WWE Pays Tribute To Vader

WWE Honors The Life & Career Of Vader With Tribute Video & WWE Network Collection

WWE has been airing the video embedded below on their programming, and released it via their official YouTube channel and other social media outlets, honoring the life and career of late pro wrestling legend Leon “Vader” White.

As noted, White passed away this past Monday at age 63 following a battle with a severe case of pneumonia and open heart surgery.

In addition to the above tribute video, WWE has added “The Man They Call Vader” Collection to the WWE Network. The collection includes the following:

    * A Mastodon among giants (December 9, 2014) True Giants – In this excerpt from WWE Home Video, Vader sits down to discuss his career as a true giant of wrestling.

    * The man they call Vader (September 8, 2014) Countdown: Most Imposing Big Men – WWE Superstars and Legends share stories and reflect on Vader’s storied career.

    * Table for 3 (October 14, 2015) WCW Legends Sting, DDP and Vader reunite to discuss fun road stories, the Monday Night War, and tales of their battles against one another!

    * Wrangling a lariat (April 8, 1986) AWA – Before his days competing as ‘Vader’, Leon White would take to the ring to go one-on-one with Stan ‘The Lariat’ Hansen.

    * Battling a bruise (May 18, 1986) In this often forgotten battle from AWA, a young Leon White takes on the legendary Bruiser Brody.

    * Too big to hold (February 24, 1991) WCW WrestleWar 1991 – The rivalry between Stan ‘The Lariat’ Hansen and Big Van Vader erupts with violence in this memorable bout.

    * The Golden Stinger (July 12, 1992) WCW Great American Bash 1992 – Big Van Vader looks to put gold around his waist by challenging Sting for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

    * King of cable (December 28, 1992) WCW Starrcade 1992 – In a match to determine the ‘King of Cable’, Big Van Vader shows his monstrous abilities by going one-on-one with Sting.

    * Vader strikes back (December 30, 1992) Ron Simmons’ reign as WCW World Heavyweight Champion may be short-lived when Big Van Vader challenges him in effort to reclaim the title.

    * White castle of fear (January 30, 1993) In this memorable vignette, Sting journeys to the Rocky Mountains to accept Big Van Vader’s invitation to join him the White Castle of Fear.

    * Lights out! (February 21, 1993) WCW SuperBrawl III – Big Van Vader’s rivalry with Sting explodes in this special White Castle of Fear Strap Match.

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