WWE Has Multiple Superstar Contracts Expiring Next Year; Note on Negotiations

— WWE is facing a significant number of contracts set to expire next year, primarily due to a wave of talent signings to four-year deals in 2019, coinciding with the launch of AEW. Traditionally, WWE would initiate negotiations well in advance with talents they aimed to retain, but a report from fightfulselect.com suggests that the process is now notably different, possibly due to the Endeavor sale.

— According to the report, numerous talents, including some regarded as “top stars,” have not yet been approached for contract extension discussions, even though their existing deals have only a few months remaining. Talks have only initiated when talents proactively sought raises. Many wrestlers speculated that the delay in negotiations might have been related to the WWE sale, but with that now complete, they expected talks to have already commenced. There is significant curiosity among talents about the terms of offers under the new corporate structure, particularly regarding whether these offers will be more favorable, less favorable, or similar to previous negotiations.

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