SmackDown Go Home Edition Results

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (04/09/21): ThunderDome – Tropicana Field Arena, St. Petersburg, FL

Welcome to’s LIVE results coverage for the Friday, April 9th, 2021 edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown “Go-Home” Edition which airs LIVE on the Peacock TV Network from the ThunderDome II at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida at 8/7C! This week’s “Go-Home” Edition is the final episode for the blue brand which leads us into this weekend’s two-night action packed WWE WrestleMania 37 pay-per-view event set to take place on the grandest stage of them all Saturday, April 10th and Sunday April 11th! This is officially the LAST STOP on the road to WRESTLEMANIA 37!!

As advertised for the Friday, April 9th edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown “Go-Home” Edition, just two days before they square off in the highly-anticipated Universal Championship Triple Threat Match, the WWE Universe will hear from The Head of the Table, The Leader of the “Yes!” Movement and The Ultimate Opportunist as they prepare to collide on The Grandest Stage of Them All?

The final stop on The Road to WrestleMania will feature a Special WrestleMania Edition of SmackDown, this Friday at 8/7C on FOX! And make sure to tune into WrestleMania this Saturday and Sunday April 10 and 11 streaming LIVE on Peacock! That, and much more starting tonight at 8/7 C on the Peacock TV Network!

Featured below are complete results of the Friday, April 9th, 2021 edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown “Go-Home” Edition which airs live at 8/7C on the Peacock TV Network! The following report was written by eWrestling’s longest running female reporter, Jamie Rush. Follow Jamie on Twitter @JamieRush312.


Opening Video Package – “Last Week’s SmackDown”

As we kick off the Friday, April 9th, 2021 special “Go-Home” Edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown, we are immediately sent into a video package highlighting the events that took place during Last Week’s SmackDown episode with Daniel Bryan stating “Everybody saw the WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns TAP OUT to Daniel Bryan!!” as we head into the events leading up to Bryan unleashing a new side of himself as the leader of the “Yes” Movement went on a rampage attacking both Edge and Roman Reigns to close last week’s show!

Inside The ThunderDome

As the video package from Last Week’s SmackDown episode comes to an end, we then head into the ThunderDome II at Tropicana Field Arena in St. Petersburg, Florida as we are officially welcomed by the commentary team of Michael Cole and Corey Graves who are sitting at the announcer’s table at ringside as we get prepared for the first segment of tonight’s “Go-Home” Edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown on Peacock TV!

In-Ring – Daniel Bryan

Following our official welcome to tonight’s special “Go-Home” Edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown leading us into this weekend’s two-night WWE WrestleMania pay-per-view event, we get the entrance theme for the leader of the “Yes” Movement, Daniel Bryan! As the theme plays through the speakers of the Tropicana Field Arena, Bryan makes his way to the stage first to a pop from the crowd! Bryan then does his sideways skip down the ramp to the “Yes! Yes! Yes!” chant from the crowd as he makes his way into the ring to address the WWE Universe!

As Daniel Bryan enters the ring, he quickly grabs the microphone and begins to speak as he reminds the WWE Universe that we are close to the biggest event of the year set to take place on the grandest stage of them all. Bryan continues on to state that he is looking forward to seeing the pyro and the smoke inside of Raymond James Stadium and he’s most excited to see the WWE Universe in person once again!

At this point Bryan gives a round of applause to the ThunderDome inside of Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida as to not under-sell the ThunderDome’s amazing ability to keep the wrestling fans a part of the show during the Covid-19 pandemic! Bryan then adds that it’s just that there’s nothing like wrestling in front of a live audience especially at WrestleMania! Bryan then continues on to state that there’s ALSO nothing like winning the Universal Championship in the main event of WrestleMania for a pop!

The crowd begins the “Yes! Yes! Yes!” chant once again from their monitors in the seats of the ThunderDome as Daniel Bryan chants along! Bryan then states that he cannot wait to hear the chant in person once again. Bryan then changes the subject from “Yes” to “No” as he states that most of his career has been centered around the latter. “Is Daniel Bryan big enough?” No. Best for business, face of WWE, deserve to be in WWE, deserve to be in the main event–all were “no”… that is, in the past. Bryan then continues on to state that if the WWE Universe were to ask Roman Reigns, Edge, Batista and others then no, he doesn’t have a chance.

