WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (Oct. 21, 2022): Huntington Ctr. -Toledo, OH

Welcome one and all to Friday Night SmackDown! Your host tonight is your Friday Night Friar, Hogan. Refresh this page frequently as we’ll have live coverage with updates every five to ten minutes once our coverage starts. Before we go further, don’t forget–Halloween Havoc is tomorrow night on the ‘cock Net! But that’s tomorrow, and tonight’s preview has ample in store for us tonight. Logan Paul returns to SmackDown, weeks ahead of the ass-beating Roman will give him in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Liv Morgan continues her character growth as she’ll take on Sonya Deville, who’s pulling double-duty on the Blue and the Black & Gold brands. Also on tap is a championship match, as Damage CTRL put their women’s tag titles on the line against Raquel Rodriguez & Shotzi. We’ll have more build towards the upcoming Crown Jewel event. And earlier this afternoon, another singles match was added as Sheamus takes on “the Samoan Street Fighter” Solo Sikoa!


Liv Morgan; Sonya Deville Damage CTRL; Raquel Rodriguez & Shotzi


All this and much more, tonight on Friday Night SmackDown! For those of you who want a shortened version with just the basics, check out our quick recap!


WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (Oct. 21, 2022): Huntington Ctr. -Toledo, OH


Singles Match: Sheamus w/ the Brawling Brutes vs Solo Sikoa w/ the Bloodline

We open directly as Sheamus and the Brutes make their way out. Solo Sikoa’s music plays and out comes the Samoan Street Fighter to a rather big pop from the Toledo crowd! He’s escorted by WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champions the Usos and “Honorary Uce” Sami Zayn. The ref calls for our bell at 8:05 and we’re off as Wade Barrett and Michael Cole are on commentary and hype this as the first-time ever match between Solo Sikoa and Sheamus. Someone should tell Cole to expect many firsts as he just got called up. Both look to lock up as Barrett & Cole compare Sami Zayn to different characters on the HBO hit series Succession. Sheamus with a wrist lock, looking to gain leverage. Solo escapes and both men exchange blows. Solo whips Sheamus into the ropes but the Celtic Warrior catches Sikoa with a clothesline on the rebound! Sheamus takes a turn on offense, grinding the face of Sikoa in the corner as the ref warns him. Solo fights out of the corner with body blows and a headbutt. He attempts a whip-assisted hip toss but the 4-time world champ slaps on the brakes and lays out Solo with a lariat!
Sheamus takes control as we head into the first break of our evening. We return to find Solo Sikoa battering Sheamus as Sami continues to toss advice to Sikoa. Commentary informs us Sikoa has focused his attack primarily on the left shoulder of Sheamus, and Sheamus sells it well. The Brutes and ‘Line threaten to clash a few times at ringside. Sheamus attempts to rally and hoists up Sikoa, looking for a White Noise. Sheamus has issues hooking his left arm behind his back and fires off a weaker version of the move. Sheamus slowly ascends the turnbuckles; too slowly as Sikoa has time to run up to the middle ropes and hit a Super Samoan Drop right on Sheamus’ left shoulder! Solo covers for a close two. Solo pulls Sheamus up but Sheamus avoids a spinning attack and starts to fight back, using one arm to counter a Sikoa into a powerslam! Sheamus positions Sikoa and starts off the Beats of the Bodhran–hitting nearly two dozen before letting Sikoa’s limp form fall!
Solo enters the ring and Sheamus fires off a Brogue Kick! Solo sidesteps it and connects with a superkick1 Sheamus bounces off the ropes and hits a jumping kick to Sikoa and both men are down! The Brawling Brutes and the Bloodline begin to brutally brawl at the ringside area, with Jey and Jimmy Uso taking control and even dumping the commentary table on one of the Brutes! Sheamus attempts to recover in the ring but Sheamus hits a spinning slam to pick up the win! The Bloodline are the ones left standing at 8:18pm! Sheamus is sent outside and Jey & Jimmy Uso, Solo Sikoa and Sami Zayn begin assaulting Sheamus outside the ring. Sheamus is beaten and whipped into the barricade. Zayn and Jey introduce steel chairs and Solo restrains Sheamus with Jimmy’s help. A steel chair is positioned around Sheamus’ left arm, hyper-extended across the steel steps, and Jey Uso begins to batter Sheamus’ chair-wrapped arm with another! He hits it over and over until the ref and Zayn beg him off, sending us to break at 8:20pm!
Your Winner, Sami Zayn! (13 minutes)

