WWE SmackDown Results (5/29)

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (5/29/20): Orlando, FL

Welcome to EWrestling.com’s Results and Coverage for the May 29, 2020 edition of Friday Night SmackDown airing live from Orlando, FL at the WWE Performance Center.

Featured below are WWE Friday Night SmackDown results from May 29, 2020 written by EWrestling.com’s greatest female reporter, Jamie Rush. Follow me on Twitter @JamieRush312.


SmackDown Opening

As we head into tonight’s edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown, we are immediately brought into a *breaking news* report with Renee Young at the scene of an automobile accident outside of the Performance Center.

We are outside of the Performance Center with Renee Young as she states a silver Toyota was left behind on the scene. WWE Superstar Elias was apparently hit by a vehicle and the driver took off on foot. “Local police” find the paperwork for the rental car in the dashboard, which apparently belongs to WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy.

We head to Kayla Braxton who is with Universal Champion Braun Strowman. Kayla asks Strowman what he heard or saw. Strowman states he heard a crash and a guy took off running. Strowman adds he called 911 and saw Elias laying on the ground. Finishing his statement, Strowman says he hopes the S.O.B. is caught.

We switch over to police running toward a back area where they find Jeff Hardy writhing in pain in the bushes as the police ask if he’s been drinking. Hardy replies, “No”. The officers state he smells like alcohol, just like the bottles in the car.

Hardy is holding his head and stumbling around, the police put Hardy in cuffs, stating they are taking him down town, possibly doing blood alcohol levels due to the rental car found at the scene of the crime belonging to Hardy.

Jeff Hardy is pulled by the scene where he sees Elias being put in the back of an ambulance, unconscious. Hardy shouts, “Elias!” as he looks around at the scene as if seeing it for the first time. Hardy is put into the back of the police car.

The police car drives off, Kayla continues, “Jeff is being taken to the police station, Elias is being taken to the hospital by ambulance.” They will keep us updated. We hear the sirens as the ambulance quickly heads to the hospital.

Are you ready??

We return from commercial and see the show’s starting theme.

Backstage – IC Tournament Discussion

As we enter the Performance Center, we immediately go backstage where several of the WWE Superstars have joined together to discuss the mobile accident outside involving Elias. They are informed of the injuries sustained by Elias that are “not life threatening” and Elias will not be able to compete tonight in the tournament.

Luckily, during the 3 minute break, they’ve learned his injuries aren’t life threatening. We’re then informed that Jeff has been arrested, so neither Hardy nor Elias can compete in the tournament tonight.

Sheamus jokes about Jeff Hardy’s track record and calls him a pathetic junkie. There’s lots of shouting and back and forth ideas and statements among the Superstars. AJ Styles says he and Daniel Bryan should just face off in the Finals. Bryan says Hardy and Elias should be replaced tonight. Sheamus says he deserves a shot at the gold and King Corbin demands another shot. Styles points out that Sheamus and Corbin lost their matches. Sheamus suggests they have a triple threat match.

Dolph Ziggler points out his history with the title. Shorty G insults Ziggler. Everyone keeps arguing. Bryan and Styles get what they want. The winner of a battle royal will face Bryan and the victor will face Styles for the title in two weeks on SmackDown. The battle royal is next. Styles calls Bryan an idiot. Shorty Gable tells Dolph no one’s forgotten that fact, or that Dolph is an enormous jackass.

Finally, it’s decided that AJ is given a bye week and advances to the finals. The rest of those present will participate in a battle royal with Daniel Bryan, and the winner will take on AJ Styles in two weeks on Smackdown on Fox for the Intercontinental title!

The match is announced as up next, and everyone heads out. AJ calls Daniel Bryan an idiot then walks off and we walk off to a commercial break!

10-Man Battle Royale

As we return from commercial break, we see all ten men in the ring. The winner of this “over-the-top” battle royale will face Daniel Bryan later tonight in the semi-finals for the Intercontinental tournament! Dorado has two close calls being sent over the top. Cesaro is focusing on Drew Gulak. Corbin is slugging it out with Jey Uso.

Shinsuke and Dorado are going back and forth inside the ring. Dorado tries to eliminate Nakamura but Corbin tosses him in the ring corner. Cesaro Military Presses Dolph out the ring but Dolph hangs on! Sheamus tosses Dorado over again, but again Dorado hangs on!

