WWE SmackDown Results From Orlando

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results From WWE PC In Orlando, FL. (4/17/2020)

WWE Results for the April 17, 2020 edition of Friday Night SmackDown! which was filmed live on a closed set at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL. as social distancing is highly recommended amid the current Covid-19 pandemic.

This will be the first SmackDown! following all the recent furloughs and releases that were announced in the WWE for talent, staffers, and writers alike over the past week.

Featured below are WWE Friday Night SmackDown results from April 17, 2020. written by Ewrestling.com’s newest female reporter, Jamie Rush. Follow me on Twitter @JamieRush312.



Are you ready for a good time? SmackDown on Fox is LIVE from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida for the April 17, 2020 edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown! We are sent immediately into the opening credits.

Opening Announcements

We see pictures of each match-up as Michael Cole announces there are high stakes tonight, with Wrestlemania 36 re-matches lined up, The first to be announced is the Triple Threat Tag-Team Match between The Miz, Big E and Jey Uso.

Next up, the Money In The Bank qualifying matches are being held tonight as well, For the men’s division, it’s Daniel Bryan vs. Cesaro, and the female division is Naomi vs. Dana Brooke.

The final announcement states that tonight Sonya Deville will attempt to clear the air with her former friend Mandy Rose over the Otis and Dolph Ziggler situation that was recently exposed on SmackDown. Rose finding out that Deville and Ziggler intentionally sabotaged Rose’s Valentine’s Day date with Otis.

Broadcast Table – Ringside

Michael Cole and Corey Graves continue to discuss the Deville/Rose scenario caused by Deville and Ziggler at the expense of Otis as we enter the Performance Center. “A Moment of Bliss” is announced.

A Moment of Bliss

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross make their way out to the stage in the Performance Center where a make-shift talk show set has been set-up. Cross and Bliss take their seats in white cushioned chairs as they sip their coffee from mugs, “cheers!” as they clink mugs.

Bliss states they have a big guest on the show tonight, and when she says big, she means huge, as she welcomes Braun Strowman! Strowman’s music sounds as the new Universal Champion, Strowman makes his way to the set of “A Moment of Bliss”.

Graves announces that in three weeks, Strowman will defend the Universal Title against Bray Wyatt as Braun takes his seat across from Bliss and Cross. The two women welcome Strowman and congratulate him on his new title. Cross then states it was an amazing match, noting, “Spear! Spear! Spear!” to which Strowman throws his head back an laughs.

Bliss mentions that Cross is excited. Strowman congratulates Cross and Bliss on their Women’s Tag-Team titles, adding no one is more deserving. The three cheers and clink glasses. Bliss then states she wants to discuss something serious with Strowman. Bliss discusses the fact that Wyatt has Multiple Personality Disorder and he is a Sociopath.

Bliss continues on about how Wyatt is very unstable and asks Strowman about the encounter he and Wyatt had on last week’s SmackDown. Bliss then sends us into a video clip showing Wyatt’s message to Strowman from last week’s show…

(video clip)
Bray Wyatt announces that Braun Strowman has something that belongs to Wyatt, and it’s right on Strowman’s shoulder. Wyatt states he will teach Strowman the art of sharing. Wyatt then adds in a deep voice that he brought Strowman into this world, he can take him out. Suddenly smiles and light-hearted again, Wyatt waves in a child-like manor as he says, “byyyeee! buh-bye!” ending the clip.

Back in the Performance Center on the set of “A Moment Of Bliss” Strowman states he knows Bray Wyatt better than anyone, also admitting he used to be a part of the Wyatt family. Strowman then adds that is something he is trying to forget about as it’s part of his past.

Strowman continues on “If you come for me, and not the title, all you’re going to get from me… is these hands.” Bliss a little stunned continues to speak, Strowman interrupts as he notices a pink glittery package under a table behind the chair. Strowman states, “You didn’t have to get me a gift…” Bliss stutters as she notes that she didn’t.

Strowman still laughs as he states “I know my girl… thanks!” and begins to open it. Strowman stops in his tracks as he sees the “gift” is the mask he used to wear as a part of the Wyatt family. An evil laughter echos over the speakers in the Performance Center. Strowman jumps to his feet looking all around him with concern.

The laughter continues as we head into the first commercial break of the evening…

Broadcaster’s Desk

As we come back from the commercial break, Michael Cole and Corey Grave discuss the black sheep’s mask that Strowman received “as a gift” on A Moment of Bliss before the break. Three weeks from Sunday is the Money in the Bank pay-per-view event where Bray Wyatt will take on Braun Strowman in a title match for the Universal Championship that Strowman currently holds. Cole then sends us to the ring for a Women’s match!

