WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (12/27): Detroit

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Results (12/27/19) – Detroit, MI

Results by: Richard Trionfo, rajah.com reader

We are in Detroit, Michigan and your announcers are Corey Graves and Michael Cole.

Elias is in the ring and he has a song for you.

Baron Corbin has something to say before he makes his way to the ring. Baron says he sees Daniel Bryan chomping at the bit and this is his kingdom and we do things his way. All of these people like you. That is because these bottom feeders are jealous of his success. Baron says he will make this very simple. You and the Miz have families. You and the Miz are terrible fathers. You and the Miz want to face Bray Wyatt. You and the Miz are former World Champions who have main evented Wrestlemania. If you think you are going to win, the Fiend ripped out some brain matter in addition to your hair. You should step aside because it is an absolute disgrace that the King has to compete tonight. He earned his opportunity when he beat Roman Reigns twice. That is something that no one has done since Roman’s return. The people should be begging him to vanquish Bray Wyatt. The strongest superstar should be Universal Champion. You are a nice guy, but you are no longer championship material. Just like the Miz who plays an action hero in the movies but he is not a hero. He is the only one who can beat Bray Wyatt.

Roman Reigns’ music plays and Corbin falls of his sedan. His minions leave and Roman with an uppercut to Corbin. Corbin sends Roman into the ringside barrier and Roman does the same to Corbin. Roman with a Superman punch off the ring steps. Roman winds up for a spear and Corbin goes into the crowd. Officials stop Roman from following after Corbin.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look back at what happened before the commercial break thanks to Roman Reigns.

Baron Corbin is in the back and he wants the match to be postponed. Adam Pearce says he does not have the power to delay the match.

Michael asks Corey if the match should be postponed and Corey says it should be postponed.

The New Day make their way to the ring.

Match Number One: Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Braun Strowman versus Shinsuke Nakamura, Cesaro, and Sami Zayn

Cesaro and Big E start things off. They lock up and Cesaro wtih a side head lock. Big E with a shoulder tackle and Kofi tags in. Kofi with a leap frog back senton for a near fall. Kofi with a wrist lock but Cesaro with a kick and Nakamura tags in. Nakamura with strikes to Kofi but Kofi with a jumping back elbow. Kofi clotheslines Nakamura over the top rope to the floor. Zayn trips Kofi and Nakamura with a lungblower. Zayn tags in and he kicks Kofi and punches Kofi. Zayn sends Kofi to the floor. Cesaro with a running European uppercut that sends himself and Kofi over the announce table while the referee deals with Big E in the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Cesaro with an arm bar but Kofi with a forearm and a missile drop kick. Nakamura tags in and he stops Kofi with a baseball slide to the head. Nakamura with a kick to the chest. Cesaro tags in and he hits a deadlift gutwrench suplex for a near fall. Cesaro with a reverse chin lock. Kofi with a jaw breaker but Ceasro stops Kofi from making the tag. Kofi with a sunset flip for a near fall. Cesaro with a European uppercut for a near fall. Nakamura tags in and Nakamura with a gourdbuster followed by knees to the ribs. Nakamura with a reverse chin lock. Nakamura with an abdominal stretch. Big E comes into the ring and Nakamura hits him from behind. Kofi with SOS and both men are down.

Cesaro tags in and he hits a drop kick through the ropes on Strowman while Sami distracts Strowman. Kofi gets to his corner but both partners are down on the floor. Nakamura tags in and he Irish whips Kofi. Cesaro with a running European uppercut followed by a sliding German suplex for a near fall. Big E breaks up the cover and Nakamura kicks Big E. Nakamura sets for Kinshasa but Kofi with a leaping double stomp. Braun tags in and Sami gets out of the way to avoid a tag. Braun with shoulder tackles to Nakamura and a splash. Braun signals for the Wacky Lap and Strowman knocks down Nakamura and Cesaro but Zayn escapes Strowman and Nakamura with a jumping side kick off the steps.

