WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (3/13): Orlando

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results From Empty WWE PC Arena In Orlando, FL. (3/13/2020)

Despite a considerable number of sporting and live events being canceled altogether, WWE marches on and will present this week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown from their own WWE Performance Center training facility in Orlando, Florida, after cancelling the originally scheduled booking for tonight at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan.

On tap for tonight’s edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown are the returns of John Cena, Jeff Hardy and Paige, as the blue brand Road To WrestleMania 36 continues tonight.

Featured below are complete results of the March 13th episode of WWE Friday Night SmackDown from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.


SmackDown Opening

The WWE Forever opening segment airs as usual. HHH welcomes us personally to the WWE Performance Center. H explains on any given day there are over one hundred athletes training here, he names off multiple superstars. Tonight, those same superstars are here to perform.

We enter the Performance Center, for the first time ever, the WWE Superstars will entertain the WWE Universe from an empty arena for tonight’s Friday Night SmackDown.

Announcer’s Table

Michael Cole informs us that John Cena returns to WWE Friday Night SmackDown tonight as he talks about his Wrestlemania match with The Fiend, Bray Wyatt.

Jeff Hardy is back in action! Roman Reigns exclusive interview to share his thoughts on his match against Goldberg. With that, we kick things off for this unique episode of SmackDown!

Michael Cole and Triple H sit ringside at the announcer’s table as Cole explains they are working with a very small crew for tonight’s episode of Smackdown. Triple H will be joining Cole on commentary for tonight’s show.

Bayley & Sasha Banks Promo

Bayley, holding a mic, walks over to Triple H and Michael Cole and informs them to quiet down and turn the music off. The Role Model and The Legit Boss kick things off tonight saying it doesn’t matter if there are 10,000 fans or 0 fans, they are still the face of SmackDown.

Bayley continues on to say that they have returned to the Performance Center, and this is their house. Bayley turns her attention to HHH and waves as she says, “Hey Hunter, thanks for having us back.” Bayley asks where Paige is, declaring that she’s late. Sasha Banks adds that she and Bayley are on time, wanting to know where Paige is as well.

Michael Cole responds saying that apparently Paige had “travel issues” to which Bayley scoffs and responds, “Travel issues?!” HHH looks to Bayley saying he doesn’t know about her, but he’s sick on Michael Cole’s excuses. Sasha Banks says Paige is just jealous, as is the rest of the Women’s Division.

Before she can go on, she is interrupted by the music for Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross as they appear at the top of the stage. Michael Cole speaks to HHH in the background saying, “You’re supposed to be here helping me tonight, by the way” to which HHH responds, “I’m not here to help you, I’m here to help the show.”

HHH goes on to tell Cole that Banks and Bayley have a point, Cole continues to come out week after week making dumb excuses for the superstars. Alexa Bliss begins, “Don’t you just love surprises?” Bliss looks to Bayley telling her she knows Bayley was expecting Paige, but it doesn’t look like she’s going to be here.

Bliss goes on to say last week, she and Cross called out The Kabuki Warriors and all they got in response was some random Tweets. Bliss speaks directly to Bayley and Banks telling them if they could maybe stop trash talking every woman in WWE history, and shut their mouths,

Cross interrupts saying they are looking for a “fade” then looks to Bliss asking, “Right? We’re looking for a fade?” Bliss agrees as Cross begins shadow boxing on the ramp. With that, Bayley and Banks exit the ring, Bayley grabs a mic off the Announcer’s Table saying, “You want a fight? You just made the biggest mistake, bring a referee out here!”

Women’s Tag-Team Match
Bayley & Sasha Banks vs. Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross

HHH makes a joke that Bayley could have just yelled her response instead of coming and grabbing a mic, as the referee enters the ring to signal for the bell. The bell rings, and the first fan-less SmackDown match in history, begins.

Nikki Cross starts things for her team, Bayley for her team. An early lock up between the two. Cross driving Bayley into the corner of the ring. HHH comments, “When you are fighting without that energy from the fans, it’s a different feeling, a different performance level. This is going to be interesting to see who brings the fire out of themselves, and who relies on others to do it.”

Cross is thrown into Bayley in the corner of the ring as Bliss tags in. Bliss makes her way to the top, but Banks pulls Bayley out of the ring by her ankle just in time for the save. Cross lands a Crossbody on Bayley on the outside of the ring, Bayley falling into the announcer’s table as we go to our first commercial.

