WWE Friday Night Smackdown Results – July 10, 2020

Results by Mike Hogan of www.rajah.com

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (7/10/2020) – Performance Center, Orlando, FL

Show Opening

Tonight’s episode is brought to you by Progressive, as Michael Cole informs us. Corey Graves welcomes us to what may be the toughest challenge for the New Day when they take on Cesaro & Shinsuke. We’ll also get a singing competition tonight too, apparently.

Miz TV

We cut to the ring where the Miz and Morrison have been posing and waiting for the intro to end. Miz welcomes us to “hey hey, ho ho…Miz TV”. They’re going to welcome a man with better face paint than 1993 Doink the Clown, a daredevil who battles his demons one day at a time…because he has a hard time remembering yesterday. A true trailblazer in their industry…emphasis on “blazed” adds Morrison. Miz tells Morrison to be serious and Morrison asks if they’re doing a serious episode tonight, to which the Miz says every episode is serious. They finally call out Jeff Hardy.

He comes out and claps and sits in his chair. After some silly, dad-joking around, they say they’ll show a clip of Jeff Hardy and Sheamus. They then spend a minute asking each other who has the clip, before playing one. It covers the same footage we’ve seen, of Jeff saying he needs to shut up Sheamus so that he can turn himself around. It goes on to show Hardy losing to Sheamus at Backlash. Sheamus nailed a vicious, repeated six times Brogue Kick to win. We see footage of Sheamus saying that Hardy dug down deep but couldn’t win, and he wants to toast Jeff. We then see the segment last week where Sheamus toasts Jeff and Jeff beats down a completely innocent man because Sheamus is on the big screen.

Back from the clip we see the Miz and Morrison talking down to Jeff. They mock him, saying that usually the guy who has the big comeback wins, but Hardy’s a loser. Morrison makes a joke about Hardy breaking rules, and Jeff says that if they keep this up, he’ll break something else. The crowd cheers. Miz tells Jeff that his daughter’s favorite wrestler is Jeff, and he worries about his kids having a drunk as a role model. Crowd boos. Miz apologizes and gets them on the topic of Sheamus. Jeff says he’s ready to move on. Miz and Morrison both ask “really?” They ask him if he truly isn’t bothered by the loss at Backlash. Jeff admits that it does bother him. He then changes tune, going from “Sheamus is in the past, I don’t care” to “I’ve got to put my past behind me and Sheamus is my past.” He says he’s going to be a beacon of light on tv for all those who struggle with addiction. He says hope is real and there is a life beyond their biggest dreams waiting for them if they just stay sober. Morrison says that he’s got goose bumps.

Miz then says that Jeff needs to fight Sheamus again, but not at just any match. After some speculation, Miz & Morrison suggest that Jeff Hardy fight Sheamus in a Bar Fight at Extreme Rules. Jeff says it’ll be like a handicapped match, and says Miz & Morrison are out here doing Sheamus’ work. Jeff Hardy agrees to fight Sheamus in a Bar Fight at Extreme Rules. Jeff promises to never let down his fans again. Jeff then challenges Miz & Morrison and says he wants to know who he’s gonna beat. He says “you didn’t expect to invite me out here on your little show and talk to me that way, did you?” (paraphrase) Both men respond “well actually, yes. Sorta yeah.” Jeff then says he’s gotta disappoint his fans again, then attacks both Miz & Morrison and sends them from the ring. We go to break. I’m not sure who’s more high, Jeff or Me, but he seems to contradict himself without meaning too.

The Miz w/ Morrison vs Jeff Hardy

We come back from the break to see the match well under way. The Miz is controlling the pace at first with a headlock, until Jeff escapes. Hardy locks in a side headlock of his own down on the mat. Miz eventually makes his way to his feet and escapes. Miz takes control after sending Jeff to the outside. Miz hammers Hardy down on the mat, mocking Jeff, taunting him. Miz sends Jeff into the ropes and bows to do the backdrop, but Hardy counters it and hits a kick. Miz takes control and quickly sends Hardy to the mat and, as Hardy sits up, Miz hits a brutal rebound running kick.

