WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (10/9/2020)

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (10/9): Night 1 Of WWE Draft 2020

Welcome to the October 9, 2020 results for WWE Friday Night SmackDown – WWE Draft 2020 Edition here at eWrestling.com where results and coverage are LIVE throughout the show!

Tonight’s edition of SmackDown has the blue brand prepared for the WWE Draft 2020 and has a lot in for us as eWrestling’s own Matt Boone announced earlier today: Night One of the WWE Draft is highlighted by a SmackDown Women’s Championship Match between Bayley and Sasha Banks, Kevin Owens battles The Fiend, Big E squares off with Sheamus in a Falls Count Anywhere Match and much more.

Featured below are WWE Friday Night SmackDown for Friday, October 9, 2020, written by eWrestling.com’s most popular female reporter, Jamie Rush. Follow me on Twitter @JamieRush312.

WWE Friday Night SmackDown -WWE Draft (Night 1) LIVE Results (10/09/20)

Show Opening

WWE Forever plays us into tonight’s opening for WWE Friday Night SmackDown where the entire landscape of the WWE is shifted tonight in the WWE ThunderDome at Amway Center in , FL which is hosting tonight’s Night One 2020 WWE Draft!

Michael Cole and Corey Graves welcome us from ringside as they state how the evening will go:

Over 20 Superstars have been deemed eligible for the draft including Asuka, Roman Reigns, and so many others. If a champion is drafted to another brand, that championship will go with them to the new brand.

Stephanie McMahon Joins

Once again, Stephanie McMahon precedes over the 2020 Draft picks. Stephanie steps up to the podium and welcomes everyone for the two night event! “The first pick of the first round, RAW picks, Drew McIntyre!”

Drafted to RAW: Drew McIntyre
Drafted to SmackDown: Roman Reigns
Drafted to RAW: Asuka
SmackDown Draft: Seth Rollins (No longer the “Monday Night Messiah”??)
RAW Drafted: The Hurt Business

Cole states there are the first 5 picks for the WWE Draft!” Graves agrees, “What a way to kick off the 2020 Draft! The Monday Night Messiah moves to SmackDown!”

Backstage Interview – Seth Rollins

Kayla Braxton asks Rollins how it feels to be drafted to SmackDown. Rollins states, “It was never about the name. It was always the message that mattered the most. After spending almost my entire career as a RAW Superstar, I’m thrilled to be jumping to SmackDown. Got new paths to carve, new trails to blaze. It’s exciting, I will say I’m a little heart broken though, I won’t be there in person to see the Mysterio family implode. Luckily for me, I’ll never have to take a look at their disgusting faces ever again.” With a and change of attitude Rollins finishes, “Alas, onward we go, ‘the greater good’ will move on to Friday Nights…”

Big E vs. Sheamus

“Awwwww ThunderDome, don’t you dare be sour, clap for your 8 time champs, and FEEL the power! It’s a New Day!” Big E’s entrance theme continues as he makes his way to the stage hyped and ready for his match this evening! Big E enters the ring and awaits his opponent. Out next is Sheamus in all his Irish glory! Sheamus struts down the ramp and joins Big E inside the ring.

(We see a video clip from last month of Sheamus luring Big E into the parking garage only to attack him.)

We return to the ring and Sheamus has a confident on his face. The referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and the match begins. Sheamus flattens Big E to kick things off. Sheamus goes for the cover, Big E kicks out! Big E hits a Uranagi on Sheamus. Big E launches through the ropes to collapse Sheamus to the floor at ringside then immediately goes for the cover. Sheamus kicks out at 2. Falls count anywhere. Big E begins looking under the ring for a weapon. Grabs a kendo stick.

Sheamus gets a hold of the kendo stick and begins to tee off on Big E from the outside of the ring. Sheamus then crawls under the ring to look for something different. Big E grabs a of duct tape and he duct tapes the ankles of the Celtic Warrior! Big E drags him partially out, then re-picks up the kendo stick. Sheamus tries to hop away as Big E returns the hits with the kendo stick! Sheamus flips over the barricade as we head to the first commercial break of the evening!

We return from commercial break and Sheamus has somehow gotten the duct tape off his ankles and both superstars are backstage. Sheamus pours flour all over Big E, then proceeds to hit him with eggs. Big E collapses to the floor as Sheamus says, “we’re having too much fun” and begins to drag Big E through a door and into a hallway as Sheamus kicks and shoves Big E who is crawling on his knees now. Commentary states “this has been all Sheamus”. Big E back to his feet, taking a broomstick to the back of Sheamus’s head. Now right across the back of Sheamus. Big E grabs a conveniently placed empty steel trash can and begins to beat Sheamus with it repeatedly.

