WWE Hell In A Cell 2017 Results & Discussion (10/8)

The 2017 edition of WWE’s Hell In A Cell pay-per-view took place at the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, MI. 

Hell In A Cell Kickoff Show:

– The doors to the arena are opening up (6 PM local time) and fans are filing into the Little Caesars Arena for Hell In A Cell 2017.

– Renee Young, Peter Rosenberg and Dave Otunga are all on the Kickoff Show pre-show panel.

– Tye Dillinger is backstage talking to Daniel Bryan, saying he wants more opportunity. He asks to be added to the U.S. Title match tonight to make it a triple threat. Bryan agrees, and it’ll be a triple threat tonight between U.S. Champion AJ Styles, Tye Dillinger, and Baron Corbin. Tye and Daniel exchange “Yes” and “Ten” chants with each other, and Bryan gets pretty into it.

– Aiden English approaches the pre-show panel table and the crowd can be heard chanting his name. English discusses the issues he and Rusev have with Randy Orton. English dedicates a song to Ruev’s match tonight.

– Charlotte is backstage for an interview in the “social media lounge.” Charlotte says she has a game plan to beat Natalya tonight for the SmackDown Women’s title. She says Natalya knows Charlotte so well that she’s going to try twice as hard to catch her off guard.

– Baron Corbin does an interview backstage where he expresses his displeasure with Tye Dillinger being added to his U.S. Title match. Corbin says he wanted AJ Styles one on one tonight, but Dillinger whined and cried his way into the match. Corbin says this is only happening because Bryan, Styles and Dillinger are all friends. He says he’s going to break AJ and Tye in half tonight and will walk out with the U.S. Title.

Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin def. The Hype Bros: Before the match, footage is shown from two weeks ago of Mojo and Ryder arguing with each other backstage. The opening bell sounds and Mojo and Gable start off. Mojo hits a running cross body early on, then Ryder tags himself in and hits a springboard splash for a two count. Ryder follows up with a facebuster, but Gable fires back with a knee and a rollup for a one count. Shelton tags in and trades headlocks with Ryder. Benjamin and Ryder face off and go to shake hands, but Benjamin pulls Ryder in and nails him with a spinebuster. Shelton sends Ryder outside and Mojo goes to check on him. Back in the ring, Gable tags in and hits a Northern Lights suplex on Ryder. Benjamin tags back in and gets Ryder in a shoulder hold. Benjamin takes Ryder up top and goes for a superplex, but Ryder fights him off. Ryder follows up with a missile dropkick off the top on Benjamin, and both men are down. Mojo and Gable get the tags and Mojo cleans house. Mojo drops Gable with clotheslines, then hits the Stinger Splash in the corner. Gable stuns Mojo with a boot and comes flying off the top, but Mojo catches him. Mojo goes for a Samoan Drop, but Gable escapes. Gable runs the ropes and Mojo catches him with a pendulum backbreaker for a two count. Mojo misses a splash in the corner and Gable rolls him up for two. Gable goes up top for a moonsault but misses and lands on his feet. Gable grabs Mojo and hits a belly to belly suplex, then he goes up top and successfully hits a moonsault this time. Mojo kicks out at two. Shelton tags in and they double team Mojo for a two count. Shelton picks up Mojo and starts punching him, but Mojo is hulking up. Mojo fires up and drops Shelton with a clothesline and a shoulder block, then he lays out Gable and dumps him outside. Mojo and Ryder go for the Hype Ryder, but Shelton fights off Mojo. Ryder yells at Mojo, and Benjamin tags the opportunity to drop Ryder from behind. Gable tags in, Shelton picks up Ryder in a powerbomb, then Gable comes off the top to make the powerbomb on Ryder a double team. Gable pins for the three count on Ryder as Mojo looks on from ringside.

– The cell is lowering from the sky and the lights flash as the pay-per-view is about to kick off.

WWE Hall In A Cell 2017:

– Tom Phillips announces the attendance as 16,200+ at the new Little Caesars Arena for tonight’s show.