But Bryan then states that he believes in himself and believes he can, and will, win. All of the “no’s” from his doubters are what led him to say “Yes…yes…yes.” Once again the WWE Universe breaks into a “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” chant from the monitors inside the ThunderDome arena. “Because every time life told me ‘no’, I said yes. ‘Will Daniel Bryan ever be able to wrestle again?’ Doctors said no, I said yes.” Daniel admits that this will be one of the biggest, if not the biggest match of his career.

Daniel goes on to question “which Daniel Bryan” Edge and Roman Reigns will face this weekend at WrestleMania in the Universal Championship Triple Threat Match for the title. Bryan then states that it isn’t going to be the “General Manager” Daniel Bryan… It DEFINITELY won’t be the “Family Man” Daniel Bryan… Bryan then states they are getting the “BEST DAMN DANIEL BRYAN” (who also happened to ‘tap-out’ Roman Reigns he might add) and will kick in Edge’s head.

Bryan finishes his segment in the ring as he informs the WWE Universe that he is willing to do anything to win, and he says there’s one last question, and it’s directed at the WWE Universe. He then asks, “Can Daniel Bryan walk out of the main event at WrestleMania as the Universal Champion?” The crowd then breaks into the “YES! YES! YES! YES!” chant as Daniel Bryan exits the ring. (That was a slick promo and finishing question, very nice DB, very nice!)

Backstage Interview – The Street Profits

Next we head backstage where Kayla Braxton is standing with Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins of The Street Profits. Braxton asks them both how they feel about the tag title opportunity set to take place tonight. The Street Profits state they are excited when suddenly the tag-team duo of Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode sneak up from behind and immediately attack both Ford and Dawkins!

Main Stage Of ThunderDome

The brawl ends the interview abruptly as the fight makes it’s way out to the main stage inside the ThunderDome. We see that Chad Gable and Otis of The Alpha Academy are already out on the stage where they immediately jump into the brawl. Suddenly Rey and Dominik Mysterio jump into the brawl as well and we have an all out war of the tag-teams going on! The commentary team announces that when we return the Tag-Team Fatal 4-Way Match will be underway, but first, we head to the commercial break!

Fatal Four-Way Match
The Street Profits vs. The Alpha Academy vs. The Mysterios vs. The Dirty Dawgz

As we return from the first commercial break of the evening, we are welcomes back to the “WrestleMania SmackDown On Fox” by the commentary team as we head into the Fatal Four-way Match-Up with the tag-teams of The Mysterios members Rey and Dominik, Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins representing The Street Profits, the Alpha Academy members Chad Gable and Otis, and the tag-team of Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler each in a different corner of the ring. Inside the ring we have Chad Gable with a take down to Dominik Mysterio as the commentary team continues to hype the Tag-Team Championship Match that is currently in progress.

Next we see Otis from the Alpha Academy come running into the ring with a Slam to Dominik Mysterio following Gable’s take-down to Mysterio. After than we see Dolph Ziggler of team Dirty Dawgz make the blind tag to immediately head in for the early pin-fall attempt to no avail as Mysterio kicks out at the two to continue the match up! At this point we see Ziggler make the tag to Robert Roode. Roode enters the ring with Dominik and immediately gets Dominik locked into a Chin Lock submission hold. Next Chad Gable tags back in and delivers multiple blows to the back of Dominik.

Gable continues to dominate the match as Dominik struggles to break free from Gable’s grip. Gable focuses on the arm of Dominik at this point until finally Dominik counters a Slam attempt by Gable. Dominik quickly looks for the cover, Gable kicks out at the two to continue the match. At this point Dominik is ready to hand things over to dear ol’ dad, so he makes his way to his corner to tag in Rey Mysterio who enters the ring for the first time in this match-up! Rey makes his way into the ring and immediately picks up the pace of the match, forcing Gable to attempt to keep up with the lucha libre before Gable catches Rey mid-air from a high flying attempt.