Big E muscles Sheamus in through a door and out into the parking garage outside of the security entrance at Amway Center. Sheamus crawls backwards and puts his hand up saying, “I was just trying to help ya…” as Big E takes a boot to the face of Sheamus. Big E walks towards Sheamus at the front of a , suddenly Big E is folded in half as Sheamus strikes with a tire iron! Sheamus looks for White Noise, hitting again onto the windshield! Sheamus goes for the cover, Big E kicks out at two!

Sheamus drags Big E and tries to shove him into an (again conveniently unlocked) ‘s drivers seat. Sheamus then slams the door over and over into Big E shouting, “Get. In. The. . How am I supposed to close the door if you don’t get in the ?” He then drags Big E to the back of the and attempts to shut him in the trunk, Big E puts his foot up to stop the trunk door from slamming.

Big E muscles Sheamus in through a door and out into the parking garage outside of the security entrance at Amway Center. Sheamus crawls backwards and puts his hand up saying, “I was just trying to help ya…” as Big E takes a boot to the face of Sheamus. Big E walks towards Sheamus at the front of a , suddenly Big E is folded in half as Sheamus strikes with a tire iron! Sheamus looks for White Noise, hitting again onto the windshield! Sheamus goes for the cover, Big E kicks out at two!

Big E throws kicks to the face of Sheamus and Big E is able to climb out of the trunk. Sheamus back to his feet, hits a Brogue Kick that lands into the . Big E slams Sheamus across the hood. Both men are bloody and sweaty as Big E climbs onto the hood of the and drags Sheamus to his feet, lifting Sheamus for the Big Ending through a (wouldn’t ya know it) ticket table RIGHT next to the ! Big E goes for the cover for the three count pin and win!

Winner: Big E

After the Match

Both superstars are panting and continue to lay on the table as we turn attention to The Boss vs. Bayley coming tonight.

Later tonight Kevin Owens vs. The Fiend.

In-Ring – Jey Uso

Jey Uso’s sounds as Jey makes his way down the ramp towards the ring.

We head into a video clip from 2 weeks where Roman Reigns states, “You will NEVER take my place at the head of the table!” after attacking him on the stage above the ramp! Jey will confront his cousin after the commercial break!

Backstage Interview – Big E

Big E is congratulated on his victory and told “From the looks of it, this match took a pretty heavy toll on you…” as Big E stands covered in … flour… basically a Big E cake mix. Before Big E can respond, Kofi Kingston makes his way into the shot with his head down, looking up to congratulate Big E on his victory… AND XAVIER IS HERE TOO! Big E looks honestly surprised with a huge on his face! New Day is finally back together again, baby! states something is missing… the tag titles. The three then begin a “New Day Rocks” chant as we head back to the ring!

In-Ring – Jey Uso

We head back into the arena where Jey calls out Roman Reigns! “Big , what’s it gonna be Use?”

Uso asks what the stipulation to their match at Hell in a Cell is and paces a few moments waiting for a response. He doesn’t get one and says he gets it, Roman only comes out on his own terms, but it’s lockdown with the Uce that got the juice, and—

Paul Heyman Interrupts

Paul Heyman cuts him off, appearing on the tron. He tells Jey to stop embarrassing himself by trying to dictate the appearance of the Universal Champion, because that’s at the champ’s leisure and discretion. Reigns applauds his tenacity, but if you get too ambitious and step into the ring, well, he rolls footage of Roman beating the holy hell out of Jey in their match last month.

Roman Responds

Roman appears on the tron and says when he was a kid, his dad— Jey’s uncle— said in this business, to believe nothing that you hear and only half of what you see, but what you just saw… you can believe that. He tried to help Jey, to make his life better, and all he had to do was say the words.

Acknowledge him as tribal chief, so now, for the first time, inside Hell in a Cell, there will be an “I Quit” match. But, he warns him, there will be consequences.

Backstage – Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon is seen chatting with five-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce to send us to break.

Stephanie McMahon Announcement

Stephanie McMahon comes to the stage to reveal that New Day will be taking on Cesaro Vs. Nakamura for the SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

Round Two Draft Pics

Raw Drafts AJ Styles
SmackDown Drafts Sasha Banks
RAW Drafts Naomi
SmackDown Drafts Bianca Belair
RAW Drafts Shayna Baszler & Nia JaxRAW in round two is AJ Styles to Monday Night RAW.

AJ Styles Reacts

AJ Styles appears from his home and he is furious. Styles says he should have been the number one draft pick, not rubbing elbows with addicts like Jeff Hardy and neckbeard Sami Zayn. He’s going to RAW and he will be Phenomenal.

The Miz & John Morrison vs. Jeff Hardy & Matt Riddle

The match starts with John Morrison and Matt Riddle. The Bro catches a kick from Morrison and hits a suplex, then tags Jeff. Riddle gets on all fours and Jeff runs off his back to hit Broetry In Motion. Miz runs in but gets thrown over and out, then Jeff gets down on all fours and Riddle jumps off him and over the ropes onto the heels as we take a break.

