WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (6/5/20)

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (6/5): Orlando, FL.

The June 5, 2020 edition of Friday Night SmackDown airs tonight, live in Orlando, FL from the WWE Performance Center with an audience of PC talent safely behind Plexiglas surrounding the seating as the Covid-19 “Safe Distancing” rules still apply.

Featured below are WWE Friday Night SmackDown results from June 5, 2020. written by EWrestling.com’s newest female reporter, Jamie Rush. Follow me on Twitter @JamieRush312.


SmackDown Opening

We open tonight’s show in the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, with Performance Center Trainees as our crowd once again! Just one week before their Intercontinental Championship match, Daniel Bryan will come face to face with AJ Styles. The Miz and John Morrison promise to make Braun Strowman’s life a living hell. Tonight will see the Women’s Tag Team Titles on the line as Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross defend against Sasha Banks and Smackdown Women’s champion Bayley!

Video Recap – Elias Accident/Jeff Hardy Law Trouble

We get a recap of last week’s opener, in which someone ran Elias down with a car and Jeff Hardy was taken into custody by local police, who claimed he smelled of booze as did his rental car. We also see the end of the show, where Jeff Hardy showed up during the Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan match. Jeff attacked Sheamus and chased him off after the match.

In the Ring: Jeff Hardy

We hear the entrance theme for Jeff Hardy as he is officially announced and welcomed to the ring by our audience. At the broadcaster’s table are Michael Cole and Corey Graves as the team is set for tonight’s commentary. They mention an update on Elias after last week’s car crash that sent Elias to the hospital after a hit and run.

Jeff enters the ring and has a microphone in hand. As he begins to speak, he thanks WWE Management and Fox for giving him time to air his grievances. He says that last week, the WWE Universe witnessed something awful, the entire show was thrown into chaos, and Elias was injured. Jeff goes into detail of what happened from his point of view: he was excited to fight, he showed up and as soon as he got out the car, bam!

Hardy continues on to explain that it felt like someone hit him with an anvil. He then says when he regained consciousness, he smelled of liquor,and the handcuffs had ripped skin around his wrists and was uncomfortable.

Jeff said it was tough to face his daughters and wife and ask for forgiveness. He pauses, then says he’s in the WWE for a reason, and the crowd chants. He says that even though his head was spinning, he knows deep down in his heart that he did not slip last Friday. The police gave him every type of alcohol test as possible. Eye witnesses showed up and stated that they saw a red haired, red bearded fair skin man flee from the car after hitting Elias. So Jeff was excited to get back to the Smackdown before it ended to confront Sheamus. He says Sheamus tried to take everything away from him, and he’ll be damned if he lets that happen.

Sheamus at Ringside

Sheamus comes out as his them music plays him down the ramp. Sheamus starts off by saying that Jeff always has an excuse, and always blames someone else for his actions. Sheamus calls Jeff’s fans “enablers”. The crowd clearly disagrees as they loudly “Booo!” to which Sheamus tells them to “shut their bleedin’ traps”. He returns his attention to Jeff and addresses Jeff again, and says for once in his life, Jeff should be a man and admit to what he did. But he knows Jeff won’t, because Jeff’s not a man…he’s a junkie.

Once again, the crowd boos. Sheamus tells Jeff not to worry about the disappointment that Jeff’s wife and daughters will feel over Jeff’s slip…they’re used to it. Jeff charges up the ramp but Sheamus side steps him, hits a Brogue Kick. Sheamus sends Jeff face first into the plastic barrier that lines the ramp. Again and again he sends Jeff into the plexiglass. Finally he tosses Jeff down on the ground ringside, celebrating as the crowd chants “You suck!” and the Ref comes out to check on Jeff.

Backstage w/ Otis & Mandy

As we head backstage, we come upon Otis who is carrying his MitB case as he walks the halls backstage with his “peach”, Mandy.

