WWE SmackDown Results From Glendale

WWE SmackDown Results (2/21): Glendale, AZ.

WWE returned to the Gila River Arena for the Friday, February 21st episode of WWE SmackDown.

Featured below are complete WWE SmackDown results from Glendale, AZ.


Opening Segment

Pyro goes off across the stage as we pan the fans in the arena for tonight’s Friday Night SmackDown! Commentators welcome us to the Gila River Arena in Glendale, AZ. Goldberg returns to SmackDown on tonight’s February 21, 2020 episode ahead of his Universal Title showdown with “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt at WWE Super ShowDown. “A Moment of Bliss” welcomes The Bella Twins during tonight’s SmackDown show.

Jimmy and Jey Uso make their way to the ring and hype the fans in the arena as their music sounds in the arena.

In-Ring With The Usos

The crowd boos the Usos as they begin to speak. The Usos said last week they were unable to be there, but John Morrison couldn’t keep their name out of his mouth on social media or in the ring. But that was last week, and this is this week. Superkick party tonight, and everybody is invited!

The Usos says they won’t be alone, but who will be their tag-team partners? “Don’t you dare be sour, clap for your 7 time champs and feel the power…” as The New Day make their way to the stage and head down the ramp.

The Usos tell New Day they thank them for keeping their belts warm for them. The crowd cheers. Then New Day congratulate The Usos on being six time tag team champions. New Day member Big E says it’s awesome, and one less than New Day, which makes them better than The Usos. Standing chest to chest the Usos respond, “We can do this one more ‘gan if you want.”

Interrupted by The Miz and John Morrison as they both make their way to the stage to their entrance music, slow-mo posing before walking down the ramp mocking The Usos and New Day. Miz says they need to come up with something catchy for the crowd to chant for them like New Day and The Usos have.

Miz and Johnson continue on about Super ShowDown. They mention they know someone else who wants to be here for this conversation, someone that had a great Valentine’s Day.

Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler’s music sounds as they make their way down to the outside of the ring and join Miz and Johnson. The four surround the ring, The Usos standing at either end of the ring as are New Day members Kofi Kingson and Big E on the opposing sides, keeping them out of the ring as we go to commercial.

Eight Man Tag Team Match Up
The New Day & The Usos vs. Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler & The Miz and John Morrison

Jimmy and Dolph are in the ring for this eight man tag team match up as we come back from commercial. Kofi Kingston and Jey become legal. Kofi and Big E throws Jimmy and then Jey into Dolph Ziggler as he is laid out in the corner of the ring. The Usos then throw Kingston into Ziggler.

The match heads to the outside of the ring as Miz drives Kingston into the barricade. Miz grabs Kingston and throws him back in the ring, following in for a cover. Kingston kicks out at two. Morrison with an elbow as he jumps over the top after tagging in. Morrison kicking Kingston in the midsection before tagging in Roode.

Roode tags in Ziggler. Ziggler with a boot to to the face of Kingston. A triple team illegal attack on Kingston as the referee is distracted. Miz climbs the turnbuckle yelling to the crowd, “Miz and Morrison, Hey! Hey!” still trying to make that catch on apparently.

Kingston trying to fight out of the corner, Morrison with a kick, knocking Kingston to the outside as we go back to commercial.

As we come back from commercial, Kingston is still unable to make it to his corner to make a tag. Kingston isolated, Ziggler tags in Morrison who runs across the ring knocking Jimmy Uso off the apron. Roode goes down inside the ring. Big E jumps up and down, yelling to Kingston who makes the tag.

Big E comes in wild, planting a Belly to Belly to Miz once, then again, then a third time. “You Cannot! You Cannot!” the crowd chants. Big E with a Big Shoulder to the mid-section of Morrison who counters with a Knee to the face.

Big E goes for the cover, Morrison gets the shoulder up at two. Morrison with a Springboard then a Shooting Star, going for the cover on Big E. Kingston breaks the count. Kingston knocks Miz out of the ring. Morrison jumps onto Kingston. Bodies everywhere Spine Buster, Zig Zag, Super Kicks, and pinfalls breaking up everywhere.

The Usos begin throwing SuperKicks, Morrison goes for the Glorious DDT. Superkick counter for the win by The Usos!

Winners: New Day and The Usos

Backstage… Yes! Yes! Yes!

As we go to the backstage area, we see Daniel Bryan as Drew Gulak offers to help him. Bryan confused as to what he can help with, Gulak responds he has watched the match with The Fiend. He’s watched the match with Heath Slater too.

Heath Slater walks up asking if someone just said his name as he intercepts into the conversation. Slater said that Daniel made his kids cry a few weeks ago, and he wants another match. As Daniel walked off he says that maybe Gulak can help Heath.

Backstage: Tucker and Mandy Rose

Tucker says Otis won’t even leave his motel room. Tucker says Otis sees the good in everyone, but he should have never believed Mandy Rose had good intentions. As Tucker asks about a text saying Mandy was running late, Mandy looks baffled as she replies, “What text?”