Nakamura sends Braun into the ring and Strowman with a clothesline to counter a Kinshasa attempt. Strowman goes for a power slam and Cesaro makes the save. Cesaro with a springboard European uppercut but Big E sends Cesaro to the floor and over the ringside barrier. Kofi takes the platter from Nakamura and hits Nakamura in the back of the head when the referee was distracted by Zayn. Strowman with a power slam for the three count.

Winners: Braun Strowman, Kofi Kingston, and Big E

After the match, Kofi says Braun is the Monster Among Men, but he also has a great set of hips and it is time to see what those hips can do.

We see Kayla Braxton talking to Adam Pearce and we will get an update on the Triple Threat Match when we come back.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at the attack on Baron Corbin before the start of the Number One Contender match.

Kayla Braxton says that Baron Corbin has refused to compete and wants the match postponed. The match is now a singles match between Miz and Daniel Bryan.

We take a look back at the problems between Baron Corbin and Roman Reigns.

We see Sonya Deville signing an autograph and Mandy tells Sonya to join her for her match against Carmella. Sonya asks Mandy if she wants her to be at ringside for her after not being there last week. Sonya says she has a few autographed programs to deliver and she will be there.

Mandy turns around and Otis says that his mom made a fruitcake for her. Mandy appreciates it and Otis apologizes for sweating on her dress. Otis wants to give her a hug but Mandy says she has to go to her match.

Carmella tells Mandy that you are pretty and strong, but God’s greatest creation made a mistake. She will show everyone why Mella is Money.

Match Number Two: Carmella versus Mandy Rose

Mandy with a knee and shoulders in the corner. Carmella avoids Mandy and moonwalks. Mandy with a double leg take down and punches. Mandy with an Irish whip and drop kick. Mandy with a running knee for a near fall. Mandy with a Japanese Stranglehold. Mandy sends Carmella to the mat and she pie faces Carmella. Carmella slaps Mandy. Mandy slaps back. Carmella with punches to Mandy. Carmella with a kick and head scissors. Carmella with a clothesline for a near fall. Carmella with a crucifix for a near fall. Mandy with a near fall. Carmella with a back slide for a near fall. Mandy with a waist lock and she tries for an O’Connor Roll but Carmella holds on to the ropes. Carmella with a thrust kick for the three count.

Winner: Carmella

We go to commercial.

We are back and Sheamus says when someone wants an opportunity, they build the door. He saw other people take the opportunity when he left. Men who were inferior and men who were unworthy of the name champion or worthy of facing him. Five months ago, the Celtic Warrior left and he is back to break down the door on a brand new Smackdown.

Match Number Three: Daniel Bryan versus Miz in a Number One Contender Mach

They lock up and Bryan with a side head lock and hammer lock. Miz with a side head lock. Miz with a shoulder tackle. Bryan wants a Greco Roman Knuckle Lock and Miz obliges. Bryan with the advantage and a wrist lock take down. Miz with an elbow and Bryan with a kick to the chest. Bryan works on the arm and sends Miz into the turnbuckles. Miz with kicks to the chest. Bryan is sent to the apron and Miz slides through the legs and drops Bryan face first onto the apron. Miz hot shots Bryan on the ringside barrier. Miz misses a round kick and Bryan with a leg sweep. Bryan misses a kick and then both men with cross bodies at the same time and both men go down.

Corbin’s security comes to the ring and the referee calls for the bell.

Double Disqualification

Miz and Bryan take care of the security. Bryan with a flying knee while Miz hits a Skull Crushing FInale on another.

Miz and Bryan have some words.

We go to Baron Corbin in the Gorilla Position and he says that was justice. Baron tells Kayla to save her questions for Roman Reigns. He says there is a rabid dog making this an unsafe work environment.

Kayla tells Baron that Roman has been asked to leave.

Baron says maybe he will be part of the match and he will compete. Bryan and Miz go into Gorilla Position and attack Corbin.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we are told that we will have the Triple Threat Match tonight.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross make their way to the stage for A Moment of Bliss.

