WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results For June 12

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (6/12): Orlando, FL.

Welcome to eWrestling’s Results and Coverage for the 6/12/2020 edition of Friday Night SmackDown airing from Orlando, FL at the WWE Performance Center.

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Tonight’s edition of SmackDown begins at 8:00pm on Fox. Are you ready??

Show Opener: Jeff Hardy

We open our show with Jeff Hardy from last week and scenes from two weeks ago, where Jeff was arrested for supposedly driving drunk and hitting Elias. We see his mugshots from over the years. Jeff goes on to tell us that eyewitnesses showed up to say that the perpetrator was someone with red hair and a red beard, and Jeff took every alcohol test the cops gave. We see Sheamus coming out to confront him, and calling Jeff a junkie.

Jeff tells Sheamus that he’ll be damned if he lets Sheamus get away with trying to take everything away from him. Sheamus tells Jeff not to worry about the disappointment his wife and daughters will feel…they’re used to it. We then see Sheamus and Jeff brawling last week and hear Sheamus reiterate that Jeff is just a junkie.

In the Ring: Renee Young (Contract Signing)

Renee takes a moment to remind us that this Sunday, Sheamus and Jeff will face each other at Backlash. She tells us that WWE officials want these two superstars to sign a contract. Out first is Sheamus to a chorus of boos. Out first is Sheamus to a chorus of boos. Sheamus comes to the ring, accompanied by a doctor and a trio of personal security. Sheamus says the personal security are there for Jeff.

Sheamus comes to the ring, accompanied by a doctor and a trio of personal security.

Out next is Jeff Hardy as his music sounds over the speakers of the Performance Center. The crowd behind the Pleixglas begins to cheer and clap as Jeff hits the stage, making his way down the ramp and entering the ring. Renee starts off speaking to Sheamus as she asks Sheamus what this is all about. Sheamus says he brought a curtain out for Renee’s benefit. Jeff accuses Sheamus of hitting Elias; Jeff claims Sheamus has tried to ruin his life but at Backlash, he’s going to end this.

Sheamus starts off by saying that Jeff’s history of pills and booze are well known, and that he spoke with WWE officials and Jeff has to take a urine test right now. Sheamus says there’s no way he’s going to step into the ring with a junkie. A chorus of boos. Sheamus yells “it’s the truth!” Jeff says “My name is Jeff Hardy, and I’m an alcoholic. And if this is what I have to do to get to you, that’s fine.

Alcohol, addiction, since my early 20’s” and talks about letting his fans, family and self down. He says he goes to meetings every week. And he’s sick and tired of being sick and tired. Sometimes all it takes to quell the demons inside is to be in the presence of a bastard like Sheamus. Jeff agrees to go along with this B.S. just to get his hands on Sheamus at Backlash.

Sheamus says most tests take a few days to get results, but Doctor Crushinbell has a rapid results test so they can get results right now, and Sheamus paid for the whole thing himself. He then asks Renee to step out of the ring so Jeff can take the test. Jeff steps into the curtained box with the doctor to give a urine test. Sheamus looks at the camera and says he has a public service announcement: if you’re a user, you’re a loser, just like Jeff.

Sheamus tells Jeff to hurry up as people have things to do. The doctor and Jeff step out with a pint full of urine. The doctor keeps eyeballing the urine. Sheamus makes cracks about Jeff having a lot to drink at the bar earlier. Sheamus tells the audience and the people at home to “just say no” as he smiles and turns back to Jeff.

The doctor dips the test strip into the scary large amount of urine that Jeff Hardy just released into the jar behind the black screen. Jeff turns his focus to Sheamus as he states, “Ya know, sometimes it’s better to be pissed off… then pissed on” with that Jeff takes the jar from behind his back and throws it in Sheamus’s face. The crowd begins to chant, “You got pissed on! You got pissed on!” Sheamus removes his shirt and wipes his face as he gags and breathes heavily with anger and disgust.