The Usos def. The New Day: This one takes place in the Hell In A Cell structure. The New Day cuts a promo inside the cage before the match, making fun of the “Uso Penitentiary.” Big E and Xavier are representing The New Day in this one. The opening bell rings and all four competitors roll out to ringside and grab weapons from under the ring. The New Day gets in control and hits Jey with a chain to the face. Jimmy dumps the New Day members outside then hits a suicide dive onto Xavier. Jimmy goes to step back in the ring, but Big E spears him through the ropes to the outside. Back in the ring, Xavier hits Jimmy with the trombone and it breaks. Big E hands Xavier another trombone, and he hits Jey with that one. Xavier gets a cowbell now and beats down Jey with it. Big E grabs cymbals from under the ring and hands them to Xavier who hits Jey with them. Xavier goes up top, but Jimmy throws a steel chair at his head and knocks him off. Big E knocks Jimmy off the apron, then Jey superkicks Big E. The Usos each grab kendo sticks and start beating down both New Day members with them. At ringside, Jimmy pins Woods against the cage wall with a kendo stick and Jey hits a running butt bump on him against the cage. Big E starts to mount a comeback but Jey stops him with a shot to the back of the head. Big E shoves Jey off, but Jey superkicks him down. Woods is slowly getting up to his feet at ringside now. Jey charges at Big E, but Big E catches him and throws him outside, where Woods catches Jey with a backstabber at ringside. Xavier grabs more kendo sticks and starts teeing off on the Usos. Woods and Big E put Jey in the corner of the cage, and they use multiple kendo sticks tuck through the cage holes to pin Jey up in the corner. With Jey pinned in the corner, The New Day changes their focus towards Jimmy. Jey escapes from his kendo stick confinement and he starts nailing Big E and Woods from behind. Jey follows up with a superkick to Kofi, then a kick to Big E. Big E is on the apron and Jey runs the ropes then spears Big E through the ropes into the cage. Back in the ring, both Usos hit splashes off the top on Big E, but they only get a two count. The Usos handcuff Woods to the ring post then tee off on him with kendo sticks as Kofi watches from outside the cage. The Usos let Woods down, then they turn their attention to Big E. Big E steals a Kendo stick from one of them and starts cleaning house. Big E hits a belly to belly overhead on Jey, then on the outside and spears Jimmy into the cage. Back in the ring, Big E hits the Big Ender on Jimmy, then puts Jey in a submission hold. Jimmy makes the save with a superkick, then both Usos deliver several more superkicks to Big E. They hit the double splash on Big E and pin, but Woods breaks it up. The Usos tee off on Xavier with with kendo sticks, then they go back up top. The Usos lay a steel chair on top of Xavier, then they hit the double splash off the top for the win to win the Tag Team Championships. The Usos are handed the Tag Titles as they slowly get to their feet in the ring. Kofi comes in the cage and checks on Big E and Xavier at ringside who are selling their beating.


– AJ Styles does an interview in the back where he says he doesn’t like Dillinger being added to his U.S. Title defense tonight. Styles says the odds are against him, but he’ll walk out with his Title tonight.

Randy Orton def. Rusev: Orton goes for the RKO early on but Rusev escapes and rolls outside to recover. After a couple moments of back and forth action, Orton goes for his patented DDT off the middle rope, but Rusev escapes. Rusev bumps Orton off the apron into the fan barricade, then he follows The Viper out to ringside. Rusev hits a fallaway slam on Orton at ringside into the fan barricade. Back in the ring, Rusev puts the boots to Orton and keeps him grounded. The fight goes back out to ringside and Orton back suplexes Rusev onto the fan barricade. Back in the ring, Rusev comes back with some kicks and then drops some knees on Orton. Rusev misses a splash in the corner, and they start trading punches in the middle of the ring. Orton comes back with some clotheslines, then misses one powerslam but hits a second one. Orton once again goes for the middle rope DDT, but Rusev escapes and hits a fallaway slam. Rusev follows up with a kick to the head for a two count. Rusev goes for the Accolade but Orton rolls away and slides outside to ringside. Rusev rolls outside too and hits a running big boot on Orton. Back in the ring, Rusev goes for a splash off the middle rope, but Orton rolls out of the way. Orton goes for the middle rope DDT and this time he successfully hits it. Orton goes for an RKO but Rusev escapes and tries to set up the Accolade. Orton escapes between Rusev’s legs and immediately hits the RKO for the win.


