NXT Training Camp Notes

WWE Holding “Secret” NXT Training Camp This Week

According to a report at Wrestletalk.com, WWE talent on the NXT UK brand are currently in London, England participating in a week long “secret” training camp. They are being watched over by trainer Johnny Moss, Robbie Brookside and Matt Bloom.

The sessions are said to be a “Performance Center crash course”, focusng on strength and conditioning drills and WWE has also brought in a nutritionist to give the talent insight and advice into what they eat and getting and staying in shape. The UK talent spent between 7 and 13 hours at the unnamed warehouse today, doing drills that were said to be “very hard work”, causing some wrestlers to throw up.

Because WWE nor any of the participants have made any mention of this training camp, it suggests that the company has wanted to keep this quiet on purpose perhaps for reasons related to an upcoming NXT UK television deal – something that has been rumored for several months but hit a snag and nothing has been said since. WWE has scheduled a “media day” in the UK for Thursday and several members of the UK NXT brand are guessing that a TV deal will be announced then.

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