Hardy already exited the ring and is halfway up the ramp as he looks back at Sheamus who is now retching and trying to catch his breath. We head to commercial break.

Backstage – Sheamus

Sheamus is gargling and spitting out water. The doctor comes in and tells Sheamus that Jeff’s test results came back negative.

Announce Table

Corey Graves and Michael Cole are our announcers tonight as usual. They tell us the test results are great news for Jeff. They plug the Intercontinental championship finals later tonight.

The New Day vs Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura

“Don’t you dare be sour, and give it up, for your eight-time tag team champions, and feel the power!” Out first is Kofi Kingston and Big E representing the New Day, they head down the ramp and enter into the ring first. Both superstars kneel while raising one arm, fist clenched, for about ten seconds before going back to their usual antics.

Out next are their opponents. First to make their way to the stage is the Swiss Cyborg, Cesaro. Out next is Cesaro’s teammate, Shinsuke Nakamura. The two superstars make their way down the ramp and enter the ring where they join Big E and Kofi Kingston for tonight’s tag-team match up. Big E is dancing in the ring to Shinsuke’s theme music.

The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match officially begins. Things start off between Cesaro and former WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston. Cesaro locks Kofi’s arm; Kofi flips and spins, utilizing Cesaro’s own arm lock to go for an early pin, but gets nothing. Kofi goes into the ropes and comes rushing back but Cesaro catches Kofi and spins him in the air, hitting a wicked back breaker. Cesaro tags in Nakamura.

Nakamura lines up in the corner but Kofi charges and hits a double foot. Nakamura rolls outside. Big E is tagged in. Big E tosses Kofi over the top ropes to the outside, taking out Nakamura. Before Kofi can even celebrate, a big boot from Cesaro takes out Kofi. Big E hits a huge clothesline on Cesaro. Big E takes Nakamura back into the ring.

Cesaro heads into the ring and hits an uppercut, and we go to commercial with Cesaro & Nakamura taking control.

As we return from commercial break, commentary members Michael Cole and Corey Graves inform us that Cesaro & Nakamura have maintained control throughout the commercial break. Cesaro is working Big E’s arm. Cesaro makes the tag; Nakamura hits a big knee and covers but gets nothing. Another tag back to Cesaro, who locks Big E in that shoulder/arm lock. Cesaro sends Big E into the corner and follows. Big E picks up the Swiss Superman and slams him down. Both men tag their partners. Kofi in, hitting a great comeback sequence of jumping lariats, a drop kick, a jumping forearm and culminating in the Boom Drop on Nakamura.

The crowd chants “New..Day Rocks!” Cesaro on the apron to distract Kofi; Nakamura takes advantage and attempts a pin. Kofi turns it into a pin of his own and Cesaro breaks it up. Kofi goes up top, Nakamura chases him up top. They’re punching it out on the top rope. Kofi looking for a Splash, Shinsuke pulls up his legs just in time, and rolls up Kingston for the three count pin and win!

Winners: Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura

Backstage – Mandy Rose, Otis & Tucker

Mandy’s wearing a Canadian Tuxedo and wishes Otis good luck. She reminds him not to forget his Money in the Bank case. Tucker tells Otis this is their night, and tonight the Universal Champion Braun Strowman is their partner tonight, insinuating that Otis may want to cash it in. They’re distracted then as the camera pans over to see Sheamus and Jeff brawling back stage as officials futilely try to break it up. We go to commercial.

Announcer’s Table

Michael Cole reminds us that we’ve got a big six-man tag team match ahead of us later tonight. Corey then hypes the Intercontinental Championship title with a video package showcasing some of the greatest to wear the belt. They cover how the belt has been a pillar of excellence. We get clips of the belt with the Miz, Ultimate Warrior, Razor Ramon, British Bulldog, Bret Hart, Stone Cold, Mr. Perfect, etc. Corey says that while Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles both boast unique accolades, there journey set them apart. Daniel Bryan took a respectable approach, taking no shortcuts, whereas AJ took a more calculated approach and took his bye.

