WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 Results

WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 Results From ThunderDome At Amway Center In Orlando, FL.

It’s that time, WWE fans! The WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 pay-per-view is here!

Welcome to our live coverage center for the WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 PPV and WWE Network special event, which emanates live from a jam-packed WWE ThunderDome virtual audience inside the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida.

On tap for tonight’s PPV is a six-match card starting with a WWE 24/7 Championship showdown between R-Truth and Drew Gulak on the Kickoff Show pre-show starting at 7p/6c across all of WWE’s digital platforms.

The action continues with a five-match PPV lineup starting at 8p/7c. Scheduled for the big event tonight is a WWE Championship showdown inside of a Hell In A Cell between Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton, as well as a Universal Championship “I Quit” match inside of a Hell In A Cell between Roman Reigns and Jey Uso.

Also advertised for tonight’s show is SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley vs. Sasha Banks inside Hell In A Cell, Otis vs. The Miz with the Money In The Bank briefcase on-the-line, and a one-on-one showdown between Jeff Hardy and Elias.

Featured below are our complete WWE Hell In A Cell results from Sunday, October 25, 2020.


After the WWE Then, Now and Forever signature video plays we see the official introduction for the WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 Kickoff Show.

From there, we shoot inside the sold-out, jam-packed WWE ThunderDome set up inside the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida as Kayla Braxton welcomes us to the official pre-show for the WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 pay-per-view.

WWE Hell In A Cell Kickoff Show Panel

The camera zooms in on the pre-show panel, which is a star-studded panel this time around, as we are introduced to the WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 Kickoff Show team of Kayla Braxton, Peter Rosenberg, Booker T, Jerry Lawler and Jeff Jarrett.

The five pre-show panelists give their overview on what to expect inside Hell In A Cell in general this evening, before they start turning their attention to some of the specific matches scheduled for tonight’s event.

Booker T Doesn’t Like Sasha Banks

The gang talks about the recent issues between former WWE Women’s Tag-Team Champions Sasha Banks and Bayley heading into tonight’s SmackDown Women’s Championship between the two inside Hell In A Cell. For whatever reason, Booker T bluntly stated that he doesn’t like Sasha Banks. He noted that he expects that to be all over the internet tonight.

Paul Heyman Live Backstage Interview

Now we head to a live backstage interview with Paul Heyman. The special counsel for The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns talks about the consequences Jey Uso will face tonight when he meets the Universal Champion in their “I Quit Match” inside Hell In A Cell.

After that we head to a quick commercial break before heading back to the panel briefly, as they send things to a video package featuring the history of Randy Orton’s recent transformation to the Viper since WrestleMania 36, leading up to the latest showdown between himself and WWE Champion Drew McIntyre inside Hell In A Cell tonight. The package then shifts to the point of view of The Scottish Psychopath himself.

Peter Rosenberg & Jerry Lawler Tour The Hell In A Cell

We return from another quick commercial break to pre-show panelists Peter Rosenberg and Jerry Lawler standing at ringside with hand-held microphones. The two start to give fans a tour inside the Hell In A Cell, showing off the cage structure that three of tonight’s six matches will be contested inside of.

Lawler goes on to take a stroll down memory lane, talking about how unforgiving the HIAC structure is and recalling the day he was calling a Hell In A Cell match when the body of Mick Foley came flying by him and crashing through a table near he and his broadcast partner. They talk some more about the HIAC, as the camera shows off some cool shots of the structure.

Now we’re sent back to the pre-show panel where Kayla Braxton, Booker T and Jeff Jarrett are still sitting, and the trio start talking in-depth about the Orton-McIntyre showdown for the WWE title tonight.

Jeff Hardy Live Backstage Interview

We shoot backstage to a live interview with “The Charismatic Enigma” himself, Jeff Hardy. Hardy is asked if he is the man who hit Elias with a car a while back. Hardy says he’s far from perfect, noting he has made more than his fair share of mistakes, but that he is in no way the man who hit Elias with a car.

He goes on to talk about Elias worrying about the wrong things such as who hit him with a car a while ago, hit guitar getting smashed recently, and should be worrying about the Twist of Fate that Hardy has waiting for him tonight.

R-Truth Has Some Fun With The Pre-Show Panel

The tradition of R-Truth messing with the pre-show panel continues on the WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 Kickoff Show this evening, as the WWE 24/7 Champion walks over to the panelists and does his usual confusion comedy act.

The guys tell Truth he’s actually in the right place this time and that he does, in fact, have a match here at the WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 Kickoff Show. They inform him that he will be defending his WWE 24/7 title against Drew Gulak. With that said, he heads down to the ring to get ready.

Elias Crashes Pre-Show Panel To Promote His Album

After Truth heads to the ring area to get ready for his match, the pre-show panel talks about how they should get back to doing what they were doing before Truth crashed his fourth straight Kickoff Show thinking it was Raw Talk, which is talking about tonight’s Jeff Hardy vs. Elias bout.

On that note, up walks Elias himself strumming an acoustic guitar. He starts promoting his album coming out soon. The panel talk about Hardy not being the man who hit him with a car, noting the person had red hair.

Elias is asked by Braxton to play a song. Elias says this one is for Jeff Jarrett for giving him so much attitude. He sings about seeing Jarrett’s mug on the ThunderDome screen before closing out his impromptu song by questioning if Jeff is Spanish for “junkie,” referencing Jarrett and his opponent for tonight, Jeff Hardy.

The Miz & John Morrison Appear Live Backstage

As Elias heads off, the panel switch gears and bring up the Otis vs. Miz match with the Money In The Bank briefcase on-the-line later tonight. On that note, a video package airs with highlights from the Law & Otis segments from Friday Night SmackDown.