Miz has a side headlock on Jeff near the ropes. Jeff escapes, but Miz sends him into the ropes. Jeff with a roll-up but only gets two. Hardy in the corner. Miz charges and Hardy flip tosses him up but Miz lands on the apron. The southpaw Miz hits a few big huge left hands. Miz keeps landing blows on Jeff until he gains separation. Miz goes for the springboard forearm but Jeff blocks, counters into the “Twist of Fury.” Pin but two. Jeff goes up top but “Johnny Drip-Drip” Morrison distracts. Miz rolls out to the ringside to get his breath. Jeff launches off the top rope and hits both Miz and Morrison down to the ringside floor.Commercial break.

Back from the break and and Hardy is in control, taking Miz to different ring corners. Miz moves back and distracts the ref, allowing Morrison to cut the legs out from Hardy on the apron, dropping him to the ringside floor. Miz pursues and throws Jeff into the announcer’s table a few times. Ref keeps counting, but Miz rolls in and out to break the count. He sees Hardy’s head on the apron and hits a running big boot. Miz goes into the room. Corey Graves makes Michael Cole shut up while Miz & Morrison do their “hey hey, ho ho” chant. In the ring, the Miz is fully in control. Miz hits “The World Famous It Kicks” and runs multiple times, hitting Hardy in the corner with running jumping knees. Morrison chants alongside the ring as the crowd boos. Miz goes off the top rope; Hardy reverses and goes for the Twist of Whatever It’s Called This Time. Miz pushes Hardy’s back to block it. Both men with back and forth until Miz gets the advantage with Hardy on his knees. Miz hits the It Kicks but now does them to a tune he chants with the crowd, similar to “hey hey hey….ho ho ho…”. I think it’s a new gimmick thing he’s trying.

Miz takes his time hammering left blows to Hardy’s face, then pacing the ring, talking about his daughter and how she likes Hardy but she’ll get over it. Hardy begins hammering Miz in the abdomen each time the Miz comes close. Jeff hits a seated/sit out jaw breaker. Both men are down. Miz up to his feet first but not by much. Hardy starts fighting back. Irish whip to the Miz. Shoulder tackle by Hardy, inverted atomic drop by Hardy followed by the leg drop. Senton splash onto a prone Miz. Crowd chants “Hardy! Hardy! Hardy!” or, perhaps, “Hardees! Hardees! Hardees!” Depends on if the sponsor paid up. Hardy with a back drop onto Miz, then a body splash. He knocks Morrison off the apron. Jeff goes up top, ready to fly, when Sheamus interrupts via video, telling Hardy he’s ready to face him and that Jeff needs to have a pint, etc. Miz behind Jeff, back suplex bridged into a pin! Jeff counters and stretches back, rolling up the Miz for the win!
Your Winner, Jeff Hardy

Backstage w/ Sarah and Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro

Sarah asks both men about pulling an “upset” of the New Day. Shinsuke sighs and Cesaro goes into a minute-long rant about how it’s insulting to them that, when they win, it’d be considered an upset. He says the New Day is everything that’s wrong with the tag team division, to many chuckles by the smarks at home.

Non-title Match: Sasha Banks & Bayley vs Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross

Banks is out first, then Bayley which means Michael Cole has to update us on the weekly reign of Bayley. She’s up to 273 days now. Spoiler Alert: she’ll be up to 280 next Friday. Bliss & Cross both come out and ambush the women’s tag team champions from behind. All four brawl us into a commercial break!

Back from the break we have everyone set up and the bell rings. Banks and Cross start things off. Banks is vicious and quick with Cross, controlling her, smacking her down and slamming her into the mat. She drags Cross over and tags in Bayley. Bayley drops knees into Cross’ side, takes her back to the corner and hits some hip attacks, then tags in Banks. Banks struts before approaching. Cross hammers her in the belly but Banks regains control and tags in Bayley. Bayley chokes Cross in the corner. Bayley hears the boos and encourages them. Bayley goes for a suplex. Cross slides outside then grabs Bayley by the foot and mimics the great Fit Finlay (per Michael Cole) by getting Bayley stuck ringside inside the apron, where Cross hits her several times. Cross ends Bayley back in the ring. Cross tags in Alexis, and in comes the Goddess.

Banks manages to get control for a few before Banks tries to fight back. Bliss shuts it down and drops kicks and forearms. Cross tagged in to work over Banks a bit. Bliss tagged back in, and rebounds off the ropes to clobber Banks. Banks goes close to the ropes and ends up outside with Bayley, who’s trying to barrier between a pursuing Cross and Bliss. While Bayley tends to Banks, Cross grabs the Smackdown Women’s championship and poses with it, taunting Bayley. We go to break.

