis with his Money in the Bank situation by trading Mandy to Monday Night RAW, Otis then coming out Later in the evening, Tucker delivering the news to Otis that The Miz has filed a lawsuit stating he wants Otis to forfeit the Money in the Bank briefcase and contract, or they will take Otis to court.

Backstage Interview – Mr. Money in the Bank Otis and Tucker

Kayla Braxton asks if Otis has made a decision in regards to his MITB contract. Otis replies, “Kayla, there are three things my Mama has always told me not to trust… Carnival Clowns, 1% Milk, and lawyers! Miz and his fancy pants can come and try to take it from me but…” Just then The Miz and John Morrison interrupt as they walk up in sunglasses Miz says, “Otis, Otis, my lawyers may have tailored trousers, but I’m not trying to take anything. I’m trying to give the WWE Universe a Mr. MITB they deserve!”

Tucker says, “Otis won this MITB contract fair and square!” Morrison responds to Tucker, “You say potato, I say… give Miz the MITB contract, come on…” Miz then states, “Let me make this real simple, they will bury you in motions, drown you in depositions, and put a lean on everything you own. When I’m done you will have nothing.” Miz goes on to state he will have the contract, the lunchbox, even the dirty little trailer Otis’s Mama calls home. Otis goes at Miz but Tucker stops him.

Miz then states where he comes from they don’t use lawyers, if Miz wants it, come and get it! Tucker then asks, “Why did your fancy team of lawyers only put your name on his lawsuit?” Tucker asks. Morrison asks what Tucker is talking about, but Otis rushes Miz, Tucker then breaking them up to end the segment.

Progressive Match Flo

A replay of Bayley’s announcement of how she used Sasha Banks every step of the way. We then head into Banks reply from the Performance Center stating she will take the SmackDown Women’s Championship from Bayley when suddenly Bayley attacked the neck-brace wearing already injured star.

In-Arena – Bayley

347 Days as SmackDown Women’s Champion as Bayley heads out with a chair in her hand and her belt around her waist. Bayley sets the chair up at the top of the stage.

Bayley says, “Wow, can you say role model? I can watch that inspiring footage over and over and over…” She continues on to state that she won’t because a champion’s time is precious and she doesn’t want to waste anymore time on Sasha Banks. Bayley then switches topics.

Nikki Cross. Bayley says she admires the heart of Cross who has a fighting spirit. She continues that she overheard Cross state she actually has a chance because Bayley won’t have Banks in her corner. Bayley warns Cross to think about the statement and why Banks, her former “best friend” won’t be there. Bayley adds she will slap that stupid smile right off her face. Bayley stands as she states, “and then…” folding the chair, “you can only imagine what happens next, right Sasha?” Bayley drops the mic.

Video Clip – Roman Reigns/Jey Uso Win

Jey Uso and Roman Reigns win in a tag-team match, smiling and hugging. However as Jey walks up the ramp, Roman’s expression changes to a clear scowl which has the WWE Universe talking. We will hear both sides of the story according to commentary, but first… commercial break!

Shinsuke Nakamura (w/Cesaro) vs. Gran Metalik

Out first is Shinsuke Nakamura who is accompanied by his tag-team partner, Cesaro. They make their way to the ring to await Nakamura’s opponent. Out next is Gran Metalik who enters the ring with Nakamura. The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and this match is offically underway! Nakamura takes control with vintage knees and kicks to the body. Metalik off the ropes and hits an arm drag on Nakamura. Both men to the outside, but Nakamura lands a kick and slams Metalik into the barricade. Running knee to the ribs by Nak now. He throws Metalik into the ring for a two.

Nakamura takes arms control and lands kness to the body. Metalik reverses but gets slammed into the bottom rope. Trademark aggression from Nak, wearing down Metalik in the corner. Deep front face lock from Nakamura now, Metallic uses elbows and then lands a head scissors to gain control. He hits Nak in the face now and lands a terminator dive over the top onto the King of Strong Style.

Metallic with a senton off the ropes and gets a two. He tries for a moonsault but misses. Nakamura throws Metalik into the top rope and hits a running knee and reverse exploder. He finishes off the King of the Ropes with a Kinshasa.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

After the Match

Cesaro hits a gut wrench on Lince Durado, while Kalisto bails, only entering the ring after the champs have left.


We head backstage where Jey is shown knocking on Roman’s locker room door to a beat as he shouts, “Open, the door” over and over as we head to commercial break.

Road Warrior Animal Support Tweets

We return from commercial where various tweets of support are shown for the late Road Warrior Animal.

Video Package

We get a video package showing how Sunday’s Universal Championship is a “family affair.” Afa — Roman and Jey’s uncle — and Rikishi, Jey’s father, are both interviewed. Sika — Roman’s father — talks about how strong Roman is. Jimmy is also interviewed discussing the importance of the bloodline for all three men.