Now we return from the video package and the panel introduces The Miz and John Morrison, who are standing by live. On that note, we see a split-screen ala the “picture-in-picture” commercial breaks on AEW Dynamite on TNT every week, with the pre-show panel firing off questions to the duo about the Law & Otis ruling from SmackDown and The Miz’s showdown for the MITB briefcase against Otis tonight at WWE Hell In A Cell 2020.

The Miz vows to win the MITB briefcase, cash in and become the Universal Champion. Miz brings up the pressures of a champion being something the panelists don’t understand, except Booker T. Booker relates to the two and says he’ll see them in the Hall of Fame.

R-Truth (c) vs. Drew Gulak

Now the pre-show panel sends things down to the announce trio at ringside, as it’s time for our lone match here on the WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 Kickoff Show.

Tom Phillips welcomes us to the ringside area where he introduces his broadcast partners, Byron Saxton and Samoa Joe.

The WWE 24/7 Championship will be on-the-line next.

On that note, R-Truth’s music hits and out he comes rapping. “What’s up?” you ask? Well, the WWE 24/7 Championship match here on the pre-show is up next.

The champ’s music fades down and now his opponent, Drew Gulak, makes his way down to the ring. As he makes his way out, Phillips reads a Cricket Wireless ad as the camera shows the announce area again.

The ref holds up the WWE 24/7 Title belt and the bell sounds making our first match of the evening here at WWE Hell In A Cell official. Truth, still wearing a green shirt, watches as Gulak pretends to have fun with “Lil Jimmy.”

When Truth doesn’t like how Gulak’s antics towards the invisible “Lil Jimmy” start going, he sprints at the challenger and decks him, starting the match off with a bang after the goofy comedy start to the contest.

Gulak ends up taking over the offense a minute or two into the physical exchanges, going to work on Truth on the mat, focusing his attack on the leg of Truth who is still grounded as Gulak tears away at the knee ligament of the champ.

Truth fires up now and he is doing the John Cena fired-up comeback, complete with the Five Knuckle Shuffle. He goes to follow that up with an Attitude Adjustment but Gulak avoids it. Truth hits a corkscrew elbow smash onto the challenger for a close near fall.

Gulak blocks a scissor kick attempt from Truth and hits a big splash on him in the corner. Truth climbs up and sits on the top rope, however Gulak sprints up after him looking for a superplex.

Truth with shots to the body and then he slips out the back door. He scoops Gulak off the top-rope and walks with him in the power bomb position. Gulak shakes his way down the back of Truth for a roll-up, however Truth reverses it and scores the pin himself.

With the win, R-Truth retains the WWE 24/7 Championship. After the match, The Lucha House Party sprint to the ring. Akira Tozawa does as well. They are looking to sneak a win over an unsuspecting Truth, however the 24/7 Champion gets out of dodge before they can do anything.

Gulak runs up to the pre-show panel and grabs a mic, he says “R-Truth, your childhood hero John Cena sucks!” He slams the mic down and storms off.

Winner and STILL WWE 24/7 Champion: R-Truth

Mustafa Ali & RETRIBUTION Live Backstage Interview

After the pre-show panel brings up the recent destruction of RETRIBUTION, we shoot to a video package showing the history of RETRIBUTION thus far.

We’re back live and we shoot backstage where Mustafa Ali is standing by with his fellow RETRIBUTION members. He goes on to bring up the recent history between The Hurt Business and themselves.

He goes on to challenge “one of theirs” to fight “one of ours,” as a member of RETRIBUTION will apparently be squaring off against a member of The Hurt Business.

I Quit Match Inside Hell In A Cell For Universal Title To Open PPV

We head back to the panel after the Mustafa Ali and RETRIBUTION promo segment. Booker T is fired up in reacting to the promo from Ali and now we shift gears as the attention turns to the “I Quit Match” inside Hell In A Cell for the Universal Championship between “The Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns and Jey Uso.

A video package airs to tell the story of the Reigns-Uso rivalry, their recent violent showdown at the last WWE PPV and how “The Tribal Chief” has vowed major consequences for Uso tonight at WWE Hell In A Cell.

We’re back from the video package and Booker T calls this the Shucky Ducky Quack Quack moment of the pre-show. Braxton then announces that the Reigns-Uso match will be the opening bout on tonight’s WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 pay-per-view, which is up next!

WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 Pay-Per-View Begins

The pre-show wraps up as the Hell In A Cell is shown being lowered around the ring. From there, the Kickoff Show ends and it’s now time for the start of the WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 pay-per-view.

On that note, the “WWE Then, Now, Forever” signature flashes across the screen again and the opening video package for the PPV begins playing. Here we go!

After the elaborate opening video package — which as always, was incredible — wraps up, we are informed that the delicious candy known as Skittles presents this year’s WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 pay-per-view.

We then shoot inside the ThunderDome at Amway Center in Orlando, FL. where pyro and fireworks erupt as the jam-packed virtual audience makes some noise while the camera pans around the venue as Michael Cole officially welcomes us to the show.

The Hell In A Cell Is Lowered Over The Ring

The Hell In A Cell cage-lowering music plays and as the lights start flickering and flashing around the Amway Center venue, the Hell In A Cell is lowered the rest of the way over the ring.

We then see a shot of the announce duo of Corey Graves and Michael Cole through the fenced-in structure, who thank us for tuning in before introducing the pre-match video package of our opening contest.

(Hell In A Cell “I Quit” Match)
Roman Reigns (c) vs. Jey Uso

The video package for Roman Reigns vs. Jey Uso in their “I Quit Match” inside Hell In A Cell with the Universal Championship on-the-line is up first here at the WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 pay-per-view.

