WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (August 27, 2021): Simmons Bank Arena, North Little Rock, AR


Welcome one and all to Rajah.com’s Friday Night SmackDown live results coverage! Your host tonight is the Head of the Results Table, and the person you just acknowledged by reading this, Mike “Hulk” Hogan! It’s a Friday night and we’re gonna have some fun. Refresh this page frequently as we’ll have live coverage with updates every five to seven minutes.

Our official preview only had a few morsels of information–we’ll see Becky Lynch return to SmackDown for the first time in over a year. Roman Reigns’ Universal Championship Celebration is tonight, and should totally go off without a Brock Lesnar hitch, and we’ll have tag team action as the Dirty Dawgs take on the team of King Nakamura & Rick Boogs!

So with all that said, let’s get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (August 27, 2021): Simmons Bank Arena, North Little Rock, AR

Show Opener: Video Package from SummerSlam

We open straight with video from the beginning of Bianca Belair’s match, when Sasha Banks was announced as being unavailable. Carmella was chosen to replace her, much to the chagrin of the Vegas crowd, and then “the Man” Becky Lynch–who’s been out of action nearly 16 months–replaced her prior to the start of the match. Lynch returned to a massive pop, from the looks of the video we’re shown, and turned heel–squashing Bianca Belair in seconds and getting a huge pop despite the heel turn.

Welcome to SmackDown!

We’re informed that Pat McAfee is out due to Covid, so Michael Cole is joined by Corey Graves & Kevin Owens on commentary.

In the Ring Promo: “the Man” Becky Lynch

Becky comes out to a big pop with just a few boos. The crowd, like when “the Man” was born, is hot for her even as a heel. Becky takes it all in as the music stops and lights dim around the arena. The crowd with a loud, huge “Becky” chant. Lynch smiles and speaks. “The Man has come around to Little Rock!” Cheap pop. “It feels good to be back, but not just back, back on top, baby!” Another huge pop. “I missed you guys, but let me tell you. When I had to give up my Raw Women’s Championship a year and a half ago, it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.” She compares it to losing part of her identity, and she’s been working hard every day to return. She tells us she has new priorities and states that if we thought she was dangerous before, people have no clue how deadly she can be now.
She addresses her return at SummerSlam, which draws boos. Lynch says “so I want to take this time to say I’m sorry…” and everyone boos the thought of it, “…for absolutely nothing!” Big pop from the crowd. Lynch points out she’s been in the game long enough and her career speaks for herself. Bianca Belair makes her way out to a decent pop, too. The crowd starts an “E-S-T” chant and Belair points to the crowd. She speaks. “I’m not here to make excuses ’cause that’s not my style, but if you think I’m okay with what happened at SummerSlam? Girl, uh-uh! Because I have been the one right here working too hard and too long…(to let) you erase all that in 26 seconds.” Belair points out that she accepted Lynch’s last-minute challenge and challenges Lynch to a match tonight. Big pop. Zelina Vega makes her way out. The crowd with a loud “you suck” chant. Vega tells Belair that she’s already embarrassed herself once before and no one wants to see that again. Vega recommends Belair fall back instead of begging for shots, and let Vega have the match with the Man.
Carmella joins the fray. Carmella claims that the others should step out of the way because clearly Lynch should be facing Mella. She tells us that she had one hour’s notice to be Sasha’s replacement, she barely had time to do her makeup and prepare. Just excuses. Enter Liv Morgan who has a fan up front who loves her really, really much. Morgan makes her way to the ring and asks why Mella and Vega deserve to be in the title picture when they lose constantly. Liv tells Lynch that if she wants a contender, she’s right here. Mella mocks Morgan, saying she looks pretty good after spending the last two months in catering. Belair tells Lynch to forget these and give the people the match they want, Lynch/Belair. Big pop. Lynch simply responds “nah, not tonight.” Lynch leaves. Afterwards, Carmella attacks Belair. Morgan attacks Liv. We head to break with four women down–expect a tag match next.

