WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (Sept. 9, 2022): Climate Pledge Arena – Seattle, WA

Welcome one and all to Friday Night SmackDown! Your host tonight is your Friday Night Friar, Hogan. Refresh this page frequently as we’ll have live coverage with updates about every ten minutes. Tonight’s show is coming to us live from Seattle’s Climate Pledge Arena.

Our official preview is up, and tonight features the return of Braun Strowman to SmackDown! Also set for tonight is an eight-man tag match when Hit Row & the Street Profits team up to take on Los Lotharios & Maximum Male Models. We’ll also have a Fatal 5-Way Elimination match–meaning a gauntlet match–as Ronda Rousey, Lacey Evans, Xia Li, Sonya Deville and Natalya all vie to be the next contender for Liv Morgan’s SmackDown Women’s Championship.

All this and much more, next on SmackDown!


WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (Sept. 9, 2022): Climate Pledge Arena – Seattle, WA


Opening Video: Drew McIntyre vs Roman Reigns, Clash at the Castle

We open quietly, and straight on the main event from this past weekend’s Cardiff premium live event. IN it, McIntyre has Roman dead to rights but NXT’s Solo Sikoa officially joined the Bloodline, helping his cousin Roman Reigns as his brothers–the Usos–were not present.

Welcome to SmackDown!

Sadly, it’s our first SmackDown without Pat McAfee, who’s going on hiatus for a few months during the NCAA Football season. Corey Graves is reunited with Michael Cole and they welcome us to SmackDown!

Six-Man Tag Team Match: the Brawling Brutes vs IMPERIUM

Sheamus, Ridge Holland and Butch (who is back to NXT look and form, sans name) make their way out first. IMPERIUM–Intercontinental Champion Gunther (WALTER), Giovanni Vinci (Fabian Aichner) and Ludwig Kaiser (Marcel Barthel) are out next, and the trio has been reunited; as we saw at Cardiff, Giovanni Vinci has been pulled up to the main roster and IMPERIUM are back in black. We start with Vinci and Ridge, followed by Kaiser. IMPERIUM are as effective as ever at cutting the ring in half, using quick tags to keep him isolated. Butch gets the tag in and immediately chooses to remind us of his reputation in NXT by attacking Vinci’s fingers, twisting and pulling the digits. Vinci tags in and here comes Gunther! Butch chest slaps the hell out of Gunther, who just absorbs it and fires a huge chop of his own–dropping Butch down immediately! Gunther urges Sheamus to come in–the two’s match at Cardiff is a must-see, very physical–and the crowd’s on their feet as Sheamus tags in! Both men begin to circle and…and…we go to commercial break at 8:09pm. BOO! .

We return from break and find Kaiser working over Ridge Holland, focusing his strikes on Ridge’s knee. Vinci takes the tag and drops Holland, cornering him in the IMPERIUM corner. Vinci prevents Holland from escaping and draws him back into the IMPERIUM corner, tagging in the Intercontinental Champion. As Gunther attempts multiple times to Suplex Holland, who keeps putting on the brakes, Cole talks about Gunther’s desire to purify the wrestling roster. He’s German, not sure we wanna use those connotations…but anyways. Gunther drops Holland and the two go back and forth, briefly, until Kaiser comes in. Butch gets the hot tag and cleans out, dropping Vinci with a step-up Enziguri before using a rope-rebound snap German Suplex to drop Vinci! Butch stomps the fingers and hits a low-angle roundhouse to the back of Vinci’s head for a close cover! Butch looks for an arm bar but Kaiser hits the ring to make the save. Butch slaps an arm bar on Kaiser until the ref orders Butch to break it so he can kick Kaiser out. Gunther uses the distraction to attack Butch from behind. Sheamus takes exception to this and stalks around the ring. Sheamus and Gunther begin to slug it out as the crowd pops big! The ref attempts to restore order as everyone’s basically down. Vinci and Butch, the legal men, re-enter the ring. They jockey for control in the corner. Vinci uses a brutal clothesline as a counter to a blocked kick, dropping Butch immediately and sending us to another break at 8:17pm!