They both come to a halt as they notice King Corbin’s crown and robe on a chair. Otis takes the crown, and declares himself king Otis as they strut off.

King Corbin shows up thirty seconds later and freaks out, harassing a backstage employee and asking where his crown’s at. The employee snitches and says Otis took it, and Corbin heads out looking for Otis!

We head to commercial break!

“King” Otis w/ Mandy Rose vs Baron Corbin

First out to the ring is Otis as his music sounds in the Performance Center. Otis is holding his Money in the Bank briefcase up high, and wearing his newly found crown. We see a replay of last week’s Otis and Mandy “poolside vacation” as Otis finishes is entrance.

Out next is King Corbin (though he’s sans-crown, so not sure if he’s still “King”?) as his music plays over the speakers in the Performance Center. Corbin enters the ring with Otis. The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match begins. Immediately Otis and Corbin come at one another. Otis sends Corbin into the corner and runs full force, Corbin is able to side step, landing Otis hard into the post.

Baron bounces off the ropes looking for a Clothesline, but Otis tosses Corbin over the ropes with his own speed and momentum. Both men brawl at ringside. Corbin has the upper hand, and throws Otis into the barricade, then back in the ring. Corbin tries for the Misdirection Clothesline but Otis avoids it. Corbin hits a big Spinebuster but only gets a two count. Corbin works Otis on the mat before bringing him to his feet.

Otis is able to get Corbin back in the ring and attempts to move in to take advantage, but Corbin continues to block and kick Otis back. Both men in the middle of the ring. Otis hits a couple of elbows, then a Suplex release toss, then another Suplex Release Toss. Otis hits a Splash in the corner and Corbin is down.

Otis calls for the Caterpillar but Corbin rolls out of the ring. Corbin goes to the announce table and looks at his crown. Otis follows out; Corbin grabs a steel chair and hits Otis in the gut.

Winner (by DQ): Otis

After the Bell

Corbin clearly unaware or not caring the match is over, continues to hit Otis a few more times in the stomach. Otis powers up, and takes the chair from Baron, sending him outside. Otis and Mandy celebrate in the ring.

Outside in the Parking Lot

Miz & Morrison are spying on the parking lot. They see Braun park, and make fun of his car, and we see Braun pulling his luggage as he enters the Performance Center and we head to commercial break.

Outside in the Parking Lot (continued)

As we return from commercial break, Miz explains everyone can empathize or at least understand what it’s like to deal with annoying coworkers and, ever since challenging the WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman, all of their coworkers and the fans have been annoying. Miz and Morrison then proceed to mock some fake southern accents and Braun’s fans.

They continue on to say that Braun showed up to work today without a care in the world and, what we see may be considered strategic. Miz says by the time we get to Backlash, Braun Strowman’s life will be a living hell. We see on a security camera that Braun is in the arena, at a concession stand, and goes to drink a bottle of water but it erupts in foam all over him. Miz and Morrison laugh in their van and Miz says “he’s like, Wash. These. Hands.”

Backstage – Shorty G

As we head backstage, we are joined by Shorty G as he is about to take part in an interview when Mojo Rawley comes out and interrupts to talk about how his friend, Gronk, was robbed of the 24/7 title. Mojo mocks Gable’s height then says that Shorty G’s interview just got cut short. Mojo attacks Shorty with Cesaro and Nakamura until The New Day come to the rescue.

Lacey Evans vs Sonya Deville

Out first is Lacey Evans as her music sounds in the Performance Center. As Lacey is making her way to the ring, her opponent Sonya Deville Clotheslines her from behind, sending Lacey into the steps. Sonya shrugs and gets in the ring as Lacey struggles to her feet and we go to commercial!

As we return from commercial break, we return to both women in the ring. The bell rings, and both women immediately lock up. Lacey takes Sonya down with an arm drag, then another. Lacey yells “get up!” Both women stalk each other around the ring. Sonya locks Lacey in a waist lock from behind and grinds against her; Lacey reverses it and does a take down to the mat. Both women separate and circle each other.