Backstage: Bray Wyatt

We return from break and find Bray Wyatt backstage, pacing in the hallway as Code Orange’s “Shatter” plays in the background. Good theme for him. He begins to speak, quoting the key stuff and recapping the crap I mean rest: “I apologize for last week; I didn’t get to finish what I was saying. But that’s okay. I will now. I used to say all the time that revenge is a confession of pain and it is. I still believe that. I feel like confessing some things to you guys today, I feel like that can help…I confess that I have problems, I know I have problems, I’ve always had problems…but there’s a few of them, like anger, sometimes it can take me to places that I Don’t want to be in. Last time it took me to a place that I shouldn’t have come back from. I really shouldn’t but for whatever reason, I get chances, chances that most people won’t get. And I confess that this time I was happy I was content just being left alone. (I) wanted you to leave me alone. But I’m glad you didn’t.” He goes on to praise the WWE Universe for being the motivating force that brought him back. He tells us that on this path he’s now walking, there will be pain and anger (warning: both lead to suffering and the dark side).

Backstage: the Bloodline Have Issues

We cut to a different area of the backstage where Solo Sikoa, the Usos and Sami Zayn are celebrating his win. Once again, Jey is a jerk to Sami, and ultimately leaves, leaving Sami with a shrugging Jimmy as they continue to plant seeds. We head to break at 8:32.

Singles Match: Liv Morgan vs Sonya Deville

We return from break and Morgan is out to a great pop from Toledo. Deville comes out to different music and a few boos. It looks like she’s wearing the old “Matrix” jacket Gail Kim used to rock. Sonya enters the ring and the ref calls for the bell at 8:37. Morgan’s wearing different red lipstick and eye makeup with more red in her gear. The rebranding of Liv continues! Deville weathers a short burst of offense from the former SmackDown Women’s Champion before taking control for the bulk of the match. As Deville assaults Morgan across the ring and in and out of corners, Morgan begins to smile and cackle like she did when Rousey tapped her way out. Morgan tries to rally but Deville dodges a running strike and uses a dropkick to send Morgan spilling to the floor. We go to another break at 8:40, barely 5 minutes after returning from the last. Fun times on network television, folks! Well, while wait–cheap plug time! Halloween Havoc is tomorrow night at 8pm Eastern! The pre-show will start at either 7 or 7:30–google it you lazy bastards before you complain “well which is it?” No matches are expected for the kickoff show but we’ll have live non-coverage of whatever repetitive gibberish we’re fed during the official kickoff show, tomorrow night on the Peacock Network!

We return from the break with Deville still in control. Deville slows the pace, taking slower strikes at Morgan as Liv continues here weird Harlequin rip-off laugh. She begs for more and Deville continues to attack her, looking for a lock. Morgan again rises and gets in Sonya’s face, screaming for Sonya to hit her over and over, so Deville does. She says or does something that pisses off Morgan, however, as she flails away at Deville and takes it outside. Morgan slams Deville into the commentary table and continues to beat her down as Referee Jessika Carr (if the spelling’s wrong, my bad, the CC spelled it that way). Morgan continues beating Deville against the side of the ring until the ref calls for the double count-out at 8:46pm! The crowd boos until Morgan begins to retrieve weapons to beat Deville with. The crowd begins a loud “we want tables” chant and Morgan grins as she starts to stack chairs in the ring because, sure, “chairs” sounds like “tables.” Morgan stacks the chairs in a pile, takes Deville up top and hits a Superplex on top of the chairs! Deville rolls in pain as Morgan cackles, holding her back, and the crowd rips off an unedited “holy shit” chant! FOX clearly let that one through!
Double Count-Out, No Winner!

Face to Face: Braun Strowman and Omos w/ MVP

So it’s a face-to-face now, and not a match. Cool. We head to break at 8:51pm! We return at 8:55pm and Braun roars his way down to the ring as Cole & Barrett hype his size, and Omos’, from the commentary table. Strowman hops on the mic at 8:56pm, telling us to look at him, stating “clearly I’m not someone that’s easy to miss.” He says he’s not hard to find if you have a problem with him, and wants to get to the point–he calls out Omos and MVP. MVP, all by his lonesome, is out next, a sharp dressed man, whom every girl crazy ’bout. He threatens that Omos will show Strowman that he’s “normal” compared to the 7’4, 400lb Nigerian Giant. Braun all but asks MVP where’s the beef, and challenges Omos to a match at Crown Jewel. MVP accepts. Strowman implies bodily harm to MVP because he believes MVP said Omos isn’t there. MVP corrects Braun, telling him he never said Omos wasn’t there. Omos and Braun stand toe-to-toe in the ring and Strowman has to tilt his head back far to look up at Omos. The crowd chants for them to fight. Omos shoves Braun and sends the Monster flying across the ring and out of it. Strowman yells threats at Omos as Omos & MVP leave.