Rikishi notes how Roman was destined for greatness, but Jey had to “pay his dues.” Sika plugs Roman to retain, Rikishi thinks Jey will come out on top. Different, and very fun way to look at Sunday’s title match.

In-Ring – Jey Uso

After the video package, we return to the ring where Jey Uso is entering. Jey begins on the mic, “All week I been asked about ‘the look’. ‘What about the look Use’??” Jey continues, “How I’m supposed to see if my back turned? But let’s ask Roman. Use’… what’s up with the look??” We flash to Roman Reigns sitting with his advisor, Paul Heyman, not saying anything as he watches Jey on the screen. Jey continues to pace the ring, “I thought we were better than that Use’. How are you gonna smile in my face and frown at my back.”

We return to Paul Heyman as we see the door shutting to Roman Reigns locker room as Heyman has exited the room. Heyman begins, “Ladies and gentleman, I think the entire WWE Universe has a right to hear what Roman Reigns has to say to his cousin, face to face… in the ring. Here’s where you all have it wrong. It’s not going to happen when Jey Uso wants to happen. It’s going to happen at the accommodation of the schedule of the Universal Champion, your Tribal Chief Roman Reigns. I absolutely guarantee you, this discussion will happen, in the ring, tonight. Now, if you’ll excuse me.” Heyman returns into Reigns’ dressing room.

“I knew somethin’ was up, Use’ done changed his cell phone number, he’s got Paul Heyman screening his mail box. It’s all good Use’ it’s all love. Either way it go, we mannin’ up. Clash of Champions and tonight. WELCOME to THE USO penatentry!! WOOOO!” Jey’s music sounds, and he exits the ring.

Announcer’s Table

Corey Graves and Michanel Cole say they haven’t had all their questions answered, but they still have to wait to hear from Roman Reigns. Then Cole switches topics to Payback last month between Matt Riddle and King Corbin, Riddle hitting the Floating Bro for the win and during the post-match interview Riddle is attacked by Corbin.

Backstage – King Corbin

Last week when I’m preparing to elevate the main event of SmackDown, so you can imagine my disgust when I see Matt Riddle’s little “Bro” montage. “So tonight, I look forward to making him say “Bro” meaning unbearable pain. “Bro meaning intolerable misery. and Bro meaning excruciating agony” Corbin finishes with a smile.

Matt Riddle vs. King Corbin

“Broooooo….” A smiling “Original Bro” Matt Riddle comes out to the stage nodding and pointing at different members of the crowd. Riddle enters the ring as the pyro pops and Riddle strikes a pose. Picture-in-picture earlier today Riddle says “Corbin has some serious anger issues, you can’t keep a good bro down. So tonight Riddle will show Corbin the difference between a stallion and a jackass!” We heard to commercial break.

We return from commercial break and King Corbin makes his entrance. Riddle attacks Corbin from behind. We’re on now. Riddle with rights and lefts, taking Corbin to the outside. More punches from Riddle. Corbin hangs Riddle up in the ropes as he attempts to enter the ring. Both men in the centre, Riddle tries a knee bar, but Corbin uses his power to reverse multiple submission attempts.

Corbin beats down Riddle in the corner. He goes for a punch but is blocked. Corbin hits an elbow for a two after back-to-back counters. Cole notes that Riddle is trying to win two in a row against a former Money in the Bank winner. Corbin gets hit with a kick and Riddle throws him over the announce table now as we head to commercial.

Back live where Riddle has an ankle lock. He lands a arm bar, but Corbin powers out and gets a two, Corbin with his vintage brawler style now. He chokes Riddle in the ropes and hits a vicious elbow, Corbin with two vicious right hands off the ropes. Riddle can’t even stand.

Riddle catches Corbin now, and hits a pump knee strike and running knee in the corner. Exploder suplex is followed by a broton and penalty kick for two. Riddle with an abdominal stretch into a headlock. Corbin gets to the ropes, then reverses a pump knee into deep six for two!

Story here is Corbin’s power against Riddle’s technical prowess. Riddles goes for a strike off the second rope but Corbin lands another right hand. Corbin goes for End of Days, but Riddle reverses into a knee. Riddle to the top for the floating bro, but Corbin gets his knees up. He hits End of Days for the three count pin and win.

Winner: King Corbin

After the Match

Corbin celebrates his victory.

Post Match Interview – Matt Riddle

Riddle is interviewed post match. He says losing sucks, but he won’t let this setback stop him. He will continue to grind, and won’t stop until SmackDown is the bro show.