Sonya comes in with a kick to the gut, then sends Lacey to the corner. Sonya punches out of it, springs to the apron, hits a leg sweep, then hits her springboard elbow. She covers but only gets a one. The announcers remind us that Sonya feels Lacey only got where she is because Lacey’s a blonde. Lacey uses her long legs to choke Sonya in the corner.

The Referee breaks it. Lacey then puts Sonya in a Headlock. Sonya escapes to the corner then hits a boot, taking Lacey down to the ground. Lacey’s trying to get to her feet; Sonya hits a kick to the back of her knee.

Sonya with another kick, and sends Lacey into the corner. Sonya with a take-down, dropping Lacey in the center of the ring. Sonya stands on Lacey’s hair and starts talking trash again. Sonya with a kick to a downed Evans. Both women to their feet. Back into the corner they go. Evans goes out onto the apron, pulls Deville between middle and top rope, and hits several knees. Lacey springboards into the ring and grabs Sonya for a beautiful roll-up, but they roll into the Ref.

The Ref immediately orders them to back up and holds his leg. The Ref repeatedly asks for help, and two finally run out to the ring just in time for Corey to ask what’s going on, and send us to a commercial break.

As we return from commercial break, Deville hooks the leg of Evans in the center of the ring. Lacey kicks out and Sonya immediately reaches in for a Chokehold on Lacey. We are shown what happened during commercial break where Sonya used a Double Foot Kick to knock Lacey to ringside. Back in the ring, we see Sonya grab Lacey by the hair for a take-down.

Sonya exits the ring and grabs Lacey and drops to her knees, knocking Lacey to the floor on ringside. Sonya then drags Lacey to the steel stairs where she shoves her boot into the face of Lacey before re-entering the ring. Back in the ring, Sonya looking to put Lacey away. Lacey kicks free and heads in for a Clothesline on Sonya. Sonya ducks.

The two women collide in the center of the ring with matching Clotheslines and both fall to the canvas. All of a sudden, we see Mandy Rose on the jumbotron stating, “You’re a failure!” Sonya shouts at Mandy, calling her a “Barbie Doll” and screaming for her to come out to the ring.

Lacey takes advantage of the momentary distraction and grabs Sonya, knocking her to the canvas for a cover, getting the three count for the pin and win!

Winner: Lacey Evans

After the Match

Mandy Rose is still seen on the jumbotron, laughing at Sonya who is still laying on the mat holding her throat and attempting to recover. Lacey Evans celebrates her victory as she dabs her brow with a hankey and poses.

Quick Announcement

The commentary team make note that Mojo Rawley, Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro will take on the New Day & Shorty G. Up next: AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan come face to face ahead of their IC title match next week!

We then head to commercial!


Matt Riddle is the original bro, and we head straight into a “Bro” Clip highlighting the shoe-less prodigy!

Backstage Interview- Braun Strowman

Kayla states Miz and Morrison promised to make Strowman’s life a living hell, Braun interrupts and states he knows, they messed with his protein drink earlier in the night. We flash to Miz and Morrison hiding somewhere, Miz asking if Morrison “set it up right”.

Miz then presses the button, with a smile on his face. A bucket of green slime pours on Kayla Braxton. “Bastards!” Kayla states as she walks off. Miz and Morrison argue over “left” and “stage left” but decide at least some of the slime got on Strowman.

Big News Announcement Grand Marshals for the Nascar Cup Series are AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan. Michael Cole then sends us to Renee Young in the ring.

In-Ring Interview – Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles

Renee Young announces Daniel Bryan to the ring as she stands next to the Intercontinental Championship belt. Bryan makes his way out to the stage and down the ramp as the crowd joins in on Bryan’s “Yes” chant! Bryan touches the championship belt as Young then announces AJ Styles to the ring. Styles music sounds “They don’t want none!” as AJ appears on the stage.