We see clips of the tournament, showing Daniel Bryan fighting through multiple opponents to get to the finals whereas AJ had a bye week. Corey’s voice over asks who will join the lineage of legends and become timeless?

Intercontinental Championship Finals
AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan

AJ Styles comes out first as Michael Cole reminds us that the inaugural champion was Pat Patterson in 1979 and illustrious names such as Macho Man Randy Savage have held this title. Out next is Daniel Bryan to “Yes” chants. We’re reminded that Sami Zayn was the champion but the title was stripped as he couldn’t defend it. We get the official announcements. From Gainesville, GA weighing in at 217 pounds is AJ Styles! And his opponent, from Aberdeen, Washington and weighing in at 210 pounds is Daniel Bryan.

Ding ding goes the bell and both men circle each other. They lock up and Daniel locks on to AJ’s left arm, twisting it and holding it. AJ rolls through and reverses the move, twisting Daniel’s arm. Daniel looks like he’s setting up for a Russian Leg Sweep but AJ twists Bryan’s left arm and works it. Daniel rolls through and hits a drop kick, knocking Styles down into the corner. Both men get to their feet. Daniel extends an arm, looking for a test of strength. AJ reaches out but kicks Bryan into the gut and sends Bryan into the turnbuckle.

AJ and Daniel lock up; AJ with a throat thrust. Daniel retaliates and sends AJ out to ringside and we’re sent to commercials.

We’re back from the break and Daniel Bryan has AJ face down on the mat, left arm locked behind his back. Bryan hits two knee drops to the lower back. Bryan cranks the right arm back, trying for a unique submission turned into a pin but Styles gets out of it. Daniel Bryan rebounds off the ropes; Styles leap frogs.

Bryan bounces off the other side of the ring but AJ catches him with a dropkick to the face. AJ now in control, with a chop to AJ. Daniel Bryan fights back, and hits a snapmare takedown on AJ but he can’t lock anything in. Styles quickly locks in an arm lock as they get to their feet and twists Bryan’s arm behind him, then yanks it hard enough to send Bryan to the mat.

Bryan gets back in control and goes for the Surfboard submission but is having issues with his left arm, so he hits a Surfboard Knee Stomp. Bryan locks in an ankle hold then hits the single-toe knee breaker. He hits it again, holds AJ’s legs and rolls them over, attempting a pin. Styles kicks out at two.

Bryan takes AJ to the corner and hits a kick, another, and another! Styles runs to the opposite corner and charges back but AJ blocks it. Both men lock up; Daniel rolls into a pin; AJ reverses into a pin; Daniel rolls it over into a pin; AJ reverses it again into a pin. Both men break the hold and hurry to their feet, but AJ sends Daniel back down to the canvas. We go to commercials. No way am I doing this match justice–watch this later if you can, it’s a very good, very technical match.

Back from the break sees both men locked up. Daniel twists AJ’s left arm and hits an arm breaker over his shoulder. He hits it again. He takes AJ down to the mat by the left arm and attempts a pin but AJ kicks out. AJ tries to lock in the Yes Lock but AJ squirms out of it and catapults Daniel Bryan into the ropes and out of the ring. AJ springboards over the ropes but Daniel catches him and sends AJ shoulder first into the ring post. AJ’s writhing in pain, that left arm is hurting. Daniel up on the apron and pulls AJ’s left arm around the ring post while AJ stands ringside, and jumps up to stomp the left arm.

Both men in the ring and Daniel Bryan keeps wrenching and twisting that arm. Bryan sends Styles to the mat and stomps the left elbow. Again, Bryan stomps the left elbow. Bryan goes back to the Hammerlock and is wrenching AJ’s arm at a sickening angle. Daniel rolls AJ over by the arm for a pin but AJ rolls out of it. Bryan pulls AJ to his feet and takes him to the corner, wrenching the arm. Bryan whips AJ into the opposite corner and runs, trying to hit a drop kick; AJ sidesteps it. Both men are down.

