WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (2/14): Vancouver

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results From Rogers Arena In Vancouver, B.C. (Feb. 14, 2020)

WWE returns to the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, B.C., Canada this evening for a special Valentine’s Day edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown.

Featured below are complete results of the Friday, February 14th episode of WWE SmackDown. The following report was written by eWrestling.com correspondent Jamie Rush.


Tonight’s WWE SmackDown kicks off live from Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia as Michael Cole welcomes us to a sold out show and says there are 14,382 WWE fans in attendance.

Cole announces Miz and Morrison vs. Reigns and a partner of his choosing, Otis and Mandy Rose’s Valentine’s Day date, and Hulk Hogan Exclusive Interview tonight via satellite.

In-Arena, “A Moment of Bliss…”

The goddess Alex Bliss “A Moment of Bliss” with her best friend and guest host Nikki Cross. Bliss welcomes everyone to the first Moment of Bliss of 2020. A morning talk show spoof like setup with Cross interrupting as Bliss goes to announce her celebrity crush. Banter back and forth between the two.

Bliss welcomes first guest, “Moon walkin, trash talkin’ princess of Staten Istland, Carmella.” as Carmella walks onto the stage and is seated next to Bliss and Cross. The girls talk about Carmella’s win and how it was “surprising”. Carmella says later tonight she will surprise Bayley later tonight.

Carmella says she and Bayley used to be best friends. Bliss shows pictures from “a better time” with Carmella and Bayley smiling and posing for selfies. Bliss asks Carmella what happened. Carmella says Sasha Banks happened. Camella continues saying Bayley is trashing the women’s division and she doesn’t even know her anymore.

Bayley’s music interrupts Carmella’s explanation. Bayley tells Carmella “that’s enough”. She continues saying ever since NXT she pittied Carmella and tried to show her the ropes. Bliss says, “Let me stop you there…” Bayley interrupts saying, “What’s that pip-squeak?” and trash talks each of the women on the stage.

Carmella gets in Bayley’s face saying why wait til later tonight, she wants to handle this “right here, right now” dropping the mic and stomping down the ramp, entering the ring. Bayley looks down at her belt, then walks down the ramp and marches up the stairs into the ring as we go to commercial.

Carmella vs. Bayley

As we come back from the commercial break, the Women’s Championship Match that Carmella earned after she won during last week’s Fatal Four-Way Match is announced. The bell rings, the match begins. Bayley starts off with a Shoulder Tackle. Carmella gets the upper hand on Bayley, going for a pin attempt, Bayley kicks out at two.

Carmella continues to dominate the match, locking in an Arm Bar on Bayley. More back and forth between the two women, as Bayley lands a few elbows to the back of Carmella as she shouts at her about how she “better step up”. Carmella slaps Bayley across the face. Bayley lands a good kick and hits the cover for two pin attempts back to back, Camella kicking out both times.

Carmella controling the match, Bayley rolls out of the ring to re-group. Carmella runs the ropes and hits a Suicide Dive to the floor. Bayley drags Carmella to the corner and hits multiple kicks on Bayley. Bayley lands a Back Suplex on Carmella. Carmella kicks out.

Outside of the ring, Bayley grabs Carmella and drops her face-first into the announce table as we go to commercial.

Carmella locks in a submission with Bayley between her legs. Bayley can’t reach the ropes, Bayley sweeps Carmella’s arms causing her to release the hold. Back and forth between the two women. Finally, Bayley going for Code of Silence, Bayley uses the ropes to hold Carmella in place without the referee noticing, getting the three count.

Winner: Bayley

After the Match

Bayley attacks Carmella once again, smiling and picking up her Women’s Championship belt, holding it over her head as she attempts to gather herself and gain control of her breathing.

Music sounds in the arena for Naomi as Bayley is leaning on the ropes still celebrating her victory over Carmella. Naomi runs down the ramp and enters the ring. The two are face to face trash talking one another. Carmella from behind, shoving Bayley into Naomi, causing the two to fall to the mat. Carmella attacks Bayley in the corner. Naomi with a massive kick on Bayley. Carmella and Naomi looking at Bayley who is laying on the outside of the ring.

Carmella and Naomi fist-bump in the center of the ring.

Corey Graves and Michael Cole Ringside

Quick announcement that Daytona 500 kicks off Sunday on Fox.

Cole reminds Graves of King Corbin having to eat dog food after losing a match to Roman Reigns and The Usos. Last Friday’s SmackDown video clip shown of Corbin going to the production truck and attacking the workers for “doing their job”.

Next a video is shown of King Corbin pouring a drink on a fan inside the arena at last week’s taping. A statement is read that was released by WWE officials saying Corbin was banned from competing on this Friday’s (tonight’s) SmackDown and was fined an undisclosed amount of money.

Hulk Hogan, who goes into the Hall of Fame a second time this year, is once again announced to be here via satellite for an exclusive interview later tonight. We go to commercial.

For the first time in nearly 2 decades WWE has returned to Vancouver, B.C. with a sold-out welcome, Cole announces as we return from commercial break.