Commentary makes note of Styles knocking off Nakamura during the tournament. Renee turns to Bryan and says, “Daniel, I’ll start with you.” Styles then said “Why don’t you start with me.” Styles then adds, if it weren’t for Jeff Hardy last week, Sheamus would be standing there facing AJ. Renee asks Bryan if he thinks AJ is a coward. Bryan says Yes, he has “cowardly traits”, but then adds they just have different ways of thinking, and he’s ok with that.

Renee then asks Styles a question, but Styles bragging answer overshadows the question. Styles continues on to tell Bryan that what he’s doing, is stupid. Bryan smiles and says, “We’ve known each other a long time, with entirely different views, and different meanings of being IC champions.”

Bryan adds that Styles believes he’s the greatest when he looks in the mirror, but Styles couldn’t even fathom some unexpected person coming up and possibly winning. Bryan can, and he wants to push himself and learn something so he can learn who he can be.

AJ says it sounds like Daniel is asking for a handout, and says he doesn’t believe in handouts, but earning a shot at the title. He then asks how the heck did Drew Gulak become Daniel Bryan’s coach, how did Gulak work in the WWE? He then says that Drew’s presence in the WWE was a handout from Bryan.

Styles says Bryan is looking for a handout, and that he doesn’t give handouts. Styles then says that he’s going to reach across the aisle, and give Drew Gulak an opportunity right here, right now. He says he saw Drew in the back, and calls him out to get his handout, aka an ass whipping.

We head to commercial break.

AJ Styles vs Drew Gulak

As we return from commercial break, Drew comes down to the ring, with Renee, Daniel Bryan, AJ and the title/podium still in the ring. Drew Gulak immediately heads right for AJ Styles, and quickly sends Styles to the outside. Looks as though Gulak’s few days off really revamped some things inside this pro wrestler! AJ Styles quickly goes after Gulak, throwing multiple strikes at Gulak. He whips Gulak into the ropes and hits a Clothesline. Gulak gets back to his feet and Styles sends Gulak into the corner and works him over some more.

Styles then leads Drew to the middle of the ring. Gulak grabs AJ’s head and drops to his knees, hitting the Jawbreaker. Drew gets AJ down to the mat and puts AJ into a modified Crossface. AJ breaks it; Gulak reapplies it but AJ makes it to the ropes. AJ backs Gulak into the corner and hits several blows before hitting a Snapmare takedown.

Gulak’s down as AJ catches his breath. AJ pulls Gulak to his feet and hits a Wicked Kneeling Spinebuster. He covers but Drew kicks out. Styles picks Gulak up in a fireman’s carry, but Gulak slips out and hits a Headbutt. Big boot from Gulak, but then Gulak runs into a Clothesline from AJ.

AJ slaps a Chinlock onto Gulak as the crowd chants for Gulak. Drew to his feet and gets AJ into the corner, hitting several punches before Styles reverses it and sends Gulak into the corner. Styles whips Gulak into the opposite corner but Gulak comes out with a drop kick. Drew hits another Drop Kick, a collision in the corner, a Fisherman’s Suplex Release and hits the Michinoku Driver on AJ! Gulak pins but AJ escapes just before the referee gets to the three.

Drew picks AJ up but AJ scrapes the face when the Ref is out of position, flips Gulak over as if he’s going to body slam him, and converts it into a back breaker. AJ pulls Drew to his feet and sets up for the Styles Clash. Gulak reverses and flips over, rolling up AJ for the three count!

Winner: Drew Gulak

After the Match

Immediately following the match, Styles is visibly irate. Drew Gulak and Daniel Bryan head up the ramp doing “Yes!” chants. Commentary state they are a bit surprised themselves, but impressed nonetheless.

In the Parking Lot

Miz and Morrison are checking out Braun’s rental car. Miz asks if that’s a fly on Braun’s windshield, and Morrison says it is a fly. Miz pulls out a golf club and smashes the passenger side window. Morrison produces a bat and hits the windshield again, shattering the right side completely and the middle.