After the video package wraps up, we see Jey Uso make his way down to the ring for the opening match here on the PPV card. The announcers talk about this not being Uso’s first HIAC match but do point out that it’s his first singles match inside Hell In A Cell.

On that note, the Uso theme dies down and the music of The Tribal Chief himself starts playing as Universal Champion Roman Reigns and his special counsel, Paul Heyman, make their way to the ring.

As Reigns nears the ring, the announce team of Cole and Graves introduce the Paul Heyman promo segment from the Kickoff Show earlier this evening. Heyman talks in the promo about the consequences that Uso faces tonight.

We shoot back live and with the champion and challenger both in the ring which is enclosed by the dangerous Hell In A Cell structure, our opening “I Quit” HIAC match for the Universal Championship is about to get underway.

The bell sounds and here we go with our first championship HIAC bout of the evening. The two circle and do a lot of talking about how things didn’t need to get to this point. Reigns says they did for their family to be taken care of. Uso yells that the family was already good. He says this is about Reigns handling the pressure of being Universal Champion.

As their talk picks up, they close in on each other and in mid-sentence, they slap arms and lock up to now finally get this one officially started. Reigns takes the early offensive lead, with his slow-moving dominant offense taking it to his smaller opposition. Uso finally turns the tables with a nice kick in mid-air. He ends up following that up with a dive to the floor, which sends Reigns smashing into the HIAC cage with emphasis.

Back in the ring, Uso continues his attack and apperars to be settling into a comfortable offensive lead. He stalks Reigns now, waiting for him to get up to hit him with something big. As Reigns gets up, Uso charges at him, but charges right into an explosive Spear from a prepared Tribal Chief. Afterwards, the slow-moving, punishing offensive dominance of Reigns is back on display.

Reigns goes out to the floor and reaches under the ring for something. As he does, Uso comes to life and hits the ropes, sprinting across the ring and catching Reigns with a baseball slide kick to the dome from under the bottom rope. He goes for a big dive to follow-up, however Reigns blasts him on the way out. Back in the ring, Reigns blasts Uso with another explosive Spear, this time even more impactful than the first one.

The Tribal Chief starts getting verbal again, warning Uso about what is coming and telling him to quit. He says he doesn’t want to do this and it doesn’t have to be like this. He stands a lifeless Uso up and hits the ropes, seemingly gearing up for another Spear or Superman Punch, but instead Uso catches him with a big shot on the way in. He follows that up with a top-rope splash. He goes to the top-rope a second time and hits another big splash.

The ref asks Uso if he quits but The Tribal Chief is having none of it. We see some replays of the pair of Uso Splashes that Jey hit back-to-back. Both guys are slow to get back up and get the offense going again. Uso is finally up and he goes out to the floor and reaches under the ring. He pulls out a leather strap and begins slowly making his way up the ring steps and back into the squared circle. Uso has evil intentions now as he sits down in the corner of the ring and waits for Reigns to get up.

We see Paul Heyman yelling from ringside as Uso fires up and starts shouting at Reigns. “You’re about to get this work!” He then whips Reigns with the strap. He tells him he’s gonna “whoop the dog sh*t out of him” and blasts him with another shot. He follows that up with a third whip across the back, which results in Reigns popping right back to his feet and immediately charging at Uso, blasting him with the third big Spear in the match. Uso is writhering around in pain now, saying he can’t breathe.

Replays of the Spear are shown as Reigns now picks up the leather strap that Uso was just using on him. Reigns whacks Uso across the back with it and shouts, “I do the whipping around here!” He hits him with it again. He waits for Uso to stand up and whips him with it again, knocking him back down to the mat. Uso stands back up and Reigns blasts him with it again. Uso crashes into the ring ropes now as Reigns starts to tie the wrist of Uso with the leather strap. He now has Uso tied by the arm and he takes the other end of the strap and whips him with it yet again.

The ref asks Uso if he quits but he will not. Uso fires up and launches himself at Reigns, blasting him with a big shot. Reigns tries answering back and runs at Uso looking for a Superman Punch, however Uso yanks the strap still tied to his wrist to pull Reigns off track and avoid the big onslaught that was headed his way. Uso follows up with some big shots and then he wraps the leather strap around the throat of the Tribal Chief and starts choking the life out of him. The ref asks Reigns if he quits. He does not. Uso fires up and chokes away even harder at Reigns.

Reigns seems to collapse to the mat lifeless, however when the ref tries to inspect Reigns and asks if he quits, Reigns is able to shake his head “no.” The match continues. Uso thinks of a way to finish off Reigns. He has an idea. He grabs a steel chair. He hesitates briefly, which is all Reigns needed to come to life and charge at Uso, blasting him with a big Superman Punch. Reigns slaps a Guillotine Choke on Uso and jumps guard. He tightens it up and squeezes with all he’s got as the two crash down to the mat together, with Reigns holding onto the choke.

He squeezes a bit more and finally lets go. The ref asks Uso if he quits. Uso won’t answer. The ref tells Reigns that Uso won’t say it. Reigns looks disgusted and upset at the same time. Reigns, in disbelief, asks Uso why he won’t just say the words. He tells him to look how far this has gotten. He tells him to just say the words. He tells Uso he can’t be held responsible for what happens next if he doesn’t say the words. The ref asks Jey again, but he won’t say it. Reigns appears to pray to the heavens for forgiveness for what he is about to do. The ref gives Uso another chance to end it.

Reigns starts to lose his cool. He tells Heyman, who is pleading with him not to do it, to shut up. He says his family isn’t respecting him. He says he’s going to take this to the next level. He grabs Uso and drags him over to the ropes, pulling his head out over the ring apron near the ring post. Reigns scoots out to the floor and charges at him, blasting him with his Drive By on the floor. The ref asks Jey if he quits again and again Uso won’t answer him. We see replays of the Drive-By spot and return to a frustrated Reigns punching away at his cousin, who he stuffs closer to the ring post.