Sonya breaks in and talks up Ziggler and asks Mandy if she enjoyed her time with him. Mandy agrees she had a good time with Dolph Ziggler, but she was kinda excited to see where it went with Otis.

Lacey Evans Interview

Renee Young sits across from Lacey Evans as the interview begins. Evans admits that Royal Rumble was a very hard loss for her, but she refuses to let that stop her mission. As a Marine, she has learned not to give up.

Young asks why Evans calls everyone a “nasty”. Evans smiles as she responds saying that the word “nasty” has several meanings, one even being a term of endearment. Evans admits to being a bully when she was younger, but she has gotten past that.

Evans ends the interview saying she wants to defeat 5 other women and earn the title match at the Elimination Chamber.

Symphony Of Destruction Match
Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Braun Strowman

Out first to the ring is Cesaro and Nakamura along with Sami Zayn. Nakamura dances around in his leather ring gear. Sami Zayn carrying a yukulele. We go to commercial as the instruments are finished being set up around and in the ring.

As we come back from commercial, we see a video recap of Braun Strowman and Elias last week during their match. The strum of the guitar sounds in the arena as Elias makes his way out to the stage, looking down at Cesaro, Nakamura, and Strowman.

Elias says he needs to know who has his back tonight, as he asks, “So who, wants to walk with Elias?” the crowd cheers. Elias asks what WWE stands for, the crowd chants, “Walk With Elias!”

Elias says he wrote a song for tonight and needs everyone to clap along, it’s called, “Sweet Sweet Symphony”. Elias begins singing, as he walks down the ramp, the song’s last lyrics being “let me introduce my partner, ‘The Monster Among Men'” as Braun Strowman comes walking out with a massive cello on his back. Elias with his guitar over his back.

Elias and Strowman enter the ring, the bell rings and the match begins. Elias and Nakamura start the match off. Elias knocks Nakamura to the mat. Elias grabs the tamborine and begins making a little tune on Nakamura in the corner. Nakamura is knocked out of the ring. Elias grabs the drum, Cesaro knocks it out of Elias’s hand.

Strowman grabs the drum and smashes it over Cesaro. Strowman chases Sami Zayn as Nakamura lies in wait, knocking Strowman to the mat from behind an instrument table. Nakamura saying, “that’s what you get!” as we go to commercial.

Elias with the cowbell on Cesaro as we come back from commercial. Nakamura knocks Elias off the apron and through the table on the outside of the ring. Strowman swipes the leg of Nakamura. Strowman sends Cesaro sliding across the announcer’s table to the floor on the other side.

Strowman drags Nakamura around the ring, bouncing him off the steps on the outside. Cesaro attempts to use a guitar as a weapon, Strowman counters with a Choke Slam. The crowd cheers as Strowman looks over to the stand up bass, Sami Zayn comes from behind with a Keyboard.

Sami Zayn holds the stand up bass, as Cesaro and Nakamura throw Strowman through it. Cesaro attempts to pin on the outside of the ring, Strowman throws his shoulder up at two. Nakamura flies into the gong as Elias moves out of the way. Elias breaks a guitar over the back of Cesaro. Cesaro lays across a table on the outside of the ring.

Nakamura thrown over the announce table by Strowman. Elias flies off the top with an elbow onto Cesaro through the table. Strowman slams Nakamura through a grand piano, as they land on the ground, Strowman gets the three count pin for the win!

Winner: Elias and Braun Strowman

Ringside Commentators

The commentators talk about the good craftsmanship of the piano before turning their attention to Super ShowDown. They mention the Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin Steel Cage Match, which will be their last match after battling for over half a year. We go into a video package highlighting the events leading up to Super ShowDown between Reigns and Corbin, including Roode and Ziggler.

Backstage With King Corbin

His face is plastered across advertisements, trucks, stadiums, and FOX, he hides behind his hoodlum cousins. That’s why we are stepping into a cage and I will take his face and grate the flesh on the chainlink fence. After Super ShowDown, Roman Reigns will be replaced by me, and it will be my face on the advertisements, trucks, stadiums, and FOX.

A Moment of Bliss: Special Guests The Bellas!

Alexa Bliss welcomes the fans to a very special “Moment of Bliss”. Bliss invites us to take a look at inductee list 2020 that has been announced so far. She starts with Batista, his picture shows up on the jumbotron. Then New World Order, as their picture is displayed. Bliss then finishes as she announces the next inductees, Nikki and Brie… The Bella Twins!

Nikki talks first and says she’s glad to be in her hometown and without the Bella Army they wouldn’t have been able to break barriers as they had. Brie says Alexa Bliss should be proud as she is the first talk show host of WWE. Brie says Nikki and Bella being pregnant only a week apart, and then getting the Hall of Fame, this has been a great year.