Both men celebrate in the parking lot, then say they’ve got to get back to the van. They can’t wait to see the look on Braun’s face. Once again we head to commercial break!

The New Day & Shorty G vs Cesaro, Nakamura & Mojo Rawley

Awwww don’t you dare be sour! The eight-time tag team champions come down the ramp, pausing at the end and dancing, yelling “bring down our boy, bring ’em, bring ’em!” The crowd dances and cheers for the New Day. Out next is New Day’s partner, Shorty G as his music sounds in the Performance Center arena. Shorty makes his way down the ramp and joins New Day.

Out next is opponents Shinsuke Nakamura, Mojo Rawley and Cesaro as the three superstars make their way down the ramp and towards the ring to Nakamura’s entrance music. All six men are inside the ring, as the referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match officially begins.

Cesaro kicks things off for his team as does Shorty G for his side. The two immediately head in at one another. Cesaro picks up Shorty G, who rolls Cesaro up for a one count. Cesaro picks Shorty G up in a Goal Post and drops him down. Shorty G takes Cesaro down to the mat and works the knee, tagging in Big E. Big E hits a big uppercut to Cesaro. Cesaro tags in Mojo Rawley. Mojo takes Big E down to the ground. Nakamura is tagged in. Big E is locked up, but tosses Nakamura.

Kofi gets the tag and comes in, hitting a high splash on Nakamura in the faces’ corner. Shorty G is tagged in and hits a take down. Big E tagged in, hits a splash. Kofi tagged in and hits a sky-high drop, but only gets a two count. Nakamura rolls to the outside.

Cesaro’s on the outside and Kofi goes airborne, diving over the top rope to take out Cesaro. Nakamura back to his feet in the ring and gives the distraction for Mojo to run around ringside and hammer Kofi down into the ground. We go to commericals.

As we return from commercial break, Kofi tries to leap over Cesaro to get the tag, but the Swiss Cyborg catches him and slams him down, getting a two count. He tags in Mojo, who hammers Kofi then moves over to the faces’ corner to taunt them. Mojo hits Big E off the ring, takes a swing at Shorty G who dodges it, and that gives Kofi the opening to hit Mojo down. Kofi tags in Shorty G. Shorty with uppercuts, knee kicks, and utilizes his training to work down Mojo.

Then, we see Shorty G hit a Neck Breaker followed by a Moonsault off the top turnbuckle. Mojo has Shorty in the center of the ring. Nakamura with a Sliding Knee takes out Shorty G. Big E looks for the Big Ending at this point, Cesaro lands an Uppercut that the referee missed. Kofi jumps in as well. Mojo pancakes Shorty G and covers for the pin, Shorty kicks out at two!! Cesaro enters the ring. Kofi Kingston jumps in and As Mojo tries to get to his feet, Shorty stalks him.

Shorty goes for a back suplex; Mojo looks for the Hyperdrive but Shorty reverses it into an Ankle Lock! Shinsuke in the ring to break it out; Big E grabs Shinsuke and both men are outside. The Ref misses a Cesaro uppercut to Shorty G; Mojo hits the Hyperdrive but only gets a two.

Cesaro is calling to be tagged in. Mojo refuses; Shorty tags in Kofi, then goes airborne to the ringside and is caught by Cesaro and Shinsuke. Kofi and Big E with a double team, Kofi covers and hooks the leg. Cesaro and Shinsuke try to get in and break the pin but Shorty holds them back.

Winners: The New Day & Shorty G

Performance Center Parking Lot

Braun Strowman walks towards his car and is angry as he sees what has happened (his windshield is smashed). Miz and Morrison are hiding in a van, realizing neither of them have the keys. Strowman finds the van and starts smashing it. A parking lot attendant points to their van and says “they’re in the white van!” Miz and Morrison are freaking out.