Sasha Banks vs. Tamina

Out first is Sasha Banks who is accompanied to the ring by SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley. Banks music plays them down the ramp and Banks enters the ring, Bayley heads over to the broadcast table to join Michael Cole and Corey Graves on commentary for tonight’s match up!

Out next is Tamina as her music sounds in the arena. As Tamina heads down the ramp towards the ring as Cole sends us into a clip of Bayley setting up the match between Sasha and Tamina on last week’s SmackDown. Bayley stating Tamina had to go through her best friend Sasha Banks first!

We return to the broadcast table as the clip ends, Cole pointing out that many people think that Bayley threw her best friend under the bus, Bayley defending herself, stating she knew her friend had this win in the bag.

Inside the ring, Sasha Banks holds up a hand to stop Tamina as the referee signals for the bell. The match begins! Banks states she got a gift for Tamina. Banks sets a shirt on Tamina’s chest. Tamina looks down stating, “This is a SMALL! I wear an X-LARGE!” as she drops Banks to the canvas!

Tamina dominates the match early on, throwing Banks around like a rag doll. Bayley calls the fans “stupid idiots” to which Cole asks her if she just called the fans “stupid”. Bayley concurs, reiterating that the “stupid idiots” are rude, very mean. Tamina Power Slams Banks into the canvas again as we head into a commercial break!

Cole announces we are back live, as we return from commercial break, adding the stakes of this match up. Inside the ring, Banks gets a cover attempt on Tamina. Tamina kicks out at two! Cole then says, “Banks hammers away at Timia once again doing Bayley’s dirty work, much like she did at Wrestlemania where she helped Bayley retain the title.”

Cole then adds, “Could you imagine being in a match with Tamina one on one?” Bayley tells Cole to “watch it” as he continues to poke at the fact that Banks has to save Bayley’s butt multiple times. Bayley states she would love to share the ring with her best friend as Graves asks if Bayley would want to go head-to-head with her best friend for the title.

Tamina struggles with Banks on her back, Tamina finally slams her back into the canvas. Tamina does her version or Uranage inside the ring. Banks falls to the outside. Bayley grabs the attention of Tamina momentarily, giving Banks the advantage she needed. Banks lands her version of a 619 on Tamina, both women still on the outside of the ring.

Bayley gets up from her seat at the broadcaster’s table, once again shouting to Tamina. Banks continues to work over Tamina as she is distracted by Bayley. Suddenly music sounds for Lacey Evans. Bayley looks up the ramp. Tamina takes Banks down ringside. Tamina with a Super Kick as the referee counts.

Tamina rolls Banks back inside the ring, another Super Kick on Banks in the center of the ring. Banks laid out on the canvas as Tamina goes for the cover, getting the three count.

Winner: Tamina

After the Match

A replay is shown as Lacey Evans raises the hand of Tamina in victory. Both women smile as they celebrate their victory. Cole notes that Naomi will take on Dana Brooke in a qualifer match for Money In The Bank.


Jey Uso hypes his match for later tonight, stating that The Miz and Big E will be taking on “The Use With The Juice!” Uuu-sssoooo! With that, we head to commercial break.


As we return from commercial break, Charly Caruso welcomes Lacey Evans for a quick interview, stating Banks is a thorn in Evans’s side. Evans declares that, in the words of Evans’s daddy, “she got a taste of her own medicine.” Evans states that after what Banks did to Lacey and her family, wherever Banks goes, Lacey goes, as she will not let go of what Banks did to her.

Evans states not only is she a marine, but she is a scorned woman and continues on to say that she will not stop until the mission is complete, then removes one of her southern belle white lacy gloves showing the name “Sasha” crossed out on Evans’s hand. Lacey then struts away.

Sheamus vs. Denzel Dejournette

As the interview closes with Charly and Lacey, we return to the ring where the next match is announced. Sheamus makes his way out to the stage as his entrance music blares over the speakers in the Performance Center. Sheamus quickly makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring where Denzel Dejournette is already waiting in his corner.

The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match begins. Sheamus is surprised by an early roll up to start off the match. Sheamus takes Dejournette to the canvas, Sheamus throwing elbows and strikes over and over on Dejournette in the center of the ring.