Alexa reminds everyone that A Moment of Bliss is back and they have their coffee. Alexa has Nikki introduce their guest, the Sassy Southern Belle Lacey Evans.

Alexa welcomes Lacey and Lacey thanks Alexa for having her on.

Alexa mentions Lacey stepping up to Sasha Banks and Bayley. Alexa mentions Sasha taunting Lacey’s daughter last week.

Alexa asks Lacey how does she feel seeing that footage. Lacey says she is proud of her daughter. Sasha crossed a line you don’t cross. Lacey says her daughter means eveyrthing to her. When she heard her daughter screaming for her when she saw Sasha in her face. The last thing you do is get in the face of a child. She says you don’t get between a momma bear and her cub. Lacey says there is nothing that she wouldn’t do to stop anyone who comes between her and her baby. Sasha put herself there. If they didn’t pull her off Sasha last week when they did, Sasha would not have walked out of the arena.

Lacey says she knows what happens on Alexa’s show so she is not going to turn her back and be attacked. Lacey says she is ready for a fight now.

Bayley and Sasha have Dana with them and Bayley with knees. Sasha tells Lacey she might be a great mother but she is a terrible tag team partner. Lacey comes up the ramp and Dana and Bayley exchange punches and knees while Sasha and Lacey battle on the stage.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Four: Lacey Evans and Dana Brooke versus Sasha Banks and Bayley

Bayley with punches to Lacey and she Irish whips Lacey but Lacey with a clothesline. Lacey sends Bayley into the turnbuckles and Dana tags in and hits a handspring elbow followed by a snap mare and elbow drop for a near fall. Dana with punches. Bayley runs Dana into the turnbuckles and Sasha tags in. Sasha chokes Dana in the corner. Sasha with shoulders in the corner. Dana with a boot from the turnbuckles and she hits a tornado suplex for a near fall. Sasha sends Dana to the mat. Sasha hits Lacey on the apron and the referee deals with Lacey so that allows Bayley and Sasha to double team Dana.

Sasha gets a near fall. Bayley tags in and they send Dana into the turnbuckles and Bayley gets a near fall. Bayley with a short arm clothesline and she gets a near fall. Sasha tags in and she hits a double knee drop for a near fall. Sasha with a cravate. Dana with elbows and Sasha with a knee and Irish whip but Dana knocks Bayley off the apron. Dana with an enzuigiri. Bayley and Lacey tag in and Lacey with clotheslines. Lacey with a swinging neck breaker and Lacey wtih a baseball slide to Sasha. Lacey with a kick to the leg and a slingshot elbow drop to Bayley. Lacey with a hesitation bronco buster to Bayley and then Lacey goes to the turnbuckles. Lacey with a double jump moonsault but Sasha breaks up the cover.

Lacey chases Sasha around the ringside area and then Bayley with a belly-to-belly but Dana breaks up the cover. Sasha sends Dana to the apron. Sasha tags in and they go for a double suplex but Lacey lands on her feet. Dana makes the tag. Lacey with a Woman’s Right to Bayley and Sasha sends Lacey into the ring post. Dana with a rollup for a near fall. Sasha with Banks Statement and Dana taps out.

Winners: Sasha Banks and Dana Brooke

We see Mandy try the fruitcake and Dolph Ziggler stops by to say hello. Dolph asks Mandy about her New Year’s Eve plans and she says she is not doing anything. Dolph asks Mandy if she got him a gift. Mandy tells Dolph that it was from Otis and his mom made it. Dolph says Otis probably gave one to everyone in the locker room. Dolph says someone found a roach in one. Dolph asks Mandy what does Otis know about a woman like her. Dolph stomps on the fruitcake.

Baron Corbin pulls Dolph away because he has to talk to him.

We are back and Mustafa Ali says things didn’t go to plan in 2019. At Money in the Bank, he had the briefcase in his hand but he was stopped. Then he tried for the Intercontinental Title but he could not win. He was in some dark times but he will not stay in the dark. He will be in the light. He broke down barriers and shattered stereotypes about people who look like him. He will continue the chase and he will become a champion.