Sheamus now taking on Jey; Cesaro being dominated by Gran Metallik, who gets Sheamus over the top rope but he’s on the apron. Sheamus back in the ring, yelling at Cole, and Shorty G ambushes Sheamus from behind! Sheamus hangs on to the ropes, trying not to fall to the outside. Lucha House Party are taking it to Corbin!

Corbin throws Dorado over the top rope and hits him with a hard strike! Dorado has been eliminated by King Corbin. Corbin’s on the apron going back and forth with Gulak; Corbin lands a One Arm Suplex on Gulak, landing Gulak at ringside! Drew Gulak has been eliminated by Corbin.

Corbin and Ziggler are double teaming Gran Metallik, who counters with a Double Springboard Elbow! Metalik charges the corner and launches, but Dolph catches him with a Superkick! Corbin immediately tosses Gran Metallik over the rope! Gran Metallik has been eliminated by King Corbin.

Ziggler attempts to attack Corbin from behind but is caught. Dolph Ziggler has been eliminated by King Corbin! Immediately, Jey Uso hits a Superkick to Corbin, sending him over the top! King Corbin has been eliminated by Jey Uso! We’re off to commercial break!

As we return from the commercial break, only five men remain! The Superstars still in the ring are Sheamus, Shinsuke, Shorty G, Jey Uso, and Cesaro. Cesaro and Sheamus are working together, as they have control the ring. Sheamus puts Shorty G up top and tries to eliminate him, but Shorty G locks and Armbar in as he hangs over the ropes! Shorty back to the top rope and hits a Tornado DDT on Sheamus!

Jey hits Superkicks on Cesaro and Shinsuke. Nakamura misses with an Enziguri but connects with a kick, sending Uso down. Shorty G attempts to eliminate Shinsuke but Cesaro stops him! Cesaro picks up Shorty G and goes for a Dart toss out the ring but Shorty hangs in there! Shorty G is hanging on with all his might; Cesaro comes in to try to force him off the apron but Shorty G pulls Cesaro out! Shorty G has eliminated Cesaro. Cesaro is furious at ring side!

Nakamura seeks vengeance for his friend, but Shorty G locks Nakamura up and tosses him out! Shorty G has eliminated Shinsuke Nakamura! Nakamura causes a distraction ringside, allowing Cesaro to sneak in the ring and send Shorty G flying! The refs didn’t see Cesaro’s interference! Shorty G has been (illegally) eliminated by Cesaro! We’re down to Sheamus and Jey Uso!

Jey and Sheamus head into a striking match inside the ring. Jey goes airborne; the Celtic Warrior goes over the rope but is on the apron. Sheamus grabs Uso and drags him over the top rope. Both men are battling on the apron! Sheamus with an eye rake, but there’s no illegal moves! Jey goes for a Superkick, Sheamus deflects! Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick for the win! Sheamus has eliminated Jey Uso as the Performance Center crowd boos!

Winner and Advancing to Intercontinental Championship Semi-Finals: Sheamus

After the Match:

AJ Styles gets a bye and advances to the finals. Daniel Bryan will face Sheamus later tonight!

Backstage – Sonya Deville

Sonya tells us that last week she wrecked one blonde barbie and tells Lacey she better put her hair up, and square up, because she’s coming for her tonight. Lacey, unobserved behind her, shoves her down, adjusts her glove, and says “well, c’mon then.” We’ve got these two superstars in action after this brief commercial break!

Backstage – Cesaro, Shinsuke and Shorty G

Shorty G is objecting to a ref that he was screwed out of his shot. Cesaro tells Shorty that he’s giving him a chance to be the bigger man and walk off, otherwise he’s going to have to face Cesaro. Shorty G sucker punches Cesaro and exclaims, “Challenge accepted!”

Lacey Evans vs. Sonya Deville

As we head into this match-up, we see Lacey Evans make her way out first. Lacey makes her way down the ramp and enters the ring, awaiting her opponent for the evening. Michael Cole recaps the back and forth on social media between the two women that led to tonight’s match-up.

Sonya Deville is out next, the crowd not happy to see her apparently. We get quick facts, stating that she’s a former MMA fighter and “former best friend of Mandy Rose.” As she walks to the ring, we get a look at last week’s mixed tag match between Dolph Ziggler & Deville vs Otis & Mandy Rose. Ding ding goes the bell!

Both women circle each other and Lacey extends a hand for a grapple. Sonya tries for a low take down but Lacey dodges. Lacey then goes on to state that blondes can wrestle, and to prove how good they can, Lacey gets on all fours and tells Sonya she’ll give her a chance.