Sheamus then hits rapid fire elbows on Dejournette, following up with a Knee to the face. Sheamus finally lands a Brogue Kick on Dejournette, Cole stating Sheamus is in a mood tonight, Sheamus gets the cover, landing the three count for the pin and win.

Winner: Sheamus

After the Match

Sheamus walks over to the broadcaster’s table as Michael Cole begins to speak on Jeff Hardy’s return, Sheamus asks Cole if he’s kidding him, stating he dominated the match and all Cole can talk about is Jeff Hardy? Sheamus states he will not be disrespected.

Video Clip

A video clip highlighting Jeff Hardy Chapter Two: The Fall airs, guest appearance by Big Show in the interview. Hardy stating, “This is not good bye forever, this is only good bye for now” inside the ring to fans. Hardy then states in interview that he had grown addicted to pain killers, illegally. Hardy’s arrests are noted.

Broadcaster’s Desk

As the video clip ends, it is announced that luckily that is not where Jeff Hardy’s story ends, noting that next week will air Jeff Hardy – Chapter 3 – The Redemption


We head backstage where we see Dana Brooke warming up for her match later tonight as Carmella walks into the frame. Carmella questions Brooke about facing Naomi when they have a tag team title match coming up next week. Brooke continues her warm up as she listens to Carmella complain about next week’s bout with Nikki and Alexa.

Brooke states she can do both, qualify for the Money In The Bank Match and still win the titles in the tag-team match. Carmella simply states, “Whatever you say Dana… good luck.” Brooke walks away…

Naomi vs. Dana Brooke

Out first for this qualifier match, is Naomi. The Performance Center is black lights and streaming neon lights as Naomi dances her way down the ramp and enters the ring. Bring ’em to the floor! We head into commercial break.

As we return from commercial break, the Triple H 25th Anniversary next week on SmackDown is highlighted. Cole states Triple H has never won the Money in the Bank ladder match. We are then told that the Money in the Bank match will be unique in that it will be held at Corporate Headquarters.

Out next is Dana Brooke as her music sounds in the Performance Center. Brooke makes her way down the ramp, pointing to the ladders at ringside as she circles the ring with her arms extended. Finally Brooke enters the ring, climbing to the top turnbuckle and pointing to the Money in the Bank briefcase. Back on the canvas, the referee signals for the bell.

Naomi takes Brook down early on, Brooke kicks out at one. Naomi lands a Drop Kick to the chin of Brooke for the cover. Brooke knocks Naomi to ringside, Brooke shouts at the referee, “The MITB is mine! Start counting!” The referee begins to count Naomi out.

Brook exits the ring and rolls Naomi back in the ring. Brooke wraps her legs around Naomi as she shouts, “this is about fighting, not dancing!” Another quick pin attempt to no avail. Naomi lands several Forearms on Brooke. A Knee to the face of Brooke, followed by a cover, Brooke kicks out.

Naomi with more well-placed kicks. A Sit-Out Power Bomb by Brooke onto Naomi, leading right into the cover. Naomi kicks out. Naomi blocks a few moves, Brooke rolls Naomi for another pin attempt. Kick-out at two. Then Naomi with a pin attempt, Brooke kicks out at two.

Naomi attempts a Split Legged Moonsault on Brooke, Brooke side steps and Naomi is taken down with a Sunset Flip quickly followed by a pin for the three count win!

Winner: Dana Brooke

After the Match

Dana Brooke excited as she celebrates her victory, Brooke runs over to the broadcast table stating to Cole, “I did it!”

Broadcaster’s Table

Michael Cole congratulates Brooke on her victory over Naomi. Corey Graves says he is sure Brooke can hear, but she is going to need a lot of luck to make it in Money in the Bank. Cole focuses on the use of the word “luck” to segweigh into the next topic, Otis. Cole states that Otis was lucky when it came to love, ultimately getting the girl, Mandy Rose.

Cole sends us into a video package highlighting the events between Mandy Rose, Otis, Dolph Ziggler, and Sonya Deville from before Valentine’s Day until now.

Video Clip

The love story between Mandy Rose and Otis is highlighted. Sonya Deville ultimately getting slapped across the face for the low blow on Otis at Wrestlemania in Otis’s match against Dolph Ziggler. Otis winning and ultimately walking away carrying Rose in his arms.

Quick Announcement

Graves announces that Sonya Deville attempts to clear the air when we return from commercial break.

Sonya Deville Addresses Mandy Rose In-Ring

As we return from commercial break, Sonya Deville’s music sounds in the Performance Center as Deville makes her way down the ramp and enters the ring with a microphone in her hand.