He goes over and pulls the top half of the ring steps off. He sets them on the side of Uso’s head that isn’t against the ring post. Now, Uso, with one side of his head next to the ring post and the other next to the heavy ring steps, Reigns charges at him with another Drive By kick. Reigns leans on the apron and watches as the ref closes in on Uso, asking him again if he’ll say the words “I Quit.” He won’t. Reigns backs up and looks even more upset than he already was. The ref says something to Reigns and Reigns loses his cool. The ref says he’s got to call the match even though Uso hasn’t said it.

As the ref enters the ring and runs over to the time keeper to end the match, Reigns grabs him from behind and throws him out of the ring. Another ref comes in, same thing. Now multiple officials and executives hit the ring as Reigns is going to pick up Uso. Reigns backs off and walks around with his hands up in the air like an innocent person. He says “Fine, choose his side.” He exits the ring and shuts the Hell In A Cell cage door. He goes to throw the ring steps over the top rope but they bounce off the top rope and come back at him. He picks them up again and this time he throws them in the ring.

He follows in the ring after the steps and scares off the multiple officials who were checking on Uso. They all exit the ring and now Reigns takes the steel steps and carries them over to Uso’s lifeless body. Reigns puts them across the throat of Uso. Reigns says they’re 35 years old and he’s still testing him. He said all Uso had to do was acknowledge him. He says and now he’s making him do this. Reigns says this is how serious things are at the top. He says there ain’t no going back after this. He picks up the ring steps as we hear the officials surrounding the ring shouting “No!” at Reigns. He picks them up and holds them over his head when in runs Jimmy Uso yelling “Stop!”

Jimmy asks Reigns what he’s doing and asks what’s wrong with him. Uso says they’re family and they can fix this. He says he doesn’t have to do this. Jimmy says this stops now. He demands Reigns look at him. Reigns, with tears in his eyes and his lip quivering, falls down to his knees and looks to start crying. He covers his face and cries harder, saying he doesn’t even know who he is anymore.

He says this is done. Jimmy says he knows it is. He says it’s all about love and family. He says no more of this. He extends his hand to Reigns looking to end things. Reigns reaches back and the two embrace and cry, when out of nowhere Reigns pulls Jimmy closer and slaps a guillotine choke on him. He squeezes away as Jimmy pulls at Jey’s hand, trying to get him to help, but Jey is still out of it.

Jey finally comes to and starts yelling “I Quit!” Finally, Reigns lets go of Jimmy. Jey pulls a lifeless Jimmy closer to him now as the two beaten brothers lick their wounds while Reigns’ music plays and the evil look returns in the eyes of The Tribal Chief.

Winner and STILL WWE Universal Champion: Roman Reigns

After The Match: The Tribal Chief Is Crowned

Once the match ends, Reigns stands tall with his Universal Championship raised high over his head. He stares down at The Usos who look up at him with disgust.

Finally, Reigns exits the ring and as a nervous and unsure Paul Heyman keeps his distance, following behind Reigns, the two head up the entrance ramp where we see a duo waiting for him.

It is none other than his Uncle Afa and his father Sika. He walks up to them and they put a traditional lay around the neck of Reigns and hug him one at a time.

Reigns turns and now as the recognized head of the family and true Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns poses with his WWE Universal Championship with a sadistic smile on his face as he looks on at The Usos still seated in disgust in the ring.

Elias vs. Jeff Hardy

Who wants to walk with Elias? That is the question asked of the live ThunderDome virtual audience in attendance for the WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 pay-per-view by none other than Elias himself.

Elias makes his way to the ring as he talks about his album, Universal Truth, coming out tomorrow. He demands everyone shut their mouths as he enters the ring and begins strumming his guitar, singing away about the circumstances surrounding the upcoming match.

Jeff Hardy is gonna walk the walk with Elias momentarily, as his music cuts off Elias’ song right after Elias brings up Jeff Hardy and DUI’s. Some pyro explodes and “The Charismatic Enigma” emerges with his face painted in typical Jeff Hardy fashion.

He makes his way to the ring as the announce trio that will be calling this match, Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Samoa Joe, help tell the story leading up to this match, bringing up Elias being hit with a car by a mystery man he believes to be Hardy, even though the real culprit is still out there.

The bell sounds and these two lock up and wrestle their way into the corner, where Elias turns Hardy and gives him a clean break. They lock up again and wrestle all over the ropes as Hardy gives Elias a clean break. The two circle each other and lock up a third time, where Elias catches Hardy with a knee to the gut and a shot to the dome that drops Hardy to one knee.

Elias follows up with some more punches and then whips Hardy into the ropes. Hardy reverses Elias and hits an atomic drop. He then slams Elias down and hits a Mr. Perfect head-snap on the mat spot. He grabs the arm of Elias and smashes it with an elbow. He wrenches on the arm and pulls it behind Elias’ back. Elias reverses Hardy and takes him down to the mat. Hardy reverses him once on the mat and traps his arm behind his back again.

The two work up to their feet and Elias runs around in a circle before dropping down to the mat, with his momentum sending Hardy sailing through the ropes and crashing out onto the ground outside the ring. He follows Hardy out and whips him into the barricade. Hardy fights back and does the same to Elias. He goes to leap off the ring steps after getting a running start, but nobody is home as Elias gets out of dodge and Hardy crashes into barricade. Hardy is nearly counted out, but makes it back into the ring just in time.

