WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (Sept 16, 2022)

Welcome one and all to Friday Night SmackDown! Your host tonight is your Friday Night Friar, Mike Hogan, coming to you from Denver, CO–and it’s one hour time delay. Hang tight as we’ll have updates rolling in starting about 20 past the hour!

Our official preview set up an appearance by celeb Logan Paul, who’s been the recent subject of rumors that he may fight Roman Reigns at the next Crown Jewel event. Also scheduled is a Fatal 4-Way tag contendership match–the one interrupted by Braun Strowman. We’ll also have Bailey, Raquel Rodriguez, Ricochet, Sami Zayn and so much more in action tonight!

Pogan Laul

Raquel Rodriguez; Bayley

Sami Zayn; Ricochet

Men who dislike Braun Strowman

All this and much more on SmackDown!


WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (Sept. 16, 2022)


Welcome to Friday Night SmackDown!

Michael Cole leads our commentary team and welcomes us to SmackDown live. We waste no time in getting to the mandatory celebratory appearance.

In the Ring: Logan Paul Invites Roman to Press Conf.; the Bloodline Object

Logan Paul makes his way out to a mixed reaction from the crowd. He addresses his recent podcast with Roman Reigns, and admits to mouthing off when he shouldn’t. He goes on about the possibility of winning the Universal Championship from Roman, a massive what if? Paul Heyman returns after having been MIA since SummerSlam! He leads the Bloodline–North American Champion Solo Sikoa, Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions the Usos, and “honorary Uce” Sami Zayn. Heyman does his bit then issues a warning to Logan Paul about choosing his words wisely. Paul invites Roman to a press conference, taking place tomorrow, and Heyman again warns Paul and objects. Heyman initially likes Logan Paul, stating he’s the one man outside of wrestling who might be a “Heyman guy.” Logan Paul questions Heyman, wondering if he’s worried Paul will challenge Roman and beat him. Paul calls for Solo Sikoa! Sami Zayn enters the mix-up, stating he’s got this, and attempts to “talk sense” into Logan Paul, who proceeds to take a cheap shot to Zayn! The Bloodline hit the ring but the YouTube star wisely runs away. Ricochet, Sami Zayn’s opponent tonight, shows up for the assist. We head to break!

Singles Match: Ricochet vs Sami Zayn

Both men start off with a quick pace, with Ricochet chaining together a short spurt of offense. Zayn takes the control back with a suplex, and takes us into the break firmly in control of Ricochet. When we return from break, Zayn begins to lose control and Ricochet starts his comeback sequence! The high-flyer uses the ropes for a springboard smash, but a standing Moonsault gives Sami Zayn a brief respite as he gets his knees up. Zayn attempts an inside cradle but finds no joy, then hammers Ricochet with a Blue Thunder Bomb and covers! Logan Paul distracts the referee, allowing Ricochet to recover. Jey Uso attempts a distraction and eats Ricochet’s boots for it, crashing to the ground from a snap dropkick! Zayn again attempts a quick pin but fails, and Ricochet fires off another spurt of offense to set up the Shooting Star Press for the win! After the match, the Bloodline attack–and Madcap Moss hits the ring to make the save!
Your Winner, Ricochet!

Vignette: Karrion Kross Addresses Drew McIntyre

We’re treated to another noir-inspired, black-and-white, film-grained video package from Karrion Kross and Scarlett. Kross addresses his actions at Clash at the Castle, namely his attack on Drew McIntyre and the subsequent animosity. He mentions executing Drew McIntyre, and wants to introduce Drew to a whole bunch of agony and a world of hurt.

A Monster, Some Models, and an Academy Walk Into a Bar..

It looks like it’s time for the Maximum Male Models! Max and Maxine Dupro lead the artists formerly known as Mace and Mansoor out, but they’re intercepted by Braun Strowman! Strowman makes short work of the two before the Alpha Academy attack him from behind! Braun shrugs off big-man Otis’s attack, but Otis is quick to follow it up with a slam, and the Alpha Academy leave with Braun down…for a moment, until the Monster Among Monster pops up, rips off his shirt, and rrrrooooaaaaarrrrrs.

Promo: Damage CTRL Speak; Raquel Rodriguez Responds

Bailey and WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky–collectively known as Damage CTRL–cut a promo in which Bailey introduces us to the new women’s tag champs. She claims SmackDown belongs to them, and they’re putting everyone on notice that you have to go through them. Raquel Rodriguez makes her way out, and is furious at Damage CTRL for injuring her partner, Aliyah. Raquel hits the ring and Damage CTRL scatter, sending us to break.