As we come back from our first commercial break, Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks are going toe-to-toe in the center of the ring. Bliss smacks Banks across the face. Banks hits a Running Knee on Bliss, driving Bliss’s head into the bottom turnbuckle. Banks attempts a pin, Bliss kicks out.

Cross is jumping on the ropes, telling Bliss to tag. Banks tags in Bayley, a quick double team, then Bayley attempts to pin Bliss to no avail. Bayley lifts Bliss back to her feet, then tags Banks in once again. Bliss comes from behind for a quick roll up on Banks, Banks kicks out.

Banks digging her knee into the back of Alexa Bliss, Bliss gets free, only to be taken down again by The Boss. Bayley again tags in, not allowing Bliss to get to Cross for the tag. Bayley rushes Bliss into her corner, giving the tag to Banks once again, Bliss finally gets the tag to Cross.

Cross is fired up and she Bulldogs Banks to the mat in the center of the ring. A Back Elbow on Bayley by Cross. Cross with a roll up on Banks, Banks kicks out at two, then again. A Jack Knife by Cross for the cover again, Banks kicks out.

Cross lands a Crossbody off the top onto Banks for the cover, Bayley breaks the cover for the save. Bayley complain s of an injury to her eye in the center of the ring, as the referee demands Bayley “get out”, distracting the ref. The Kabuki Warriors sneak down and Asuka attacks Bliss, then begins dancing ringside.

Banks gets a Face Lock on Cross in the center of the ring, forcing Cross to tap for the submission win.

Winner: Bayley & Sasha Banks

After the Match

Michael Cole recaps the match’s ending, saying that Asuka came from out of nowhere for the interference to which HHH jokingly responds he never saw her coming, that Asuka blended in with the crowd, nobody saw her coming.

Announcer’s Table

We go back to ringside where HHH and Michael Cole are sitting at the announcer’s table. Cole thanks HHH for being there tonight, adding he knows HHH has a lot of business to attend to in order for the show to make it through tonight.

HHH agrees, saying this part isn’t as easy for him with commentating, so he will leave that to Cole, even though a lot of people think Cole isn’t really good at it. Cole says thanks then moves on.

Cole announces Roman Reigns’s exclusive interview is coming up next, after the commercial break.

Video Clip Highlighting Roman Reigns vs. Goldberg

As we come back from commercial, a video clip is shown highlighting the events leading up to the match between Roman Reigns and Bill Goldberg that is set for Wrestlemania.

In-Ring Interview With Roman Reigns

As the video clip ends, we come back to Michael Cole sitting in the center of the ring, an empty chair next to him. Michael Cole announces Reigns as his music sounds in the Performance Center. Reigns makes his way into the ring, his entrance music cuts as he sits next to Cole.

Cole starts off light-heartedly, asking how that felt, coming out with nobody in the arena. Reigns responds it’s weird as his job is usually to make the fans shout and working off the crowd. Reigns adds that it feels good to be in the Performance Center again though.

Cole admits there are a lot of critics saying that Reigns doesn’t deserve to be in the main event, asking Reigns how he feels about that. Reigns responds saying if he could main event in Youngstown, Ohio in front of 5,000 people every single night of the year, then why shouldn’t he capitalize on that ability and commitment here?

Reigns says now that he’s here, he isn’t bowing down to anyone, and he’s taking what’s his. Cole goes on to say that the match is being highlighted as “Spear vs. Spear” adding that Goldberg has said he is going to Bulldog Reigns, Cole asks how Reigns feels about that. Reigns responds with a laugh, “Goldberg went to GA, so I don’t know if he’s smart enough to operate a bulldozer.”

Reigns continues saying seriously he has respect for Goldberg, and he has filled seats, being a great superstar, and an icon. Reigns goes on to say however, that Goldberg is a “part-timer” and that Reigns himself is a “full-timer” that has dedicated his life to his craft, 24/7 365.

Reigns ends saying Goldberg doesn’t know what he’s in for. So when it comes to the main event at Wrestlemania, he’s gonna whoop Goldberg’s ass and take back his championship, setting things right.

Backstage Interview

Kayla Braxton goes to introduce her guest backstage, but is interrupted by Cesaro who leans into the mic and introduces Sami Zayn. Zayn begins thanking people as he holds the championship belt over his shoulder. Kayla interrupts him saying he wasn’t scheduled for this.