Back from break, and Gunther’s still firmly in control of the ring. The Ring General dominates Butch, looking for a Boston Crab before slamming Butch into the canvas. Gunther stares at Sheamus and the crowd starts a loud “we want Sheamus” chant. Gunther fires off a cheap shot to Ridge Holland, knocking him off the apron and antagonizes Sheamus. Butch tries to use the distraction to rally but Gunther tags in Vinci. Vinci grabs Butch and tries to prevent the hot tag; Butch breaks free with a step-up Enziguri and this crowd is absolutely on fire as Butch makes the hot tag to Sheamus! Legit hot crowd, NXT Universe level! They pop big as Sheamus clears house, using an Irish Curse backbreaker to lay out Vinci and the Ten Beats of the Bodhran–completely with the crowd counting loudly with him!–to Kaiser, but gives him 25 because, y’know, inflation! Sheamus blasts Gunther of the apron and hoists up both Vinci and Kaiser to hit White Noise on both! The crowd erupts and are on their feet, giving the Celtic Warrior a great ovation. He fires up the crowd, pounding his chest, and fires off a Brogue kick.
Kaiser ducks under and Vinci eats it! Kaiser attempts to roll Sheamus up from behind but Sheamus kicks out at two! Sheamus with a Powerslam to Kaiser! Ridge is up and wants the tag so Sheamus brings him in! Ridge removes his elbow pad and hits a lariat to the back of the neck, covering Kaiser for two–but Gunther makes the save! Sheamus enters the ring and both men again get a roar from the crowd as they begin slugging it out! Butch and Vinci pair up, joining the fray, and the crowd’s on their feet again as all six men just start throwing blows! A god-damn slobber-knocker so far, twenty minutes into this match! Holland drops Kaiser with a running strike. Butch dives off the second rope and Vinci catches him mid-air, turning it into a Brain Buster counter! Butch is down! Gunther drops Sheamus with a running Big Boot at ringside. Kaiser checks his knee after falling awkwardly in the move and the ref checks on him. Kaiser tags in Vinci and the two work together to hit the IMPERIUM BOMB! Vinci covers for the one, two, three! Great, physical match!
Your Winners, IMPERIUM!

Solo Sikoa Joins the Bloodline

The Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions, the Usos, are out with the “honorary Uce” Sami Zayn. They hype up the crowd, with Zayn getting everyone to throw up “the ones.” They hype their younger brother and call him out. Solo Sikoa makes his way out with a new theme and entrance compared to his brief tenure in NXT. Solo gets a healthy amount of boos from the Seattle crowd. Solo gets on the mic and says if you cause problems for his family, he handles it. Drew McIntyre‘s music plays and out comes Drew with a steel chair! Drew looks to chair-shot Solo but Sami dives in the way, taking the shot. Drew chases the Bloodline off from the ring. Drew demands a match with Solo tonight, and Solo accepts! We head to break.

Tag Team Match: WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Aliyah & Raquel Rodriguez vs Toxic Attraction