Backstage Interview: Drew McIntyre

McIntyre is asked about his actions last week and if there were any consequences as rumors had Drew spotted at corporate HQ. McIntyre acknowledges there was some problems as Kross had pushed him past his limits. He babbles for a moment then gets on to challenging Karrion Kross to a Steel Cage Match at Crown Jewel, having stated that management agreed with him that this feud needed to end.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match: Damage CTRL(c) vs Raquel Rodriguez & Shotzi

Damage CTRL make their way out to a great mixed reaction. Iyo Sky (Io Shirai) and Dakota Kai represent the tag portion of the faction and will defend the belts. Shotzi and Raquel come out to Shotzi’s theme, on the TCB Tank (“Taking Care of Business”), and fire off the FX cannon. The duo make their way down to the ring. We head to a break before this match. We return at 9:11 and get our bell. We start with Iyo Sky and Raquel Rodriguez, who feuded some time ago during their NXT days, when Raquel Gonzalez defeated Io Shirai for the NXT Women’s Championship. Both women are only in for mere moments before Shotzi and Dakota Kai come in. Shotzi hits a cannonball hip attack in the corner and looks for a top rope move but Kai is drug out of ring by Sky. Raquel and Shotzi work together off a quick tag, in which Shotzi stands on top of Raquel’s shoulders and leaps off, to the outside of the ring, wiping out the champs. Raquel rolls Kai over and into the ring, covering for a two. Another quick tag sets up another double-team move, with Shotzi this time using a top-turnbuckle shotgun dropkick to knock Kai off of Raquel’s shoulders into a Samoan Drop! Cole praises the challengers for doing so well, which Bayley over hears leading to her warning Cole to shut up. Shotzi looks for another cover but gets two. Shotzi pulls Kai up and seems to be considering what move to do. Kai hits a jawbreaker and slips outside the ring. Shotzi follows in but fails to see a blind tag, leading to Iyo Sky dropping Shotzi and sending us to a break at 9:15!

We return at 9:18pm with the champs still in control. Shotzi fires off a just enough offense to get the hot tag on Raquel Rodriguez, who clears the ring. Raquel drops the champs, then gives the duo a Fallaway Slam each. Iyo Sky and Raquel jostle for control in the corner. Kai attempts to get involved, but Shotzi takes her out. Shirai sends Raquel down to the mat and dives off, hitting a beautiful top-turnbuckle tornado DDT for a close cover. Sky looks for her Over the Moonsault finisher but Raquel rolls out of ht way and nearly decapitates Sky with a big clothesline. Shotzi’s tagged in and helps Raquel Double-team her partner. Shotzi covers while Raquel attempts to block Kai from making the save, but inadvertently drops Kai on top of her partner, breaking the pin fall. If not for that we’d have new champs. Raquel pops Kai up for a Tejana Bomb but Kai fights back, and the duo dump over the ropes. Bayley hops up o the apron to distract Shotzi, allowing Iyo Sky to hit an air raid backpack driver. Sky heads up top and looks for her Over the Moonsault once again, and connects with it! Sky covers at 9:21pm, picking up the win after an exciting finish.
Your Winners AND STILL WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Damage CTRL! (10 minutes)

Backstage: Legado Del Fantasma; Hit Row

We return from break and hear the crowd chanting “Le-ga-do” in timing with the faction. We see Santos backstage on a leather sofa, given a drink. He speaks briefly and has Zelina Vega do the talking. She’s dressed like an Aztec goddess, great look. The camera pulls back to see all four members of LDF, who vow to protect their legacy and culture by destroying others. We’re then shown Hit Row elsewhere in the background. They take objection with the vignette and B-Fab states she’s got an idea.