The veteran Rey Mysterio is able to quickly reverse the move into a DDT! At this point Dominik returns to the ring to help daddy-o as both Rey & Dominik knock all the remaining tag-team competitors off the apron! Next Rey hits a dive from the middle rope just as Dominik dives to the outside to put every wrestler on the ground outside the ring as we head to yet another commercial break!

As we return from the commercial break yet again, we head back to the ring where The Street Profits member Montez Ford and the Dirty Dawgz member Robert Roode are the two legal men in the ring. A Dropkick from Ford lands Roode on the canvas as Ford heads in for the cover. Roode is able to get his shoulder up at the two count to continue the match up. Both men make their way back to their feet as Roode looks for a Suplex on Ford, but Ford is able to flip out of the attempt and quickly lands a hard right hand to Ziggler. At this point Roode applies a Spine Buster to Ford for the take down. Suddenly, Alpha Academy’s Otis tags in for a cover on Ford before Rey Mysterio quickly enters to break it up!

At this point Otis hits an Irish Whip on The Street Profits member Ford. Otis follows up by sending Ford into Gable who hits his Northern Lights Suplex following up with a pin combo for the two count on Ford. As Ford kicks out, we see Ziggler quickly tag in to apply a Chin Lock to Ford. Ford struggles momentarily but ultimately breaks free only to once again be taken down with a Drop Kick. Ford having had enough of the offense being taken to him, he decides to go for a Powerbomb on Ziggler. At this point both Robert Roode for Dirty Dawgz and Angelo Dawkins for The Street Profits make their way into the ring as they are both tagged in at the same time. Dawkins immediately takes out Roode and Gable.

This leads to Rey Mysterio again making the tag to enter the ring. As Rey enters, he quickly clears the ring before finally making the tag to his son, Dominik. Before Rey exits back to the apron, The Mysterios decide to hit some double team action as they proceed to hit double 619s to the champions! This allows Dominik to quickly make the cover, only to have it broken up by Otis. This leads The Street Profits members Ford and Dawkins to enter the ring and immediately throw out Otis. Finally we get a Dive from Ford that lands directly to Otis on the outside.

To finish up the match we see both Gable and Dawkins tag in as they make their way into the ring and we get a back and forth pin attempt from both Gable and Dawkins. Finally Ford tags in and lands his epic high flying Frog Splash just as Robert Roode tags in. Ziggler quickly Superkicks Ford sending him to ringside and Roode makes the quick cover to Gable for the three count pin and win to retain the titles!

Winners: Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode

After the Match

The winners and STILL tag-team champions, The DIrty Dawgz members Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler who celebrate their victory inside the ring as we head to replays and highlights from the match up!

Backstage Interview – Bianca Belair

Next we head backstage where we see Bianca Belair being interviewed about her upcoming title match against the current reigning champion, Sasha Banks. Belair states that she is both excited and nervous for WrestleMania, but then adds very clearly that she is “ready” for Banks. Belair continues on to state that she will definitely defeat Banks and that we are currently looking at the soon to be NEW SmackDown Women’s Champion. Belair states it will be the “greatest night of her life” to end the interview. On that note, we head to commercial break!

Quick Announcement

We head to ringside where Corey Graves and Michael Cole discuss the WWE Network now being part of the Peacock TV Channel. On that note, we head to commercial break!

Promo – WrestleMania 37 (Night 1 & 2)

As we return from the commercial break, we immediately head into a video promo for WrestleMania 37 which is set to take place over two-days on Saturday, April 10th and Sunday, April 11th. On commentary, Corey Graves states there are still limited combo tickets on sale and informs the WWE Universe to check their local ticketmaster.

Nia Jax vs. Tamina Snuka

We go back to the ring and out first are the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions – Nia Jax with Shayna Baszler and Reginald. Out next comes Tamina Snuka with Natalya. Tamina enters the ring as they stare each other down. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and they lock up with Jax easily putting Snuka down and talking some trash. Snuka meets her and they lock up again. Snuka shoves Jax down this time. Jax rocks Tamina but Tamina back-hands her. Tamina unloads and beats Jax into the corner as the referee pulls her off.