Zayn responds, “You said we were the scheduled guests…” to which Kayla responds, “You’ve been bumped.” Zayn tells Kayla normally that would infuriate him, but he has celebrating to do as he walks off with Cesaro.

Kayla welcomes her actual guest for tonight’s interview, welcoming Jeff Hardy! Hardy says he feels as healthy and as hungry as he’s ever been, adding he’s been doing a lot of searching of his soul the last few months. Hardy completes his thought saying he has a lot left to do at WWE.

As Hardy continues to speak, he is interrupted by King Corbin mocking, “Blah-blah, blah-blah, blah… not everyone is happy about you being back. Some things have changed around here.” Corbin goes on to say he runs SmackDown and that Hardy better walk a straight line. Better yet, recite his alphabet backwards, or maybe touch the tip of his finger to the tip of his nose.

Hardy mimics the motions of what King Corbin is saying, touching his finger to his nose with a smirk, but mentioned to Corbin that he actually has a big match tonight. Corbin questions with whom, Hardy responds as he points, “With YOU!” Hardy walks off as Reigns looks nervous.

A guitar strum introduces Elias as the camera pans out, showing Elias standing next to King Corbin. Corbin asks Elias what he wants. Elias says he wrote a song about all this, telling Corbin it will only take a second. Corbin says he doesn’t have time for a song as he walks off. Elias murmurs, “He has no idea what’s comin’.”

With that, we go to commercial break.

As we come back from commercial break, Michael Cole re-welcomes HHH as he has re-joined Michael Cole at the announcer’s table at ringside. Cole jokes that HHH obviously wasn’t that busy since he’s back. HHH jokes back that he’s the only WWE Superstar that can be demoted and get busier.

HHH jokes to Michael Cole that it only took one segment of Cole alone out there for the internet to blow up, so HHH came back to save the show. Both laugh as they move on to last Sunday’s Elimination Chamber where Daniel Bryan took on Drew Gulak. HHH calls Gulak a “technical master”.

Cole adds that Daniel Bryan was impressed as well that Gulak didn’t tap out.

Backstage With Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak

Daniel Bryan walks up to Drew Gulak who is standing alone backstage. Bryan starts to speak to Gulak, saying he’s been looking for him. Gulak looks as though he doesn’t trust Bryan and is unsure of his motives for speaking to him.

Bryan continues on giving Gulak props, saying he didn’t believe Gulak at first when Gulak said he had pin pointed some holes and flaws in Bryan’s moves in the ring. Bryan adds he is willing to learn, if Gulak is willing to teach. At that same time, Shinsuke Nakamura, Sami Zayn, and Cesaro walk up to Bryan and Gulak.

Sami Zayn laughs as he says he’s the Intercontinental Champion after pinning Braun Strowman, adding that now Bryan has to ask for wrestling tips from a “nobody” after losing to The Fiend. Bryan takes a step towards Zayn, only to be blocked by Cesaro who informs Bryan “if you have a problem with Zayn, you have a problem with me.”

In response to that, Bryan questions if that is a challenge, to which Cesaro responds, “You know where the ring is.” Bryan walks off as Sami Zayn is hyping Cesaro, telling Cesaro he will be fine, he will just teach Bryan a lesson.

Announcer’s Table

Once again we go to ringside where HHH and Michael Cole are seated at the announcer’s table. Michael Cole announces HHH is still ringside. Cole sets up a video recap from Elimination Chamber this past Sunday where John Morrison & The Miz went up against Heavy Machinery, Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode, The New Day, The Usos, Lucha House Party.

It seems we are going to watch more than just a highlight from the match as Miz and Morrison take on The Usos inside the ring during the Elimination Chamber Match. Lucha House Party and New Day are in action in the video recap as we go to commercial.

As we come back from commercial, we are still watching a replay of the Tag-Team Championship Elimination Chamber Match from this past Sunday. Miz and Morrison have taken the offense in the match up as The Usos and Lucha House Party continue to defend their spots in the Chamber.

We watch more of the match until finally we go to commercial break once again.

As we come back from commercial break, Cole announces that the world is indeed watching tonight, #1 trending on Twitter Worldwide #Smackdown. HHH says luckily the match was just long enough as Cole just made his way back from the “elimination chamber” in the Performance Center.

Awkward laugh, then we go back to the Tag-Team Elimination Chamber Match from this past Sunday, now highlighting Heavy Machinery as they eliminate Lucha House Party. Ziggler and Roode’s pod opens as Otis and Tucker try to pry the pod open to get at Ziggler and Roode. We see more of the match from Sunday.