Back from the break and Bayley made a blind tag in. Bliss isn’t aware of this as she works over Banks. Bayley ambushes her and pins her for a two count. She asks “Ya like that huh? That’s for my good friend, Stone Cold Steve Austin.” She then kicks Bliss rough. Spends too much time talking trash, and attempts a suplex but Bliss blocks, reverses, and covers for a two. Bayley barely breaks it. She drags Bliss by the leg to her corner and tags in Banks. Stiff kick to Bliss. Banks covers for a two. Banks locks in the chinlock. Nikki Cross pounds on the ring stairs, the apron, and the turnbuckles to fire the crowd up in an effort to invigorate Bliss. Bliss tries but Bayley is in and shuts it down. Bayley calls Bliss stupid. Bliss with a strike, and then tries to skirt around Bayley to tag Cross but Bayley stops it and takes Bliss back to the heel corner. Banks is tagged in.

Banks continues to work over Bliss. Banks holds an armlock on Bliss and drags Bliss back to the face’s corner, then mule kicks Cross off the apron. The ref warns her. Banks takes Bliss back to the heel corner, and Bayley tags in. She goes for a pin but gets two. Bayley tells Cross that Banks is the best tag team partner ever. She says something else to Bliss that we don’t catch, and Bliss fires up. She throws fists to gain separation and tags in the human tornado, Nikki Cross. Nikki goes all over the place, knocking down Bayley, then Banks, and keeps it up. Bayley finally gets lucky by tagging Banks as Cross is on the corner, knocking her off. Bayley slides in and gets a two. Cross fights back and splashes Bayley in the corner. Cross goes for the Tornado DDT but Bayley blocks her. Nikki instead hits a brainbuster and has the champion pinned, but Banks breaks it up right at three! Bliss comes over to try to even the odds; Banks takes out Bliss hard. Cross is distracted by the fighting at ringside, and Bayley steals the win by using the ropes for leverage!
Your Winners, Sasha Banks & Bayley

After the Match

Sasha Banks takes the tag titles over and kneels with Bayley ringside, both women elated, calling themselves the best tag team ever. We’re told we’ll get a look back at the last Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt fight after the break!

Sneak Peak at the New WWE 2K Battlegrounds

We get a minute long trailer for the game. We see legends like Undertaker and Sgt Slaughter, Andre the Giant and Stone Cold. It looks very arcade-ish with flaming fists, special effects, and cartoonish graphics. Mail me or message me on Twitter if you want to know how their 2K20 game fared when compared to the previous 4. Honest opinion.

Replayed Match: Bray Wyatt vs Braun Strowman at WWE Money in the Bank

Out first is Bray Wyatt in his Firefly Fun House theme. He seems nervous but says this should be fun. Strowman makes his way out next, the WWE Universal Championship around his waist.

Strowman starts out aggressively. Both men fast out of the corner and lock up in the middle. Strowman’s got the strength advantage and takes Bray toa corner, chopping him hard. He sends Bray into the ropes and runs him over. Bray laughs then says “Oh my goodness! You are strong!” Braun tells him “I’m not the same boy I used to be, Bray!” Bray says he knows and gets up. He delivers a kick to Braun’s gut then locks in that side headlock. Braun does the usual counter and sends Bray into the ropes, knocking him down. Wyatt to the outside. Strowman follows and sends Bray into the steel post face-first, sending Bray flying. The ref continues to count. At 6, Strowman sends Wyatt into the ring. Braun with a massive splash in the corner, crushing Bray. Wyatt rolls to the outside and mumbles “oh sh-t” which is sloppily edited out. Strowman to the outside and comes charging around the ring only for Bray to sidestep and send Strowman face-first into the announce table at full speed.