Our tag champs are out for this non-title match. We’re reminded that the champs have their first defense against Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky. NXT’s former two-time tag team champions Toxic Attraction, sans Mandy Rose, make their way out next. We get picture-in-picture with a pre-recorded promo of Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne talking smack about their opponents tonight. We start with Jacy Jayne and Raquel Rodriguez. Jacy opens with chops; Raquel quickly takes control, overpowering Jacy. Raquel tags in Aliyah and military press lifts Aliyah, tossing her onto Jacy for a short cover attempt. Jacy hoists Aliyah up in a carry but Aliyah escapes and rebounds off the ropes, laying into Jacy with a Lou Thesz Press! Jacy power-rushes Aliyah into the Toxic corner and tags in Gigi. Gigi stomps away at Aliyah and whips her back into the corner, tagging in Jacy. Gigi whips Jacy into Aliyah; Gigi is whipped next into Aliyah and hits a Bronco Buster. Jacy covers for two. Frequent, frequent tags from Toxic Attraction–tags coming second apart at times–help Toxic maintain control. Gigi with a snapmare an d a kick to the spine, then takes time to mock Raquel. Aliyah endures the double-team work as Toxic Attraction continue to utilize fast tags, keeping a fresher woman in at all times. Aliyah weathers it for several long moments until Raquel can get the hot tag. Raquel lays out Dolin with a side slam, then hits her corkscrew elbow out of the corner for a close two. Raquel whips Gigi into the ropes and bends over, looking for a back drop, but Gigi has it scouted and kicks her in the face! Tag to Jacy, and Toxic prepare for a double-suplex. Aliyah hits the ring to take out Gigi, allowing Raquel to hit the Tejana Bomb on Jacy Jayne and pick up the win!
Your Winners, WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Aliyah & Raquel Rodriguez!

Fatal 5-Way Elimination Contendership Match: Xia Li vs Sonya Deville vs Natalya vs Sonya Deville vs Ronda Rousey

It’s time for our elimination match! Looks like we’re foregoing the gauntlet format and, instead, perhaps a battle-royal. Xia Li and Sonya are out first, followed by Natalya, Lacey, and lastly Ronda Rousey herself. Rules of the match: pinfall or submission eliminates you; no count outs and no DQ’s. The final woman left becomes the number-one contender for Liv Morgan’s title. The bell rings and the ring is cleared except for Natalya and Xia Li. Nattie targets Xia’s knee and looks for a Sharpshooter but Lacey Evans hits the ring, firing off a Woman’s Right. Sonya Deville takes down Lacey but finds herself drug out of the ring by Ronda, who slings her into the barricade. Rousey jaws off at the crowd and slaps an arm bar on Natalya, making her tap at 9:02pm. Natalya has been eliminated, 9:02pm. Lacey Evans attacks Rousey and Rousey slaps an arm bar on her, but Xia Li makes the save for whatever reason. Li looks for a cover but no joy. Li hoists up Ronda, but Ronda throws elbows and rolls through, threatening another arm bar. Lacey attempts to roll up Rousey from behind but Ronda escapes. Deville enters the ring and looks at Ronda; the two former MMA stars slap holds on both Lacey and Xia at 9:03! Xia Li & Lacey Evans have been eliminated, 9:03pm. We’re left with just Sonya Deville and Ronda Rousey!
Sonya puts her hair up and squares up as both women take on more of an MMA stance. Deville looks for a double-leg takedown but Rousey wrestles her to the mat. Ronda mounts Sonya and fires off rights. Deville attempts to escape as both women work the mat. Rousey grabs the leg and rolls through, struggling to her feet–and she botches a Piper’s Pit! Deville counters with a rear choke! Rousey drops back but Deville refuses to let go! Rousey rolls out to the floor and Sonya still on her back! Rousey slings their bodies into the barricade to break the hold finally. Rousey sends Deville back into the ring and follows, hoists Deville up and fires off the Piper’s Pit correctly this time. Rousey refuses to pin, instead grabbing the arm, playing to the crowd…and transitioning to an ankle lock instead of the arm bar! Deville is trapped and taps! Sonya Deville has been eliminated, 9:06pm.
Your Winner and NEW Number One Contender, Ronda Rousey!

Backstage: Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey…Teaming Up?

Ronda is walking backstage when Baszler approaches her. The two MMA veterans embrace warmly. Baszler wishes Rousey luck against Morgan and Ronda consoles Baszler for having lost her title shot in the past. Ronda and Shayna hint at teaming up to “break bones” soon as they both want revenge.