Fatal Four-Way Elimination Number One Contender’s Match: Bianca Belair v Liv Morgan v Zelina Vega v Carmella

As expected, this match was made official during the break. Bianca Belair and Carmella are fighting it out in a corner when we return. It is, however, a fatal-four way elimination match. That’s a new one, I think. Belair and Vega clash until Carmella yanks on Belair’s hair. Vega and Carmella work together to attack Belair; Morgan is still out of sight. Carmella and Pin attempt to pin Bianca at the same time but she kicks out and rolls out the ring. Liv Morgan finally appears and hits a mule kick to Carmella. Carmella and Vega work to take on Morgan. Vega with an interesting rolling bomb pin fall attempt. Carmella attempts to roll Vega up from behind but fails. She screams at her partner, then tries to roll her up. Both women scream at each other and then shove each other. Belair hits the ring in time to save their friendship, attacking them both. Belair with a KOD (Kiss of Death) on Zelina Vega! Zelina Vega has been eliminated Carmella attacks Belair, taking the upper hand until Liv Morgan gets involved. Carmella is rolled up and pinned. Carmella has been eliminated. Morgan and Belair stand toe-to-toe in the ring as we go to break. During the break, WWE confirmed the…colorful…new NXT logo as “coming soon.”
Back from the break, we see clips from the break. During it, Carmella hit Morgan and Belair with Superkicks. Belair and Morgan clash in the ring, with Belair grounding Morgan with a dropkick, and Belair spears Morgan in the shoulder hard. Morgan starts to fight back, using her unique offense to get the former champion in a vulnerable state, covering for a close two after a brutal double-foot stomp to the back of the neck. They’re lucky no one was hurt. Belair rises and charges Morgan, and Morgan uses a drop toehold to send Belair face-first into the turnbuckle. Belair counters a Morgan headscissors into a Powerbomb for a close two. Both women rise simultaneously, with Belair whipping Morgan into the ropes. Morgan counters the back body drop with a kick. Morgan charges Belair and leaps up on her, but Belair’s power helps her convert the move into a vertical suplex. Morgan shakes her legs until she can land on her feet, and proceeds to leap up and hit a modified Backstab on the face. Morgan covers but Belair kicks out. Crowd with a “this is awesome” chat. Belair pops Morgan up and looks for a Powerbomb. Morgan tries to free herself so Belair pops her over her shoulders, crashing Morgan’s face into the turnbuckle. Belair quickly hits the KOD to pick up the win. Liv Morgan has been eliminated.
Your Winner and NEW Number One Contender, Bianca Belair!

Backstage Interview: Kayla Braxton with Paul Heyman I

Heyman is walking backstage, checking his phone, when Braxton comes upon him and startles him. She asks, considering Brock’s returned, where does Heyman stand between his former and current client? Heyman tells Kayla that he stands to the right, and slightly behind, the Tribal Chief. He then blows Braxton off and tries to enter Roman’s locker room but the door is locked. We go to break.

Video Package: Cena/Reigns at SummerSlam

We get another video package that–you guessed it–summed up the Cena/Reigns match. Both men gave it their all but Reigns once again was victorious. Afterwards, Brock Lesnar showed up with a Viking ‘do and in great shape, staring Reigns down and gesturing at Roman’s title. Reigns backed up the ramp with Heyman in disbelief–leaving Lesnar to take John Cena to Suplex City after the PPV ended.

Backstage Interview: Braxton/Heyman II

Heyman still can’t get in Reigns room and Braxton comes up to him. He asks her if she doesn’t have anything else better to do or someone else to stalk.

Backstage: the Usos with Paul Heyman

Heyman again tries the door but the Usos exit. They try to get Heyman to admit to knowing Lesnar was coming back, baiting him with statements like “c’mon, you knew he was comin’ back, right?” Heyman swears he had no knowledge of Lesnar. The Usos then ask why did Paul Heyman send the Usos to the back during SummerSlam’s main event, as if he knew something was going down. Heyman reminds them that Roman Reigns is the one who had them sent to the back. They’re suspicious of him and keep him out of Roman’s room.