Baron Corbin def. AJ Styles & Tye Dillinger: Styles and Dillinger team up against Corbin in the opening moments. Corbin rolls outside to recover, then Dillinger and Styles start going at it in the ring. Corbin hits the ring again and starts working over Dillinger and Styles. Corbin throws Styles across the ring, then throws him into Dillinger. Corbin starts beating down Dillinger and hitting him with elbow strikes. AJ gets up on the apron but Corbin bumps him off to the floor. Corbin beats down Styles around ringside and whips him into the fan barricade. Back in the ring, Dillinger starts laying into Corbin with chops to the chest. Corbin comes back and drops Dillinger. Styles goes to springboard off the top rope, but Corbin punches him out of the air. Corbin throws Dillinger outside, and Styles gets up to his feet in the ring. Styles tees off on Corbin with a series of strikes until Corbin finally goes down. Styles dumps Corbin outside then knees him in the face from the apron. Back in the ring, Dillinger drops Styles and pummels on him in the corner. Tye knocks Corbin off the apron, then turns his attention to AJ on the corner. Tye goes for the Tyebreaker, but AJ escapes. AJ goes for the Styles Clash, but now Tye escapes. Styles rolls up Tye then locks him in the Calf Crusher. Corbin pulls Tye outside to break the hold, then AJ hits a Phenomenal Forearm from inside the ring down onto Corbin outside. Tye drops AJ at ringside, then Tye and Corbin start fighting in the ring. Corbin slams down Tye, then when AJ tries to springboard into the ring, Corbin catches AJ with a chokeslam backbreaker. Corbin hits splashes on Tye and AJ in opposite corners, but Tye dodges one and starts cleaning house. Corbin drops Tye, then AJ drops Corbin and hits a springboard 450 splash off the top. AJ pins but Tye breaks it up. AJ and Tye trade strikes in the middle of the ring until Tye grabs him for a Tyebreaker attempt. AJ escapes and hits the Phenomenal Forearm on Tye, but then Corbin boots AJ in the face and sends him outside. Corbin steals the pin on Tye for the three count, and we have a new U.S. Champion. Corbin takes his U.S. Title Belt up the ramp and celebrates his win as Tye and AJ look on.

Charlotte def. Natalya via DQ: Natalya’s Women’s Title is on the line in this one. After some solid back and forth action in the opening moments after the bell, Natalya takes control and starts working on Charlotte’s knee. Charlotte dodges a spear in the corner and rolls up Natalya in a crucifix pin for a two count. Charlotte keeps Natalya grounded, but the challenger is still selling her knee. The fight spills out to ringside and Natalya whips Charlotte into the ring steps knee-first. Back in the ring, Natalya locks Charlotte in the Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring. Charlotte fights out and throws Natalya into the corner. Charlotte goes up top for a moonsault, but Natalya rolls away so Charlotte comes down. Charlotte knocks Natalya out to ringside, then she climbs back up to the top rope. Charlotte comes off the top with a moonsault onto Natalya on the ringside floor. Both women are down and Charlotte is selling her knee. Charlotte goes to take Natalya back in the ring, but Natalya breaks free. The Champion grabs a steel chair and nails Charlotte with it. Natalya continues to pummel on Charlotte’s knee with the steel chair as the ref calls for the bell for a DQ. Natalya holds up her Women’s title belt in the air and talks trash to Charlotte on the ringside floor.

– It’s time for the return of Fashion Files with Tyler Breeze and Fandango, guest-starring the ascension. The Fashion Police are shown in their office boxing things up. The Ascension walks in wearing disguises and they deliver a tube. Breeze opens the tube, and it’s a photo of The Ascension that reads “we want 2B your friends.” The Police decide that the Ascension are idiots, they smell, and are ugly, so they decline. The Ascension takes off their disguises and they’re sad about the Fashion Police’s comments. Breeze says their disguises were incredible and they had no idea it was them. There’s a knock at the door, and when they open the door there’s a briefcase on the floor. They open it and it glows — they say it’s a new case for them. To be continued next Tuesday.