As Ziggler and Roode’s elimination from the match is highlighted, we once again go to commercial. It seems we might see the ENTIRE Tag-Team match from this past Sunday’s Elimination Chamber. We’ll see after the break!

We come back from commercial break once again, and yes, we see the rest of the Tag-Team Title Elimination Chamber Match from this past Sunday’s pay-per-view event! As the video ends, we see Miz and Morrison retain their WWE Tag-Team Championship Title. The camera pans out, showing the match had been played on the big screen above the stage in the empty Performance Center.

In-Ring With Miz & Morrison, Hey-Hey, Ho-Ho!

The Miz and John Morrison are clapping for themselves as they watch the match from inside the ring, looking up at the big screen above the stage. The Miz and Morrison both sitting in chairs as they hold microphones, wearing their championship belts over their shoulders.

Miz begins to speak, saying in their first title defense match, they took on FIVE other tag-teams and still came out of it victorious. Miz continues, saying he wants to explain something, they won the championship in their first tag team match and thirteen years later, they are still winning championships.

Morrison lifts his mic and adds, “If there is anyone here tonight that does not think we are the greatest tag team of the 21st century, speak now” with that Morrison stands up out of his chair, looking around the empty stadium, almost as if expecting to possibly hear an objection though no one is there.

The Miz then follows up saying, “If there is anyone here tonight that does not think that I am the greatest wrestling technician that this business has ever seen… speak now.” Both Miz and Morrison look around, waiting for a response.

Miz and Morrison continue to ask questions, jokingly asking about which movie was the best that these two had taken part in. Miz goes on to say there won’t be any “You Suck!” chants tonight as he rips on the residents of Orlando, though none are there to hear him or respond.

The segment ends with Miz and Morrison demanding that we “Be Jealous” as they start their “Miz and Morrison, Hey-Hey, Ho-Ho” chant, that actually is starting to sound catchy to me.

Daniel Bryan vs. Cesaro

As we go back to the ring, Daniel Bryan makes his way out as his music sounds. Bryan is accompanied by Drew Gulak who is hyped and starts doing the finger pointing to the air attempting to lead the “crowd” in a “Yes!” chant. Bryan looks to Gulak, questioning what he’s doing.

Gulak looks back to Bryan, seemingly to say he needs to still go on with the chant, Bryan shrugs and joins in as they continue their “Yes!” chant down the ramp to the ring as we go to commercial.

As we come back from commercial, we see HHH standing directly in-front of the announcer’s table holding one of the cameras pointing it directly into the face of Michael Cole. Cole jokes that five years later and he still has to put up with this.

Getting back to business, Cole takes us back to Tuesday Night during this week’s WWE Backstage segment where former NFL player and three time Superbowl winner, Rob Gronkowski was in talks of joining WWE. Cole welcomes Mojo Rawley who is good friends with Gronkowski.

Mojo Rawley sits at the announcer’s table, shouting as he speaks to Cole, saying nothing has been signed but the rumors are true. Rawley adds that Gronk will be here next week, adding that Rawley himself will be here next week as well. With that, we go back to the ring for the upcoming match.

Daniel Bryan is seen in the ring, shadow boxing as Gulak stands at his side. Music sounds for Cesaro as he makes his way to the stage with Sami Zayn at one side and Nakamura at the other side. As they make their way to the ring, Cole sends us to a video package showing the events between Zayn and Strowman.

As we re-enter the ring, we see Bryan and Cesaro in the center of the ring. Bryan bulldogs Cesaro into the corner, followed by multiple kicks to the mid-section of Cesaro. Back and forth action between the two until Cesaro is able to get the upper hand on Bryan.

Cesaro with a fury of fists on Bryan as he counters, throwing Uppercuts on Bryan as we go to commercial once again.

As we come back from the break, Bryan is still being attacked by Cesaro. Cesaro takes Bryan for a ride off the top rope, followed by a cover. Bryan kicks out. Bryan and Cesaro go at it in the ring, Gulak whispering tips to Bryan.

Bryan comes back in with multiple kicks to the body and the head of Cesaro. Finally Bryan rolls Cesaro up for the pin and the three count for the win!