Eight-Man Tag Team Match: Hit Row & the Street Profits vs Los Lotharios & Maximum Male Models

We return to the ring and find the Maximum Male Models out alongside Los Lotharios. Hit Row are out to a decent pop, followed by the Street Profits. We start with Ashanti “Thee” Adonis and mån.sôör. Ashanti tags in Ford, who works mån.sôör over for a few seconds and tags in Top Dolla. The Maximum Male Models and Los Lotharios retreat to the ringside area as their opponents control the ring, sending us to a break! We return to find mån.sôör in control of Adonis. He tags in ma.çé and both men double-team Adonis, then pose for the camera. ma.çé works Adonis’ arm and tags in Angel Garza, who hits a Superkick and tags in Humberto Carrillo. Los Lotharios sucker punch Top Dolla, knocking him off the apron. Humberto sends Adonis outside and attempts a suicide dive but hits his own partner instead! Adonis tags in Dawkins and Humberto hits the ring–only to be tossed back like a rag doll by Dawkins Dawkins wipes out the Maximum Male Models and hits a spinning driver to ma.çé for a close call. Angel attempts to make the save and Dawkins sends him outside for it, and Adonis and Ford both decide to take advantage of the situation. Ford looks for a leaping move but Humberto stops him with a roundhouse. Humberto is popped out of the ring by Dawkins, who hits the tope con giro Ford wanted to do. Top Dolla enters the ring and the 6’5, 330-pound man looks for a suicide move of his own. Maxxine Dupri gets on the apron, blocking him. B-Fab gets into it with Maxxine, and Top Dolla kicks Max Dupri in the face. Top Dolla tags in Adonis, setting up a double-team finisher to pick up the win!
Your Winners, the Street Profits and Hit Row!

The Alpha Academy Shoosh’s the WWE Universe

We return from break and out comes Chad Gable & Otis! Chad is on the mic immediately as they head down the ramp, informing us that the Alpha Academy is back on the blue-brand “right where (we were) born.” He can tell by the “warm welcome” (it’s not that at all) that they’ve been missed and he gives the crowd a-thank yew, then asks them to shooooooooooooooosh, shoosh please. The crowd finally wakes up and gets into the boos. Gable announces the reason the Alpha Academy is here tonight is to ruin Braun’s return to SmackDown, since he ruined their tag opportunity Monday Night when he returned to Raw and destroyed everyone in the match. Gable claims both that they had the match won, and Braun attacked them from behind. He states it’s lucky for Braun that he did, otherwise Otis would have destroyed him. He claims Otis is a superior athlete like himself. “Here in Seattle, you don’t know anything about superior athletes.” Big boos! “That’s because Seattle is the type of city that couldn’t even hold on to their own professional basketball team.” BIG heat! Ouch! They don’t like that, haha. He shooshes them but the boos continue for a long, long moment. Now mention Russel Wilson! Haha the heat continues for well over a minute, complete with a long “you suck” chant. Gable calls them a bunch of idiots and offers to use his “genius” to show us how he turned Otis into “the one and only true monster–” and he’s interrupted by new-music-sporting Braun Strowman!

The Monster of All Monsters Doesn’t Get Shoosh’d

Strowman gets a great welcome. He enters the ring and Otis charges him; Braun with a big right, sending Otis into the corner. Gable attacks Braun from behind; Braun turns slowly and grabs Gable as he tries to flee. Gable is sent to the mat with a big boot. Otis charges Strowman in the corner, unloading with fists before executing a running splash. Gable sends Otis in for a second, but Strowman drops Otis with a shoulder tackle and drops Gable with a clothesline! Strowman rips off an effortless-looking Powerbomb, one each for Gable and the big man Otis! Otis’ powerbomb got a great pop as the big man made it look easy to bomb the 360 pounder!