Sonya lands a Rear Naked Chokehold which turns into an incredible flurry of grapples and counters before Lacey slams Deville down. Both women lock up; Sonya Irish Whips Lacey into the ropes and hits a stiff shoulder block, knocking Lacey down. Sonya puts her hair up; Lacey stands up and puts her hair up too. They’re now about to square up, it seems.

Lacey hits a hard right fist, sending Sonya to the corner. Lacey blots her face with her kerchief, tosses it at Sonya and tells her that Mandy is the superior wrestler. Sonya comes out with a straight right hand, sending Lacey to the mat. Sonya pulls Lacey to her feet and sends her to the corner, hitting another cheap shot. Sonya pulls Lacey across the mat by her hair to the middle of the ring as the ref warns her. Sonya hits a stiff kick to the torso and covers, but gets a one.

Sonya now stands on Evans’ hair, taunting her, but Evans uses her long legs to perform a takedown. Both women gator roll to the apron. Lacey’s outside and uses the apron to smother Sonya as the ref warns her. Deville’s hung up in the apron as the ref counts. Deville up to her feet and hits a big takedown outside. Both women alternate who’s on top, exchanging blows. The ref hits ten–this match is over!

Match ends in double count-out, no winner

After the Match

Lacey and Sonya continue to brawl ringside. Finally, Lacey makes her way into the ring and challenges Sonya to come back in the ring. Sonya grabs a headset and says “I’ll face you on my terms, blondie.”

Backstage – The Forgotten Sons

The Sons introduce themselves, again playing up their military history. We’re treated to clips of them from NXT. We’re told that “our blood is on your hands, so now it’s only fair that your blood is on ours.” They then hit their pseudo-inappropriate salute.

Quick Announcement

We’re also reminded that Monday Night Raw will feature Rey Mysterio’s retirement and a Champion vs Champion Match as Charlotte takes on Asuka!

We head to commercial break!

A Moment of Bliss

As we return from commercial break, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross are announced to the set of “A Moment of Bliss”!! Alexa welcomes the SmackDown Champions, New Day, “Don’t you dare be sour… clap for your eight time Smackdown tag-team champs and feel the power!!” Nikki Cross is matching the moves of Big E and Kofi Kingston as they head down the ramp. Big E crawls into the ring doing a silly dance. The two tag teams compare belts!

Alexa welcomes Big E and Kofi to “A Moment of Bliss”. Nikki states she has a present. “Scottish Pancakes! I made them by hand, they’re my grandma’s special recipe!” Kofi thanks Nikki, stating they have something for her too. Big E pulls out some coffee beans straight from “Ja-bootie” as he pulls them from his ring gear.

Alexa finds a reason not to drink the cup, stating she’ll drink it later. Kofi talks about Forgotten Sons. Big E then brings up The Iiconics. As a “Who? Who”-fest goes on… Bayley’s music interrupts. Bayley tells the crowd to shut up.

“I see two tag teams in the ring, but not the ‘best’ tag-teams, do you Sasha?” Bayley begins. Nikki holds Alexa back. Nikki congratulates Bayley on her victory last week. Alexa counts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 champions, then confused asks Sasha where her championship is. Sasha looks angry.

Bayley states, “She’s da goat, da boss, and da leader of this women’s division.” Sasha states they put those tag-team titles on the map. Sasha states, “So Alexa, if we wanted to, we could win those right back.” Bayley adds, “We will, we will.” Bayley offers up Sasha Banks for a one on one match between Sasha and Alexa.

Alexa states, “I thought you’d never ask, let’s get a ref out here.” Sasha looks upset looking to Bayley, pointing at her heels. Bayley says she’ll go to the bus for some shoes. Alexa stands up and lands a Double Foot Kick on Sasha, knocking her to the apron. Sasha rolls out of the ring as we head to commercial, Alexa still smiling inside the ring.

Commercial break.

Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks

As we return from commercial break, the match is getting prepared, the bell rings and the match begins. Bayley and Nikki Cross are both on commentary with Michael Cole and Corey Graves. Bayley once again offered up Sasha Banks for a match-up. Bayley shouts, “I love you, I know how good you are dude!”

Alexa Bliss takes control early on in this match-up, getting a take-down and a pin attempt. Bayley is arguing with Nikki on commentary for “shaking the table” Cole defends Nikki. Nikki starts a “Lexi! Lexi!” chant. Banks lands a move on Alexa for the cover, Alexa kicks out. Bayley tells Nikki to sit down, Nikki states, “Don’t you tell me what to do!”

