White Rabbit

WWE Has Started Selling Two Versions of “White Rabbit” T-Shirt on WWE.com

— In what could be the return of Bray Wyatt tonight on WWE Friday Night Smackdown, the company has begun selling two versions of a “White Rabbit” t-shirt on their official site. The first t-shirt simply features a picture of the rabbit while the other has images related to the hangman game with the question “WHO KILLED THE WORLD?” on the front and “YOU DID” on the back. The game was featured in a video on a secret page on WWE.com that could be found by scanning a QR code that was featured on Raw. Th video ended after referencing the date September 23.

— WWE has been teasing the “White Rabbit” for about a week, playing the song of the same name during commercial breaks on Smackdown and airing the song at house shows this past weekend. Most believe it is a storyline that will lead to the return of Bray Wyatt, who was released from WWE over a year ago.

T-Shirt #1

T-Shirt #2

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