Singles Match: Chad Gable w/ Otis vs Cesaro

We get clips from last month when Cesaro hit the King of Swing on Gable, swinging him nearly a dozen times. Now, they’re finally facing off. Gable and Otis are out first. We head to break. Afterwards, Cesaro makes his way out to a decent pop. Oh, the King of Swing has been renamed the Cesaro Swing. Cesaro and Gable ready up and the ref calls for the bell. Cesaro starts things off with a European uppercut. He whips Gable into a corner and hits a running European uppercut, then whips him into another corner and repeats it. Cesaro looks for the Cesaro Swing but Gable blocks and takes control with his amateur wrestling, using leg locks to ground Cesaro and a shoulder lock. Cesaro fights out of it with fists but Gable reverses with a Northern Lights Suplex. Gable with a moonsault off the top turnbuckle for a close two. Gable goes up top bot Cesaro catches him. Gable locks an armbar in, and leans back over the ropes til the ref forces the break. Cesaro with a headscissors takedown that sends Gable to the middle of the ring. Cesaro starts the Cesaro Swing until Otis attacks. Afterwards, Otis and Gable focused their attacks on Cesaro’s neck. Otis clotheslines Cesaro into a German Suplex from Gable, impressive double-team move. Otis pancaked Cesaro with a diving splash off the top. Gable kisses Otis’ cheek, happy with his performance
Your Winner by Disqualification, Cesaro!

Parking Lot Interview: Kayla Braxton with Baron “Happy” Corbin

Braxton awaits the arrival of Roman Reigns to the arena. Instead drives up the former baron and king, now calling himself “Happy” Corbin, in a fancy car. He’s clean shaven, groomed, wearing nice clothes and mentions that he’s posted all week on his social media about how his luck has finally turned. We go to break.

In the Ring Promo: Happy Corbin

Corbin comes out to new music, a new clean look, and new music. In the ring is a red carpet with a red rope and a table set up with champagne and glasses. “Monday I was thinking about filing bankruptcy–I lost my house, I lost my wife, I was wearing the same dirty shirt for months…but look at me now, I look incredible!” Boos to all this. “The best part is I did it all by myself and I am the happiest man in the world. Check it-check it out.” We get a video package showing Corbin’s…financially challenged state. We see in an interview that he only had $35. As they were in Vegas, he turned his $35 into a $100 bill. He hit a hot streak in Vegas, won so much money that the casino comp’d him a presidential suite, and he bought a pink Tesla with some of his winnings. Back in the ring, he continues. “Yes yes yes yes–I was the mayor of Jackpot City! I don’t know what I did to deserve this, but I deserve it!” He points out his shirt is $800, his suit $3000, his car $300,000. He brags that his wife has Wagyu beef ready for dinner when he gets home. The crowd with a light “you deserve it” chant, haha. Corbin wants us to call him Happy Corbin because he’s the happiest man out here. There’s something that could make him happier–he calls Big E to come out, promising not to hurt him.
Out comes Mr. Money in the Bank, Big E, to a good pop. Corbin welcomes Big E and tries to make friends. Big E tells Corbin he’s very happy for Corbin “and I’m glad you don’t smell anymore.” Corbin admits he knows Big E was upset about the time Corbin took the briefcase, so Corbin wants to buy the case. He asks Big E how much, then offers $20,000. Big boos. Big E declines. Corbin comes back with $50,000 offer, and Big E tells him “it ain’t happening!” Corbin tells Big E he’s probably going to cash the contract in and lose as it happens to people. Big E points out “people like you (Corbin).” Corbin just wants Big E to be happy, and offers him $100,000 for the briefcase. Big E thinks it over, admitting its a lot of money and the kids do need braces, but his answer is “Hell no!” Big pop. Big E mentions he’s got a myriad of things Corbin can spend $100,000 on. He offers a pencil from his pocket, a half-eaten sandwich from his tights, and an Arkansas Razorback Plushie to a huge pop from the Arkansas crowd. Corbin is drowned out by the crowd until Big E throws the plush into the crowd. The crowd is fired up big time. Corbin tells Big E he’s too rich and too happy to be miserable, and Big E will regret not accepting his money. I think Corbin is really Cameron Grimes in disguise. Big E tells Corbin to leave him alone or he’ll slap the smile off Corbin’s face. Happy Corbin smiles, leaving the ring, happy as a hog in a bacon shop.

Earlier Today: Edge Promo

Edge tells us that he had to go to a dark place to take on Rollins, and the darkness infected him–his home, his family, everywhere. But now he’s done with Seth Rollins, and he’s moving on to what Seth cost him in the first place–the Universal Championship.