The match is re-played from moments ago between Bayley and Carmella, followed by the events after the match with Naomi.

Backstage Bayley

Charly Carusso asks Bayley about her controversal win. Bayley doesn’t see it as a controversal win, saying she won just as she always does, because nobody can touch her.

Ringside with Michael Cole and Corey Graves

Lacey Evans is highlighted on “The Day Of: Royal Rumble” where she shares she puts letters in her boot from fans before each match. Evans shares a letter she was sent from a fan who lost both parents to addiction and how Evans inspired her to overcome the odds and live a productive life. Evans says the letters remind her of why she does what she does, and what she uses this platform for, through tears.

Cole announces that Lacey Evan’s interview is set for next week, live on SmackDown in Phoenix, AZ.

Otis Preparing For SmackDown Valentine’s Date w/ Mandy Rose

Otis is looking in a mirror, combing his beard, then checks his phone. “Sounds great Mandy, winky face emoji,” Otis reads his message to Mandy outloud, “See you then, heart emoji, heart with eyes emoji”.

Otis tells Randy how he’s nervous about tonight. Otis asks if he’s crazy to think Mandy might actually like him. Randy says if Mandy is worth it, she will like him for ALL he has to offer.

Sheamus vs. Apollo Crews & Shorty G

Sheamus’s music sounds over the speaker in the Vancouver, B.C. arena as Sheamus makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring. We go to commercial break.

As we come back from commercial break we see that Crews has already been announced and his entrance was during the commercial. Next out is Shorty G as his music sounds and he enters the ring. Shorty G and Crews go after Sheamus before the bell rings. The bell finally rings and the match officially begins.

Shorty goes for an ankle Lock on Sheamus. Sheamus counters and kicks Shorty away. Sheamus on the outside of the ring, both Shorty and Crews land dives onto Sheamus ringside. Shorty lands a Missile Dropkick, Crews follows with a Standing Shooting Star Press. Sheamus kicks out of the cover for a nearfall.

Sheamus gains momentum and hits a Brogue Kick, knocking Shorty off the apron on the outside of the ropes. Crews rolls up Sheamus for another two count, Sheamus kicks out. Sheamus hits another Brogue Kick for the pin.

Winner: Sheamus

Backstage Interview with Carmella

Carmella is seen backstage and is asked by Kayla about what happened with Bayley. Carmella responds saying she doesn’t ask for handouts, but she deserves a re-match after what Bayley did tonight during their match.

Carmella looks to the camera as she tells WWE and FOX officials to name any time and place, because she will be there. She finishes by saying she will be the next SmackDown Women’s Champion.

Mandy Rose Valentine’s Date Update

Mandy Rose is seen at a resturant where a host takes her to her table. More to come later with Otis and Mandy.

Announcers Go Over Super ShowDown

A video package is shown hyping WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg for his match with WWE Universal Champion “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt.

Hulk Hogan Joins SmackDown Via Satellite, Brother.

Cole congratulates Hulk Hogan, Hogan says it’s great to hear Cole’s voice. Hulk says to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in Tampa, FL, that means for life. Cole mentions Goldberg, asking Hulk if he thinks Goldberg has a shot against The Fiend. Hulk says he felt the power of Goldberg in his prime, he also has felt the power of The Fiend. He says, “You better try to survive the power of Bill Goldberg, Fiend.”

The feed is cut suddenly and the Firefly Fun House appears in black and white. Bray Wyatt mocking Hogan as he plays the championship belt as his air guitar, followed by the motions of Hogan’s entrance then ripping his shirt off. Wyatt speaks to Hogan saying, “hey Hulkster, i’ve been following your advice” he’s been saying his prayers, taking his vitamins on the regular, followed by, “look what I got!” and shows off the belt.

Wyatt gives a piece of chocolate to Hugskiss, saying, “I hope it’s not too sweet” as he giggles and covers his mouth as he smirks. Hogan on split screen tells Wyatt he’s got jokes, but when he gets in the ring with Goldberg, that ain’t no joke, wishing him luck. Wyatt’s face turns serious, saying he doesn’t need luck, he has Fiend. Wyatt ends saying, “and if your not careful, brother, please remember, there can always be room, for one more.”

Hogan says he will see Wyatt in Tampa, as he walks out of view, Wyatt waves and smiles saying “Bye Hulk! See you soon Goldberg, Bye!”

Otis is shown Backstage holding a bouquet of roses as Tucker gives Otis last minute instructions and advice for Otis’s Valentine’s Day Date with Mandy Rose.

In-Ring With Sami Zayn and Cesaro

Sami Zayn and Cesaro are shown standing in the center of the ring and multiple security guards are shown standing at ringside. Zayn doing vocal warm ups and taking extra long to begin his song. Zayn and Cesaro about to do a musical performance, are interrupted by Elias strumming his guitar. Zayn asks Elias to join them in the ring.

The crowd begins singing, “Walk With Elias” which angers Zayn and Cesaro. Zayn begins once again, stopping only to tell Cesaro they need less cowbell. The crowd chants and cheers for more cowbell as Cesaro throws it down.

