Road Dogg Reveals News On Table For 3

WWE Hall of Famer and D-Generation X Member Joins Company in Executive Role

— WWE Hall of Famer Brian James, more commonly known as the Road Dogg, has officially returned to WWE and that too, in an executive position, as per It is unknown when he will officially start or even what his role will be, but Road Dogg is not backstage at tonight’s Monday Night Raw.

— James was let go from his previous WWE contract in early 2022 as part of the major re-shuffling in NXT that pretty much got rid of a ton of individuals that Paul Levesque had assembled. He had previously worked in creative for WWE Smackdown but was moved out of that role, with rumors at the time being that it was due to Vince McMahon’s demands. In recent times, Road Dogg went public with his desire to gain a job with AEW but with him joining WWE alongside his old friend Levesque, that obviously won’t be happening now.

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