H5>Backstage Promo: Seth Rollins

“Edge, I only got one thing I wanna say to you. Congratulations!’ He smiles big. “You know, I’ve had a week to think about everything that happened at SummerSlam.” He claims “some people” are calling it a match of the year. His suit this time is…well, very unique. More so than normal. Rollins states that he hates to admit this but he respects Edge after SummerSlam, and he admires Edge, his career and the life he built for himself. And that got Rollins to thinking–“If I wanna fight my way back to the Universal Championship, maybe I need to be a little more like you. So thank you and congratulations!”

Backstage: Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman

Reigns saunters up and finds Heyman standing outside the locker room. Reigns ask him what’s going on, and then asks Paul if he has to open his own doors now? Heyman tells him “no, my tribal chief” and gets the door. Reigns invites Heyman in–and it’s clear the Usos were acting on their own earlier.

Tag Team Match: the Dirty Dawgs vs King Nakamura & Rick Boogs

We cut to the arena. Boogs is playing riffs on his guitar. “Oh, Little Rock! My name’s Rick Boogz and I came to rock with the One True King of WWE and the Intercontinental Champion, King Nakamura!” The crowd hits all his marks–the emphasis of a bass “Boogs” followed by the soprano of his pronunciation of Nakamura. Shinsuke and Boogs make their way down to the ring, Boogs playing guitar as Nakamura does his drunken-artist intro. We start with Boogs and Ziggler. Boogs sends Ziggler to the bottom rope and plays air guitar. Ziggler tags in Roode. Roode with a neckbreaker and a cover for one. Roode pulls Boogs head up and hammers it back with huge rights. Roode takes Boogs to the corner and stomps away as the ref counts. Roode tags in Ziggler and Ziggler stomps away as the ref counts. Tag to Roode and both men hit a double suplex, with Roode covering for one. Apollo Crews is seen picture-in-picture with a pre-recorded video stating he wants his title back from Nakamura. The Dirty Dawgs utilize fast tags to keep Boogs isolated but fail to contain him completely. Nakamura comes in off the hot tag, taking Roode down with strong strikes and powerful suplexes. Nakamura attempts a Kinshasa but Roode has it scouted. Ziggler takes out Boogs at ringside, and Nakamura’s down as we head to break with the Dirty Dawgs in control.
Back from the break. The Dirty Dawgs work together to double-team King Nakamura, and Dolph nearly picks up the three. Roode comes in and drives Nakamura into the mat, covering for two. Nakamura counters a pull-back move from Roode and hits a step-up kick that drops Roode. Boogs and Ziggler get the tags and are legal. Boogs with a corkscrew elbow. Boogs with an impressive belly-to-belly suplex. Boogs with a running Bulldog for a close two. Boogs looks for a Pumphandle Slam, screaming high pitched as he hoists Ziggler. Roode grabs Ziggler’s legs, pulling him free. Boogs drops Roode but Ziggler drops Boogs and covers. Nakamura makes the save. Nakamura clears Roode from the ring and Boogs dodges a Famouser. Boogs with a Pumphandle slam to pick up the win!
Your Winners, Rick Boogs & Intercontinental Champion King Nakamura!

Backstage: WWE Official Sonya Deville with Naomi

Naomi tells Deville that she’s excited to be the newest member of the SmackDown roster again. She asks Deville when’s her first match. Deville tells Naomi she didn’t even know Naomi was coming over. She tells Naomi that she’s not sure if Naomi can measure up for this. Naomi reminds Deville that she’s a two-time SmackDown Women’s Champion. Deville, throughout the whole conversation, rudely texts others and says she’ll think about it, and to get with her next week.

Backstage: the Mysterios

Rey tells Dom that it’s time for Rey to step back and let Dom fly on his own. Rey tells Dom he’s convinced officials to put Dom in a match, but we don’t know against who. Rey walks his son to the stage but then returns to the back.