Elias goes after Cesaro, but is quickly outnumbers and taken down. Braun Strowman’s music sounds and Strowman makes his way down to the ring for the save, helping Elias. Strownman chases the security guard into the ring, Elias with a Clothesline to the official. Strowman and Elias lift the security guard and throw him over the ropes onto the other security guards still standing at ringside.


Naomi refuses a backstage interview request by Kayla Braxton. Naomi does make a statement, saying Bayley has never beaten Naomi, and she knows that she is the next SmackDown Women’s Champion, Period. Then Naomi walks off.

Mandy Rose Still Waiting…”

We go back to the restaurant where Mandy Rose is still sitting and waiting for Otis to show up. Even Graves makes a point of saying that it’s odd that Otis hasn’t arrived for his date yet. We go to commercial.

John Cena Promo

A John Cena video package is shown, promoting his return to SmackDown which is set for two weeks from now. Cena says “WWE has always been my home, and will always be my home. I will never ever forget where I came from.”

Mandy and Otis, Blossoming Love…”

The announcers set up a video package that highlights the events leading up to the date with Mandy Rose and Otis tonight for Valentine’s Day. From Secret Santa, to Otis saving Mandy during her match, to the Royal Rumble save, to Otis asking Mandy on a date.

The video ends, and Otis is shown with his brushed, checking his breath, stalling as he steps back multiple times trying to make sure everything is perfect. At the same time, Mandy is shown sitting at her table as a hand touches her shoulder, Mandy begins to say, “Otis, I was getting worried…” and stops as she looks up and sees Dolph Ziggler standing there smiling instead.

The video cuts back to Otis walking around the corner, seeing Dolph Ziggler standing there with Mandy Rose. Otis looking disappointed, drops the roses to the floor, his face sinks as he slowly walks off.

The Miz & John Morrison vs. Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan

As we go to the ring for tonight’s main event, The Miz and John Morrison are the first to make their way to the ring. Miz and Morrison grab mics and start mocking the Usos “welcome to the Uso penitentiary” line. They mention that the brothers are not here tonight. Miz said Roman Reigns and his partner would find out that they are the greatest tag team of the 21st Century.

Fans boo and Morrison tells them not to. Miz praises Morrison some and they talk some trash about SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day ahead of their match at Super ShowDown.

Music suddenly interrupts the tag team’s mockery, as Reigns makes his way to the stage. Fireworks begin going off around him. A video package is shown. Reigns waits for his mystery partner as he stares down Miz and Morrison. Daniel Bryan’s music sounds and a “Yes!” chant starts up as Bryan makes his way to the ring.

King Corbin is seen walking through the crowd, as he has bought a ticket to the show. Fans boo Corbin heavily as he walks to a seat. Reigns is in shock. Graves notes that Corbin was barred from competing. Reigns stares Corbin down as we head to commercial break.

As we come back from the commercial break, we see Roman Reigns and John Morrison start the match off. Morrison hits multiple kicks on Reigns. Corbin is seen watching from the front row. Reigns controls the beginning of the match, tagging in Bryan.

Bryan dominates Morrison, stopping long enough to knock The Miz off the apron. Bryan unloads on Morrison in the corner of the ring. Bryan hits a Missle Dropkick onto Morrison. Bryan lands multiple “Yes” Kicks and drops Morrison for the two count. Bryan hits a Big Hurricanrana onto Morrison off the top.

Morrison builds momentum out of nowhere and knocks Bryan out of the ring. Morrison tags in Miz. Miz doesn’t waste any time as he shoves Bryan into the barrier. Reigns makes his way over to Miz, dangerously close to Corbin at this point. Corbin distracts Reigns long enough for Miz to drop him. Morrison runs the ropes and jumps over the top taking out Reigns and Bryan as we go to commercial.

As we come back from the break, Bryan is taking on both Miz and Morrison. Bryan on the defensive, gets hit with a Superplex. Bryan crawls towards his corner for the tag. Morrison tags himself in and shoves Reigns off the apron before Bryan can make the tag. Morrison attacks Bryan. Morrison hits a Shining Wizard and goes for the pin, Bryan kicks out at two.

Finally Reigns is tagged in. Reigns blocks the Skull Crushing Finale, then blocks Starship Pain. Reigns hits Morrison with a Superman Punch. Miz tags in and hits the Skull Crushing Finale this time, Bryan makes the save. Bryan runs the ropes and flies over the ropes onto Morrison.

Miz and Morrison alone in the ring. Miz mocks the “Yes!” chants as Reigns struggles to his feet, the crowd chants, “No!” with each mimick. Reigns lands a Superman Punch as the fans go crazy. Reigns had enough, and howls, then hits a Spear and gets the three count pin for the win.

Winner: Roman Reign and Daniel Bryan

After the Match

King Corbin comes running in the ring out of nowhere and hits Reigns in the back of the head with his Scepter, then attacks Reigns before exiting the ring. SmackDown on FOX ends as Reigns sits up, holding his head and Corbin stands on the ramp looking on.

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