WWE vs. AEW Update

WWE Going To Great Lengths To Avoid Superstars Jumping-Ship To AEW

WWE continues to lock down any of their talent whose contacts are expiring or close to expiring with lucrative offers combined with friendly work schedules depending on the wrestler. It was recently reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, that WWE was willing to double the salary of any wrestler who was willing to re-sign “on the spot” likely as a way to keep them away from AEW. According to a rajah.com source, this report is true and the company is also open to giving raises up to 50% to non-wrestlers and legends whose deals are up for renewal.

Another source adds that talent whose agreements are expiring in 2019 are in the best position because of WWE’s TV deals set to bring in a huge influx of revenue and because the launch of All Elite Wrestling has given talent leverage that they didn’t have before. One wrestler who was noted to us as someone that will command a lot of interest by multiple promotions is AJ Styles, whose deal is rumored to be expiring in the second quarter of 2019 and WWE is expected to do everything in their power – including giving Styles massive concessions on his work schedule – in order to keep him with the company.

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