“We better see you all in Tampa, FL for Wrestlemania!” Brie shouts to the crowd as the three girls hug. Daniel Bryan’s music sounds. Bryan comes walking out with his and Nikki’s daughter Bertie as Nikki gives him a kiss. The crowd pops.

Daniel Bryan gives his daughter a kiss, then his wife Nikki, as he begins side stepping down the ramp with his finger high in the air as he begins a “Yes!” chant as we go to commercial break.

Daniel Bryan vs. Heath Slater

Drew Gulak on commentary, Michael Cole slips up, calling him Slater. Cole is asked if he’s sleeping or what’s going on, as they laugh it off and get back to the match. Gulak announcing the holes in Bryan’s fight game.

Slater knocks Bryan to the mat and goes to climb to the top turnbuckle. Gulak shouts to Slater to get down, standing up at the announcer’s table. Slater doesn’t listen, and jumps… nobody’s home as Bryan rolls out of the way.

Bryan back to his feet as he hits a series of “Yes” Kicks. Slater rolls up on Bryan. Gulak saying that Bryan has holes in his game. Daniel hits a Running Knee for the win.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Once again the show blurs and an envelope appears then disappears. Not sure what this is about, if anything, yet.

Backstage: Mandy Rose and Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler sees Mandy Rose at the back entrance backstage, asking Mandy Rose what she’s doing, Mandy says waiting for her ride. Ziggler says his car is right outside, he’ll give her a ride. Mandy agrees as they walk out of the back door. Otis comes out from behind a big clothing bin, his hair a mess and covering his face.

Sheamus Backstage

Sheamus appears in an all black room highlighted in red. Sheamus speaks to Shorty G, saying he’s done fighting vermon and is ready to exterminate bigger prey, including the ones in the locker room. Sheamus ends saying he will do so in the biggest trap ever, the Elimination Chamber.

Naomi vs. Carmella

Out first in this number one contender match is Naomi as the arena turns to black lights. Naomi hair bouncing and dancing as she makes her way down the ramp, entering the ring as we go to commercial.

Baylee is seen sitting ringside where she will watch this Women’s division match up for the number one contender match, seeing who she will go up against at Super ShowDown.

Camella’s music sounds next as she makes her way down the ramp and enters the ring with Naomi as a video clip is shown recapping the events leading up to this match. We re-enter the ring where the referee is standing between Carmella and Naomi. The bell rings and the match begins.

Naomi and Carmella shake hands, Naomi pulls Carmella in and drags her to the mat, getting her in a Side Headlock. Carmella counters, getting her legs around Naomi and pulling her backwards. The match gets back to its feet. Naomi Frog Leaping over Carmella. Carmella goes low, trying to take Naomi down.

Naomi with a Back Slide, Carmella quickly slipping away. Carmella gets the Mella Go Round on Naomi, throwing her across the ring. Naomi rolls to the outside of the ring. Carmella hits Naomi with a big kick from the apron. Naomi with a pin attempt, Carmella kicks out at two.

Baylee gets up on the apron as Naomi sits up top, Carmella taking advantage of the distraction taking Naomi down with her legs for a quick two count. The referee throws Baylee out of the ringside area. Carmella flies through the ropes onto Naomi as we go to commercial once again.

Naomi driving a Knee into the side of Carmella as we come back from the commercial break. Naomi with a series of kicks back and forth between her left and her right leg. Carmella and Naomi throwing forearms back and forth.

Naomi hits a blockbuster then a Split Legged Moonsault for the pin and win.

Winner: Naomi

Goldberg! Goldberg! Goldberg!

As we come back from commercial, the music sounds as the crowd in the arena begins to chant, “Goldberg! Goldberg! Goldberg!” Backstage an official is seen knocking on a superstar’s door, Goldberg walks out, then walks the halls backstage.

Finally appearing at the stage as pyro goes off around him, Goldberg enters the arena throwing a punch and a kick with a loud pop. Goldberg is officially announced as he makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring. The commentators say “you can’t bet against this man!” as Goldberg shouts into the mic, “Damn it’s good to be back!!”

Goldberg says it’s been a while, so he’s gonna take his sweet time and enjoy this. Next he says The Fiend, wherever and whatever you are… I’m gonna find you.

Firefly Funhouse appears on the jumbotron as the theme begins to play. Bray Wyatt says he was playing in the funhouse, but Goldberg isn’t taking anything from anyone. Goldberg says he’s not playing any games. Wyatt introduces some friends to Goldberg, the puppets from the firefly funhouse. Wyatt says, “last, but not least. I know someone that’s been dying to meet you…”

The arena fades to black as Goldberg looks on at the jumbo-tron. Goldberg says, “The Fiend! … And you’re right behind me.” Goldberg turns around with a smile, then Spears The Fiend. The Fiend is hurt, Goldberg smiles and nods once again at The Fiend, who is on his knees and holding himself up. The arena fades to black again, disappearing.

Goldberg climbs to the top turnbuckle and throws his hands up in victory as the crowd pops!


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