Jinder Mahal (c) def. Shinsuke Nakamura: The Singh Brothers come out to the stage to introduce The Modern Day Maharaja, an they’ll be at ringside in his corner. Senior official Charles Robinson holds up the WWE Title in the middle of the ring, an this one is on. Nakamura keeps Jinder at bay with leg kicks early on. Nakamura goes for an arm bar but Jinder reaches the ropes and the ref breaks the hold. Jinder misses a clothesline in the corner and Nakamura walks off. Nakamura dares Jinder to come at him and the champion charges. Nakamura dodges and drops Jinder in the corner then stomps on him. Jinder follows up with a series of knee drops on a grounded Mahal. Mahal rolls outside and Nakamura follows. Jinder whips the challenger into the guard rail then back into the ring. Jinder stomps on the challenger and keeps him grounded with elbow drops. Nakamura comes back with a shot in the corner then a running knee strike. He goes for a back suplex on the Champion, but Jinder fights out and elbows Nakamura in the face. Jinder charges at Nakamura, but Nakamura ducks and dumps Mahal outside. Nakamura follows up with a suicide dive on Mahal, then he drops the Singh Brothers too. Nakamura knees Jinder in the face, then he goes to knee drop Jinder on the apron but Jinder moves and Nakamura crashes onto the floor. Jinder suplexes Nakamura back into the ring then dropkicks him in the head for a two count. Nakamura comes back with some strikes and he sets up for the Kinshasa, but the Singh Brothers get on the apron for the distraction. Nakamura knocks the Singh Brothers off the apron, and Jinder rolls up Nakamura from behind for a two count. The Singh Brothers get on the apron again and Nakamura chases them off. Charles Robinson hops outside and ejects the Singh Brothers from ringside. Meanwhile in the ring, Nakamura hits the Kinshasa on the Champion. Robinson gets back in the ring and Nakamura pins, but Jinder reaches the ropes to break the pin. Jinder rolls outside and they briefly fight into the crowd before returning to the ring. Jinder boots Nakamura in the face, then Nakamura returns the favor. Nakamura goes for the Kinshasa, but Jinder dodges it and comes right back with the Cobra Clutch slam for the three count to win. Jinder is handed his WWE Title as the Singh Brothers return to the ring to celebrate with him. They make their way back up the ramp as Jinder holds his WWE Title up.

– Kevin Owens does an interview backstage where he says he’s tired of hearing the announcers talk about how the Hell In A Cell is the most twisted, unforgiving structure in WWE. Owens says they need to be worried about him, because he is the most twisted, unforgiving person in WWE, and he can’t wait to enter the structure tonight.

Bobby Roode def. Dolph Ziggler: Ziggler’s music stops before he comes out from behind the curtain, then as he walks down to the ring the big screens turn off. The opening bell sounds and Roode and Ziggler trade mat wrestling takedowns. Ziggler drops Roode in the corner and starts pummeling on him. Roode fires out of the corner and drops Ziggler with a clothesline, then beats down Ziggler in the corner. Ziggler comes back with a dropkick and a suplex for a two count, then he puts Roode in an arm hold. Ziggler transitions to a sleeper hold, but Roode fights out with a back suplex. Roode comes off the middle rope with a flying elbow, then he hits a side suplex for a two count. Ziggler comes back with a kick and a tornado DDT for a two count. Ziggler goes back to the sleeper hold, but Roode struggles so Ziggler kicks him and hits a variation of the Fame Asser for a two count. Ziggler goes for a superkick, but Roode sidesteps and hits a spinebuster. Ziggler gets up and Roode goes for the Glorious DDT, but Ziggler escapes. Ziggler rolls up Roode for two, which leads to a series of rollup pin attempts with both men grabbing the tights. Roode ends up scoring the three count on Ziggler with a rollup with a fist full of tights. Immediately after the bell, Ziggler runs up behind Roode and hits the Zig Zag. Ziggler walks to the back as the ref checks on Roode in the ring.