Deville begins, stating that she has been trying to get a hold of Mandy Rose for two weeks now, holding back tears as she asks Mandy to come down to the ring so she can explain.

Deville continues, “I’ve never had someone like you in my life before. From day one, from Tough Enough to NXT to Absolution to Fire and Desire… it’s always been Sonya and Mandy… you went with me to my sister’s wedding! Can you please come down here so I can tell you what I have been trying to tell you, I wa….”

“Maaaandy” whispers over the speaker as Mandy Rose’s entrance music plays over the speakers. “Sonya, I really have nothing to say to you after what you did to me and Otis.” Sonya continues on through tears stating that she feels like less than nothing due to Mandy not even giving the time of day to hear an explanation.

Again Sonya struggles to find the ring words as she says, “What I’m trying to… Man… Man… you’re the most. Oh God. Man… Man you are the most….” her voice changes, “selfish human being I’ve ever met in my life.” Mandy Rose asks what this has to do with her and Otis. Sonya states Mandy still doesn’t get it, it’s not about her.

Sonya continues, sharing that she was blurred in entrances, holding magazines, Fire and Desire was clearly more about Mandy than about the two of them. Sonya then states Ziggler actually cares about Rose, adding, “Look at Dolph… then look at Otis…” with a look of disgust on her face.

At this point, Sonya declares Mandy ruined their chance at Wrestlemania. Mandy finally speaks up asking, “How did I ruin anything?” Sonya states she wants to see Mandy hurt, and she wil do whatever it takes to see that happen. Deville adds that girls like Mandy are a dime a dozen, noting that Mandy looked like she was created in a lab.

Sonya then declares that Mandy has no talent, stating, “Listen up Barbie Doll…I will use every ounce of my being, to ruin your life.” Sonya then states that everyone will finally see who is the real champion of Fire and Desire, a real fighter, not some centerfold b****.

Mandy responds, “Oh, I am SO GLAD I smacked you across the face at Wrestlemania!” Rose starts removing articles of clothing as if she’s about to fight Deville as Dolph Ziggler’s music sounds in the Performance Center. Rose looks up the ramp to see Ziggler making his way towards the ring.

Ziggler asks Mandy to please calm down, stating he, “we” as he signals to Deville, made a huge mistake. Ziggler states they know a lot about each other and have a connection. Ziggler adds that he will spend however long it takes trying to make it up to her, adding,

“Look me in the eye, and tell me you don’t feel anything for me” as Mandy stands speechless in front of Ziggler. Ziggler steps forward and puts his hand on Mandy’s shoulder to which Mandy jerks away stating, “Don’t touch me” Ziggler gets shoved backwards, to which Sonya knocks Mandy to the canvas.

Ziggler looking upset asks Sonya why she did that. Sonya then kicks Mandy. At this point, Otis’s music sounds in the arena. Otis runs down and rolls into the ring. Ziggler attacks Otis, Sonya jumping on Otis’s back as Otis continues to fight Ziggler. Mandy grabs Sonya by the hair and slams her off of Otis’s back.

Sonya and Dolph make a quick exit from the ring, only Ziggler runs back to the ring and begins fighting Otis once again, Otis knocks Ziggler to the canvas. Mandy states, “Come on Otis, you got this” as Otis gets worked up, finally dropping into the Caterpillar.

Mandy Rose and Otis stand together as a united front to end the segment as Ziggler continues to scold Sonya for what she did to Mandy in the ring.

Broadcaster’s Table

Michael Cole and Corey Graves sit ringside at the broadcaster’s table where Cole notes that he joined WWE almost 25 years ago, knowing very little about sports entertainment. Broadcaster’s Table

Michael Cole and Corey Graves sit ringside at the broadcaster’s table where Cole notes that he joined WWE almost 25 years ago, knowing very little about sports entertainment. Michael Cole then continues on to add that the WWE lost a very important member this past week as he notes the passing of ring announcing legend, Howard Finkel.

Graves concurs, stating everyone has a story, whether personal or just recognizing the voice, when it comes to The Fink. We are sent into a video package highlighting Howard Finkel.

Remembering Howard Finkel

Howard Finkel’s ring announcing and fun WWE antics are highlighted, noting his booming ring voice. Several clips and pictures are shown from throughout his career. In Memory of Howard Finkel 1950-2020.


As we return from commercial break, The Miz is seen backstage where he notes that it’s an injustice that once again he is forced to defend his SmackDown Tag-Team Championship title when John Morrison already won the ladder match at Wrestlemania.