Winner: Daniel Bryan

After the Match

As Bryan celebrates his victory, Cesaro doesn’t believe it. Nakamura enters the ring and attacks Bryan. Gulak also jumps in for the save for Bryan. Sami Zayn leaves the announcer’s table and also joins in.

Things turn into an all out brawl ringside, Cole points out there may not be enough referees here at the Performance Center to break things up. Finally things calm down as Bryan’s music hits once again.

As we go to commercial, it’s announced that John Cena, Jeff Hardy, and King Corbin are at the Performance Center tonight.

Jeff Hardy vs. King Corbin

Elias is seen sitting with Michael Cole and HHH as the main event of the evening begins. Jeff Hardy is announced as his music sounds, Hardy’s first appearance on SmackDown in almost a year following a knee injury (I’m sure he feels odd coming back to an arena with no fans)

Jeff Hardy makes his way down the ramp and Corbin attacks Hardy before the bell. Hardy is knocked to the floor. Corbin continues dominating Hardy as he controls Hardy towards the ring. Hardy rolls into the ring as the referee checks to make sure Hardy is able to continue.

Hardy declares he’s good to go, the bell rings and the match begins. Corbin and Hardy go hard as the match is officially going now. Hardy able to take control of Corbin. Corbin shouts at the referee for not counting to three quick enough. Then Corbin begins shouting at Elias asking why Elias is even there.

With that, Elias decides to do something, and begins strumming his guitar. Corbin is distracted which gives Hardy the chance to hit the Twist of Fury followed by a Swanton Bomb for the cover. Hardy gets the three count on Corbin for the win. Welcome back Jeff!

Winner: Jeff Hardy

We go to commercial.

HHH’s Closing Statement For SmackDown

As we come back from commercial, we see HHH once again standing facing the cameras as he begins to speak. HHH says that he hopes we enjoyed this historic edition of Friday Night SmackDown on Fox, adding that WWE is missing the most important part, which is the fans.

HHH concludes his statement to the fans saying WWE has truly earned the right to say what is written at the top of their name at the beginning of every show… Then. Now. Forever.

John Cena In-Ring Promo

With that John Cena’s music sounds in the Performance Center. John Cena makes his way to the stage as he is announced as the 16 time World Champion. Cena says he misses everyone at home and he’ll see them soon as he enters the ring with Michael Cole.

Cena stands across from Cole, saying “Cole, you got questions, I got answers, let’s go”. Cole speaks on Bray Wyatt and how Cena beating him helped birth “The Fiend”. Cena’s response being that multiple people say he’s the reason for their failures. Cena says he guesses they can add Bray Wyatt to the list.

Cole asks Cena why he chose to antagonize Bray Wyatt after saying this, to which Cena responds he did not antagonize anyone, he merely accepted a challenge. Cena seems passionate about the fact that people such as Drew McIntyre, Tommaso Ciampa, and NXT Tag Team Champion Matt Riddle are not given the opportunities they have earned.

Instead people like Bray Wyatt are given a 5th and 6th chance when they ask “What about me??” when the situation gets hard. Cena said he originally wasn’t going to take part in Wrestlemania because he feels the spots should be earned, stating WWE should invest in those superstars who work at it every day and deserve it.

John Cena finishes his statement about Wrestlemania by saying that his bout with Bray Wyatt will not be a “show stealer”. Cena says he accepted the challenge only to take Wyatt out of the equation. Cena adds that at Wrestlemania, he will do what he should have done six years ago, and that is to end the hype of the most over-hyped Superstar in WWE existence.

On that note, Wyatt’s laughter can be heard in the seats of the empty Performance Center arena. Wyatt makes his way through the empty seats, holding a mic in hand as he climbs over the barricade, inching closer to the ring where Cena stands with Cole.

Wyatt starts off by saying he is glad to see John Cena here at the Performance Center, even if Cena is saying hateful things. Wyatt calls Cena a “big movie star” with “big muscles” as Wyatt joins Cena inside the ring. Wyatt tries to explain to Cena that he isn’t ill, Cena is.

Wyatt explains to Cena that the voices never stopped inside his head, and one day something amazing happened. Wyatt started listening to the voices instead of fighting them. Wyatt admits Cena broke him, but then smiles as he says The Fiend put him back together.

Stepping closer to Cena, Wyatt is now nose-to-nose with him. “Let me in, John.” The screen flashes with The Fiend’s presence as Wyatt once again laughs. The first-ever SmackDown on FOX from the fan-less WWE Performance Center ends as we fade to black.

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