SmackDown Results For 6/19/20

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (6/19/20) Orlando, FL

Welcome to’s WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results for June 19, 2020 as the blue brand returns to the Performance Center in Orlando, FL with an audience of PC Talent and special family and friends as WWE looks to get things back to normal amid the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Tonight WWE Friday Night SmackDown is set for a night of returns, celebrations, and more! The blue brand has Bray Wyatt and the “Firefly Fun House” returning tonight, AJ Styles is planning an IC title celebration fit for a phenomenal king, Mandy Rose is the special guest on Miz TV, and finally Matt Riddle makes his highly anticipated (and shoe-less) SmackDown debut! This all goes down starting tonight at 8/7 Central only on FOX! Be sure to join us here at for live results and coverage!

Featured below are WWE Friday Night SmackDown results from June 19, 2020. written by’s newest female reporter, Jamie Rush. Follow me on Twitter @JamieRush312.


Video Clip – “Last Friday” IC Tournament

Tonight’s WWE Friday Night Smackdown kicks off with a video clip of last week’s Intercontinental Championship Tournament finals between Daniel Byan and AJ Styles.

Intercontinental Championship Celebration

We head into the arena where we see Renee Young inside the ring. Renee Young stood in the ring next to the Intercontinental Championship belt, which was resting on a podium. Young introduced AJ Styles as the new champion. Several wrestlers surround the ring for Styles’ championship presentation. Styles states this is as close as they would get to the Intercontinental Championship.

Styles waits for Young to present the belt, but then stops her, stating someone else still needs to be there. Styles said there was only one person qualified to present the title to him. Styles points to Daniel Bryan who is standing ringside and states he should be the one to hand over the belt.

Styles told him to put the title belt around his waist and then congratulate him. The audience begins to chanted “no”. Styles turned his back to Bryan and told him that he was trusting him not to do anything stupid.

Daniel Bryan picks up the title belt. Styles turned and told him to be a man about it. “You are a man, right?” Styles asked. “Well, prove it.” Styles then adds that if Bryan is a coward then he doesn’t have to put the belt on him. Bryan put the title around the waist of Styles and congratulated him. Styles said no one heard it and told him to say it like a man.

Bryan reluctantly grabs a microphone and once again congratulates Styles for being the better man last week. Bryan continues on to state they disagree about a lot of things, but he respects his ability in the ring. Bryan said he thinks Styles will be a great Intercontinental Champion, and even the greatest to date if he shows up every week and pushes himself by defending the title against the wrestlers standing around the ring.

Bryan told Styles to imagine defending the title against Shorty G, Gran Metalik, and Big E. Styles told him to shut up. He said Bryan’s vision is not his vision. Styles told Bryan that he’s now at the back of the list for a title shot. Bryan said he can handle that, but since Styles is all about people earning things, then he should have no problem defending the title against Drew Gulak, who earned it by beating him two weeks ago.

Styles said he’s not Bryan and does not give handouts. Styles said that if you want a title shot then you have to earn it by becoming the number one contender. Styles said the next person who runs their mouth will have to deal with the consequences.

Matt RIddle Joins the Celebration

Broooooooo. Matt Riddle makes his Smackdown debut dancing down to the ring as the crowd chants bro. Graves makes note that Matt Riddle is late for his own debut! Matt asks AJ, “what’s up, bro?” As Matt Riddle begins to formally introduce himself, Styles interjects with disgust stating he knows exactly who he is! AJ states all he sees is some dude in the ring not even wearing shoes. Matt points out he never wears shoes.

AJ is the “face that runs the place” but Riddle is “the bro that runs the show.” AJ takes his title off, setting it on the podium, followed by a cheap shot on Riddle! A fight ensues inside the ring, Riddle landing kicks and knocking Styles out of the ring. Styles is shouting ringside at Riddle as we go to commercial.

AJ Styles(c) vs Matt Riddle

As we return from commercial break, the match is being officially announced. As it is stated that the match is for the Intercontinental Championship, Styles interrupts and states, “No, No, No… Not for the Intercontinental Title!” Styles continues, “you’ve seen the sign–no shirt, no shoes, no service! So no title!” The bell rings and the non-title match begins!

Riddle with a German Suplex right off the bat, followed by a Karelin lift, rolling through, and a second Karelin lift. Riddle gets a one count! A Waistlock, then a standing switch, AJ backs him into the corner. Matt hits a Roundhouse Kick into the High Jump Senton for a one count! Looking for a Double Wristlock, Styles to his feet, backing him into the corner for shoulder thrusts and chops!

Styles lands a Dropkick followed by Forearms in the corner on Riddle. Styles lands a Clothesline to knock Riddle off the apron, he hits Baron Corbin when he hits the floor we head to commercial break!

As we return from commercial break Styles gets an Overhead Arm Lock on Riddle. Styles drops Riddle to the mat. Riddle nailed a few kicks and Styles hit a dragon screw to take out Riddle’s legs. Styles continued to work on Styles’ leg.