Reginald gets on the apron but Tamina grabs him. Baszler grabs his leg to try and pull him back to the floor. Jax takes advantage and levels Snuka. Jax drops Tamina again and kicks her around while taunting her. Tamina gets up swinging but Jax knocks her back down. Jax puts a boot to the head in the corner as fans boo. Jax and the referee have words. Jax whips Tamina into the corner and charges but she hits the ring post shoulder-first as Tamina moves.

Tamina goes to the top but Jax decks her. Tamina headbutts Jax back to the mat. Baszler gets on the apron and distracts Tamina but here comes Natalya. They end up in the steel ring steps. Jax pulls Tamina off the top but Tamina slides out and superkicks her, then catches her with a Samoan Drop in the middle of the ring for a pop. She goes for the pin but Baszler hits the ring for the disqualification.

Winner by DQ: Tamina Snuka

After The Match

Natalya runs in and attacks Baszler to stop her. The champs retreat up the ramp with Reginald as Natalya and Tamina regroup in the ring.

Backstage – The Riott Squad

Next we head backstage where The Riott Squad is standing with Kayla Braxton. Before the interview can get underway, Billie Kay and Carmella immediately interrupt the interview. Kayla asks The Riott Squad about possibly winning the titles at WrestleMania. Carmella mocks them with a glass of champagne in her hand. Carmella says the titles will belong to she and Billie. Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke interrupt next. Naomi and Lana arrive now. All four teams start brawling.

Natalya and Tamina Join

At this point we see both Natalya and Tamina show up from the ring and they get involved in the brawl as well. Tamina takes out Liv Morgan and Natalya takes out Mandy Rose, who are the last two who were standing. Natalya and Tamina are all smiles as they walk off with the other teams recovering on the ground.

Vignette – Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins

Next we head into a short vignette that highlights the match-up between Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins which is set to take place at WrestleMania 37 coming up this weekend following weeks of back and forth between the two that started with Rollins return after a hiatus from WWE. Rollins believing that Cesaro “disrespected” him most of all. Cesaro has been “spinning” things with Rollins for weeks now heading into this weekend’s WrestleMania match up!

In-Ring – WWE Hall of Famer Edge

As we return to the ThunderDome, we re-enter the ring as the entrance theme for WWE Hall of Famer Edge makes his way out to the stage. Edge then heads down the ramp and enters the ring, all while walking with a steel chair. Edge enters the ring and unfolds the chair. As he sits down, we head to commercial break!

We return from the commercial break where we see Edge still inside the ring, sitting in the steel chair he brought with him to the ring before the break. There is a spotlight on Edge. Edge begins as he says he knew what he wanted to do with his life after seeing WWE Hall of Famers Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania 6. Edge then continues on as he talks about having to manifest things from his dreams. He became a WWE Superstar who accomplished everything… he then changes his tone as he states the only thing he didn’t accomplish, was “ending his career on his terms”. Edge continues on with the same speech we’ve heard about how he had his career ripped away from him when wrestling was all he wanted to do.

Edge continues on to share how he fought and ripped his career right back from the hands of fate. He didn’t come back for some greatest hits tour, to be a shell of his former self, he came back to steal the show and main event WrestleMania. At this point, Edge addresses Daniel Bryan saying this could be his last WrestleMania. He says a month in Bryan’s career is like a year in his own. He says Bryan used sympathy as a factor to weasel himself into this match. Edge then adds how he and Bryan had different ideas to get into the match and somehow this has made a Triple Threat.

Edge says a one-on-one match, a clash between titans of two eras now has some indie bookstore troll sticking his nose in their business. Some fans boo that line. Edge addresses WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns now. He say Reigns walks around here acting like everyone owes him something. Edge says he owes nothing to Reigns, but Reigns owes him. Edge calls Reigns a Samoan Edge because he came in with a three-man group, he did his entrance through the crowd, and he uses a Spear. But he thinks Reigns is good. He goes on and says they had their match ripped away, and the fans also had the match ripped way, but he thinks some of the fans are onto Bryan now, except for the lemmings who chant “yes!” like they used to do the “what!” chant.