We return from commercial break and the action returns as the heels are in charge but Riddle gets a hot tag and he runs over Miz and Morrison. Riddle hits a few overhead suplexes and running forearms. Morrison comes back but Hardy intercepts him with a Twist of Fate. Riddle then catches Miz with a Broton and that’s all she wrote.

Winner: Jeff Hardy & Matt Riddle

After the Match

LARS SULLIVAN IS HERE! “The Freak” begins marching down to the ring. Riddle runs at him, Sullivan Clotheslines Jeff Hardy, then Power Slams Matt Riddle to the canvas. Hardy back to his feet, Sullivan takes care of that as he Clotheslines Hardy to the canvas once again, then manhandling Hardy and Riddle once again. The 330lb Sullivan looks as Morrison tries to drag Miz out of the ring. Clubbing blows to Miz from Sullivan. Miz is thrown into the turnbuckle and then Sullivan hits a Power Slam on Miz! Sullivan stares into the camera and growls as we head into replays!

We head to commercial break.

Draft Picks Third Round

We return from commercial break as Stephanie McMahon is ready to begin round three of the draft picks. McMahon says while The Freak made a surprising return on SmackDown, he will return to RAW.

RAW Draft Pick: Ricochet
SmackDown Draft Pick: Jey Uso
RAW Draft Pick: Mandy Rose
SmackDown Draft Pick: Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio
RAW Draft Pick: The Miz and John Morrison

Backstage – Mysterios

Seth probably thought he was through with the past… but the past isn’t through with him! Let’s kick his ass!” Rey says to his son, Dominik backstage!

Sasha Banks vs. Bayley

Sasha Banks begins her entrance dance as her entrance theme plays her in. Banks makes her way down the ramp and hops up onto the apron as pyro goes off behind her! Out next is Banks’ former “bestie” Bayley. Banks stares hard as the 361 day champion Bayley carries a steel chair to the ring. Bayley stops to hold up her championship title. Bayley trash talks Banks as she makes her way onto the apron and climbs into the ring. The referee seperates the two as the match is officially announced. Sasha gets in Bayley’s face as her name is announced. Sasha slaps Bayley before the bell!

The referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and the match begins! Sasha hits a Knee to the face of Bayley. Sasha begins throwing hands and windmill slaps Bayley over and over. Bayley slides out of the ring and out of harms way! Sasha realizes Bayley is trying to get a count out victory and drags Bayley back into the ring locking in the Banks Statement. Bayley rolls her for a two count, Sasha counters and rolls Bayley for a two. Lots of fast paced action. Bayley hits a Clothesline and has intensity in her eyes! Banks clutches at her neck as Bayley drags her to her feet. Banks Statement once again, Bayley desperately struggles to the ropes, Banks lets go at 3. Bayley rolls to the outside. Bayley strikes Banks who tries to pull her back into the ring. Bayley hits Banks with a chair, getting herself disqualified!

Winner by Disqualification: Sasha Banks but STILL Women’s Champion: Bayley

After the Match

Banks sends Bayley face first into the chair in the corner of the ring. Banks grabs the chair and strikes Bayley across the back. Then again. And again.

Progressive Clip Of The Week

During “The KO Show” where Alexa Bliss is the guest, she tells Owens to “LEt Him In” and suddenly The Fiend appears to deliver the Mandible Claw.

Quick Announcement

For the first time ever, The Fiend vs. Kevin Owens on Friday Night SmackDown.

Backstage – Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens is seen taping his wrists in preparation for his match tonight with The Fiend as Alexa Bliss walks up all creepy-like and without blinking states, “Let him in….” and we head to commercial break.

SmackDown Tag-Team Champions Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura vs. The New Day

We return from commercial break just to see an awkwardly laying Nakamura finishing his entrance with Cesaro! Representing The New Day, Kofi Kingston and Xavier as their sounds in the ThunderDome!

We head back to The Horror Show at Extreme Rules 3 months ago where Kingston was injured, and Xavier was out on an injury of his own with an Achille’s tendon tear)

The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and Xavier starts things off with Cesaro! Cesaro is sent flying across the ring. Cesaro returns with a Clothesline of his own taking to the canvas. throws multiple strikes and ducks under two Clotheslines, hitting a big Right Hand on Cesaro, knocking Shinsuke off the apron. Kingston tags in. Kingston goes for the cover, Nakamura enters with a kick to Kingston to stop the pin count as we head to commercial break!

We return from commercial break and the action continues. Kingston flies off the top and Cesaro counters with an Uppercut on Kingston as he lands for a pin attempt. Kingston kicks out at two. Cesaro tags in Nakamura, Cesaro with the swing, is driven to the floor. Kingston back to his feet. Trouble In Paradise to Cesaro! Shinsuke with a pin attempt, Kingston kicks out at two. Trouble In Paradise by Kingston, off the top from opposite side, lands an Elbow Drop for the cover and the three count pin and win!