Backstage Interview: Kayla Braxton with Drew McIntyre

Kayla asks Drew how it feels to get revenge on Solo Sikoa after Solo cost Drew the titles at Clash at the Castle. Drew sounds down, or solemn, and states he spent 21 years to get to Cardiff and should be the champ. He blames Solo, and addresses him via the camera, telling Sikoa that actions have consequences “and I promise you tonight, you’re not going to like the consequences of your actions.” We head to break ahead of our main event!

Singles Main Event Match: Drew McIntyre vs Solo Sikoa w/ the Bloodline

Drew McIntyre is out first for our main event. Solo Sikoa is out next, escorted by the members of the Bloodline present–the Usos and Sami Zayn. Fun fact related by Cole–Solo Sikoa, another son of Rikishi, is eight years younger than his brothers the Usos. The bell rings and both men immediately start swinging! McIntyre is early with a Future Shock DDT and looks for a Claymore moments into the match, but the Usos slide in the ring and Drew pulls up short. The Usos pull Solo out of the ring and we head to break! When we return, we find Drew and Solo locked up, with Drew powering out of it and firing off a chop to Solo. Solo answers with a strong Irish Whip and catches Drew on the rebound with a Samoan Drop for a two. Solo, billed as a Samoan street fighter or brawler, stomps away at Drew then uses the middle rope to choke him. As the ref forces the break and warns Solo, Jimmy Uso uses the distraction to sucker punch Drew. Solo and the Usos throw up “the Ones” and waste time jawing off. Solo pays for it when McIntyre fires off a pair of chops. Solo attempts to shut down his offense with a belly-to-belly suplex into a cover for two, but the Scottish Psychopath escapes and crawls to the corner.
Solo hits a running hip attack to a seated Drew in the corner, smashing his head into the bottom turnbuckle and a nod to the late, great Umaga. Solo yells at Drew to “get your ass up” and other insults. He slaps him and punches Drew as Drew slowly rises. Another whip from Solo to the corner, but Drew bounces out of the corner with a clothesline! McIntyre starts his comeback sequence, dropping Sikoa with a clothesline and a back elbow, then a belly-to-belly suplex toss! McIntyre ducks under a swing and hits a neckbreaker, kips up, and the crowd’s on their feet as McIntyre sets up in the corner! Jimmy and Jey Uso get on opposite aprons to distract McIntyre and solo rolls him up for two. McIntyre sends Solo to the outside then smacks Jimmy Uso. Drew calls to the crowd and threatens a suicide dive. Sami Zayn gets involved, gabbing his foot behind the ref’s back. Drew tosses Zayn into the ring and posts up in the corner, counting the crowd down for a Claymore! McIntyre charges in for the Claymore–and right into a Savate Kick, paying homage to Yokozuna, from Solo Sikoa! Solo covers for two! Solo and Drew stand toe-to-toe and throw hands. McIntyre with a Glasgow Kiss headbutt! Sami Zayn distracts the ref on the right-side of the ring, allowing the Usos to drag McIntyre out of the ring! The Usos double-team McIntyre until The Street Profits hit the ring to make the save! Sami Zayn joins the fray until Montez Ford wipes out the Usos, Zayn and his own teammate with a dive off the top! Back in the ring, Solo looks for a Samoan Drop but McIntyre wiggles free. McIntyre with a Claymore that sends Solo out of the ring! Suddenly the video goes black and white as Karrion Kross attacks! The ref calls for the bell as Kross slaps the Kross Jacket on McIntyre!
Your Winner by Disqualification, Drew McIntyre!

After the Match: Karrion Kross & Scarlett Dislike Drew McIntyre

McIntyre can’t escape! Scarlett encourages her man and talks off-mic to McIntyre. Drew attempts to power to his feet but Karrion Kross keeps the lock on, dropping back to the mat! Kross puts McIntyre to sleep! We fade to black and for several seconds, on a black screen, we hear Michael Cole begging for someone to do something as Kross has put Drew to sleep.

In Closing

And that does it for tonight’s program! Have a great weekend, stay cool, stay frosty and stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you all Monday Night for Raw.


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