“You two are dead men” Strowman states into the camera. Morrison and Miz are laughing stating, “What are you gonna do?” Miz and Morrison laugh and mock Strowman. Strowman starts shaking and rocking the van. Miz and Morrison look scared as Strowman LIFTS the van and flips it with his superhuman strength!!! Strowman shouts, “You guys think you’re funny? Now THATS funny!” With a growl, he walks off.

We head to commercial break.

Quick Announcements

As we return from commercial break we are informed there will be a 2 on 1 Handicap Match with Braun Strowman vs The Miz and John Morrison. We are then reminded that Jeff Hardy will take on Sheamus.

Main Event: Women’s Tag Team Championship Match
Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs. Bayley & Sasha Banks

Out first are Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross as they make their way down the ramp and enter the ring, awaiting their opponents. Out next are Sasha Banks who awaits her bestie, Bayley as the two make their way down the ramp and enter the ring together. The bell rings and the match begins.

Nikki Cross out of the gates immediately attacking Bayley. Nikki jumps on the back of Bayley, stepping backwards as Alexa Bliss tags in. Bliss tags Cross back in. Cross with a lot of fast paced action as she attacks Bayley in the corner of the ring. Bliss goes for a Suplex, Bayley avoids.
Bayley carries Alexa to her corner as she tags in Sasha Banks.

Banks grabs Alexa by the hair, throwing her into the turnbuckle. Quick tags back and forth between Bayley and Sasha as they double team Alexa. Nikki reaches her hand in for a tag. Bliss rolls Bayley for a two count, then tags in Nikki. Nikki gets the cover on Bayley.

Bayley heads to the outside, Nikki with a Double Foot Stomp on Bayley on the outside, still holding the ropes, then attacks Sasha Banks. Bayley shouts, “Please, no!” Nikki continues to dominate Bayley until Sasha Banks finally gets the tag and Nikki is knocked off the apron as we head to commercial break!

As we return from the commercial break, we see Bayley receive the tag from Sasha. Banks and Bayley hit a double team move–new move, basically they flipped her then slammed her down on her back. Cross tries to reach Bliss but they drag her back. Cross is sent back to the heel corner. Banks is made legal; Banks hits the double knees in the corner and goes for the pin but only gets a two. Banks is working Nikki in middle of the ring; backslide by Banks but Cross kicks out at two. Banks drags Cross to the corner and tags Bayley. Bayley with a rear chin lock on Cross in the middle of the ring.

Nikki Cross lifts Banks up and places her feet on the top rope, setting up the top rope Neckbreaker. Banks escapes and tags Bayley. Bayley with a blind tag. Banks hits the Back Stabber and rolls it over into a Bank Statement. Bayley pulls Banks off. There’s some confusion; Bayley saw the Ref was counting and Banks wasn’t legal.. Banks on the outside; Nikki Cross slams Bayley and gets a two; Banks comes in and breaks it up, then drags Bayley to the corner. Banks gets on the apron and reaches over, slapping Bayley to tag herself in.

Banks Springboards into the ring, rolls through and locks in the Bank Statement. Bliss tries to break it but Bayley pulls Bliss out of the ring under the bottom rope, allowing Banks to continue. Cross rolls through and Sasha’s shoulders are down; she gets a two, Banks reverses it and gets the three count for the win!!

Winners and NEW Women’s Tag Team Champion: Sasha Banks and Bayley

After the Match

Bayley goes running around the ring and flying at the announcer’s table as she shouts and celebrates the victory. We see Alexa and Nikki inside the ring just watching the events unfold, shocked at their loss. Bayley is seen dragging two belts on the ground as if they’re “too heavy” as she and Sasha Banks make their way towards the ramp.

That’s the show folks!! Make sure you stay healthy and stay safe!! See you all this weekend for NXT TakeOver: In Your House, results by yours truly!! Have a good weekend!!

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