Alexa Bliss vs. Lacey Evans

Alexa Bliss makes her way to the ring. Picture in picture Bliss states, “Lacey Evans calls herself a lady. I mean, she’s kinda a lady, she’s the kind of lady that sends food back, she’s the kind of lady that asks to see the manager, after I’m done with her, the only thing that’s going to be sent back is that cold glass of bitter iced tea.” We head to commercial break.

We return from commercial break as the Southern Belle Lacey Evans makes her way to the ring as we see a clip of Nikki Cross take on and defeat Lacey Evans Last Friday, after the match, Evans asked if she was going to get “The Fiend” which a blank stare Bliss heads over and delivers Sister Abigail and aimlessly exits.

Back in the ring, Bliss gets a roll up pin attempt, Evans kicks out at two. Bliss again with a pin attempt as she rolls through a move from Evans. Evans throws Bliss into the corner, then wipes her face with a white hankie before pummeling Bliss. Evans goes for the cover, Bliss kicks out. Evans locks in a Chinlock then whips Bliss into the canvas. Bliss with a slap to the midsection of Evans, Evans takes Bliss down again. Evans manhandles Bliss and keeps control of the match.

Bliss drives Evans down. We hear laughter as Bliss looks around the ThunderDome with a worried look on her face, semi-confused. We return from commercial break, and Lacey Evans has taken complete control. Evans hits a Moonsault for a pin attempt, Bliss kicks out. Bliss is turned over and Evans slams Bliss face first into the mat over and over then rubs her elbow brace across the face of Bliss. Evans shouts, “Tell ’em you give up! Say it!” Evans controls Bliss. Bliss throws Evans into the corner, Evans steps onto the apron and slams Bliss’s face into the top turnbuckle. Evans drives Bliss from the apron to ringside.

Bliss rolls in, Evans goes for the cover, Bliss kicks out. Evans is driven into the turnbuckle. Bliss with a Clothesline as she looks’ to rally. Bliss hits a Basement Dropkick.

Suddenly we hear the shriek and beginning of The Fiend’s music while the entire arena turns red. Suddenly Bliss rushes in with a different expression on her face, Bliss attacks Evans. The referee calls for the stop and disqualifcation of Bliss.

Winner: Lacey Evans By Disqualification

After the Match

Bliss stomps Evans over and over, a pink dreadlock falls from her bun pigtails as she follows Evans out of the ring. Bliss grabs Evans and kisses the forehead of Evans before delivering Sister Abigail again and re-entering the ring. Bliss stares into the camera “Let Me In” is heard as we see The Fiend on the jumbotron. Bliss’s serious face turns to a smile as she exits the ring and makes her way up the ramp.

Roman Reigns Enters with Paul Heyman

Roman Reigns carries his title as he makes his way to the stage. Alexa Bliss stops and turns, staring at Roman and if looks could kill…. We head to commercial.

In-Ring – Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman

We return from commercial break, “Now. Now is the time tha….”

Jey Uso Joins

Jey interrupts as Paul Heyman begins to speak. Jey makes his way down the ramp smiling and pointing. Jey’s face turns serious. “You want my side of the story” Reigns begins. “To be honest with you Use’ I’d give you this title of I could. But to be honest, you wouldn’t know what to do with it. You don’t understand the accountability. Or the responsibility. You don’t understand the weight and the pressure from being the face of the WWE, how could you? It’s not your fault. You’re a twin. Your entire life, you’ve depended on your brother. I’m not saying you are half the man, no, I am saying you are one half of the best tag team of our generation. But our family relies on me to be the Tribal Chief. It ain’t you. It won’t ever be you. Because it will always, always be me.” The crowd boos. Jey looks at the ground, seemingly sad.”

Reigns exits the ring, Paul Heyman follows up the ramp. Suddenly we hear, “What if you are wrong?” Reigns stops. “Why can’t I be the one to provide for the family, Use’? Why can’t I provide for my wife and my kids? Your nephews. I been battling this my whole life you’ve been number one. The Big Dog. There goes Mr. Main Event, Mr. Wrestlemania. You know what they say when they see me? Which one are you?” After this Sunday, they will say, I know which one you are, you’re the one that beat Roman Reigns at Clash Of Champions! That’ll be me!

Jey Uso heads up the ramp when suddenly Reigns re-appears at the top of the stage with a Superman punch! “I don’t just feed my kids with this title, or your kids! I feed a whole family with this title! My family needs me to have this title, and you want to take it from me? You gonna take the pay day, and the ass whooping that comes with it. But you won’t take this title. And you will NEVER take my place at the head of the table!”

Reigns stands up as the crowd is booing. Jey laying on the top of the stage as Roman looks around then looks shocked or hurt to end the show. He mouths something, then mouths “we’ll show them”.

Show ends.

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