Singles Main Event Match: Dominik Mysterio vs Mystery Opponent

After a brain, we return to find our Mystery Opponent is none other than…Sami Zayn. Lots of boos at this. The bell rings and we get straight to it. Both men lock up and the veteran Zayn takes Dom back into the corner. Referee Charles Robinson counts and both men break the hold. As soon as they do, Zayn pokes Dom in the face. Both lock up and again, end up in a corner. Again the ref forces the break, and again Zayn takes a cheap shot–a shot to the abdomen. Zayn fights Dom around the ring. Zayn whips Dom into the ropes but Dom with a headscissors takedown. Dom with a back flop and feigns a strike–and Zayn cowers back into a corner. Zayn eventually rises and holds a hand up for a test of strength, but kicks Dom in the gut when he looks to lock up. Dom’s whipped into the corner but counters a Helluva Kick with a back elbow. Dom fires up, going up top and flying. Dom with a Hurricanrana to send Zayn onto the middle rope. Dom goes for the 6-1-9 but Zayn yanks the middle rope down and rolls out of the way. Dom flies out to the outside and crashes to the floor. Rey comes out to check on his son as we go to break.
Back from the break. Zayn has Mysterio across the middle rope, kneeling on his back as the ref warns. Sami talks smack to Rey Mysterio, who now stands ringside. Zayn taunts Rey and Rey begins to walk up the steps, but Zayn backs down. Dominik with a quick roll-up as Zayn approaches for a close two. Zayn with a clothesline to the face followed by a rear waistlock. Zayn rains elbows in rapid succession to Dom’s neck and face. Zayn looks for a rear suplex but Dom fires off elbows of his own, breaking free. Dom looks for a dragon kick but Zayn ducks. Dom pops up and hits a step-up Enziguri that sends Zayn across the middle rope. The crowd fires up as Dom hits the 6-1-9! Dom heads up top, looking for the Frog Splash, but Zayn wisely rolls across the ring and out of range. Zayn suckers Dom in and hits a snap suplex that drives Dom into the turnbuckles. Zayn hits a Helluva Kick to pick up the win.
Your Winner, Sami Zayn!

After the Match: Family Feud?

After the match, Rey tries to console his son. Dom angrily pushes him away, stating he’s all right as we continue to plant more seeds towards the father/son dream match no one ever had.

Backstage: The Usos, Reigns & Heyman

Roman’s music plays. The Usos head out. Reigns looks to Heyman and tells him he loves him.

Universal Championship Family Celebration Main Event Segment

Universal Champion Roman Reigns, SmackDown tag team champions the Usos, and Paul Heyman begin the pilgrimage to the ring. We go to break. After a lengthy, expected entrance, a commercial and a chorus of boos, Roman is finally ready to speak. He pauses for another chorus of boos from the crowd, then looks to Heyman. He tells Heyman to speak. “Ladies and gentlemen, your Tribal Chief has granted you permission to acknowledge Roman Reigns.” Big pop and cheer from the in-house crowd, but the digital crowd (piped-in) is all boos. “It’s your lucky night, ladies and gentlemen, for now you will all have the unique opportunity to acknowledge the undisputed SmackDown Tag Team Champions of the world..the cousins of the Tribal Chief, the Usos!” Cheers and boos, split even. Heyman continues. “Ladies and gentlemen, this is the moment in the show that we all get to celebrate the fact that we have clearly Cena-’nuff of John, all thanks to the beating at SummerSlam delivered by–and the fact that Mister Cena was beaten by–the undisputed Universal Champion, Roman Reigns!” Real crowd = loves it, Piped in sound = hates it. Before Heyman can continue, Finn Bálor makes his way out to a great reaction from the crowd.
He gets on the mic. “Hey Roman, you know that I got screwed out of our match at SummerSlam by John Cena. And don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about Cena, I’ll deal with him in due time. But now Edge is talking about the Universal Championship, and Brock Lesnar’s back. I was gonna come out here and challenge you to a match at our next PPV, Extreme Rules. But seeing as I don’t trust anyone around here, and I’m not waiting in line, I’m challenging you to a match for the Universal Championship next week on SmackDown!” The crowd pops to this. Reigns sizes up Bálor. Bálor throws the mic at Roman and attacks him, but the Usos are all over Bálor. They triple-team him until the Street Profits hit the ring to a big pop! The Profits take out the Usos. Bálor with a Shotgun Dropkick, followed by a Coup de Grace on Jimmy Uso! The whole time, he maintains eye contact with Reigns. We end with an angry Reigns heading up the ramp.

In Closing

That wraps up our first SmackDown after SummerSlam. What were your thoughts on tonight’s show? Weigh in below! From all of us here at Rajah News to all of you, the Rajahmaniacs, have a happy, safe and happy weekend! See y’all Monday for Raw!

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