Singles Match: Raquel Rodriguez vs Bayley w/ Damage CTRL

We start things with an aggressive Raquel Rodriguez taking control early on. Raquel beats Bailey across the ring, outside and takes it back in where she drops the Role Model with a clothesline from Purgatory! Rodriguez follows up with a Big Boot and shoulder thrust, keeping the multi-time former women’s champ off balance. Raquel with a single-hand choke bomb does damage but Dakota Kai distracts Raquel! The former besties jaw briefly before Bailey capitalizes on it, connecting with her old-yet-new finisher, the Rose Plant, to pick up the win! After the match, Damage CTRL beat on Raquel Rodriguez until Shotzi Blackheart¬†makes her return–as does her surname!–as a face!

Your Winner, Bailey!

Interview: Ronda Rousey Speaks; Liv Morgan Interrupts

We’re setup for a sit-down interview with “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey, but she doesn’t get much time to talk–when has any interview actually been an interview?–she’s interrupted by SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan. She wanted to address Rousey woman-to-woman, and states that Rousey’s words are meaningless and points out that she’s beaten Ronda twice in a row now. Ronda goes on a schpiel and ultimately challenges Liv Morgan to an Extreme Rules match at Extreme Rules, then says it’ll be Liv’s funeral before storming off.

Drew McIntyre Calls Out Karrion Kross

The Scottish Psychopath enters through the crowd and poses on the commentary desk. He gets on a hot mic and demands Kross get a set and come face him. He mocks Kross’ obsession with time, then states the only countdown Kross needs to worry about is his Claymore countdown! We head to break.

NXT North American Championship Match: Solo Sikoa(c) vs Madcap Moss

Yep, you read that right–an NXT title defended on SmackDown! Both men lock up, the amateur style of Moss jarring when compared to Solo’s street fight style. Moss locks up early on and attempts a rear hold, but Sikoa fights out of it, throwing elbows to the gut. Moss quickly tackles Solo and then uses a clothesline to send the champ crashing to the floor! Moss pursues and Sami Zayn distracts him, allowing Solo a chance to recover. As the action spills back into the ring, Solo Sikoa takes a lengthy stretch on offense. Sikoa uses working holds before paying homage to his father, Rikishi, with a corner drop. Close pin attempt nets Solo a two. Moss attempts to fire up but the champ stays on the offensive, using a Samoan Drop to great effect. Moss catches a cross body attempt and turns it into a Fallaway Slam to start his comeback! Moss uses the ropes to rebound and drop the champ. The crowd wakes up for this one as Moss unloads into Sikoa. Again, Zayn serves as a distraction and again, Moss falls for it. Moss pursues Sami right into a Superkick from Solo! The champ hits a Uranage to pick up the win!
Your Winner and STILL NXT North American Champion, Solo Sikoa!

Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Contendership Main Event Match: the Brawling Brutes vs Hit Row vs the New Day vs Imperium

Tonight’s teams are the Brawling Brutes, as represented by Butch & Ridge Holland; Hit Row, as represented by Ashante “Thee” Adonis & Top Dolla; Imperium, as represented by Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci; and the New Day, as represented by Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods. If you’ll remember, these four teams fought earlier–but Braun Strowman left all eight men down in the wake of his return. This match is a bit chaotic as the ref often loses control throughout the match. Imperium and the Brawling Brutes find themselves in a ring-side brawl when Butch battles Ludwig Kaiser to the floor, leading to Giovanni Vinci’s intervention on behalf of his team mate. The New Day and Hit Row start to slug it out in the ring as the ref attempts to restore order, and we head to break after Woods hits a tope con giro to wipe out everyone ringside!
Back from the break. When we return, Kaiser and Butch continue to go at it. Top Dolla and Ridge Holland are tagged in, respectively, briefly. Xavier Woods and Giovanni Vinci exchange blows. Woods with a Side Russian Legsweep! Woods follows it up with a Michinoku Driver and covers but no joy! Butch gets the hot tag, taking down everyone who isn’t a Brute. Big spot that sees Top Dolla carry Butch and Kofi Kingston, simultaneously, catches Woods mid-sexton attempt and walks around the ring, carrying three competitors with him! Holland comes in with an Alabama Slam on Holland for another close call. Adonis and Woods are legal and slug it out, with Top Dolla brought in to weaken up the New Day vet. Woods fires off a desperate DDT to gain some separation and brings Kingston in. Kingston off the top with a splash but Butch breaks up the pin attempt post-move.
Butch gives way to Vinci, who engages in a series of pins and reversals with Kofi. Kingston starts to “tune up the band” but Vinci blocks him with a spinebuster counter! In comes Kaiser with the Penalty Kick and both members work together to hit the Imperium Bomb! Holland tags himself in and whips Imperium out of his way, stealing the pin on Kingston! Imperium are in shock!
Your Winners and NEW Number One Contenders, the Brawling Brutes!

In Closing

Thank you all for attending our SmackDown results coverage–and again, thank you for your patience and understanding with the difficulties early on. Y’all have a great weekend and come back and see us Monday night for Raw!



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