Riddle nailed a knee then a punch, Styles strikes back. Riddle hits the Fisherman’s Suplex. Riddle follows up with two Running Forearms then finishes with a Suplex. Riddle isn’t finished yet as he hits a Senton for a two count on Styles.

Riddle locks on the Bromission, but Styles finds his way out by pinning Riddle’s shoulders which forces Riddle to let go. Styles locks on a Calf Crusher, Riddle makes his way to the bottom rope for the release.

Styles went outside for a moment, then he came in as Riddle nailed his Bro Derek finisher for the win!! Debut and winning match with Intercontinental Champion, BRROOOO!!!

Winner: Matt Riddle

After the Match

The other superstars head into the ring to celebrate with Matt Riddle on his new championship!

Backstage – Jeff Hardy

We head backstage after the first match of the evening, Jeff is seated on a stool. A WWE official comes over and tries to grab Hardy’s attention. Hardy is dazed and confused. The WWE worker then puts a mic on Hardy as for an upcoming interview as we head to commercial break.

Video Package – Jeff Hardy/Sheamus

As we return from commercial break, we head into the video package highlighting the events leading up to the Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus match that Sheamus ultimately won, leaving Jeff Hardy humiliated in the ring.

Interview – Jeff Hardy

Renee Young asks how Hardy has been holding up. Hardy responds he is 42 years old and coming off an injury, as he tries to turn his life around. Hardy states he feels like he’s been trying to turn his life around his whole life. Hardy says the struggle is real. Young says it’s been uncomfortable to watch Sheamus attack Hardy’s struggles. Young then asks how Hardy feels about his loss to Sheamus. Hardy states he’s lost matches and will lose more, but Sheamus is a constant reminder of what Hardy doesn’t like about himself.

Hardy continues on to state that beating the hell out of Sheamus would help him feel like he’s accomplished something and losing makes him feel like the dark stuff returns if he’s a good performer, a good person, a good father… etc. Hardy then says just because Sheamus calls him a pathetic junky, doesn’t mean he is one.

But he’s an adrenaline junky since he was 8 years old. And is an alcoholic. But Sheamus doesn’t have a problem with Hardy, he has a problem with himself. Hardy states Sheamus is just a stop on his road to redemption.

Backstage – Shorty G

Kayla Braxton is backstage with Shorty G. Shorty states it doesn’t matter how tall you are. I’ve wrestled heavyweights my whole life. They don’t know what it’s like to be short or to have eyes, in the back of your head. Shorty G decks Mojo before walking up the stairs to head out to the ring. We head to commercial.

Shorty G vs. Mojo Rawley

As we return from commercial break, both competitors are already in the ring and the bell immediately rings kicking off this match up. Shorty G with a Northern Lights Suplex for a bridged cover, Mojo kicks out. Mojo runs through Shorty nearly breaking him in half, then heads in for the cover. Shorty kicks out at two! Mojo whips Shorty off the ropes, Shorty turns it into a Sleeper. Mojo is sent through the ropes to the floor. Back in the ring, Mojo with a Splash in the corner on Shorty. Mojo goes for another Splash, Shorty side steps. German Suplex by Shorty. Shorty heads up top going for the Crossbody, Mojo catches Shorty. Shorty still rolls up in a Craddle for the three count pin and win!

Winner: Shorty G


The Miz and John Morrison are seen backstage going over their script for tonight’s Miz TV as we head to commercial break.

Miz TV – The Miz & John Morrison

Making her Miz TV Debut, give it up for *whispers* “Mandy” then says normally, “Rose!!” Mandy Rose’s music sounds as she makes her way down the ramp and enters the ring, taking a seat beside Miz and Morrison. Miz welcomes Mandy. Miz says, “Before we get to your ‘relationship’ lets get to your best friend…” Mandy says “ex-best friend”.

Miz and Morrison ask if Mandy knew she was upstaging, overshadowing, etc. Mandy said she wasn’t there to be insulted. Miz stops Mandy and says he’s sorry, then states “We have a surprise for you!!” Sonya Deville’s music hits. Sonya states, “You think I wasn’t invited to the party?” Sonya enters the ring. “Tried to sabatoge my career, and my personal life. So whatever it is you think I’ve done to you, I’m done. I’m DONE!”

Sonya states she wishes she was done, but she has to watch Mandy week after week. Sonya continues on asking Mandy what she’s done with her opportunities. Win Matches? No, haven’t been doing that. Say something relevent? Nope, not that. All Mandy has done is make out with Otis poolside for us all to watch. Mandy interjects and states Otis is the only one that has been there for her through everything.

Sonya continues on to say if this look *points to Mandy* is what gets the opportunities when Sonya is superior in every way, then she’s going to take that from her, by making her as ugly on the outside as she is… *pokes Mandy’s chest*. A brawl ensues, Mandy gets the upper hand and Miz stands between the two female superstars as Sonya escapes up the ramp still shouting about how she will be respected. Mandy looks Miz in the eyes, then smacks him across the face, ending this segment of Miz TV. We head to commercial break.