Edge mentions how this match is happening 10 years to the day he was forced to walk away, but that’s not acknowledged or mentioned in video packages, but if it was Bryan, that narrative would be drilled into the ground. Edge says he hasn’t received the respect he deserves since he’s been back. He touts his Royal Rumble performance and says he shouldn’t have to jump through hoops. He has come back from something no one in the history of sports has come back from, and we have no idea the amount of pain he’s experienced to get this back. He’s not a part-timer and he’s not phoning it in.

He’s doing top rope hurricanranas, competing at a level that no one has coming from this kind of injury. That is a slap in the face to him and his work ethic. Edge says so now it’s time for him to take and demand the respect he deserves. People will put respect on his name. In case you forgot or you never knew, he is The Rated r Superstar. Call it fate, God’s way or whatever you want, he is the next Universal Champion because he’s dreamed it, and now he will manifest it. Edge stares down wide-eyed as he gets a pop from the crowd. His music hits.

Backstage – Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville

Next we head backstage where we see Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville together as they discuss the Universal Title Triple Threat Match set to take place at WrestleMania 37. Deville begins by stating she doesn’t think it’s fair that Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode had to defend their WWE SmackDown Tag-Team Titles against 3 other teams tonight. She also doesn’t think the Triple Threat at WrestleMania is fair. Yes Daniel Bryan probably deserves a title shot somewhere, but it should be Edge vs. Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. This leads to Sonya Deville walking off.

Backstage – Sasha Banks

We again head backstage where we see Sasha Banks having a discussion with Kayla Braxton as we head to commercial break once again!

Video Package – Big E

As we return from the commercial break, we head into a video package highlighting Big E who is back in Tampa, Florida which is his hometown! Big E states that WrestleMania 37 will be taking place in “his city”, Tampa. Big E takes us through the downtown Tampa area as he points out his high school, Tampa Preparatory School, and declares that Tampa “taught him discipline” as well as stating that Raymond James Stadium is where he played his high school championship game yeeeears ago. E then adds that it is also where Apollo Crews’ Intercontinental Championship dreams die. E finishes by stating that he will walk in with the title, and walk out with the title this Sunday.

Quick Announcement

As the video package comes to an end, on commentary Michael Cole informs us that rapper Wale will perform Big E’s “Feel The Power” theme at WrestleMania.

Video Recap – Randy Orton/The Fiend/Alexa Bliss

At this point we head into another video that recaps the events between The Viper Randy Orton as well as The Fiend and Alexa Bliss. Bliss hypes the upcoming WrestleMania match. We then go through different events being highlighted that led to Randy Orton being burned inside the ring as well as The Fiend’s return. Bliss finishes by stating that at WrestleMania 37, Randy Orton’s legend “will die”. (Brutal!) On that note, we head to commercial break!

Video – Drew McIntyre vs. Bobby Lashley Match For WrestleMania

We begin the video with commentary stating, “Last year, the Scottish Warrior made history at WrestleMania,” commentary then continues on to ask the question, “…will history repeat itself?”. They then show a graphic highlighting the WrestleMania 37 match-up of WWE Champion Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre for the opening match of night one of the two-night WrestleMania 37 pay-per-view event!

Video – “Last Friday’s SmackDown” – Red Carpet Premiere Of Sami Zayn’s Documentary

Next we head into a video that is hyped as the Progressive Match Flo of the week which is from “Last Friday’s SmackDown” showing where Sami Zayn held a “Red Carpet Premiere” of his controversial documentary that Zayn believes will “expose” the conspiracy perpetrated against him.

We then see Sami Zayn introducing his “guest of honor” which just so happened to be internet sensation and “social influencer” Logan Paul! Zayn irratically welcomed and spoke to Paul before showing the first-ever screening of his documentary trailer! Logan Paul then says that Kevin Owens told him that there was no conspiracy which upset Zayn even further as he asked “Wh-what are you doing?!” stating he knew what Owens believed, he wanted PAUL’S thoughts, when suddenly Kevin Owens appeared from behind Zayn and delivered a stunner, stating he will “stun Zayn back to reality”.