Winners and NEW SmackDown Tag-Team Champions: The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier )

Stephanie McMahon Concludes The Final Round Of Draft Picks

Stephanie congratulates The New Day on their victory.

RAW Drafted The New Day
SmackDown Drafted Big E

After the Match

Xavier Demands, “Say Big E! Say Big E!” McMahon continues and states SmackDown drafted Big E. Kingston shouts, “Why would you do that? Why? WHy would you do that?

RAW Drafted Dana Brooke
SmackDown Drafted Otis
RAW Drafted Angel Garza

In The Ring

The New Day TRIO stands in ring, red eyed with tears streaming as we go to commercial break.

Backstage – Otis & Tucker

We return from commercial break Otis states, “Tuckie, I got drafted to SmackDown, but you didn’t, what does that mean?” Tucker tells Otis not to worry about that now, Miz and Morrison got drafted to RAW, and hopefully they’ll drop the frivolous law ! Otis practices “law words”

“You must be Otis” a process server states. Otis opens the envelope, The Miz’s is filing a continuance. Otis says he’s ready now, and he got legal pens! “NO YOU’RE OUT OF !” Tucker says Miz has no legal standing, and is drawing this out to drain Otis dry. Otis states, “Tuckie! No one. Drains out MY moisture!”

Ringside Commentary

Michael Cole takes us to a clip from earlier tonight, showing Bayley delivering a strike to Sasha Banks’ neck. Bayley then getting an intentional disqualification by striking Banks in the midsection with a chair! Banks calls Bayley a coward as she retreats.


Bayley, you coward, I shoulda known you would intentionally getting yourself disqualified. You want hell? You got it! Me and you, locked. Inside Hell, in a cell. Bayley, I’m gonna break you. I’m gonna end everything there is about you. You used to be my best friend, and I used to love you so very much. But at Hell in a Cell, I’m gonna take the one thing you love more than yourself. I’m gonna take your SmackDown Women’s Championship!

The Fiend vs. Kevin Owens

The “Firefly Funhouse” theme sounds and morphs down into The Fiend’s entrance theme as “Let Me In” is heard over the speakers in the ThunderDome!

Quick Announcement

Season Premiere of SmackDown on Fox next week! Next Friday On SmackDown the Universal Championship will be defended against the FORMER Universal Champion, Braun Strowman. Next Friday, The New Da’s Fairwell Match against Sheamus, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Cesaro.

Kevin Owens makes his way down the ramp and circles the ring. Owens enters the ring, The Fiend is knelt down in the corner. The referee signals for the bell. Owens heads in. Owens with a Rolling Cannonball. The Fiend stands up and sticks his tongue out at Owens. Fiend begins throwing Owens around the ring. The Fiend hits a Crossbody on Owens. Owens heads to the outside, Fiend hits a Clothesline! Fiend rolls Owens back into the ring, helping Owens to his feet then delivers a Strike. Owens whipped into the corner. Fiend flips upside down as Owens stares into his eyes. Big Right hand, then slammed into the canvas with Owens face bouncing, Fiend making it look effortless. Fiend with a Headbutt.

Owens lifts a boot then Owens off the ropes with a Clothesline knocking Fiend to the canvas. Fiend hops back up staring at Owens. Owens follows Fiend to the outside. Fiend with a Uranagi followed by Sister Abigail into the table!Fiend smiles into the camera as the referee gets to the count of seven and we head to commercial break!

We return from commercial break, Owens and Fiend are back in the ring. Uranagi plants Owens on the canvas. Fiend twists Owens neck backwards looking to rip his neck off! Fiend sticks his tongue out, then drags Owens to his feet. Owens fights back as Fiewnd looks for Sister Abigail. A second kick, then a third kick! Finally Fiend drops in the corner. Cannonball by Owens! A second Cannonball! Fiend slithers out of harms way! Owens meets him outside the ring with a DDT. Owens back inside the ring, Fiendgoes to return to the ring at 9, Owens Kicks Fiend back to the outside. Owens off the apron with a Splash by 260lbs Fiend. Fiend back to his feet. Owens up. Pop Up Powerbomb, a second Pop Up Power Bomb sending Fiend through the table. The referee at the count of seven. Fiendre-enters at 8. Owens cant believe it. Fiend with Manible Claw!Owens hits a Stunner, Mandible Claw still applied. Another Uranagi and the Claw is still applied. Fiend gets Owens shoulders down for the three count pin and win!

Winner: The Fiend

After the Match

The lights go out. The lights return and the shrieking continues as The Fiend and Alexa Bliss look each other in the eyes, look down at Owens, then back into each other’s eyes.


The show ends.

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