AJ starts to get some offense in, stomping away at Daniel in the corner as we’re reminded that Miz has had 8 IC title reigns; Honkey Tonk Man held the title for over 400 days for a record. Daniel rolls to the middle of the ring. Styles turns his focus to Bryan’s left knee and hits a leg pick. Styles drags Bryan to the ropes and hooks Bryan’s left knee over the middle rope with his toes caught under the bottom rope, then slams Bryan’s body down. It looks twisted in a sick way.

The ref warns AJ to get off the ropes. Finally Bryan to his feet, limping and hopping. AJ grabs the left leg of Bryan to twist it but Bryan converts it into a step up Enziguri. Both men are slow to their feet. AJ goes up top but Daniel stops him. Daniel gets AJ in the corner and hits several kicks. Bryan lifts AJ up to a seated position on the top rope and climbs up, hitting a Hurricanrana.

AJ rolls to his knees in the middle of the ring. Bryan starts the Yes Kicks but AJ catches his leg on the third time and rolls, twisting Bryan down by the leg. Both men are down on the mat as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Bryan and AJ are exchanging blows after blows after blows. AJ breaks the cycle of violence with a kick to the leg; AJ charges Daniel but he sends AJ outside. Bryan sets up and runs for the suicide dive but AJ gets on the apron and blocks it with a knee. AJ goes for the Phenomenal Forearm but Bryan catches him and drops AJ down into an arm bar. AJ rolls through it, reversing it into a calf crusher!

Bryan is trying to reach the ropes but he can’t reach them. Styles squirms their way to the center of the ring and keeps the calf crusher on. Bryan reverses it into an armbar and goes for the Triangle but AJ lifts Bryan up, rising to his feet. Bryan slips out of that and kicks AJ, sending him to his knees. Bryan yells and hits a vicious kick and goes for the cover but only gets a two.

Bryan goes back to working the arm, hitting an arm breaker. Bryan sits AJ up on the top rope in a rear seated position, and climbs up behind him. AJ hits back elbows, knocking Bryan down. AJ still resting on the top rope. Daniel Bryan recovers and delivers a forearm splash to the back of AJ. Once again, Bryan climbs up behind Styles and once again, AJ fights him off with back elbows. Bryan again with a quick recovery and forearm from behind. For a third time, Daniel Bryan climbs the ropes to the top, arms locked around Styles waist. Daniel finally hits the back suplex off the top rope. Both men are down and we go to commercial again! For Backlash to be advertising for the “greatest wrestling match ever,” they sure are letting Styles/Bryan put on a technical clinic of a match. A long match, too!

Back from the break Styles works the knee. Styles and Bryan exchange moves. Pele kick by Styles. Styles hits a Snap Brainbuster but only gets a two. Both men are exhausted, down on the mat. The crowd claps to fire them up. Styles slow to his feet; Bryan’s still down. Styles pulls Bryan to his knees. He signals for the Styles Clash but Bryan rolls it up for a pin attempt, the same move Gulak did to Styles to defeat him last week. Bryan with a waist lock on AJ and hits two German Suplex bridges with pin attempts.
AJ reverses and has AJ in the waist lock and hits a German of his own. Daniel Bryan reverses it and hits a German Suplex with a bridging pin attempt but only gets a two. Daniel keeps the waist lock in and as they go to the mat, Daniel turns it into a Yes Lock! AJ is trying to get to the ropes. AJ gets his foot on the rope, forcing the break.