As Owens exited the ring he gave Paul a slight shove that left a noticable expression of disbelief on Logan Paul’s face to end the segment. We then get a graphic highlighting the match between Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn with special guest Logan Paul who will be in attendance at WrestleMania as the “guest of honor” for Zayn.

Announcer’s Table

“Because of what happened last week, Sami Zayn took things into his own hands this week” according to commentary as we head into a video of Sami Zayn from “Earlier This Week…” where Sami Zayn “surprised” Logan Paul in Miami with his documentary film crew as Zayn states he’s there to see his “good friend” Logan Paul. As Zayn walks up to Logan Paul who is sparring with his brother Jake Paul in a boxing studio, Logan Paul asks Sami Zayn what he’s doing there. Zayn states “He’s such a joker”.

Zayn then decides it would be a good idea for the three to spar together, he just needed to go to his car to get his “gear” as he exits out a side door, he remembers he doesn’t know where he parked and as he turns to say something to Logan, the door closes shut, locked. Zayn bangs on the door to which a security guard for the boxing studio answers and states, “We’re closed” and Zayn argues stating he was just there with Logan Paul, the security guard reiterates they’re closed and shuts the door, leaving Zayn looking stupid outside of the door in the parking lot. The video ends and we return to ringside where Michael Cole and Corey Graves discuss the video.

Announcer’s Table

As the video comes to an end, we return to ringside where Corey Graves and Michael Cole are sitting at the announcer’s table discussing the video we just saw of Sami Zayn when suddenly Sami Zayn showed up and jumps on commentary stating that that is “classic media bias” as they only showed the parts of the video that focused on their “angle” of the events including Zayn getting locked out of the boxing studio. Zayn states that was a misunderstanding, and Logan Paul then gave the security guards hell, Zayn then had lunch with the Pauls right after that.

Corey Graves then chimes in stating, “You know how he’s telling the truth?” Graves turns to Zayn and asks, “What did Logan Paul have for breakfast?” Sami Zayn stutters but then states that he had “uh uh… gr-gray-gray-grapefruit… grapefruit salad! It doesn’t matter. Trust me, listen to me, listen to me. It’s FINE. Everything’s FINE between me and Logan Paul. Everything’s gonna be fine.” The music begins playing as the next segment comes up and we see several wrestlers making their way to the ring.

Michael Cole asks, “Can we discuss the segment that’s coming up?” to which Sami Zayn says no, they can talk about him and his match and what’s going on for WrestleMania… when suddenly Kevin Owens appears from out of nowhere and ambushes Sami Zayn at ringside!

Kevin Owens Attacks Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn runs off and jumps over the barricade and hauls tail out of the ThunderDome as Owens shouts, “I’ll see you at WrestleMania Sami!!”

Andre The Giant Battle Royale
Akira Tozawa vs. Cedric Alexander vs. Drew Gulak vs. Angel Garza vs. Elias vs. Erik vs. Gran Metalik vs. Jaxson Ryker vs. Mace vs. Tucker vs. Humberto Carrillo vs. T-BAR vs. Kalisto vs. Ricochet vs. Lince Dorado vs. Murphy vs. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Mustafa Ali vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Slapjack

We head to commercial break as the entrants for the “Andre The Giant Battle Royale” make their way down the ramp and enter the ring! The match set to take place when we return from the commercial break!

As we return from the commercial break, we see that King Baron Corbin makes his way out as his entrance theme sounds in the arena (apparently he is important enough to not be bunched in with the rest of the competitors before the commercial break!) Next we get a ring entrance for Jey Uso as well who gets his own ring entrance as his theme sounds in the arena. Jey makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring. We see the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy at ringside. We get the official introductions as the referee stands in the center of the ring ready to start the match. The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and this match up is officially underway!

To start the action in this battle royale, we see Jey Uso going back and forth with Mustafa Ali as Drew Gulak and T-BAR begin to go at it as well. Next we see Angel Garza and Gran Metalik locking up as Ricochet heads at Elias. Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander team up to eliminate Akira Tozawa. After Tozawa’s elimination, Alexander and Benjamin continue to use their double team action to go at Tucker and they successfully eliminate him as well. At this point, it is noticed and everyone gangs up and attacks Alexander and Benjamin inside the ring.