Elias goes to work on Hardy back inside the ring now, firing away at “The Charismatic Enigma” with rapid-fire punches in the corner until he slumps down to the canvas. Elias throws Hardy into the ropes and catches him with a big knee to the bread basket. Hardy starts fighting back and now he takes over the offensive momentum. He hits a Whisper in the Wind, but it’s not enough to finish off Elias. He hits a Twist of Fate but isn’t done with Elias just yet. He climbs to the top-rope, seemingly looking to finish off Elias with a Swanton Bomb.

Instead, Elias avoids it by rolling out to the floor. Hardy goes out and takes Elias’ guitar and blasts him across the back with it, turning it into 100,000 small wooden toothpicks in the process and earning himself a disqualification for his effort.

Winner via Disqualification: Elias

Money In The Bank Briefcase On-The-Line
Otis vs. The Miz

The video package for our next match airs. Up next we will see the Money In The Bank briefcase on-the-line as Mr. Money In The Bank Otis puts the briefcase up for grabs in a one-on-one showdown against The Miz — next.

We return live where Otis is backstage with Tucker and is interviewed ahead of his match against The Miz. He gives some brief basic comments about being real angry. He walks off and we return live inside the ThunderDome inside Amway Center.

The lights go down, we are asked for quiet on the set and then … well, you know. “Awesomeeeee!” The Most Must-See Superstar in WWE history makes his way down to the squared circle accompanied by his tag-team partner John Morrison. The match for the MITB contract is next here at WWE Hell In A Cell.

Otis makes his way out next accompanied by his tag-team partner, Tucker, and his Money In The Bank briefcase in hand. The bell sounds and our next match gets underway here at WWE Hell In A Cell.

Straight out of the gate it is the much larger Otis who takes it to The Miz, dominating his much smaller foe with ease here in the early goings. He hits a couple of big slams and knocks Miz out of the ring. Miz re-enters the ring and quickly looks for his Skull Crushing Finale, but the still fresh Otis brushes the attempt off with ease and takes back over the offensive control in the contest.

As the match hits the floor again, it is Otis who still remains in control as Miz misses a running kick through the middle and bottom ropes. Otis catches him with a clothesline and throws him back in the ring. As he heads back in after him, John Morrison jumps up on the ring apron and gets involved for the first time, leading to The Miz taking over the offensive momentum.

Miz goes to work on Otis now, putting the boots to Mr. Money In The Bank. He hits a nice DDT on the big man and puts the boots to him some more. As Miz gets a little too comfortable in the offensive driver’s seat, Otis fires up with a comeback, doing the Hogan no-sell routine.

As he continues to “Hulk Up”, Otis starts firing back at Miz with big shots. He hits a nice samoan drop and then splashes Miz with a 330-lb. sandwich in the corner. He hits the mat and goes for the caterpillar, however Morrison yanks Miz under the bottom rope from the floor, pulling him away just in time. Otis goes out after the two.

Back in the ring, Morrison cuts Otis off and grabs the Money In The Bank briefcase. He gets ready to deck Otis with a cheap shot, however the referee of the match catches him just as he goes to whack the big fella and ends up stopping him and ejecting him from ringside. Morrison leaves and Otis takes back over control of the match.

Just when it appears that Otis was about to finish off Miz, out of nowhere, Tucker grabs the Money In The Bank briefcase and for some unknown reason, shockingly blasts Otis with it. Miz, looking shocked, covers Otis and scores the pinfall victory. We have a new Mr. Money In The Bank and his name is The Miz.

Winner and NEW Mr. Money In The Bank: The Miz

Tucker Explains Himself Until An Enraged Otis Attacks

After a cool Skittles commercial with “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair and other WWE Superstars, as well as a commercial for Axe body spray, we return to the PPV where we catch up with an elated Miz and John Morrison who are just making their way through the curtain backstage.

A member of the WWE broadcast team catches up with the happy pair and Miz promises that he will not squander the Money In The Bank briefcase. He says it’s not a prop, it’s not a lunch break.

He then puts the WWE Champion and Universal Champions on notice. He says he promises they will not know where and will not know when, but The Miz is coming.

He then says Otis took it for granted. He says isn’t that right, Tucker? Tucker walks up and says he was the workhorse and he carried the team. He says he put Otis first for the team. He says he treated Otis like a brother for the team. He says he was taken for granted. He says Otis can’t even function without him. He takes credit for Otis winning the Money In The Bank briefcase in the first place.

As he wraps up his promo, an anbsolutely enraged Otis appears bursting through the curtain letting out a war scream and launching Miz and Morrison half way across the room. He turns and sets his sights on Tucker, who he starts firing away at, however Tucker manages to get out of dodge and run off, with Otis following behind him with evil intentions.

(Hell In A Cell Match)
Bayley (c) vs. Sasha Banks

The pre-match video package airs to tell the story of our next bout of the evening, which will feature the SmackDown Women’s Championship on-the-line in a Hell In A Cell match. Bayley defends against former tag-team partner Sasha Banks — next.

The video package wraps up and we shoot back live inside the Amway Center where we hear the familiar theme song of “The Boss” as the challenger, Sasha Banks, begins making her way to the ring.

“The Boss” is wearing all white with her usual solid blue hair, and as she enters the ring with the Hell In A Cell cage still hanging up high, the announce team for this match of Michael Cole and Corey Graves point out that this is the third-ever Women’s Hell In A Cell match in WWE history, and that Sasha Banks has been in the two previous ones and will be in the third one now.

As Banks settles inside the squared circle and takes her entrance gear off, the lights fade and when they come back up, the music of the SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley plays. She makes her way out with her steel chair and SmackDown Women’s title belt as her pyro goes off and she talks smack all the way down to the ring. She poses on the ring apron outside the ropes as she reaches the ring area.