Wyatt into the ring to rest for a few. We see the pig puppet squealing support for Bray. Bray with a slam. Kickout at two. Bray hits a standing/short-running senton. Strowman rolls outside and crawls to the ringside barricade. He tries to get to his feet. Bray grabs Strowman and runs him across the flood and sends Strowman into the steel steps. The ref warns him to take it inside. Bray exclaims “look what you made me do!” Bray seems to alternate between angry/creepy and distressed. Wyatt gets in the corner and bends backwards ala Sister Abigail then stands to his feet. Strowman comes over and attacks and takes control. Strowman sends Wyatt flying off the top rope. Wyatt rolls with it and hits a Sister Abigail out of nowhere! Wyatt only gets a two as we cut to break. Who will win? Will Wyatt become the new Universal Champion? You’d know if you read Matt’s Money in the Bank live results coverage! Commercials await!

Back from the break and Wyatt is looking dark, awaiting for a weakened Strowman to turn around. Wyatt clinches Strowman and sets up for a Sister Abigail. Strowman slaps his right hand to Wyatt’s neck and hits a big chokeslam. Both men up to their feet. Universal Champ is on a rampage once again. Braun hits a splash! Another splash! Wyatt sent to the outside. Braun goes out the opposite side and runs around the ring, hitting the Strowman Express that takes Bray right into the barricade! The ref warns he’s going to begin to count now. Bray sent into the ring. As Braun comes in, Wyatt is quick to his feet and kicks Strowman off the apron. As Wyatt tries to get to his feet, he sees Braun standing slowly, wearing his dirty deeds done with sheep black mask.

Bray begins to laugh hysterically, saying things like “See, I told him you’d come home” et cetera. He laughs maniacally as Braun stretches his arms out wide. Bray stands and says “I told him, Braun, I told him!” Wyatt and Strowman hug as the various Firefly Fun House puppets celebrate that “Braun is home!” Strowman shoves Bray, then removes his mask slowly. Bray asks him “what are you doing? Braun, what are you doing?” and tries to warn Braun that Bray may be trying to protect Braun from “him.” Braun then scoop powerslams Bray and pins for the win!
Your Winner, and still Universal Champion to this day, Braun Strowman!

Backstage w/ Sarah & the New Day

Sarah tells the New Day that Cesaro & Shinsuke feel that beating the New day would be an upset is offensive. The New Days run down that they’ve dominated their opponents for six years. They run down Nakamura and Cesaro’s accolades. Kofi then paraphrases former Cardinals coach Dennis Green, and says “they are who we thought they were!” Big E adds “and we ain’t gon’ let them off the hook!” Big E then sings their own praises and pumps up the crowd with an inspirational speech–and he’s all kinds of fired up–before starting a “new..day rocks!” chant.

Backstage w/ Lacey Evans & Naomi

Lacey is practicing singing and Naomi walks over, in a bright neon green body suit, and does a high kick as we go to commercial.

First Ever Smackdown Karaoke Showdown

Jey Uso welcomes us to the first ever blah blah. He says Ryan Seacrest he is not, but American Idol’s got nothing on them. The rules are simple: each contestant has 45 seconds to sing their favorite WWE theme song. Our four contestastants are Lacey Evans, Naomi, Tamina Snuka, and Dana Brooke

Jey says the first competitor is Lacey Evans singing “Road Dogg” Jesse James’ first theme, the “I can’t wait to be alone with my baby tonight.” She does a pretty good job in harmonizing on some spots.

Next is Dana Brooke singing the Honky Tonk Man’s theme. She puts on shades and gyrates like Elvis. If she took singing lessons, she might actually be pretty good. Jey Uso interrupts, saying she’s bad, and the music stops as the crowd boos.

Up next is Tamina attempting HHH’s theme, “the Game.” She does the few lyrics and begins to headbang to the opening chords, but Jey Uso cuts her off.

Jey praises Naomi then asks the crowd to choose the winner, and it seems to be “hands down” that the winner is Naomi. She then dances to Dusty Rhodes’ theme. Lacey Evans attacks Naomi. Jey separates them and both women remove their shows and brawl over him as we go to commercial.