Bryan is visibly frustrated as “Yes” chants fill the arena. Bryan grabs AJ’s arms and stomps his face. Then again. Then multiple times before releasing him. Bryan goes to the corner and fires himself up, setting up the running knee. He starts a yes chant. Styles slow to his feet. Bryan charges for that running knee but AJ catches him in midair and turns it into a Styles Clash! AJ can’t make the cover, though, he’s exhausted. AJ crawls to the apron, then uses the ropes to get to his feet. Daniel gets up to his feet just in time for AJ to launch (and he REALLY gets some height on it) and hit the Phenomenal Forearm! AJ pins and gets the in!

Winner and NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion: AJ Styles

After the Match

We are immediately sent into highlights from the match. Daniel is rolling around, holding his knee. AJ is presented the belt down on the mat. He finally makes his way to his feet, and Renee interviews him in the ring. She congratulates him on finally winning the only belt that’s eluded him. She asks him how it feels. He says “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m the best champion the WWE Universe has ever seen. I am phenomenal.” His music plays as he lays on the ring mat to catch his breath, holding his belt up to check it out. Meanwhile, Daniel is still holding that knee and the ref is checking on him. AJ makes his way to his feet, holds his belt up high, and we cut away.

Video Package: Braun Strowman, The Miz & John Morrison

We see clips last week of Miz & Morrison pulling pranks on Braun all night, including dropping green paint on Kayla Braxton who’s furious. We see the Miz talking about his strategy–angry monsters make mistakes. We see them destroying the windshield of Braun’s rental car. Miz promises that by the time we get to Backlash, Braun Strowman’s life will be a living hell. When Braun comes out, they’re in their van laughing. Finally Braun realizes they’re in a white van, and tries to get in. They lock the doors. Braun tells them that they’re two dead men and then lifts the van up on it’s side, rolling it over. He laughs at them as they’re in the sideways van.

Backstage w/ Braun Strowman

Braun says a lot is going on tonight, with Sheamus raising hell; a new Intercontinental champion; Miz and Morrison lurking somewhere. Braun says he’s not in the mood for any BS tonight, and if Tucker and Otis try anything tonight, he’s going to obliterate some Heavy Machinery.

In the Ring: Getting Ready For …

We see crewmen setting up balloon arches and we’re told that it has something to do with the new Women’s Tag Team Champions, who will be up next! Half an hour to go and we still have a six-man match ahead of us! Here’s some commercials!

Women’s Tag Team Championship Celebration

The Boss Sasha Banks comes out first, wearing white and holding her tight over her shoulder. Out next is Bayley wearing her Smackdown Women’s Championship around her waist and carrying her tag title over her shoulders. Both women approach the announcers and show them their belts, then give Michael Cole shades to put on so they can take a selfie with him and Corey. We’re reminded that this Sunday, at Backlash, is a triple threat Women’s Tag Championship match between the Iiconics, Bliss & Cross, and the current tag champs.

Bayley gets on the mic and is angry that they’re being booed. She yells that this is their party and the crowd is lucky they’re even invited. The crowd starts a “you suck” chant. Bayley says that she doesn’t suck, because she’s got two belts. She says its lonely at the top when you’ve beaten everyone and you’re the most dominant Smackdown Women’s champion in history. But she’s not lonely because she’s got da boss, da blueprint, Sasha Banks.

Sasha tells us that she told us so, but we didn’t want to listen. She said they’re the role models. She says that they told everyone they’d win the titles back when they wanted to, and they did. She says that she and Bayley are best of friends and unstoppable.

Bayley wants to read a poem she wrote but is interrupted as Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross come down to the ring. Bliss says its fine to have a celebration, but she draws the line when it comes to poetry. Bayley is yelling that they’re ruining their celebration. Nikki tells them it’s okay. The Iiconics come up on the big screen and have some facts. Fact: they’ve both beaten Cross & Bliss recently. Fact: they ended the Boss n’ Hug Connection’s first title reign. And fact: you probably shouldn’t turn your backs on Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss. At that, Bliss & Cross attack Banks and Bayley, and toss them out the ring. The Iiconics blow kisses on the big screen as Bliss & Cross celebrates. Bayley holds her face and yells “you stupid idiots, we’ll see you Sunday!”