With Bayley now in the ring as well, the bell sounds and the ring announcer begins the formal pre-match introductions for this championship contest. The two are officially introduced before the cage lowers. After their introductions are done, the cell starts lowering without the usual ominous music accompanying it. Banks blasts Bayley, knocking her trusty steel chair out of the ring and up the aisle as the cage finishes lowering around the ring.

The bell sounds again and now our second Hell In A Cell match of the evening officially gets underway. “The Boss” starts taking it to Bayley straight out of the gate as she sets the early offensive tone in our second of three HIAC bouts this evening. Out of nowhere, Banks slams Bayley down and locks her in her Bank Statement submission finisher. Bayley makes it to the ropes, but they don’t break the hold in a HIAC match, so Bayley uses them to yank herself out to the floor to escape the clutches of the challenger.

The announcers remind us that unlike the previous HIAC match this evening, which was also an “I Quit” match, the only way you can win this SmackDown Women’s Championship Hell In A Cell match is to pin your opponent or make them submit. There are no disqualifications, count-outs or rope breaks. After freeing herself from the Bank Statement by pulling herself out to the floor, Banks goes out after her and grabs something from under the ring. It’s a Kendo stick.

Banks whacks away at the champion with the Kendo stick, hitting her with it repeatedly. She goes under the ring and now she pulls out a table, which she goes on to set up at ringside. A graphic flashes on the screen to inform us that #HIAC is the number one worldwide trending topic on Twitter right now. As Banks finishes setting up the table, she turns to discover that Bayley has recovered, as the champ blasts her with a big shot. She hits her with a couple more for good measure before going over to the previously set up table.

While standing on the far side of the table, longways, on the other side, Banks shoves the table over and over again, which bashes Bayley back-first into the Hell In A Cell cage. She runs across the table long-ways and hits a Meteor, with Bayley’s head bashing against the cage. Banks throws Bayley back in the ring and hits another Meteor for a near fall. After the pin attempt, Banks goes back out to the floor and grabs another steel chair. She heads into the ring with it but as she goes to swing it, Bayley ducks under it and tackles Banks with a spear.

Bayley shoves Banks out of the ring where the challenger busts her jaw on the way down. Bayley grabs the steel chair that Banks brought into the ring and she heads out after Banks. Banks is laid up on the table, but she slides away from Bayley as the champ baseball bat swings the chair in her direction. Banks starts taking over the offensive control of the match again as the momentum is now shifting in her favor. Back in the ring, Banks drives Bayley down throat first over the ring rope. After she recovers, Bayley goes out to the floor and grabs a steel chair from under the ring.

With the latest chair introduced to the match in hand, she sees Banks coming at her full-force, and the challenger takes out the champion as the two crash out to the floor. Banks runs at Bayley on the floor and knocks her into the steel ring steps with authority. Banks goes under the ring for another weapon. It’s another pair of Kendo sticks. She wedges them in an opening in the ring steps on one end, with the other shoved into the open fencing of the Hell In A Cell cage. She goes to suplex Bayley onto the two Kendo sticks that are set up like a bridge.

Bayley reverses but Banks avoid it. Bayley, from the ground, drop toe-holds Banks as she charges at her, tripping her and sending her crashing down hard, throat-first, across the double Kendo stick bridge. With the Kendo stick bridge still in one piece, Bayley follows up by hitting a slingshot with Banks flying up throat first into the Kendo stick bridge. Bayley throws Banks back in the ring and tries pinning her, however “The Boss” hangs in there and stays alive. Bayley puts the boots to Banks.

She wedges a chair in between the top and middle turnbuckle in the corner of the ring. She then hits a rolling release power-bomb on Banks who flies and crashes into the wedged-in chair with the back of her head. Ouch! Bayley quickly pulls Banks to the center of the ring and covers her, but Banks somehow hangs on and kicks out before the count of three. Banks starts showing signs of life and as she attempts a comeback, Bayley wiggles out to the floor and bashes Banks head into the steel beam supporting the Hell In A Cell. She picks up a Kendo stick and blasts Banks with it repeatedly as she shows a look of disgust on her face and pulls out some duct tape from under the ring.

Bayley asks the ref to help her with the duct tape and the ref informs her that he can’t help her with it. Bayley finally gets the duct tape unstuck and she starts wrapping it around a Kendo stick. She doubles up two Kendo sticks, using the duct tape to bundle them together. Corey Graves puts over Bayley for being a role model and a weapons expert. As he continues to sing her praises, Bayley overhears it and acknowledges it. She heads back into the ring and walks around. She nears the side of the ring Banks is still on the floor near, and as she reaches out to get her, she is sprayed with a fire extinguisher from a waiting Banks. Bayley, blinded now, reaches around and ends up being an open book for a fully recovered and fully enraged Sasha Banks.

Banks screams and fires away at Bayley with wild punches before whipping her into the Hell In A Cell on each side of the ring. She screams in Bayley’s face, telling her that she’s nothing without her. She slams her into the cage and follows in with double boots to the dome. She stands up and kicks away at the champ before rolling her back into the ring. She reaches under the ring and grabs yet another Kendo stick. She enters the ring and whacks Bayley with it. And again. And again. And again.

She screams at her now and whacks her over-and-over-and-over-and-over again, with the camera shot changing as each vicious strike connects with the flesh of the champion. Banks backs into the corner of the ring and waits for Bayley to get up. As she slowly rolls over and crawls to the chair located in the middle of the ring, Banks watches on. She stomps on Bayley’s hand as she grabs it. She heads to the top-rope and comes off with a big splash, however Bayley grabbed the chair and covered herself with it, so Banks splashed onto a steel chair. We see replays as the announcers question who was hurt more by that spot.

