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WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi Doesn’t Want To See Jacob Fatu In The Bloodline

— WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi recently discussed Jacob Fatu’s imminent debut for WWE stating that he doesn’t want to initially see him as a member of the Bloodline. Below is what he said, thanks to rajah.com for the transcription.

“I kind of see Jacob…because of all the…speculations of him jumping into The Bloodline…I kind of see Jacob coming in alone. I see Jacob, be it SmackDown or Raw, just coming back into that old TV match. Three minutes…annihilate people. Just go to Raw, three minutes…annihilate people. So he’s not really with a brand because if he stays stuck in the brands and they announce that he’s with Raw, now you kind of already, ‘Okay, when is he gonna go with Jey’ But if he’s committed to SmackDown, the fans are gonna say, ‘When is he gonna go with The Bloodline’ So he needs to come in different.”

“I kind of see Jacob, honestly, I would love to see Jacob run through top talent on the roster, on both sides, and then finally when the time is right that he would be involved into The Bloodline. Meaning going up against either The Rock or Roman Reigns or Solo Sikoa. You gotta give that match to them. In order for people to get the best out of Jacob, my feeling is Jacob needs to dance with family members because now his comfort level…he can trust Roman to take care of him as far as whatever, Jimmy. There’s not that much pressure. But when you’re dancing with somebody else that you didn’t grow up with and it’s a name, now you got that in the back of your head. Is this guy here? Is he trying to take too much? Am I giving him too much? He sees me being built up. Is he just gonna be a selfish wrestler and try to take me? Here’s what I’m gonna say to people like that. In case they go that route. I’m gonna say to all the wrestlers out there, if you don’t know my nephew Jacob, I’m going to put it out there on blast. Listen, he was a street hustler, street fighter. Hardcore was Jacob before hardcore. And he’s not afraid of anybody. There’s a side of Jacob you don’t want to see.”

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