Singles Main Event Match: Rey Mysterio vs Ludwig Kaiser w/ Imperium

Rey’s out first for our fourth and final match of the televised night! Rey gets a great welcome and Cole reminds us that Rey tried to quit in order to avoid clashing with his son, only to have Triple H send Rey to SmackDown. Last week, Mysterio won a number-one contendership match and will face Intercontinental Champion at Crown Jewel in two weeks! We then get the Imperium entrance. We get our bell at 9:34pm and both men lock up. Kaiser looks to work the arm but Rey escapes and uses his speed to run circles, so to speak, around kaiser. Kaiser runs into a kick but recovers quick enough to catch a diving Rey with a huge fist, flattening the legend. Kaiser poses to boos then pulls up Mysterio, taunting him. Mysterio begins to throw hands at Kaiser. Kaiser looks for a back drop but Mysterio avoids it and sets up the 619! Rey looks for it but Vinci & Gunther run interference an, as every heroic face has since the dawn of wrestling, he falls for it. Kaiser takes control with a wicked uppercut as we go to break at 9:36.

We return from break with Kaiser in control. Mysterio starts chaining together offense as soon as we return, however, and looks for a pin. Rey with an improvised Panama roll dropkick to the face, covering Kaiser for two. Vinci & Gunther yell support to Kaiser as Rey batters him with kicks to the head. Rey attacks Kaiser in the corner. The crowd routinely cheers for Eddie Guerrero and, to pay homage to the late great, Mysterio at one point sets up Giovanni Vinci for possible interference, leading the ref to force the remainder of Imperium out of the ringside area. The fans chant loudly for the 619 and Rey sets it up, hitting Kaiser with it to a big pop! Rey follows it up with his finisher and covers Kaiser at 9:45pm, picking up a modicum of momentum ahead of his match against Gunther in two weeks at Crown Jewel.
Your Winner, Rey Mysterio! (10 minutes)

“Main Event” Segment: Logan Paul

Well, if you have nothing better to do for the next 12 minutes, hang around and after this break we’ll hear from the man you all totally have been waiting to hear from. After a commercial break, hype for next week’s SmackDown and other useless dribble, Logan Paul finally starts his entrance at 9:52pm to massive boos. The crowd has a few Pogan Laul fans but generally, the crowd rejects the outsider. Paul hops on the mic and goes for the cheap pop by yelling the city name. “Look I know i”m supposed to address the hard cams and the fans at home but…it feels good to be back in Ohio, baby! But–back to the hard cam for all the WWE die-hards back at home. I know you doubt me. But news flash, dummies, I’ve been doubted my whole life and look where I am now! Yeah, it’s true, I run my mouth a lot. But that’s because I’m confident. I’m confident both in myself and my abilities. I don’t need some penguin-looking Paul Heyman dude out here talking for me. I don’t need two guys that are basically just the same guy around me at all times to protect me,” he states in wording that probably isn’t cool in ’22.
He continues on, adding “(nor have I seen) a guy who calls him self Solo but I’ve never seen alone. And I definitely don’t have any friends that look like Sami Zayn. What is that guy? But Id o have the dire to be the best.” He talks about being the “under dog” and just “some kid from social media” before postulating–what if he does win? Perhaps he should ask David Arquette what’ll happen. Jey Uso gets a cheer as he attacks Logan Paul from behind! We’re reminded that Roman Reigns has orders for the Bloodline to not touch Logan Paul ahead of Crown Jewel. Jey doesn’t heed it and Superkicks Logan Paul in the corner! Jey hits a running hip attack to a seated Paul in the corner! “Main Event” Jey Uso hoists up the Ones until Sami Zayn hits the ring. Sami asks Jey nicely, repeatedly, to listen to him and to step out of the ring. Sami reminds Jey this isn’t coming from Zayn, but from Reigns. Sami asks Jey to get out of the ring and head to the back. Jey starts to exit but instead goes after Logan Paul. Logan Paul side-steps the charge this time and hits “one lucky shot” as Cole calls it, knocking out Jey Uso with one right. Welp, that’s one way to punish someone for misbehavior. Ask DDP about that whole Arquette thing.

Halloween Havoc

It’s tomorrow night! Be there or be a jerkface!

Next Week on SmackDown on FS1

SmackDown will air on FS1! Hit Row and a mystery partner take on Legado Del Fantasma in six-man action. Roman Reigns returns to SmackDown. The Brawling Brutes vs Sami Zayn & Solo Sikoa.

In Closing

And that concludes it for tonight’s episode! Have a great weekend, stay cool, stay frosty and stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you all Monday Night for Raw and tomorrow night for Halloween Havoc.


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