At first Benjamin is tossed by several of his opponents, they then turn their attention to Alexander and begin to toss him as well. Next we see Slapjack turn his attention to Murphy just as we head back to commercial break!

As we return from commercial break, we return to the ring where Gulak is fighting to maintain his position inside the ring as T-BAR is attempting to dump him over the ropes to ringside. In a different area of the ring we see Erik going to work on Ryker when suddenly his buddy Elias jumps in to make the save, allowing Ryker to continue in the match up! Erik works on Ryker but Elias makes the save. Elias and Ryker eliminate Erik. Ryker tosses Lince to the apron but he makes it back in.

Next we see T-BAR and Mace team up to eliminate Drew Gulak. After Gulak’s elimination, T-BAR and Mace head over to Carrillo where they proceed to send him over the top landing on Gulak on the outside to eliminate Carrillo. At this point Elias and Ryker decide to team up as they head over to Slapjack and use their double team action to eliminate Slapjack. After that, Ryker and Elias both head towards Mace and T-BAR and they four proceed to brawl it out until finally T-BAR and Mace successfully eliminate Elias and Ryker at the same time. Suddenly Mustafa Ali comes sneaking up from behind and he immediately eliminates Mace. Ali celebrates as if that were the only person he had to eliminate to win the match when suddenly T-BAR heads over to send Ali out of the ring, but before he can do so, Murphy jumps in.

This leads to T-BAR shoving Murphy back then T-Bar and Ali go back and forth until finally Ali is able to overpower (somehow) T-BAR and T-BAR is officially eliminated. Next Ali turns to look who to go after next when suddenly Murphy levels Ali with a big Running Knee. We then see Lucha House Party reunite in the center of the ring as Metalik and Lince turn on Kalisto and double team him. Kalisto quickly fights his way out of the corner but Dorado gets the upper hand and quickly eliminates Kalisto. Right after that we see Metalik eliminate Lince, his own partner! Ruthless! Next, Corbin grabs Metalik and the two begin to brawl back and forth as Corbin struggles momentarily but ultimately eliminates Metalik as we head to commercial break!

As we return from the commercial break, Angel Garza is on the apron as he is trying to over power Murphy to re-enter the ring. Inside the ring we see King Corbin and Ricochet going at it as well as Mustafa Ali and Jey Uso. As Nakamura comes up to Ali, suddenly Mustafa and Jey team up and decide to double team Shinsuke! Angel Garza delivers multiple Elbow Drops to Murphy until finally we see the pants come off!! Suddenly Corbin runs over and eliminates Murphy, launching him into the barrier at ringside. Back in the ring, Angel Garza turns his attention to Shinsuke Nakamura as he powers him into the corner. Nakamura struggles momentarily but ends up powering out of the corner and ends up eliminating Garza.

At this point, Mustafa Ali, Shinsuke Nakamura, Jey Uso and King Corbin are the only ones remaining inside the ring with the chance to walk away the victor of the Andre The Giant Battle Royale! Inside the ring we see Mustafa Ali and Ricochet going at it as they spill out to the apron. Suddenly Ricochet lands a Big Knee to Ali, Ali is then sent off the apron to the outside as Mustafa Ali is eliminated. Next we see Jey Uso hit Ricochet with a Superkick and Ricochet is eliminated from the match up! Finally we see King Corbin and Jey Uso double team Nakamura in the center of the ring. Uso suddenly Superkicks Corbin, then sends him over the rope, but Corbin is able to hang on and quietly pulls himself back into the ring.

Nakamura and Uso are going back and forth and Nakamura sends Jey out to the apron, but this time it’s Jey who is able to hold on to the ropes and not fall out. Nakamura charges but instead Corbin is eliminated! With only two competitors left, we see Shinsuke Nakamura and Jey Uso begin to strike one another back and forth in the center of the ring, giving it their all as to become the winner of this match up! Nakamura hits the STO and then looks to hit the Kinshasa, as he heads in, Uso delivers a Superkick that connects to Nakamura! Nakamura returns with a Kinshasa to Uso anyway as he returns to his feet. Finally, Nakamura looks to toss Uso out but Uso grabs him and launches him over the top rope to see Shinsuke Nakamura eliminated! Uso is the last man standing for the victory!