Kayla Braxton Backstage With The Miz & John Morrison

The Miz and Morrison want to debut a new music video, and one starts called “HEY! Hey Hey!” but before it can get more than half a minute in, Braun Strowman makes his entrance, interrupting it. We’re reminded that Braun Strowman will face the Miz & Morrison in a 2 on 1 handicapped match for the Universal title. Out next are his tag team partners, Mr. Money in the Bank Otis and Tucker representing Heavy Machinery! Otis struts around the ring with the case as Braun points at him and warns him, and we go to commercials!

Braun Strowman & Heavy Machinery vs. Dolph Ziggler, The Miz & John Morrison

Back from the break and Otis is still celebrating with Tucker. Finally, Dolph Ziggler, the Miz & Morrison make their way out. Braun yells at Miz & Morrison as the heels stay ringside. Braun climbs out the ring to go after them. The ref yells at everyone to get to their corners. Starting the match are Otis and Dolph.

Otis goes for Dolph but he hops out the ring, tagging Miz. Miz is hesitant to get in. Otis suplexes Miz over the ropes and into the ring. Otis tags Tucker, and they hit a double team drop. Miz tags in Morrison. Morrison wraps a headlock on Tucker. Tucker throws Morrison into the ropes and flips him over his head for a back drop, but Morrison lands on his feet!

Morrison sent to the mat by Tucker. Braun is calling to be tagged in. Morrison tags in Dolph who locks up with Tucker, but is sent to the mat. Tucker tags in Otis, who immediately tags in Braun. Heavy Machinery grab Braun and throw him into Dolph in the corner, flattening him. Braun tags in Tucker who hits a beautiful Stalling Suplex on Dolph.

King Corbin comes up on the big screen and a camera follows him backstage. Corbin comes up to Mandy, and wants to talk about last week when Otis stole Corbin’s crown. Otis leaves the ring and runs backstage.

Corbin says that he knows Mandy is fantasizing about being with a man, being with a king, being with Corbin himself. Otis shows up and confronts Corbin, then starts whippin’ him like a government mule! We cut to commercial.

Back from the break and Otis has not returned from the locker room yet. Tucker is in the ring being worked over by Dolph. Dolph has a headlock on Tucker down on the mat. Crowd is chanting “Tucky” as he tries to escape the hold, but Ziggler drags him to the mat and keeps it on. Ziggler continues to wear down Tucker. Tucker to his feet to try to tag Braun; Miz distracts the ref, allowing Dolph to pull the hair of Tucker and send him to the heel corner.

Morrison is tagged in and controls the pace, working Tucker’s arm. Tag made, here comes Miz. Tucker uses his legs to send Morrison out of the ring; Miz approaches and gets mule kicked out of the ring too. Dolph tries to come in and stop the tag but Tucker escapes! Tucker goes for the hot tag but Miz & Morrison yank Braun off the apron and double team him outside, slamming him face first into the floor. Dolph works over Tucker as Otis and Mandy come to ringside. Tucker hits a big kick on Dolph to make some space and finally tags in Otis slams Dolph; belly to belly on Miz. Slams Morrison down. Dolph hits Otis in the midsection, but Otis just jelly belly shakes it off. Another hit to Otis’ gut; no reaction. Otis tosses Dolph out the ring. Braun calls for the Freight Train and charges around the ring, running over Miz, Morrison, then Dolph. He sends Dolph into the ring and Otis hits the Caterpillar, pinning Dolph for the win!

Winners: Braun Strowman & Heavy Machinery

After the Match

Mandy joins Heavy Machinery & Braun Strowman in the ring. Strowman holds his Universal title up high; Otis holds his Money in the Bank briefcase up high.

That’s it for tonight’s Smackdown. Don’t forget to check back here Sunday night at eWrestling.com for Matt Boone’s coverage of WWE Backlash.


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