Otis Dozovic walks in the back and he sees what is left of the fruitcake. Otis looks around and then he feels sad.

Match Number Five: Daniel Bryan versus Miz versus Baron Corbin in a Number One Contender Match

Miz and Bryan go after Corbin and both men kick Corbin against the ropes. Corbin goes to the floor. Miz with a rollup for a near fall on Bryan. Miz with punches and an Irish whip. Bryan flips out of the corner and hits a suicide dive on Corbin. Miz is sent into the ring post and Bryan with a flying knee off the apron. Bryan is sent into the timekeeper’s area by Corbin. Corbin sends Miz into the ringside barrier. Corbin with a forearm to Miz but Miz with a jaw breaker and kick. Corbin with a knee and he sends Miz into the ring post. Baron slides to the floor and he clotheslines Bryan. Corbin with a choke breaker to Miz.

Corbin sends Bryan back into the ring and Bryan with punches. Corbin with a back elbow for a near fall. Corbin goes for a belly-to-back suplex but Bryan lands on his feet and he kicks Corbin. Miz with Reality Check to Corbin. Bryan kicks Corbin in the corner. Byran with a running drop kick into the corner and Miz with a running knee. Bryan and Miz with another series of kicks. Bryan is sent to the apron and Corbin gives Miz Deep Six. Bryan with a missile drop kick to Corbin.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Bryan with a sunset flip for a near fall. MIz and Bryan go back and forth with near falls. Miz with punches to Bryan and then he kicks Corbin. Miz with a DDT to Bryan. Miz kicks Corbin in the corner. Miz puts Corbin’s leg in the ropes and Miz knees the leg. Miz sets for the figure four leg lock and he locks it in. Bryan with a diving head butt to Corbin and Bryan gets a near fall while still in the figure four leg lock. Bryan rolls Miz over to reverse the figure four and he applies the LeBell Lock. Miz gets free and he breaks up the submission hold. Bryan chops Miz and Miz chops Bryan. They go back and forth.

Miz with punches and kicks. Miz kicks Bryan to the floor. Miz with punches to Corbin. Corbin escapes the Skull Crushing Finale and Corbin hits End of Days but Bryan breaks up the cover. Corbin grabs Bryan and sends him into teh corner. Bryan with a flying knee to Corbin. Ziggler super kicks Bryan and puts Corbin on top of Bryan. Roman Reigns pulls Baron out of the ring and sends him into the ring post. Roman with a Superman punch to Ziggler. Roman clotheslines Corbin into the crowd.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Miz with an Awesome Clothesline as we are told that Corbin and Roman have fought out of the building. Bryan stops Miz on the turnbuckles. Bryan with a superplex and he hangs on to the turnbuckles. Bryan stays on the turnbuckles and Miz crotches him. Miz with an atomic drop to the knee from the turnbuckles. Miz with kicks to the chest. Miz has a kick blocked and Bryan with a slap. Bryan with kicks of his own. Miz blocks a kick and hits a double knee strike to the lower leg.

Miz drives the knee into the mat and then he hits a KneeDT. Miz sets for the figure four leg lock but Bryan sends Miz to the apron. Miz comes off the ropes but Bryan with a butterfly suplex into an arm bar but Miz blocks it. Bryan goes for the LeBell Lock and Miz bites Bryan. Miz with a rollup for a near fall. Bryan with a round kick to the temple and both men are down. Bryan sets for the flying knee and Miz side steps it and Miz with a Skull Crushing Finale for a near fall. Miz with a figure four leg lock. Bryan tries to escape the hold and Miz rakes the eyes. Bryan goes for the LeBell Lock but Miz blocks it. Bryan with a partial Regal Lock and then Miz taps out.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

After the match, we go to the Firefly Funhouse and they congratulate Daniel on winning. Bray tells Daniel he is looking good. You are going to have so much fun, but Bray says he doesn’t know if HE is quite done with you yet. Are you willing to do whatever it takes? Are you willing to let him in?

We go to credits.


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