WWE Injury Updates

WWE Injury Updates on Sasha Banks, Alexa Bliss & Liv Morgan

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, Liv Morgan is reportedly doing okay but appears to have suffered a concussion. The final determination isn’t known as WWE has not made results of her concussion testing public.

There appears to be no concrete news on why Sasha Banks is off of TV. At first, it was being reported that she was suffering from an injury, but WWE’s latest statement only suggests that she is off TV due to “medical reasons”, according to Wrestling Observer Radio. The fact that WWE is not specifically indicating her injury is leading some to conclude that there is more going on there.

As noted before, Alexa Bliss has not been medically cleared to wrestle but is approved for “minimal contact.” What that means is that she’s allowed to wrestle and could probably do a kick here and there, but can’t actually wrestle a match. The injury to her arm is not deemed to be serious enough to keep her out of action for an extended period of time.

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