WWE Gets Rid Of RAW Overrun, Show Will End At 11pm EST Every Week

According to a report by Fightful.com, the 5-10 minute overrun that WWE Raw has enjoyed for decades is apparently over for the time being and the show will now go off the air precisely at 11 PM ET. The report suggests that this is likely a call directly by the USA Network and will take effect immediately beginning the 11/12 Raw.

The overrun began in the 90s and was critical during the Raw vs. Nitro Monday Night Wars as each company looked to modify their show’s start and end times to gain an advantage of the other. The overrun also allowed WWE to run whatever angle they needed to at the end of the show without the risk of getting cut off due to time constraints.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter hinted that this decision came down after the second least watched third hour in the modern history of the show. It is unclear how this will affect the overall viewership of Raw as the third hour (due to the extra minutes) had more of a weighting but it’s also possible that people always tuned back in at 11 PM knowing that WWE was going to be running some sort of closing angle.

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