Bayley sets up two unfolded steel chairs and lays a ladder across them, building a bridge structure inside the ring now. She picks Banks up and slams her down face-first on it. She then slams her back-first on it and leaves her laid across it. She goes under the ring and grabs a can of spray paint. She spray paints an X across the body of Banks and grabs her steel chair with an X spray painted on it as well. She heads to the top rope as Corey Graves makes the “X marks the spot” reference. Banks fires up and avoids the onslaught, hitting Bayley and knocking her into the turnbuckles where she slumps down. Banks charges and leaps off the ladder bridge and connects with another Meteor. She follows up with a Bayley to belly suplex on Bayley herself, and tries finishing off the champ, but no dice.

We see the champion fire up again and as she starts to take back over, she is caught off guard by Banks and she is locked in the Bank Statement with the steel chair being used by Banks for added leverage. Bayley taps out. The music of Sasha Banks plays as “The Boss” is announced as the new SmackDown Women’s Champion. The Hell In A Cell structure is raised as the referee hands the SmackDown Women’s Championship to Sasha Banks. She is now in possession of the one championship that has alluded her thus far in her WWE career, ending the historic 380-day reign of Bayley in the process. Banks makes history in her third of three ever women’s Hell In A Cell matches here at WWE Hell In A Cell 2020. She walks over and puts her boot on Bayley’s head and raises the SmackDown Women’s Championship in the air proudly as she wears a well-deserved smile on her face.

Winner and NEW SmackDown Women’s Champion: Sasha Banks

The Hurt Business Makes Their Decision

We shoot backstage where a member of the WWE broadcast team catches up with The Hurt Business. She asks for their reaction to Mustafa Ali and RETRIBUTION from earlier in the evening, who issued a challenge to them to pick one member of their faction to face a member they choose of the RETRIBUTION faction in a one-on-one showdown.

MVP makes fun of some of the names of RETRIBUTION members, confusing T-Hawk with another member before ultimately deciding on Slapjack.

He then ttalks about Bobby Lashley being a leader and one who leads them into battle. He talks about wanting to raise the stakes. He mentions that the WWE United States Championship is on-the-line, as Lashley is willing to defend it. He says he awaits their response, but Lashley says they wait for no one. He walks off and The Hurt Business follows behind him.

Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Slapjack

With that sorted, we head back inside the Amway Center where we are re-joined by the announce trio of Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Samoa Joe, who will be calling the action for our next match.

The theme music of Bobby Lashley plays and the WWE United States Champion emerges holding his title. He makes his way down to the ring for this impromptu WWE U.S. Title showdown between The Hurt Business and RETRIBUTION here at WWE Hell In A Cell.

As Lashley settles into the ring, the lights go down and his music cuts off. The dark venue is now filled with the white RETRIBUTION logo and the music of the faction plays as Slapjack emerges. He tightens his face-mask and runs down to the ring. He grabs the ring apron dressing and yanks it and storms back-and-forth at ringside before hopping up on the ring apron and heading inside the squared circle.

The referee holds the WWE United States Championship high in the air as the WWE U.S. Champion graphic flashes across the screen and the bell sounds to kick this one off. Slapjack throws his shirt in Lashley’s face and starts firing away with punches after the brief distraction, however this doesn’t last long at all as Lashley turns him into the turnbuckle and unloads on him. He hits the ropes and charges at Slapjack, spearing him in the corner before following up with an onslaught of follow-up punches.

Lashley with a big suplex on Slapjack before backing him into the corner of the ring again and unloading on him yet again. As he continues his offensive dominance, Slapjack capitalizes on a brief window of opportunity by spearing Lashley in the corner. He gets Lashley down on the mat and starts choking him. Lashley powers back to his feet and hits an atomic drop to get Slapjack off of him. He charges at Slapjack in the corner, but Slapjack catches him coming in and follows up with a swinging DDT for a near fall.

Now we see Lashley start to make his comeback as he takes back over the offensive momentum in the match. He sends Slapjack flying and then catches him coming off the ropes with a spinebuster. He awaits Slapjack now and when the RETRIBUTION member gets to his feet, Lashley slaps on The Hurt Lock from behind, forcing the tap and picking up the victory. Lashley retains his United States Title in the process.

Winner and STILL WWE United States Champion: Bobby Lashley

After The Match: RETRIBUTION & The Hurt Business Battle Continues

As soon as the bell sounds, members of RETRIBUTION, including Mustafa Ali, hit the ring from the announce table side of the venue. They swarm and attack the U.S. Champion, teaming up to beat down Lashley.

Lashley hulks up a bit and starts slinging bodies all over the place before throwing some haymakers that blast various members of RETRIBUTION.

The other members of The Hurt Business hit the ring to even up the numbers game and the members of RETRIBUTION retreat to the floor outside the ring where we see the two groups staring each other down before we head to a quick commercial break.

(Hell In A Cell Match)
Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Randy Orton

After a 30 Days of The Deadman commercial we head back inside the Amway Center where the Hell In A Cell cage is lowered back down, this time with fire pyro exploding all around the ring as the cage settles on top of the squared circle.

We shoot to the announce team who talk about the legendary Undertaker being synonymous with the Hell In A Cell match. They do another quick plug for the 30 Days of The Deadman month-long tribute on WWE Network in honor of The Undertaker’s 30th anniversary in WWE.

Now, with the HIAC fully enclosed over the ring, the announcers introduce the pre-match video package for our WWE Championship main event, which will be our third and final Hell In A Cell bout of the evening. “The Viper” Randy Orton challenges “The Scottish Psychopath” Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship when WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 returns.