Announcer’s Table

As we return from commercial break, a video package is aired hyping Bayley and Sasha Banks. We return from the video as Bayley and Sasha Banks make their way down to the Announcer’s Table where they sit next to Corey Graves and Michael Cole as they are guest commentators for tonight’s tag-team match-up.

New Day vs. Lucha House Party

Give it up for your eight time tag-team champions as out first is Kofi Kingston and Big E representing New Day as their music sounds in the Performance Center. Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado make their way out next representing Lucha House Party. The referee signals for the bell.

The bell rings and the match begins! Kofi is in first along with Metalik. Dorado caught E with a kick from the apron, then inside the ring Metalik hit E with a Springboard Dropkick. Metalik performed a Springboard Dive onto Kingston on one side of the ringside area, then Dorado performed a dive onto E on the other side. Big E landed a Belly to Belly and Bayley shouted that E stole her finisher.

As we return from commercial break Big E caught Lince Dorado, but he got free. Then Big E knocked him down and hit a splash for a two count.

Dorado hit a springboard stunner on Big E and made the tag. Kofi then came in and lit up Gran Metalik with kicks and a dropkick. Then shot Metalik to the ropes and then he danced up the ropes and jumped off right into a dropkick from Kofi so a two count.

Metalik got Kofi in a fireman’s carry and put him down. This was followed by a top rope splash from Dorado for a two count. E knocked Dorado off the top rope. Then Kofi nailed a stomp. E took the tag and then New Day picked up the win.

Winners: New Day

After the Match

As the match ends, Shinsuke and Cesaro attack the New Day. Cesaro lays out Kingston. Cesaro and Shinsuke come to the announcer’s table and high five Bayley and Banks.

Backstage – Alexa Bliss, Naomi, Lacey Evans, Tamina, and Dana Brooke

We head backstage where Alexa, Naomi, Lacey, Tamina and Dana are exchanging stories on things they’ve done to Bayley. Evans declared herself the new challenger for Bayley’s title. Bliss asks the group where Nikki Cross is as we head to commercial break.

Backstage – Sheamus

Sheamus is backstage with Kayla Braxton. She asked him about what Jeff Hardy had to say about him. He admitted to being a bully and he really enjoyed crushing him.

Announcer’s Table

Bayley and Banks were still at ringside. Suddenly, Nikki Cross attacked them and she tore both of them apart. Bliss ran down and had to pull Cross off of her. Cross demanded a singles match against Banks. She didn’t want to, but Bayley accepted the match for her.

Nikki Cross vs Sasha Banks

As we return from commercial break, this match is already in progress. Cross was hot and took the fight to Banks early on. Banks went for a baseball slide on the outside, but Cross put the apron over to trap her and pummel her. Banks tried to get out of the ring on the other side, but Cross nailed a suicide dive.

Banks hit a backstabber and got a two count. Then Banks got Cross in a submission for a bit until Nikki created separation.

Cross nailed a headbutt and climbed up top. Banks nailed her, but Cross fired back by bouncing Banks’ head off the turnbuckle multiple times. Then Cross hit a tornado DDT from the top rope.

They continued and Banks nailed a kick to the head and into a Bank Statement. Cross rolled Banks up for a two count. Then they traded roll up pin two counts. Suddenly, Banks nailed her double knees and got a pin.

Winner: Sasha Banks

Video Package – Titus O’Neil

A video package shows all of the community effort from O’Neil. WWE wants to congratulate O’Neil for being a finalist in the being named a finalist for the Muhammad Ali Sports Humanitarian Award.

Backstage – Braun Strowman

As a promo for the Firefly Fun House airs, we see Braun Strowman backstage as he is watching angrily on a monitor in the back. We cut to commercial.

Bray Wyatt Firefly Fun House

The theme plays and Bray waves at us. “Bonjour, mes ami! It’s been way too long! Did you guys miss me? I can’t wait to tell you all what I’ve been up to lately!” Bray states he joined a book club, learned all the latest TikTok moves, and he learned how to knit. He also infiltrated a reptilian stronghold.

Then Ramblin Rabbit showed up and mentioned that Bray has actually been feeling sorry for himself after losing to Strowman. Wyatt realized that he went about Strowman the wrong way. He said that Braun is someone he’s known for a long time.

Braun Strowman In-Arena Joins Conversation With Wyatt

We see Braun Strowman make his way out to speak to Wyatt in the Fire Fly Funhouse. Before Bray can even get started, Braun tells Bray that there are no more games. Their chapter is over. Bray says that while their chapter may be over, Bray wasn’t lying about resurrecting the dead and their story is just getting started.

Clips of the Wyatt Family follow. Bray appears on screen in his old Wyatt family hair and clothes. Wyatt states they must go back to where they began if they plan to ever move forward. Wyatt says that he created Braun, therefore it is his duty to destroy Braun and Braun knows that all he has to do to find Wyatt is to follow the buzzards. He holds up his old lantern, laughs, says “run” then blows it out. The screen is black. End.

That’s all for tonight’s edition of Friday Night SmackDown! As always, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay awesome!!

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