Miz continues on that now he has to go prove he’s not just an amazing rapper, but when it comes to wrestling, he’s “AWWEESSSOOOMEE”

Broadcaster’s Table

Michael Cole sitting ringside, discusses The Forgotten Sons with Corey Graves as he sends us into a video package highlighting the team.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
Daniel Bryan (w/ Drew Gulak) vs. Cesaro (w/ Shinsuke Nakamura)

Out first is Cesaro who is accompanied by Shinsuke Nakamura as his music sounds in the arena. Cesaro makes his way down the ramp, Nakamura close behind as Cesaro enters the ring, jumping up in the center of the ring to touch the bottom of the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Out next is Daniel Bryan who is accompanied by Drew Gulak. The two “Yes” chant their way down the ramp and Bryan enters the ring for the match. The referee looks to signal for the bell as we are interrupted by “The Truth Will Be Heard” static and hooded figure.

“You’ve heard all the lies, but when will w hear the truth?” As clips of several tag-teams are shown. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. With that we head to commercial.

As we return from commercial, Bryan has Cesaro in a submission hold and Cesaro is attempting to break free, finally able to power up and slam Bryan to the canvas. Bryan is pinned but kicks out at two. Cesaro and Bryan go back and forth with strikes, Bryan climbing to the top turnbuckle to dive on Cesaro.

Cesaro counters as he catches Bryan mid-air and lands the Back Breaker for another pin attempt, Bryan once again kicking out. Bryan focusing on the injured arm of Cesaro. Cesaro lands multiple Uppercuts towards the end of the match. Bryan is able to lock in the Yes Lock as Nakamura attempts to enter for the save, Gulak stopping Nakamura. Cesaro taps out.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Triple Threat SmackDown Title Match
The Miz vs. Big E. vs. Jey Uso

Out first for this Triple Threat Match for the SmackDown Tag-Team Title is Big E representing New Day as his music sounds in the Performance Center. Big E makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring, awaiting his other two opponents. Michael Cole leads us into a video clip that leads to tonight’s match.

Out next is Jey Uso representing The Usos as their music sounds in the arena. Jey makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring with Big E as they await the third and final competitor for tonight’s match up. Finally The Miz representing Miz and Morrison makes his way out to the ring as his music sounds in the arena.

The referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and the match begins. Big E wastes no time as he grabs The Miz and sends him out of the ring to start things off. Big E is able to take out Jey Uso as well, throwing him to ringside as well. Miz and Jey team up to take down Big E, landing a Double Suplex through the broadcaster’s table as we head to commercial break.

As we return from commercial break, it is note worthy that Big E is wearing a “FINK” arm band for this match-up. Jey lands a Samoan Drop on The Miz which lands Miz back outside of the ring. Big E back to his feet on the outside, only short lived as Jey hits a Suicide Dive to the outside onto Big E.

Jey then lands a Dive onto The Miz on the opposing side of the ring. Jey heads to the outside of the ring, hitting a Crossbody for the two count on The Miz. All three make their way back into the ring. Jey then hits a Splash on both Miz and Big E in opposing corners of the ring.

Big E focuses his attention on Jey Uso, landing a Uranage. The Miz gets the upper-hand on Big E in the corner and goes for a Skull Crushing Finale to no avail as Jey lands a Super Kick on The Miz. Jey then follows up with a second Super Kick on Big E. Jey then goes for the cover on Big E, E kicks out at two as he gets his shoulder up just in time.

The Miz quickly grabs Jey out of nowhere and rolls him up for the pin, Jey is able to kick out as all three are looking tired now. Jey and The Miz go back and forth with strikes in the center of the ring. Miz hits his Skull Crushing Finale for yet another two count.

Towards the end of the match, The Miz attempts to hit the Figure Four in the middle of the ring on Jey, tightening the hold as he folds into a bridge as Jey tries to struggle free. Big E on the outside of the ring on the floor through all this, finally gets up and enters the ring just in time to break the hold. Big E lands the Big Ending for the three count, winning the SmackDown tag team titles for himself and Kofi Kingston!

Winner and NEW SmackDown Tag-Team Champions: Big E (New Day)

After the Match

Big E celebrates his victory as New Day’s music sounds over the speakers in the Performance Center. Big E grabs the title and licks it. A video clip is shown of Xavier Woods celebrating at home. Big E rolls around with the SmackDown Tag-Team Titles to end the show!

That’s all folks!

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