Our main event of the evening is up next. With the video package wrapped up, we head back inside the ThunderDome inside the Amway Center in Orlando, FL., where we hear the familiar theme of our WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. “The Scottish Psychopath” begins making his way down to the ring for our featured bout of the evening as the announcers talk about how focused McIntyre looks for this match.

As McIntyre gets close to the ringside area, out of nowhere, we see a man dressed in all black emerge from one of the cameras. The announcers start freaking out as the camera closes in on the person and we see that it is Randy Orton is disguise. He closes in on McIntyre from behind, however before he does anything, the WWE Champion turns and catches him just in time, blasting him with the first shot.

The two fight around the ring, slamming each other on the announce table and into the barricade surrounding the ringside area. Finally, McIntyre throws Orton into the ring and follows in behind him. The steel cage door is closed behind them and the chain is wrapped around it and padlocked shut. With both men enclosed inside the Hell In A Cell structure, standing inside the ring, the bell sounds as they lock eyes.

Orton and McIntyre close in on each other and the battle is on! Our WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 main event is now officially underway. The two trade punches with the champion ultimately getting the better of the exchange. The action quickly spills outside of the ring. On the floor, McIntyre slams Orton back first into the ring apron. He picks him up and runs him over, slamming him back-first into the Hell In A Cell cage.

McIntyre picks Orton up, slams his head on the ring apron and then rolls him back in the ring, where he follows in with a pin attempt, only getting two. The announcers point out that the only way to win this match is via pin fall or submission. Orton heads out of the ring to regroup but McIntyre goes out after him. He scoops Orton up in the body slam position and slams him back first into the cage and then into the ring post.

Back in the ring, “The Viper” starts making a comeback and he ends up taking over the offensive momentum in the match, turning up the intensity a notch or two in the process. Orton stalks McIntyre, punishing the big fella before shouting at him that he sees one bit Scot getting his ass whooped. Samoa Joe calls that an astute obsersation by Orton. I popped for that line. Meanwhile, the fans packing the ThunderDome are doing anything but popping as “The Viper” continues to dominant the WWE Champion.

As Orton seems to be in a comfortable offensive lead in the match, the Scottish Psychopath starts fighting back, showing signs of life. He hits a big boot to the grill of the challenger and starts taking over the match, with the offensive momentum shifting to his favor. He puts Orton through a table that “The Viper” set up earlier. We see several replays of this spot. As both guys are slow to get up, we see Orton and McIntyre trading shots and it is the challenger who pulls ahead into the offensive lead.

“The Viper” goes under the ring and grabs a pair of bolt cutters. He takes them and cuts the chain and padlock that has the cage door on the Hell In A Cell locked shut. He gets the cage door open and exits it. He starts heading up the entrance ramp but McIntyre goes out after him and starts bringing him back down to the ringside area. As he gets closer, Orton reverses him and slams McIntyre face-first into the Hell In A Cell cage. He stands over McIntyre and we see the camera close in on Orton’s face, which is wearing a big sadistic smirk.

Orton looks up and you guessed it. He begins climbing to the top of the Hell In A Cell structure. He settles on top of the cage and looks down at McIntyre, who is now recovered and standing on his feet outside the cage looking up at Orton on the roof of it. He pauses and thinks for a moment and then begins to ascend to the top of the HIAC structure himself. Business is about to pick up, folks! With both men now on top of the Hell In A Cell structure, they stare each other down. Orton has a weapon. He hits McIntyre with it. Orton levels McIntyre.

Now with McIntyre laid out on the top of the HIAC structure, “The Viper” starts making his way to the edge of the cage. He climbs over the side and starts descending down the Hell In A Cell structure. McIntyre is recovering, meanwhile, and now he heads over and begins heading down the side of the cage as well. Near the top still, the two stop and begin fighting on the wall of the side of the HIAC structure. Orton ends up knocking McIntyre off and he goes crashing way down below, smashing through an announce table that quickly explodes into 100,000 small wooden tooth picks.

The announcers give the proper reaction to that crazy dangerous spot. Orton finally finishes climbing down to the floor. He looks over at McIntyre, who is barely conscious but now starting to finally move, which in and of itself surprises the announcers watching on at ringside who were front row for that big fall that McIntyre just took. We hear McIntyre moaning and groaning in pain as he stirs around in the mess that used to be an announce table. Orton looks down at him and the announcers talk about McIntyre’s mouth bleeding and how he likely has internal injuries as a result of that fall.

Orton finally grabs McIntyre and rolls him back into the ring. Remember, he must pin or make McIntyre submit if he wants to win this one and leave the building as the new WWE Champion. He grabs McIntyre once he follows in the ring after him, however McIntyre springs back to life and back-slides Orton, 1-2….Orton kicks out. Back on their feet, McIntyre somehow musters the energy to blast Orton with a big Claymore Kick that sends “The Viper” sailing through the ropes and out to the floor. A still groggy and half out of it McIntyre must now find a way to drag a lifeless, dead-weight Orton back into the ring to finish him off.

It takes a while, but McIntyre finally does exactly that. He rolls in the ring after him and backs into a corner. He slumps down and waits for Orton to get up. Now McIntyre starts coming to life and he is getting fired up now as he awaits “The Viper” to stand back up with a very intense look in his eyes. Orton slowly struggles back to his feet and McIntyre sprints at him but misses his big finisher. Orton avoids it and counters immediately with an RKO out of nowhere. Orton covers McIntyre. 1-2-3. We have ourselves a NEW champion. Randy Orton defeats Drew McIntyre inside Hell In A Cell to capture his 14th championship in WWE. The announcers point out that Orton now ties Triple H with the second-most world title reigns in WWE history with 14. Orton heads out of the ring and up the aisle where he poses with the WWE Championship before lookingh back

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Randy Orton

WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 Live Stream & Reaction

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