The cheering and clapping helps Alexa back to her feet, Alexa hits a few good kicks. Sasha lands a Back Breaker on Alexa for another pin attempt. Sasha hits a few good strikes in the corner. Alexa turns things around, with a Face Plant in the corner. Alexa with multiple Clotheslines. Double Foot Kick by Alexa on Sasha. Sasha takes over with a Double Knee on Alexa for the two count.

The entire crowd shouting “Lexi! Lexi!” Alexa rolls through for a two count. Alexa with a takedown on Sasha. Alexa heads to the top turnbuckle. Bayley jumps on the apron. Nikki follows behind. Bayley lands Nikki into Alexa, knocking her off the top turnbuckle. Sasha takes advantage, and lands a Double Knee Drop on Alexa, and a roll up for the three count!

Winner: Sasha Banks

After the Match

Bayley runs over to Sasha Banks, congratulating her as they celebrate on the apron.

Quick Announcement

We will get an update on the Elias/Jeff Hardy automobile accident when we return from commercial.

Shorty G vs. Cesaro

As we return from commercial break, both men make their way down the ramp and enter the ring. Cesaro heads to the ring accompanied by Nakamura. The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match begins.

Cesaro lands a Clothesline to stop Shorty, then hits a rebounding kick for a two. Cesaro’s slowed the pace down, and goes for a Gut-wrench Suplex on Shorty G. Shorty tries to block it but Cesaro hits it and gets a two. Cesaro now has Shorty G in a wear-down neck crank.

The crowd claps for Shorty, who makes his way to his feet. Cesaro with a kick to the midsection. Shorty rebounds off hte ropes and hits a drop kick to Cesaro’s weakened leg. Cesaro picks Shorty G up and hits a massive power bomb with a lot of height but only gets the two.

Cesaro, takes it to the top turnbuckle. Shorty G with an Ankle Lock on Cesaro. Cesaro rolls through, kicking Shorty G into the ropes. Shorty G heads back, Cesaro with a massive Uppercut. A back and forth roll up pin attempt by both men.

Finally Shorty G reverses a Power Bomb attempt by Cesaro, and Shorty G drops down Cesaro’s back with a big roll up on Cesaro, getting the three count.

Winner: Shorty G

We head to commercial break once again.

Mandy and Otis Poolside

As we return from commercial break, we see Mandy Rose in a red bikini and Otis is in his usual outfit. They toast each other and Otis asks “care to test the waters, my little golden ray of sunshine?” Mandy says she wants a nap, so Otis blows her a kiss and leaves her sleeping at poolside.

This leads us into a dream sequence where Mandy Rose is staring at Otis while getting hot and breathy from watching Otis get prepared to get in the pool. Otis licks his finger to test the air pressure. Mandy fans herself with a magazine. Otis struts in slow motion as he rips his shirt off.

Mandy squirts sunblock every where as Otis steps closer, as if she is unaware and in awe of Otis. Mandy joins Otis poolside, he and Mandy start to make out. Otis rips off his shirt and Mandy eats fruit, then envisions herself making out with a topless Otis under the waterfall.

We snap back to reality as Otis does a cannonball and the ensuing Tsunami blankets Mandy with water. He apologizes for waking her; she tells him she was having an amazing dream, then joins him in the pool where they make out for real. Mandy pulls away momentarily to deliver an “Ohhh yeeeaa!!” Otis-style. =P

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle shares that its nice to be back on Smackdown, where he used to run things. Angle then promotes the Randy Orton versus Edge match. He then states he’s here to talk about the next big super star, and tonight is happy to announce that the King of Bros Matt Riddle is joining Smackdown on Fox!

Video package – Broooo

We head into a video package highlighting Matt Riddle on NXT. Riddle states he can go from Bro-down to Throw-down with the flip of a switch. He then adds hes competed all over the world in all kinds of rings, and he’s done it all without wearing shoes.

Kayla Braxton w/ Sheamus

Kayla can’t even finish a sentence as Sheamus interrupts. He states that Jeff Hardy and Matt Riddle aren’t worth talking about. He’s focused on kicking Daniel Bryan’s face in. The Intercontinental title is the only one that he’s never had and says he won’t let AJ or Daniel stand in his way of becoming WWE’s first ever Ultimate Grand Slam Champion. He says he’ll leave bodies in his wake.

