WWE Invited Several Prominent UK Indie Wrestlers To Last Weekend’s Clash At The Castle

— WWE held a very successful Friday Night Smackdown and Clash at the Castle premium live event in front of a hot crowd in Glasgow, Scotland last weekend. Fightfulselect.com reports that WWE extended an invitation to several familiar faces on the UK indie scene to both events.

— The report states that WWE reached out and asked at least 10 wrestlers from the UK indies to the pair of events either to serve as extras or simply to be present as a guest. The list of names confirmed include (but are not limited to) Damian Corvin, Rhio (Progress Women’s World Champion), Aaron Echo, Andy Roberts, Shreddy, BT Gunn, RP Davies, Danny Jones and Mulligan – all of whom were invited to the shows. Some of the the above talent participated in working the shows as “extras” with RP Davis notably being spotted on clips released on WWE’s social channels, being shown helping AJ Styles to the back after his “I Quit” match against Cody Rhodes at Clash of the Castle.

— Gabe Sapolsky was said to play a key role in organizing and inviting the UK talent to the show and he has scouted talent for WWE in the past so has considerable experience in that area. Whether any of the mentioned names were offered contracts is unknown but several of them continued to wrestle on shows over the weekend in Glasgow, which would imply that they continue to remain independent wrestlers. After Clash at the Castle during the post-show press conference, Triple H briefly touched on the “extras” and how many have gone on to enjoy great success after appearing on WWE programming.

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