WWE Hall Of Famer Says The ‘Sacredness’ Of The Wrestling Business Is Gone

During his recent chat with Insider’s Edge, WWE Hall Of Famer Ricky Morton shared why he believes the “sacredness” of the wrestling business no longer exists. Check out the highlights below.

On modern pro wrestling:

“Nowadays everybody knows who’s going to win because somebody is going to say something and before the match even starts, they know who’s going to go over. You know, the fans already know who’s going to win the belt three months from now. The fans will know who the next person is they’re going to push.”

On the way the locker room used to be:

“The dressing rooms we were in were sacred. Nowadays you go to shows and everybody, they got their mother, their kids, their girlfriend, all in the dressing rooms, you understand me, and that really bothers me. … The sacredness of the business is gone and I hate that.”

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