Daniel Bryan confronts him, and Sheamus tells him if he’s got something to say, he should say it. He then pokes Daniel in the chest repeatedly. Daniel kicks Sheamus in the leg rough, to which Sheamus begins to hop around on one leg and call Daniel a “dirty bastard.”

We head to commercial break.

Announced for Next Week

Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross will defend the Women’s Tag Team titles against the Bayley & Sasha Banks connection next week on Smackdown.

Main Event: Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus

Daniel Bryan is out first to much applause and “Yes” chants. The Celtic Warrior is out, screaming “Bella!” in his usual entrance. We head into clips from earlier tonight, showing how this match was set up. The bell rings and this main event match is underway!!

Both men circle each other, then grapple up. Sheamus locks DB in a Headlock and takes him down. Both men up, the headlock still locked on, and forces DB down. Both men up again, and DB slips out the headlock and attempts a Wristlock. Sheamus backs DB up to the corner, then tosses him over his shoulder. Sheamus taunts DB, and gives him a moment to get to his feet.

They lock up again, and Sheamus connects with a Left Arm Shoulder Lock with the hand clamped over DB’s jaw. DB breaks out and gets Sheamus cornered, and unloads on him! Three European Style Uppercuts before Sheamus runs through and hits a kick. Sheamus takes control of the match, working DB over in the ring.

Sheamus does a drop to DB’s back, then sets up an Armbar before taking it to the corner. Sheamus hits two big blows in the corner. Bryan out, using his speed to bounce off the ropes and send Sheamus to the mat. Sheamus exhibits great speed in returning to his feet; DB sends Sheamus to the outside, rebounds off the ramp-side ropes and hits a middle rope Suicide Dive on Sheamus to the outside. Bryan yells “Come on, Sheamus!” as we head to the final break of the night!

We’re back to the action. Daniel has Sheamus in an arm bar and drops it over DB’s shoulder twice. Sheamus wiggles out and attempts a rebound but DB locks him from behind. Sheamus forces them backwards into the corner, then batters DB with repeated elbows and knee strikes, beating Daniel down into the mat as the crowd boos.

Sheamus takes the action outside, and drives Daniel Bryan into the barricade. Sheamus tells Michael Cole that Daniel needs his help, and insists Michael Cole do the “Yes” finger thrusts. Daniel makes his way back into the ring. Sheamus goes up top and takes DB down with a Clothesline, but doesn’t get the pin.

Sheamus yells at Daniel, telling him that Sheamus created the “Yes” movement and mentions the 18 second win at Wrestlemania. Daniel tries to fight back but Sheamus hits the Irish Backbreaker, and locks Daniel in the Cloverleaf submission. DB hangs in there and reaches the bottom rope, forcing the break.

Sheamus continues to yell insults as Daniel climbs to his feet on the apron. Sheamus sets DB up for the Ten Beats but Daniel fights back, shoving Sheamus back. Daniel climbs the top turnbuckle but Sheamus charges with a kick. Sheamus climbs up and hits a knee to Daniel’s face.

Sheamus is looking for the Superplex but Daniel with several hits to the ribs. Sheamus is sent down to the mat. Daniel hits a Missile Dropkick when Sheamus gets to his feet. Sheamus up to his knees; Daniel hits the Yes Kicks but misses the final one; Sheamus ducked under and rolls Daniel up for the Crucifix pin but only gets a two!

Sheamus hits the White Noise but can’t put Daniel away. Sheamus slow to his feet, winded a bit, as Daniel is still on the mat. Sheamus pulls Daniel to his feet and lands an Uppercut, sending DB into the corner. Another Uppercut on DB. Daniel hits a Drop Toehold, sending Sheamus face first into the middle turn buckle.

Daniel charges the corner and connects; he runs back across, and charges again but Sheamus hits a Massive Clothesline! Sheamus is setting up the Brogue Kick but Jeff Hardy’s here! Jeff Hardy causes the distraction, and Daniel Bryan picks up the pin for the win!

Winner: Daniel Bryan

After the match

Hardy attacks Sheamus and chases him out of the ring. Daniel Bryan will face AJ Styles for the Intercontinental Championship in two weeks! Jeff’s music plays and he claps along with it as Corey and Cole wonder what’s going on as we last saw Jeff in handcuffs. We end the show with Jeff clapping to his music.

That’s all folks!!! Be sure to check back here at EWrestling.com for the latest updates and news on your favorite WWE Superstars and wrestling news!! Have a safe and fun Covid-free weekend!

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