Lacey Evans vs Naomi

Impromptu match. Bell rings, Lacey tackles Naomi. We’re told Naomi won the karaoke but Lacey’s upset. Lacey completely controls this match so far. She works Naomi in the corner as Dana Brooke looks on from the ringside, as does Tamina. Big drop toehold. Lacey uses her dress to choke Naomi. Ref forces the break. Naomi hits an overhead kick from her prone position to gain some separation. Naomi now in control, walking around and kicking Lacey, and again. Lacey rolls to the outside. She tries to get to her feet. Dana Brooke tries to talk to her and Evans shoves her. Dana tells Lacey she’s better than this, and mentally whispers “your face run is over”. Lacey shoves Dana, then shoves Tamina. All four women end up in the ring, fighting.
Your Winner by DQ, Lacey Evans

Backstage Interview w/ AJ Styles

AJ cuts off the interviewer. He feels good and is perky. He says that he embarrassed Daniel Bryan’s coach, Drew Gulak. He says if that’s the best Smackdown’s Roster has to give, then it’s going to be a long time before its defended. He builds himself up and puts down the roster. The interviewer, Sarah, interrupts him and says that she’s been notified that AJ Styles will defend his Intercontinental Championship next week against Matt Riddle.

AJ is livid and exclaims “Matt Riddle? Who’s he ever beaten?” Sarah then reminds AJ that Riddle beat AJ in Riddle’s Smackdown debut. AJ snaps “that was a rhetorical question, Sarah!” AJ is not happy about this. We cut to the arena.

Main Event: Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match – the New Day(c) vs Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura

Out first are the champions, the New Day. We’re treated to a Progressive Match Flo showing Shinsuke and Cesaro attempting to dismantle the New Day with a table, then we go to commercials.

Back from the break and we see the New Day getting ready in the ring. Finally, the Swiss Cyborg and the King of Strong Style, the Artist and the Swiss Superman, make their way to the ring much to the delight of Corey Graves. The ref makes the announcements as this one is for the Smackdown Tag Team Championships!

Nakamura and Cesaro dominate this one early on, utilizing a flurry of quick tags and confine Kofi to their corner. They execute a series of kicks and strikes to wear him down. He tries to get to Big E for the tag but Nakamura takes him back into the corner. Cesaro tagged in and hits two quick slams and covers. The Artist, Nakamura, is tagged back in. Kofi tries to fight out the corner but Nakamura shuts it down with elbow strikes to the back. Tag to Cesaro. They go for a double team but Kofi avoids it. Big E gets involved from the apron and knocks Nakamura from the ring. Kofi takes Cesaro to the New Day corner and stomps Cesaro, then Kofi and Cesaro begin a series of about six tags where the utilize the Unicorn Stomps over and over. Finally the ref breaks it up. Cesaro goes outside the ring. Kofi runs into the ring’s southern ropes, rebounds, gets launched high into the air by Big E but Cesaro intercepts him with a huge uppercut, laying Kofi out on the cement! We go to commercial!

Back from the break and Nakamura is contorlling the pace with Kofi in the ring. He’s got a side headlock on Kofi, then a sleeper hold. Kofi drops to his knees and Nakamura attempts to pull him up into a reverse exploder. Kingston fights back and hits a weak SOS but can’t make the pin. Big E is calling for hte tag; Nakamura makes the tag to Cesaro but so does Big E! Both men in the ring! Big E with a back flip, then another, then a belly to belly. Big E gyrates above Cesaro, then goes for a big splash but Cesaro rolls out of the way. Cesaro goes to tag Nakamura but Big E charges over and takes out Shinsuke. Cesaro attacks Big E from behind, and sends him into the faces corner. Cesaro hits a big European uppercut, then several punching combinations. Cesaro climbs up the ropes to rain blows down on Big E. Kofi up on the apron and tags in, then hits a step up enziguri. Kingston goes flying as Big E paces forward and Kingston hits a Meteora. Shinsuke in to make the save. Cesaro gets the tag to Nakamura. Nakamura reversed into a slam, Kofi covers. Cesaro makes the save. Cesaro and Big E both in the ring briefly to brawl. Finally Big E is sent out. Kofi begins to throw fists at both Cesaro and Nakamura. All three slug it out as the ref yells. Big E in and all four men slug it out. The ref calls for the bell.
Your Winner: No contest/double DQ

After the Match

Cesaro grabs a table from under the ring. He and Nakamura keep the champions down. Nakamura sends Big E into the ring, then drags Kofi in the ring to the apron and takes him out. Cesaro with big chops on big E. The table is set up. Shinsuke hits a big kick on Big E. Cesaro lays Big E out on the table. Cesaro and Nakamura then grab Kofi and Cesaro goes up behind Nakamura, picks up Kofi, and then leaps up and over and powerbombs Kofi onto Big E through the table. They stand over the destroyed tag team champions as we end our show.

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