– We see a highlight video recapping the history between Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon, and showing some of Shane’s big falls and jumps from history. The cage lowers and our main event is up next.

Kevin Owens def. Shane McMahon: Before Owens can even get in the ring, Shane McMahon comes sliding out of the ring with a baseball slide kick. The ref calls for the opening bell as Shane starts beating down Owens at ringside. Owens comes back and whips Shane into the fan barricade, then Owens takes a breather. Shane hops up on the fan barricade and comes jumping off onto Owens. Shane kicks OWens in the head, then they brawl into the ring. The ref locks the cage door. Owens gets the upper hand and bumps Shane off the apron into the cage wall. Owens beats down Shane outside the ring, throwing him into the ring steps. Shane gets caught up in the camera man’s feet and cord at one point. Owens taunts Shane’s kids in the front row as Shane is on the ground. Owens takes Shane back into the ring and continues the punishment. Owens goes up top for a Swanton bomb but Shane gets his knees up to block it. Shane follows up with some strikes on Owens and then kicks him in the corner. Owens fires back with an elbow to the face, but Shane ducks a punch and hits a DDT. Shane goes up top for a shooting star press, but Owens rolls out of the way and Shane crashes down on the mat. Owens goes up top and hits a frogsplash on Shane for a two count. Owens goes for a Pop Up Powerbomb but Shane latches on to Owens and goes for a triangle choke. Owens drags Shane out to the apron with Shane still latched on. Opicks up Shane while in the triangle choke, and he powerbombs Shane down onto the ring steps at ringside. Owens then grabs a table from under the ring and leans it up against the cage wall. Owens lays Shane on the table and goes for a cannonball through the table, but Shane moves and Owens crashes through the table alone. Shane picks up a piece of the table and starts beating on Owens with it. Back in the ring, Shane sits Owens in the corner and puts a trash can in front of him. Shane goes up to the top rope on the opposite corner and hits the Van Terminator on Owens with the trash can. Shane pins but Owens puts his feet up on the bottom rope. Shane rolls out and grabs bolt cutters, then cuts open the cage door. Shane takes Owens outside and Owens hits a low bow then a DDT onto the ramp. Owens picks up Shane and rams him crotch-first into the opened cage door. Owens takes an iPad off the announce table and smashes it on Shane. Owens headbutts Shane onto the table and lays Shane on it. Shane hops up on the fan barricade, but then he looks at the cage and decides that’s a better idea. Owens climbs to the very top of the cage and looks down at Shane. Owens gets to the edge of the cage and appears to be trying to build up the nerves to jump, but doesn’t. The crowd boos and Owens tells them off from the top of the cage. Shane gets off the table and starts climbing the cage. As Shane is climbing up the cage, Owens starts punching Shane and Shane hangs off the wall. Shane finally gets to the roof and squares off with Owens. Shane hits a Russian leg sweep on OWens on the top of the cell. Shane then hits a scoop slam on Owens on the cage roof. They slowly get to their feet and Owens hits a superkick, then he hits a senton bomb on Shane on the cage roof. Owens goes for a powerbomb, but Shane reverses it into a back body drop. Both men get to their feet and trade punches until OWens hits a Pop Up Powerbomb on Shane onto the café roof. Owens picks up Shane but Shane kicks Owens. They trade strikes and stumble around the roof. Owens starts climbing down, then Shane follows and they fight on the cage wall exterior. Shane punches Owens off the cage wall and Owens falls down and crashes through the announce table. Medics and refs check on Owens, but Shane grabs him and puts him on the next announce table over. Shane lays Owens on the next announce table over, then Shane climbs up to the top of the Cell. Shane comes flying off the top of the cage, but Sami Zayn comes out of nowhere and yanks Owens off the table, and Shane crashes through the table on the floor alone. Medics check on Shane, but Zayn shoves the medics aside and throws Owens on top of Shane. Owens pins and the ref counts three, and Owens has won. Shane gets put on a stretcher as Zayn backs away towards the ramp. Owens is slowly helped to his feet by referees, and Shane is stretchered to the back. Shane gives the thumbs up as he’s hauled to the back.

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