Winner: Jey Uso

After the Match

Immediately following the match, Jey Uso heads to ringside as his theme music hits. He kneels down and points to where his name will be added on the plaque of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Trophy. Jey Uso then heads over to the trophy and does hsi best Andre the Giant pose with his arms crossed when…

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns Interrupts

Leave it to his cousin to take the shine out of Jey Uso’s moment! Reigns music sounds in the arena as he makes his way to the stage with his “special counsel” Paul Heyman. Back at ringside, Jey Uso looks on a bit confused as he is still standing next to the trophy. The WWE Universe begin to “boo” Reigns and Heyman from the monitors inside the ThunderDome. At the top of the stage Roman Reigns stops to raise his Universal Championship belt and pyro goes off around him.

At this point Jey Uso makes his way up to the ring where Roman Reigns stands. The two hug it out as the pyro goes off once more and we head to commercial break!

Back from the commercial break and the crowd is chanting “You Suck! You Suck! You Suck!” from the monitors in the audience of the ThunderDome which looks to really be pissing off Reigns.

Reigns states he doesn’t feel he needs to be there as he is not a politician or running for President, he doesn’t have to “sell himself to the fans”. Reigns continues on to state he has “bigger things” to worry about because he’s in a match that he doesn’t have to get pinned to lose. But while he’s here, he might as well state the obvious. At this point Reigns begins to hype Sunday’s match as he adds he’s going to retain the title, that’s a given.

Reigns continues on as he says show day is the “easy day”. Finally Reigns begins to talk trash about both Daniel Bryan and Edge as he states they’re only part of the match because they happened to have a “good day” or a “good week” on the show. Reigns then adds that he’s been doing it strong consistently every week since SummerSlam, for 30 weeks in a row. Reigns then adds that “the numbers don’t lie” as he informs the WWE Universe, “Who do you think changed the ratings for this show?” and “Who made this title relevant, into the one that everyone wants?” Roman Reigns.

Reigns then brings up how Bryan continues to state that he forced Reigns to “tap out” which then leads into a “you tapped out!” chant from the crowd of monitors inside the ThunderDome. Reigns raises his voice over the chants and states that if Bryan really did that, he’d be champion, but he’s not and never will be because on Sunday he can’t make Reigns tap. At this point Reigns turns his attention to the Rated-R Superstar once more as he begins to trash talk Edge for saying he had his career snatched from him. Reigns calls them dreamers and says that’s where the story ends, and his begins. Reigns then informs the WWE Universe that he is at the head of the table because he’s not a dreamer, dreamers are selfish. He says he’s the man with the plan and everything he touches has purpose.

At this point Roman Reigns states that he “saves careers” and he then looks to Paul Heyman as he adds, “Right Paul?” Reigns then goes on to ask his cousin Jey Uso who gave him the greatest year of his career. But Reigns isn’t going to do that for Edge and Bryan, he’s not making their dreams come true, he’s crushing them. Reigns says like Heyman says, this isn’t a prediction, it’s a spoiler – in the main event of WrestleMania, he’s going to wreck everybody. They will see millions of dollars of pyro go off, then hear the whole world acknowledge him.

Reigns seems satisfied at that, and his theme sounds as he makes his way out of the ring.

Announcer’s Table

As Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman make their exit, we return to the announcer’s table where Corey Graves and Michael Cole proceed to hype WrestleMania 37 weekend on WWE Network and Peacock TV. This concludes the WWE Friday Night SmackDown “Go-Home” Edition leading into WrestleMania 37 weekend. SmackDown on FOX goes off the air!

See everyone tomorrow night for WWE WrestleMania 37 (Night One)!

**That’s all folks! Be sure to return tomorrow night for WWE WrestleMania 37 (Night One) Results right here at!! As always, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay awesome! RUSH OUT!!**


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